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Shoe Fetish Lesbians

This site doesn't exist

 just for women 


BUT, regardless, if you are a man or a woman and you look at this photo & get excited by the sexieness of the shoe & foot & not the woman perhaps you have a fetish.

Shoe Fetish

Foot Fetish    

This woman gets both.  

It seems she will also get a very good

session of lesbian sex.

Shoe Fetish Women - Could you just imagine this. Double WoW !!!

Shoe Fetish Fucking --- There are pictures on the XXX shoe fetish sites that show women actually doing shoes.  For now this site has chosen not to include these.  This site is designed to help people research and determine just how many ways and options they might have for 

shoe fetish play. 



Also this site

DOESN'T INCLUDE the hard core BDSM, wet, dirty, muddy, golden shower, athletic shoes, flip flops, cheap shoes, socks, 

LGBTQF leather fetish, feet without shoes, 

and other variations of the shoe fetish.  If there are such a things 

other sites

 may be best suited

for your search. 

This site has kept its research focus on the basic fashion shoe and boot fetish and 

the men and women who share this fetish.

Shoe Fetish

Shoe & Foot Girl

Shoe Fetish

 Foot Slaves

Shoe Fetish
Shoe Kissing During Lesbian Sex

Shoe Fetish 

Put yourself  into the drivers seat in this 

Jimmy Choo

high heeled zippered black leather

flesh color lined very used size 9 boot.


How does it feel???. 


Don't forget to put it in drive with a little silicone Platinum Wet lube and there will be

no stopping you .

Shoe Fetish


It's simple, do you want to be inside or not? 


If you do you probably will enjoy this web site. 

Shoe Fetish

The Jimmy Choo Boot

Shoe Fetish

One more view

of Jimmy Choo

Shoe Fetish

Zanotti made this flat bootie that is not only hot to look at but fun to play with.

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 1

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 2

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 3

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 4

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 5

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 6

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 7

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 8

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 9

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 10

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 11

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 12

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 13

Shoe Fetish

& Nylon Sniffing Fetish 14

I Know

what she will do

nextm  do you?

Read on and

you will figure it out.

Shoe Fetish

Jimmy Choo Boot


When you look down the shaft

doesn't it look a lot like a vagina?


With a little silicone lube let me share with you

to many a

shoe fetishist

this well worn

very sexy boot 

comes very close to feeling like one too when you climb on top and do it.


That's exactly why those researchers

can't cure a

shoe fetish. 

It is so many miles ahead of  traditional masturbation and so close to intercourse why would anyone even want to consider stopping?

Jimmy Choo

Shoe Fetish Boot


Oh yes they are just as good

and they can be bought used

on EBAY and they come

 in sizes up to size 12.

You can have a lot of opinions
and many do about a shoe fetish
but until you know,
I mean really know,
you don't know Jack.
With the right sexy shoe,
and a little silicone sex lube
 almost any straight, gay, or bi 
male can do a shoe.

Jimmy Chooo Shoe Fetish Boot


One more look

and you might consider

these again,

in a much deeper and more penetrating way?

Shoe Fetish Puma's


Before you say no way

take a look close at them

 and just maybe you might change your mind.

Shoe Fetish Research

There are 350,000,000 people in the U.S.
and 1/2 are women
that means it is estimated that somewhere near
10 to 20 million people in the U.S. alone who have a shoe/boot/foot fetish,
even today so few are willing
to talk about it?  
Even LGBT came out of the closet?

By the way there is probably
nothing wrong with having a
foot/shoe fetish for most people


Not all of them just that special type that you are drawn and turned on by.  

Explaining what attracts each person is not something anyone can do even when it comes to feet, 
shoes and boots.

Shoe Fetish Thoughts

Laisez les bon temps rouler

 Let The Good Times Roll !!!


A Shoe Fetish can truely be one of lifes gifts

it can be a curse.  


If you have one you already know this.


If you do not,

it's hard to understand.


