Shoe Fetish is 
a life style choice
I have had my fetish all of my life from as far back as I can remember.  Now decades and I would not change a thing. 

I am always in search for the next best shoe sex encounter or shoe to buy on EBAY.
Today I loved and fucked 4 pairs of incredible used women's designer  shoes.  In 4 separate sessions.

Wow,,, So much fun...... 

Fun in Wisconsin
Pointe shoes, the first shoes I ever fucked that lead to a life of shoe fetish.

Thanks for a place to talk. 

Manny G
If you love her legs and feet and think she has incredibly hot and great sexy shoes and boots and you don't know what this fetish is like.  WELL!

Maybe it's time you did?

Thanks for having this site.   I have spent the whole day dreaming about the used womens shoes and boots in my collection and need to share.  I know tomorrow I will have 3 hours of play time and I just cant wait.  Yes I will smoke a bit and get high.  I find this increases my passion even more.  Your writing about this is right on target.   I will select from my used womens shoe collection the top 6 or 7 to play with today set them on the bed, go smoke and when I am stoned I will come back and see what happens. 


I find that after my shoe fetish developed they have become the hottest play time in my life.  You are also correct this is not masturbation it is truly sex and it has become the most important sex in my life.  Yes I love women but making out with and sex with hot sexy boots and shoes goes far beyond this for me.  I am happy to see so many are agreeing and some finally talking about their fetish.


Thanks – Morgan C. - Arizona

Today I did just that.  I guess if you post it its days later.  I had almost 4 hours I set out my shoes of the day and smoked some really great white Durban.  I know it seems strange to do this but after years I  realized I had to just enjoy and not think about it.  Unless you have tried this you will never know just how much fun and joy these few moments can bring.

Thanks MC-Arizona

Everything in sex that isn't procreation sex is clearly in reality an alternate & acceptable lifestyle.

I raise this issue because of the challenges to a shoe fetish. The claim by some researchers is that it is just a form of masturbation.  For some it may be just masturbation. However for others, I strongly disagree!  The way I look at it as an advanced shoe fetishist, a well used designer woman's shoe or boot and this shoe fetishist and many other advanced shoe fetishists no longer sees just a used shoe or boot.  Look closer and open your mind.   I say it is clearly a lifestyle.  

A look at all the combinations of claimed lifestyles and non heterosexual sex and it makes it clear there are many similarities.  Woman to woman - is it masturbation mixed with love or a lifestyle?  Man to man the same thing, is it an advanced masturbation mixed with love or a life style?  Shoe fetish as well is it advanced shoe masturbation mixed with love or is it a lifestyle?  

Each claims it is real love, real sex and a lifestyle.  In these pages it is clear that I agree. An advanced shoe fetish should not be classified with other fetishes it is clearly different and a form of love.  But, the researchers who have no real clue what any of this might be need to change the way they look at things. Shoes can be a penis on the outside or a vagina on the inside.  Yet, These inexperienced naive people need to stop considering the extreme fetish as just masturbation.  We agree this win any lifestyle that is in serious trouble need to be treated, reviewed, and considered but research on the many day to day fetishists is wrong.  

Note: Excuse a real truth,,, None of the LGBTQF lifestyles are procreative sex! Not one!  Yes it's also true neither is my love for well worn shoes or my shoe fetish.  Yet, it is just as much fun and gives me just as much pleasure as any other preference that people choose.  My shoe fetish is the "F" in LGBTQF.

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