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If you ever see these on EBAY and don't buy them in my view you have made an error!  They even look phallic like they would fit most perfectly?

My Shoe Fetish thoughts that I have as

I become so excited and I am driven

to want to do a shoe or boot

Some additions were received after posting by BK


My partner says I’m one horny bastard and I love and enjoy her but my passion is not only for her, but for her shoes as well and for many other great used shoes.  Here is a view of what happens to me regarding shoe fetish activities.  I looked but I didn’t see anything like this posted on this web site anywhere so here goes a view into my private life and now written for the world to see.  I know, believe me this is not an easy thing to come out about.  Most of us who do shoes get it.  However, there is something very unusual and strange seeing or thinking about a person actually making love to sexy stylish shoes and boots.  Yet, it is more complex than any form of masturbation.  In many  cases, and even though a site like this is very descriptive in explaining it, many still won't understand the extreme pleasure and joy that a shoe fetishist gets from a pair of one of many of their favorite shoes.  For some, although I don't know why, LGBT sex seems to be so much easier to understand than a heterosexual or LGBT with an additional gift, a shoe fetish?


I’m going to try to write and discuss what goes on in my head.  Yes, I know it is just my view, but perhaps it is similar to others, and for certain it could be great for researchers to try to understand what is happening and how it happens.  Don’t worry they can’t change how you or I feel, or for that matter how you feel no matter how hard they try.  Anyone with a shoe fetish has already learned it is for life.


Right now I’m at work and reviewing e-mails and a Saks Fifth Avenue ad pops up and on it is a great looking model with incredible shoes on.  Very shapely, very hot, and she has a great body and is in great sexy clothing.  I should be stimulated by her, but I’m not.  My mind focuses in like a laser on her feet and her shoes.  Which by the way are very hot, stylish, and shapely as well.  At that point my mind starts to want not the woman but her shoes. This generally starts an escalation and my desire for a pair of sexy hot shoes that I can actually play with that I have.  No I’m not fantasizing about the woman!  No I’m not thinking about her feet!  I simply want shoes!  


No don’t do that.  You researchers tend to make this complicated.  Don’t make it complicated, it’s not, it’s just an attraction and in the end it's just sex and it feels great and simply put that’s why we do it.  OK, for me I concede that it certainly is because they were once worn and broken in by a woman but it is not about her it is about the end result a pair of well worn sexy shoes.  I’ll grant that it might be a feminine extension some might relate a shoe to a second vagina, and it does feel as good, and sometimes it even feels better than a vagina, but, regardless it’s just about the love of shoes and I’m not thinking about her.  When I’m in an active fetish session I’m just thinking about every line and curve of the shoe or boot and how sexy and hot they are and hardly a thought about the previous wearer or her feet, but I do appreciate the outline of her feet in the shoes leather as a bonus.  As result of this web site (shoefetish-bootfetish) I now buy most of my shoes on EBAY and I have generally no clue who wore them.  It’s simply about the style, the shape, the wear, sex and it's really about the sexy shoes that drive me into sexual desire.   


Let’s talk about the shoes.  For me the issue of used shoes is the center of the universe, for me, no new shoe odors are acceptable, they must be well worn, very sexy, and from only the top designers.  Why???  Because not just any shoe or boot will do, will feel incredible, or create that erotic sexual tension.  The shoefetish-bootfetish web site shows, not all, but many examples of what I consider a really hot fetish shoe or boot.  If after looking at these pages you don’t feel anything than you probably don’t have a shoe fetish. 


For me they must be used, show foot impressions, solid wear lines, be mostly closed toe, although some open toe shoes work very well, they must be accessible for penetration with either zippers or laces that can be opened if needed,  they must be a high quality soft leather or kidskin and I mean really very high quality leather on the outside and for the lining, I love foot and toe impressions on the inner sole, no never tricot lining, no canvas in the inner sole toe area, no rubber, no plastics, no manufacturing smells (that's why used shoes are my passion), and no comfort quality inner sole surfaces that provide traction but are not finished smooth leather.  There can be no chemical smells or mildew just leather and signs and smells of the wearer are great.   Linings that are not high quality leather do not work well with silicone lubes they absorb and are difficult to work with.  A great lining takes very little lube and the silicone feeds the leather but does not absorb and can be mostly wiped out and cleaned very easily so you are ready for a next time encounter.  The outer surface of the shoe must be clean and with wear lines because I’m going to passionately fondle and kiss the shoe or boot and then work my way to the inner lining and inner sole as I fondle and kiss that as well.  At that point my passion will have built to a very high level as I'm thrusting deep into the other shoe or boot. 