If you do have one,

then you already

 know an incredible & exciting secret that can add social complexity
to your life.
We hope you have
learned to accept
& live with your
shoe fetish because
it's really
a part of who you are and will always be!!! 
YES, You can adapt your social skills,
and you should,
 try as you may there is NO cure !!!
aversion psychological torture, for some,
might have a
limited impact
with additional side effects, 
"For what",
to give up this
incredible sensual & sexual pleasure?
Nonsense !!!  
Most don't want a cure
for their shoe fetish
they just would
to just fit in socially
and have other
sexual partners.
we say you can and have learned
there is a way.
After all why should anyone even try to stop something that feels incredible
& it's 
incredbile fun?
So get over it,
read these pages and numerous thoughts, and consider
adapting your 
social skills,
and most importantly
try to accept and  
enjoy who you are
and frankly this
will always be
a part of you!!!



Shoe Fetish Attraction

If all your partner needed 
to do was to 
put on a pair of sexy boots
or wear incredible high heels
& just maybe
some nice lingerie
 to get more sexual activity,
2-3 times per week, or more
 wouldn't she do that?


We are not talking about the exciting stage of a new love,

no, no, no

we are discussing the

life & times of

a social shoe fetishist

maybe even 20 or 30 years

or more later, and 

with the same partner!!!



The Shoe fetish and Boot fetish web site is not for everyone, but it is a free place to bring your shoe fetish passion, discussions, and stories out of the closet and into the light of day,
as well as,
 a place to do research 
on this topic ---



Thank you so much for your shared interest, and for some, your curiosity about shoe and boot fetishes. 


This site writes about what it knows best and focuses research on women and their shoes and men and women and their shoe fetish.  


This site is not trying to conclude that this concept of sexuality doesn't apply to both sexes and any number of combinations of sexes in both the fetish, straight, and LGBT and BDSM communities this sites research, data, and cases touch on some cases in almost all areas.  Some of the cases posted here were taken from years of communication with people with shoe fetishes. 


The cases & this sites notes are their views, stories, & perspectives, and yes they are sometimes slightly re-written to correct not all but some grammar and spelling errors and for really poor writers, to make them legible and more interesting.  In some sections this site shares some of our and our contributors comments, points of view, and views becoming one of the largest spources of collected research on this topic, as well as many personal shoe fetish experiences.  



A very limited statistic that this site has found is that perhaps there may be well over

+/-375,000 male shoe and boot fetishists in the U.S.A. alone.  Another interesting stat is that there may be 10 to 20 times more that are foot fetishists, and who knows what other preferences could be considered.  That Stat. does not count women or the rest of the world population. Knowing that the shoe fetish is an,

"In The Closet Secret Fetish" for most,  there may be so many more who would never even respond to any survey or research.  That number of people in the U.S.A. alone makes having a shoe fetish newsgroup an important place for many, most of which are still, as they say, "In the Closet".  To share stories and discussions in a world where having a shoe fetish continues to have the stigma that the gay lesbian community once had long ago.  Make no mistake about it there are plenty of those who will call this sick and perverted.  After over +25 years of considering this and looking at all forms of sexual behavior, this site has concluded if consenting adults, who do no harm to others, find this pleasurable than the narrow minded of those around us can just move on to another web site. 


By the way there is no cure for sexual preferences, and whether you are a shoe fetishist, a boot fetishist, or any other preference in or out of the LGBT, BDSM, straight, or fetish community, "Get over it already", you are who you are accept it and adjust because it seems. 

That's for real !!!    
It is time for those with a shoe/boot fetish to accept themselves and their passion and preferences, and ignore what the clearly jealous and undersexed world thinks, and get "Out of the Closet" and live your life.   Today there are way too many couples who are lucky if they have sex once every two weeks or so.  They are bored to death with each other and the passion is gone.  Many partners known to this site with a shoe fetish partner
have sex 2 to 3 times a week and have today
 and have for decades
and the passion and fetish
has acted like an
incredible spice
 that keeps things exciting and alive for both of us.  
If all your partner needed to do was put on a pair of sexy boots or heels and maybe some nice lingerie to get the sexual excitement level up to where it was the first year,
or activity up to 2-3 times per week wouldn't she?


