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Let The Good Times Roll !!!


A Shoe Fetish can truely be one of lifes  gifts "or" it can be a curse.  


If you have one you know this.

By the way, who says some women don't  do more than just go shoe shopping? 

That's Nonsense !!! Of course some do.

Sure I can include pictures of guys and their fetish, we know what they do.  So with so many random public posted images of women  all over the internet I thought I would include a few of these. 


It is so much more interesting and fun for men to know there are receptive female counterparts.  Their fetish may not be the same, as some men, but it does  exist and for some women  it is a lot more involved than just shopping.  It is nice to know there are open minded partners.There was a time when a shoe fetish was only attributed to men.


We can thank todays couture designers for making modern shoes so fashionable and erotic that they can no longer be ignored by either sex.


The Shoe fetish and Boot fetish web site is a place to bring your shoe fetish passion, discussions, and stories out of the closet and into the light of day --- Thank you so much for your shared interest, and for some, your curiosity about shoe and boot fetishes.  Statistics have it that there are +/-375,000 male shoe and boot fetishists in the U.S.A. alone.  That does not count women or the rest of the world population.  That number of people in the U.S.A. alone makes having a shoe fetish newsgroup an important place for many, most of which are still, as they say, still "in the closet", to share stories and discussions in a world where having a shoe fetish continues to have the stigma that the gay lesbian community once had long ago.  It is time for those with a shoe/boot fetish to accept their passion and preferences, and then ignore what the clearly jealous and undersexed world thinks, and get �out of the closet�.



This site is dedicated to the gentle and more socialy inclusive side of shoe fetish behavior.  Sure a shoe fetishist might use shoes at other times, many of us play with oursleves in many ways when alone.  Trust me I know, shoes feel mre like real sex than a hand.   Too many researchers that write about fetish behavior rarely include or consider the shoe fetish as a mutually acceptable and mutually pleasurable bedroom behavior.   It is interesting when a designer shoe shopping woman with a secret passion for a lot of erotic shoes and a little more than a shopping interest meets a designer shoe fetish male or female with an incredible complimentary passion. 



Of course a shoe fetish  is not for everyone and if you have a shoe fetish you already know your one of the choosen ones.  No matter what you do it's going to be with you for life.  So accept it and learn how to enjoy it.  I assure you with the right  open minded partner it can, and has been, at least for me, one of life's great gifts. 



The Golden Key -- if you respect each others needs and always take care of your partner first then what follows can be a great experience for you.



It all depends on your partner, whether you really care about them or more about their shoes, how much time you take, how romantic the setting is, and then what you do next and how you do it. 



You may really love shoes but SORRY  !!!  If you are going to be I only want your shoes and a macho me first person -- well frankly go buy your shoes at a thrift store or on EBAY !!! Your probably never going to have a partner and your already in a lonely place on the dark side that I don't want to be.   Accept who you are and MAKE IT WORK !!!  Your life will be better for it.



This site contains moslty gentle passionate consensual shoe fetish & some mutual dominance.  The dark side of this or any behavior will be left to others.  There will be No theft - buy your used shoes.  No - wet, messy, or destructive - that's for someone else,  No - BDSM fetish behavior that too is for others.  NO - under that age of 21 anything - no people, no fetishes, - no nothing under 21 for any reason any time - NEVER !!!  This is a mature adult site for consenting adults only.     



PLEASE SHARE THESE  LINKs -- ALL STORIES AND DISCUSSIONS -- NO SPAM, NO COSTS, NO FEES, ETC. --- The Shoe fetish, Boot fetish, Shoe sex, Boot sex, retifism, kinky shoes, kissing shoes, licking shoes, sharing shoes, shoe shopping

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Out of the closet


Samples are provided on this WEB site and then the complete file if you wish to read the   complete compilation.


It is copyrighted material.  


The material on this WEB site is adult oriented if you are not over 21 please do not enter this site.  

WEB Shoe Fetish Web Site includes research, cases, and story categories along with random blog postings 

FT- fetish shoes and boots

MF: female male sex 
FF- female/female sex

MA: shoe fetish masturbation 

MM: some male male fetish 
FD- female dominant
MC- mind control