Basically well cared for high quality shoes and boots are my preference, but, once again they must be sexy, stylish.  A shoe fetishist learns what styles they love and want to have sex with.  For me it is as I described earlier.  However, all must fit as well when I climb on top and penetrate deep into the shoe.  No spikes, pyramids, or designs that can create discomfort or pain, no trashed shoes, tears, or extreme wear is acceptable either.  Valentino makes a great pyramid shoe it looks very hot, but, for me it is almost useless because the pyramids can hurt.   There are plenty of lower quality payless and DSW shoes in the world but they won’t be in my collection.  Also I tend to prefer black soft leather shoes and boots and want nothing to do with even top designer stiff leather shoes, or sandals that can't surround my member, and again, never ever plastic, manmade products, or any synthetics.  Leather and skins take on the traits and odors of the wearer and blend well, and no I don’t have a leather fetish except that it works best in high quality women’s shoes.  Again they must be sexy, hot, and well worn.


My brand preferences are similar to some of those shown on this web site.  I agree with many on this site and I adore Jimmy Choo boots they rank among some of the best fetish shoes and they feel incredible when you climb on top and penetrate deep into one while loving the other.   I also really love high quality used black pumps such as Monolo’s or Jimmy’s in three inch heels, for flats I tried the Chanel Flats same type as noted on this site, I agree they are a great fetish shoe and you can turn on and make out with the inner sole that is easily reachable and may have foot imprints worn into them as a bonus.  My goodness I can, and do, get lost in a great pair of shoes or boots.  As for so many other high quality shoe preferences your experimentation will point out what works best for you whether it is a shoe like I like or a pair of well worn running shoes your own taste will dictate what you love.


So now that I’m excited by the Saks ad.  What’s next?


I might move to EBAY to see what is available in my favorite brands of used shoes.  I generally prefer to buy the larger sizes 9 to 11 or 12 because they are easier for me to climb on top of and fit deep into.  Sometimes I can wear a size 12 and they feel great on my feet, but generally I’m more concerned with having enough room for my fetish encounter so I am able to slide my whole member and all of the attached parts into the shoe.  The rest of my genitals feel great on the inner sole heel as I thrust into the toe area. 


Next, after a while looking at all of those used shoes I get increasingly horny and start to actually want them.  Shoes and boots on EBAY to me act like a  XXX movie where the end result is I’m on track to getting fully excited and want to have shoe or boot sex.


At that point I need to get a pair or so of shoes so I head for my closet full of used shoes.  I look around and today a pair of gladiator open toe booties attracts my attention.  They are high quality Giuseppe Zanotti booties that are all soft black leather and have been very well worn.  On the inner side of the outer leather is solid with the other side showing straps and holes.  They zip up and fully cover the heel and when closed the short distance needed to reach the inner heel is a nice opening leading to the toe.  The black leather is very soft, creased, and the shoes are well worn.  I get stiff just taking them out of the closet.  They look a lot like the shoes on  


At this point it is not complicated I unzip the sides and set them on the bed.  Nothing else but shoes are on the bed and a small bottle of wet silicone lube.  I lay down next to them and I can smell the worn leather and as I’m attracted to the curves worn in the shoe I can’t help but start to kiss and fondle the shoe as my member expands even more.  By now I’m in love and so excited I need to prepare to slip the other one over my member so I use some silicone lube and ease it over my member and as it slides down toward the toe are along the inner surface of the shoe.


What does it feel like?  It surrounds my member and the creases add to the feeling like electricity running through my body.  The feeling is beyond incredible.  No one can explain to a non shoe fetishist  what a great sexy shoe can feel like as you climb on top and penetrate deep inside.  In short time I am in love and passionately kissing the one shoe as I am now pumping in and out and deep inside the other.  It isn’t long until I’m ready to explode, and I do. 


It seems simple and uncomplicated but my shoe fetish ranks among some of the best sex I’ve ever had and as a tri sexual I have had all kinds of sex.  I’m am Tri sexual?  Women (preferred), shoes always, and good looking male trannies rarely if they look great and wear hot shoes. 


For those who have a shoe fetish and never did a shoe I would say t consider it, find the right shoe that you find exciting, and give it a try.  If you don't find any exciting, move on, shoes are not for you.  But be warned, it you do it and it feels incredible as this site says if you love it you are going to be stuck with this fetish for the rest of your life.  A great shoe or boot, if enjoyed, creates so much pleasure that you will not ever be able to forget it.  Or as this site says once started there is no cure for someone who loves shoes. 


Finally, it’s very strange, and it was very unexpected, but sometimes in my mind it is even better than vaginal sex.  I won’t ever give that up because that too is great, but if you are lucky and have a shoe fetish tolerant partner life is incredible for the shoe fetishist, and after learning and thinking about relationships and fair play from this site, I now have a fetish tolerant partner.  I followed the golden rule of  fair play and relationships laid out here on this site long ago and on this sites blog pages and found it really works.  Let me make one final point.  Some say my shoe fetish is a way to avoid sex with women?  I know it may be for some but for others and me that's nonsense.        


Best wishes Barry K