Who says there are no open minded people to share your life's passion with?  Nonsense!!!  That is up to you and an open minded partner.  The secret is simple; If you can actually love someone else 

Take care of their needs 

foremost, and before yourself then the world of erotic pleasure can open to you.  If you can't think the other person first than you can almost plan on the curse and nightmare of being alone. 



Remember, not everyone in this world can handle shoe fetish play, and interesting varieties of sexuality of any kind so when you meet someone who hates the idea, well just move on.  You have to because you will never change who you are, nor will you change who they are, so be honest, and up front that you have a fetish.  It doesn't mean you have to blurt out every detail the day you meet but once it starts getting intimate and until you know someone better, you probably need to know right away whether or not that it isn't an automatic turn off for them.    



However, there are many who just love to play and experiment and don't mind this gentle fetish, some even have partners you might find are already excited about this fetish and if you use wisdom, patience, and real love in your relationships, well the world can be an incredible place.   At least sexually.  This is why this site finally decided to bring the shoe fetish 

"Out of The Closet"
& available to the world.   



More with just a little repetition;


This site is dedicated to the gentle and more socially inclusive side of shoe fetish behavior.  


Sure a shoe fetishist might use shoes and boots at times, and almost every human understands self play.  Many play with themselves in many unusual ways at times and many are interesting, but,  many prefer shoe play with a lover,  and for some they prefer alone.  Either way the people who contribute to this site with a shoe fetish know, shoes can feel more like real sex than a hand.  In many minds shoes are the end to masturbation as we know it today for many. 



Too many researchers that write about fetish behavior rarely include or consider the shoe fetish as a mutually acceptable and mutually pleasurable bedroom behavior for a couple.   It is interesting when a designer shoe shopping woman with a secret passion for a lot of erotic shoes and a little more than a shopping interest meets a designer shoe fetish male or female with an incredible complimentary sexual passion.  



In my notes are numerous stories of patience and heightened arousal and the desire to please a partner which has lead some to become a Master at oral sex.   It seems there is no greater oral sex than when you are giving oral sex to a woman and you are so excited and aroused that passion is felt in every muscle of her body.   This skill, it is claimed, has at times not only satisfied all of a woman's desires but in places where women talk with each other has created a very high demand to want to be with people of a higher activity nature.  Don't read these notes incorrectly, I think women love intercourse too, but often they enjoy great oral sex which is so hard to find and to my amazement, in great demand and there are ways to include shoes in your oral sex play. 


Our thanks to the many of the men in the world who have gotten bored and can't give love as well as they can take it.  That perhaps is why some women can easily enjoy sex with other women.  they are bored and don't accept that the frequency of sex must decline over the years. It does not!   



Of course a shoe fetish is not for everyone and if you have a shoe fetish you already know, for better or worse, that you're one of the chosen ones.  No matter what you do it's going to be with you for life.  So again accept it and learn how to enjoy it.  The web site dedicates itself to making certain you live your life and our goal is socially integrated and not alone.  I assure you with the right  open minded partner it can, and has been, at least for many, one of life's great gifts. 


The Golden Key -- if you respect each others needs and always take care of your partner first then what follows can be a great experience for both of you.



It all depends on your partner, are they open minded enough?  Then next it is on you, whether or not you really care about them enough to really love them or if you care more about their shoes, how much time you take making love, how romantic the setting is, and then what you do next and how you do it. 



You may really love shoes but SORRY  !!!  If you are going to be an "I only want your shoes"  and "I'm a macho into myself first kind of person" -- well frankly go buy your shoes at a thrift store or on EBAY !!! If you're "me first" your probably never going to have a partner, or keep one, and you are probably already in a lonely place on the dark side of the shoe fetish.  Many who respond well to this site don't want to be alone and they don't have to be.  



