The Real Shoe Fetish & Boot fetish

This kind of unusual thing interesting.   Before we go further, as kinky as I am, and as much as I adore fetish fun I also have what many view as a normal sex life. 

However, I find that when I am stoned that I get aroused so much easier and that I can let it all go several times.  For me it seems normal for a smoking evening.  I generally am a recreational smoker, about once every several months or so.   

On to an occurrence as I remember it. 

I can't speak for anyone else but I can for myself.  

In my experimentation years I found it very interesting some of the things that I could become sexually aroused by when I was slightly stoned.  Here's one discovery that has stayed with me my whole life.

I was about 20 and at a party at a friends house and we had all had a few glasses of wine and smoked that night.   I was getting a hard on thinking about my friends girlfriend and I was embarrassed so I went to the bathroom and decided to cool down.  That's when I noticed one of my friends girlfriends pairs of boots sitting on the floor in the bathroom.  It was winter and they had been put their long ago to dry out.  

They were a pair of soft leather knee high fashion boots with zippers so she  could open up an easy path to place her foot into the inside of the shoe.  I think they were a kind of 70's taupe color perhaps slightly tan
in color.  They were made out of a very soft erotic Italian kidskin
leather which showed a tremendous amount of gentle wear lines as the boot
came to a gentle pointed toe.  They were fairly well worn.  These were
a very hot style of the 70's and I could see the toe impressions on the
outside of the boots as I looked at them.   

I also realized that I could see the outline of her foot inside of the boot worn into the soft flesh colored leather lining.  

I just sat their on the closed toilet thinking about her with my eyes fixed to the boots on the floor.  She was attractive and sexy.   

I continued to think about her while my eyes stayed fixed on her boots and the wear lines and impressions of her foot inside the boot.  

I picked up one of her boots to take a closer look.  As I touched the soft leather it had an erotic feel I had never had before.  For some reason I placed my arm inside one of the boots to look closer at it and I slowly
zipped it up over my arm.  

It felt really good and I imagined her leg and foot inside.  At that point as my hand felt the inside of the shoe and the toe bumps worn into the leather I became aroused.   

You know how your member sometimes sits funny in your pants as it begins to get larger and very erect.  Well, I naturally pushed down on my member with my hand still inside of the boot.  It was that moment when the soft leather of the boot touched my pants over my member that I made a great discovery and became even more aroused.  The soft leather felt great rubbing as I continued to gently rub the boot against my pants and my enlarged member.   

Then for some reason I picked up her other boot and folded down the leather to look in side.  As I did the inner passage of the boot became very erotic and I 
realized that I had become even more horny from the smell of the well worn leather.   

I lowered my pants to give my straining member more room.  With the open boot in my hand the inside leather of the folded down boot touched my member as I did so.  It felt so good that I kept gently rubbing it as I sat back down on the closed toilet.  It didn't take long until by accident the tip of my member glided into the inside of the boot and without much attention I had gently slid the soft leather of the inside of her boot over my penis.  

I was so horny.  It felt so good but it just wasn't good enough.  I wanted to screw her but she wasn't mine.   As I penetrated the folded down boot I gently rubbed the inner lining over my erect penis.  As gently slid it farther over my very solid erection I approached the foot of the boot and in a very short time I
discovered that I was able to slide my penis over the toe bumps that she made inside of the boot.  

It felt so good as my penis slid in and out toward the toe of her boot and by now I discovered that the heel of the boot held my balls firmly in place in the heel.  It was incredible here I was about to have sex with a boot......

It was a bit unusual but it felt so good.  I was stoned and the feel of
the inside of the foot of the boot gliding gently over the soft gentle wear
lines and toe bumps worn in the leather.  I almost thought I was actually
inside my own girlfriend...then I realized that what I was about to do.  I was going to screw this other girls boots.  

At first I was a bit embarrassed again and then I decided that rather than Jo myself with the boot that I would lower my self to the floor on the floor mat on top of the boot and I would actually screw it.   

To do so I took a drop or two of KY gel from their cabinet and placed it on the tip of my member.  This reduced the friction and eased my entry.  As my body weight held the boot in place and the heel held my balls I began to rock in the boot.

My mouth gently reached for the toe of the boot over my hand.  I sucked on the toe of the boot and kissed it as if it were her.  As I did this I gently moved my penis in and out of the leather boots toe area as my body raced to explode into her boot.  

This was a wonderful experience that I have often repeated.  

Anyone ever try this ....???


Is anyone going to try this next time their stoned?

This occurrence happened some time ago and I wanted to share it with you.   
Since that time I must admit that I have done this many times when stoned and 
continue to enjoy it surprisingly more than ever.

Look I know this sounds a lot kinky, but unless you have tried anything kinky
don't presume that this is so horrible.   It really was surprisingly