I LOVE MY Shoe & Boot Fetish 
If you are a researcher and have never tried a shoe you actually are not a researcher at all but a person writing half truths about shoe fetishes based on false and incomplete theories of others.  A shoe fetish is separate from all of the other fetishes you write about. 
You have no idea how great this pair of shoes can be.  
Is this normal?

For the longest time after I first did a shoe I felt very odd like this was something that was not something I was supposed to do.   Until I started to really get into making love to the shoes and realized frankly nobody gave a damn or cared if I was doing shoes or not.   

Once I realized no one cared and that this fetish would never go away I actually started to relax and feel more passion and a real love for the shoes as I now kissed and fondled one in ways that far exceeded any of my girlfriends as I pumped deep inside the other.  

As my collection grew I started playing with several until the one for the day took charge and lead me to a final explosion or two.  I spent many years silent and embarrassed about my love of women's high quality shoes and boots.  No more,,,, I consider my fetish just one more lifestyle that people have. - For me it is a clearly an endless love of shoes and boots.  Now I am able to buy shoes with no remorse or  embarrassment and like the guy on the last page my love of shoes has fully replaced any partner and I consider my life full.   The ability to add more and more shoes and boots is an endless joy.

From Bobby K rewritten to make coherent by ADMIN    
These shoes turned out to be fantastic!!!



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