As for those who can have a partner accept who you are and as Tim Gunn says, "MAKE IT WORK" !!!  Don't let your partner convince you that you can get over your fetish and be cured.   It's like being gay, you can't get over it.  Your fetish. like being gay. was a choice made in your mind long ago before you were sexually active.   Accept it.  Your life will be better for it. 



Many who visit this site have a mild side of this fetish and couldn't imagine not having a partner or a woman to share all types of sex as well as their shoes with.   After all if you can love, that's really love a partner or a woman consider the bonus, if they have an open mind they will love you back and you will also have a never ending stream of well worn used shoes because most partners probably won't want sex 7 days a week, and if they are incredible, they will also accept your collection, if you have one and your excited trips to visit that collection on occasion. 

Many, if not most who can have a collection of shoes.



This site contains mostly gentle passionate consensual shoe fetish & some mildly mutual dominance.  The dark side of this or any behavior will be left to others.  There will be No theft - buy your used shoes.  No - wet, messy, or destructive activities - that's for someone else,  No - heavy BDSM fetish behavior that too is for others.  NO - under the age of 21 of anything - no people, no fetishes, - no nothing, if your  under 21 EXIT THIS SITE NOW !!!  This is a mature adult site for consenting adults to consider, love or hate, but to learn other views on the shoe fetish.



PLEASE SHARE THESE  LINKs -- ALL STORIES AND DISCUSSIONS -- NO SPAM, NO COSTS, NO FEES, ETC. --- The Shoe fetish, Boot fetish, Shoe sex, Boot sex, retifism, kinky shoes, kissing shoes, licking shoes, sharing shoes, shoe shopping

Shoe Fetish Boot Fetish


Out of the closet


Samples are provided on this WEB site and then the complete file if you wish to read the   complete compilation.


It is copyrighted material.  


The material on this WEB site is adult oriented if you are not over 21 please do not enter this site.  


WEB Shoe Fetish Web Site includes research, cases, and story categories along with random blog postings 

FT- fetish shoes and boots

MF: female male sex 
FF- female/female sex

MA: shoe fetish masturbation 

MM: some male male fetish 
FD- female dominant
MC- mind control







Because many have spent
live's hidden for something
is not much more
than masturbation, and we
all do that, enough, we need
to open the closet door.
  Although it may appear 
to masturbation it is in
way the same, it's about
feet, and shoes and if you
enjoy shoes and get excited 
by shoes, simply
put, once you intentionally
do a
shoe you will never be the
same again, and, there is
no cure for a shoe fetish. 
READ ON !!! 
By the way it feels much, much, better than
There are many facets of
shoe fetish behavior,
and no one can try to
them all
on this site.  This site is
limited to only the legal
gentle and pleasurable
aspects of the shoe fetish
and boot fetish. 
Although we touch on
This site will not post or
focus on every area
of sexual behavior.  
Clearly some aspects,
from this research
appear to be less
still a part
of this fetish and might
viewed even
as a shoe fetish may
selectively avoided
on this site and left for
else to
publish and discuss.  
The focus is to try to
help to some
who want to have a partner
want to bring their shoe
"Out Of The Closet" 
With that said BDSM
forced behavior, dominant
or submissive, shoe burning,
wet shoe, trampling, soiled
golden showers, mud shoes,
and many other areas and
topics that although we can
stipulate that some may
find pleasurable and of
are currently topics for
to focus on and they won't
be included here.
The focus will be to try to
understand shoes,
and it will lean toward
fashion women wearing, 
expensive high quality
shoes and boots as an erotic
design, and the shoe fetish
in general. 
Shoes will also be included
for fun,
for times when we may be
and more importantly for
who learn how to enjoy
 as a sexual add-on
and as an erotic sex toy
with a partner,
and then try to discuss
thoughts on the attraction
and perhaps 
why shoes become a sex
and continue as one. This
might cover what it is
about this fetish that for
many is
sexy, erotic, romantic,
simply put a male or females attraction to
and boots
on or off of another person
or ourselves in general.  



