try silicone Lubes
A great boot below.
Making your shoe boot fetish play a joy ending potential irritation. 
WET Silicone is the key.
WET Platinum is a bit thinner.
WET Uranus Anal ( most don't use for anal )
many use for tougher to lube shoes and boots.
Experiment which works best
I almost never use none.
Sometimes running shoes need a condom & some KY gel (not silicone) inside the condom to be able to
smoothly fuck a running shoe 
with incredible passion.
The shoes on these pages are considered by many very sexy and hot for shoe play and for most they  slide with lube.  As you advance and experiment you will move to shoes that work well with silicone lube.  

A SIMPLE FACT ABOUT SHOE PLAY FOR MOST I HAVE HEARD FROM:   Notice most and almost all of these shoes on these pages are mostly leather and very high quality leather and high quality leather lined.  There are no cheap plastic shoes.  Why you might ask?  Because these shoes and boots  with a little silicone lube do not irritate and most have become a great shoe fetish fuck.  There is no feeling better than gliding down the inside of a shoe like the one below and feeling the shoe all over and surrounding your member.  

For women I have proven many times that the soft leather, of a shoe like the one below, with a good stimulating sex lube is great on their clit and for lubricated penetration if they desire.  Yes women can fuck a shoe, but, gently using the exterior creases with women's arousal lube.  Most women who will allow this type of play so far have been OK with much of this but they really don't want full penetration.  

Yes you can buy many used sexy high quality shoes reasonably on EBAY.  Don't ever steal shoes most good shoes are not petty theft they are a felony.