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this site through
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This is the most
shoe fetish
research and data
on the WEB today with
experiences, data,
both positive & negative
from many sources.  
We are clearly
Number #1 for
shoe fetish
research & data
with thousands of visitors
& when you add in our
older newsgroup
it is tens of thousands
of visitors.
Thank You






Shoe Fetish's #1 Site

We are the 

# 1


& data site

for those

men & women

who really love

shoes & boots, 

or that have 

recently discovered shoes

and have 

or are developing 

shoe fetish. 

You can find 

research, trends,

cases, stories, & data

& we are 


Sometimes we hear:
"I Have a Shoe Fetish &
I'm very selective
about the shoes
that I like, but
I really love shoes, 
No, no, no,
I mean I really
do make love with
and to shoes"
Is that you ???
If so this site is for you !!!
We will keep your name
& e-mail confidential !!!


Shoe Fetish Discussion

There are certainly more men

than we expected with a foot

or shoe fetish, but, the

Surprise of our research is

amazing in that there are also

found numerous Women who

like to play, or actually have a

Shoe Fetish and/or Foot Fetish.



In the literature we were always

told, by so many professional sources, who by the way

probably don't have a shoe fetish, over the years, that

no women really ever

developed a shoe fetish!!!

Most of us knew down deep
this could not be true with the incredible volumn of shoe 
shopping some women do
and their obvious
passion for shoes!!!
It seems it was not true
that many more women than
we ever dreamed of have more
than a little, & yes it is agreed
varying degrees of interest
in shoe fetish related actions
and behavior.  Yes, perhaps significantly less than men
but as time goes by more is
reaching the net.  Many of these women would never
say a word publicly because
of the shame our society places
on fetish behavior, yet they now
say a lot on the internet where
they can remain hidden.


Yes sadly, both men & women

mostly still hidden in the closet much like LGBT not to many

years ago & perhaps the women

are hidden even more than

the men because it seems

those who have even the

slightest shoe fetish seem

to like women's shoes and

they don't want too also be perceived as lesbian.  As they understand a shoe fetish is

its own sexuality this stigma

may decrease.   Again,

and sadly, women who have a

shoe/foot fetish  have been 

hidden , until recently, even

deeper than the LGBT community.  They  hide deep in their closet closets full of designer shoes

& boots.


Some in both sexes have learned the erotic power of

a steamy sexy pair of shoes,

and just how much fun it is 

to play shoe/foot fetish 

foreplay and sex games  

with each other.  


A core truth; Many have found

a shoe boot fetish  drastically   increases  foreplay and slows

down the encounter into a very tactile, romantic, & highly

sensual affair of heightened pleasure and more action.  Especially as women have now added KY Intense and G

stimulating gel to their fetish

activity and their clitoris comes

alive at the touch.


The real surprise was the

extent of  lesbian shoe fetish

images over the internet. 

Yes images that may be in

some cases be a response to men

and might be expected to be posted

 to market a WEB site to fetishists.  However, it is, today there are
lesbian shoe fetish notes,
blogs, and letters.  Even a match
site for shoe fetish lesbians. Who
expected this?  This site   tries to research
a few of these when found & when


Go figure, never in our wildest

dreams  did we expect that so

many women just wanted more. 

They too wanted to play and have

more frequency of sex & do

something or do someone 

that was more interested in them
& their sexual & sensual spirited
We also learned, what we generally
already knew, that women seem
to have a desire for slower more
tactile and longer foreplay & sex
play & yes, for sex more than once
a week.  Women like men enjoy exciting orgasms & perhaps , many want a
bit wilder & more active sex life
that fetishes can add.
It seems to me that some
women who write too us have discovered and consider that
some men that are a shoe fetish partner can be a
better choice, a lot more fun, 
and a better way than what
appears to be many average 
"slam bam thank you mam"
affairs by many self
centered men today. 
These women are slowly discovering that many
shoe fetish men enjoy and
love a women who
understands and can play
with their shoe fetish even
more.  These women are 
more  exciting and the
men soon learn they must slow down & satisfy the
partner.  The shoe fetish
provides more pre-play,
foreplay & even better
oral sex for both but
it does not mean she
doesn't want other types
of sex that she enjoys.
If a woman can handle the shoe
fetish man they soon discover
that everyone ends up winning
and with many more sexual encounters and more orgasms.  Shoe fetish men can be
excited to get into sex
very quickly by their women
just putting on a pair of sexy
shoes.  They also stay loyal and true to the shoe fetish woman. 

Shoe Fetish Woman


Living in a much more open

minded world.

All of these pictured women a

greed to play and agreed to

be photographed by someone. 

The point for this WEB page

and all of the research is that 

there are women out there

who will play

"if" it is win win for everyone.


Having a fetish is one thing,

being self centered, self indulgent, and being isolated

and lving a life alone is a

choice some 

shoe fetishists

choose for many reasons,

but one, many, no longer 

have to make.

Shoe Fetish Boot Fetish love???

Shoe Fetish Women --


Wouldn't you just love to


a woman like her? 

WoW what fun that might be?

BUT remember and

don't be fooled by your

passsion & blindness to

this Pccy.

 she wants an orgasm too !!!



No partner is satisfied when

the only one having a good

time is you !!


You want your partner to


your fetish? Than, you must

face reality & GET REAL

and you had better

make  certain she enjoys

 your time together too !!!

Shoe Fetish Woman

Shoe Fetish

Girls at play with shoes

and feet & each other

Shoe Fetish Woman

She would be welcome

over any time.

Shoe Fetish Licking


Shoe Fetish Sniffing

Shoe Fetish
 Taking her shoe off
and kissing it.

Shoe Fetish 

There Is Something Erotic About Red Shoes

Intoxicating !!!

She has just Gotta Love em.

Shoe Fetish

She is so hot, and is she


to do a hot shoe,

and then do

her hot friend ???

Shoe Fetish Reflection?


Her legs down to the foot in

a shoe is the best of the best.


Does she want her own



Or Do you want them?


Shoe Fetish or Boot Fetish?


This Alexander McQueen

red Faithful Bootie

is so hot it's posted it in two


It was bought on EBAY from

a very hot celebrity. 

They were not cheap, but


 and out they were worth it.

EBAY is  a great legal way to


for very hot used fetish shoes

and they have a purchase


Shoe Fetish


Jimmy Choo Boots,

Because these are so


and used even better there


been so many good buys on


My partner & I bought several

pairs in not only different

shaft heights but different

heel heights

as well.  Each one has

been incredible and I always


them in my partners size


they can be worn.   

Let other web sites know

this free site exists.
If you have a shoe fetish

and you are trying to learn


 about your fetish or know

someone who is frustrated

and needs to better


their fetish you are not alone

and you can add to and

get more info on this topic.  

If you have something

to add

send it along by e-mail,

 maybe we will post it.  

 Something new can help


to get this fetish

"Out of the Closet"

By all means do or say


know you are not alone.



Let other web sites know

this free site exists.



Whether it is a shoe fetish


a sexuality
an ask questions or discussion
a researcher, or a XXX
site providing and selling
images & videos
 to the shoe fetish market,
it's time to share your shoe
thoughts with others. 
Each of the estimated
of thousands
of shoe fetishists in this
could learn more 
and do better in their
 including the XXX spots. 
Each could learn and
gain a
better understanding of
shoe fetish behavior
to better provide resources, responses, and even adult entertainment
 to the shoe fetish world
and market.

Let other web sites know

this free site exists.