The Day I fell in 
love with Shoes
So, you never did a shoe?


I just received this note and picture from my email with an interesting Question and perspective.  After posting the note above what do you think?:

"As a shoe lover this picture offers a confusing site that some can solve easily. Do you love and want her shoes, her, or both?  My interest is the shoes.  To slide them off and make love to these very sexy shoes."  


After years and now after reading this web site I have concluded that I am clearly way more into shoes than feet or for that matter even women if they don/t love shoes.  Recently I was doing a play session like the one here and realized it was the well worn shoes and boots that I adored.  Life just became easier for me,  now I love the shoes inside and out and enjoy penetrating into them more than anything.  

Thank you again so much for this site.  It helped secure this incredible fetish and it ended my embarrassment about it.  It is good to know there are many of us who enjoy shoes and boots.  

thanks again George G
Oh my, I agree.  The first thing I see are her shoes and if hot and sexy all I want to do is get into them.  She may be an incredible woman like the one pictured, but for me, I want to get deep inside those high heel pumps.

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Taken from Quora -

We need a place to

Post fetish shoes and boots:


It seems the research suggests there are many many many thousands of us with a foot/shoe fetish, yet, here many on Quora show pictures of women and their fantastic women’s shoes and boots but they don’t discuss this incredible passion.  A shoe/boot fetish can and often does replace simple masturbation? However in my case it doesn’t replace the woman.  I love every inch of a nice looking woman but my passion is her feet and shoes or boots too.  Even if not looking for a partner, Sadly, so many women today wear the cheapest and most ugly unsexy shoes. 

My encounter: She was incredible and we both enjoyed lots of sex, but As a shoe fetishist, When all is done, then I want to penetrate her shoes for a great conclusion.

As an almost life long shoe fetishist I feel that, for me, this fetish is almost too incredible for words with the correctly composed used women’s shoe collection.  I have spent hours and many times just enjoying the passion of my shoe fetish.  Yes I have a wife and I never ignore her for shoes.   Want more detail search shoefetish-bootfetish.

No I am not into the millions of shoes women wear everyday most are frankly ugly and sexless. Also I am not into the men who now also wear them and have a shoe fetish, I am not gay.  The shoes and so many of the women on these fashion pages that wear them are very sexy and nice.  I would not believe most men looking at a pretty woman with great shoes do not notice the curve of her feet and shoes too.  

Society pressure? However, I agree Many consider this fetish dirty but When see or when you buy really great used designer womens shoes and you are very selective please know most are very well cared for and often times just lightly used and you can see that when you are buying.  Then yes I carefully clean them especially the outer soles to remove any unclean areas and germs.  I also expect my women to be very clean and have well groomed feet that are incredible and very sexy but not any woman.  No dirty shoes or women with feet ignored or dirty are ever considered.  

To some I know a shoe fetish or foot fetish seems disgusting, I don’t expect anyone to change that view, but, if you like looking at her feet, and or shoes, or those sexy designer boots  think hard about what might be next for you if you feel a tingle or two?  The curves and the shape of a nice looking woman’s foot and shoes and boots on some that are really well designed styles are simply very sexy and if you are curious about what’s next search shoefetish-bootfetish and judge for yourself.  This com site has it all!

The writer below follows up by saying shoes have always been great for play but the experience changed it forever when he added THC to his encounter. We are not pushing the use of drugs and should only be considered by mature adults and not as a result of any of our notes sent to us.  
Yes,  when an email arrives at srotoys we read it and if reasonable for this site we may modify it for easy reading before posting.  We do not post violence or full graphic items.  This is a shoe fetish education site for those who are hidden. silent, and that share this fetish it is not a porn site. 
For this post I was asked to enhance it some because of the joy in this experience the poster felt making it more sensual and sexual.   

Interestingly after reading these pages my shoefetish seriously grew.  I use THC once in a while I have not with my shoe fetish,,,,I just never considered it until now.   Tonight I had really good Sativa gummies and my partner was not home.  Wow!  (Yes my partner knows about my fetish)  

I walked into our closet and saw her shoes and It all came together.  I also had added the silicone lube.  I was using KY before that and it was messy.  Now everything glided and felt great.   Things were going well until I started to play last night.  I had a drink, ate two sativa gummies took out one pair of very used soft all leather women's used loafers from among her 200+ shoes.  I picked them over other designer shoes, even though they were not the top choice, and I then set them on the bed just to see how this went.  

To my surprise and before I knew it I was getting stoned and started to focus on the well worn shoes and although they were loafers they had incredible wear lines worn in them.  Incredible, Being stoned the foot and toe prints stood out more and became very clear.  Being stoned I was now even more focused than I would have imagined and now hard as a rock.  

I placed my face near the inner sole and looked closely at them but this time was very, very different.  I found I could not ignore them or avoid them as I moved closer I started kissing them and soon my face was surrounded by the smell of soft well worn shoe.  As my passion grew I was now kissing them very deeply.  I lubed my member and as I got on top of and slowly penetrated the right shoe as I made out with the left kissing deep into the inside of the shoe even more.  I was lost in the shoes and it felt magical and different.  I realized I was so aroused I was actually falling in love with the shoes making love to them and pulsing in and out and actually having sex with and really fucking the shoes.  No I mean it was incredible I was really fucking the shoe like no one ever before.  For the first time I was fucking and loving the shoe as if it was a person.  I was lost in my passion and my focus coincided with that passion.

Now I found I was French kissing the shoe so deeply my body was into it.  I was now kissing and licking and my face was all in and with every kiss and pulse my passion increased even more.  This level of feeling and passion loving these shoes may be a bit strange but my goodness these shoes became beyond amazing.  I could not stop and pumped deeper and soon my passion exploded.  

Clearly I would say today I actually fell in passionate love with the shoes I was fucking.  When I was done I was drained and full satisfied and wanted more and with so many choices in the closet I was very excited.  This was an amazing experience and I had to write.

Anonymous writer   

Life of a shoe fetishist:

I walk in our room and on the floor is my wife’s incredible Chanel black well worn ballet flats on the floor in front of me.  As I look at them my member gets hard and screams do them.  I lower myself to the carpet and my face gets close to the left shoe.   The odor is gentle but I can’t resist as I want them more and more.  I start to make love to the inner sole, There is no resisting if you have a shoe fetish..   Soon you want more as you gently penetrate the right shoe and sex and an orgasm is inevitable.   The love of my shoe fetish is incredible and now complete and the result of the encounter leaves an incredible glow.  Yes; I make love to shoes and love every minute.  

Found on Quora anonymous

My SHOE FETISH can it it be a real TRUE LOVE?

I adore a sexy attractive woman wearing great shoes and having great feet in those shoes.  In fact I adore and am deeply in love with many of their shoes and boots even more than their feet.  No not all shoes but some I’m very selective about the shoes I love.  They must be very sexy and very used women’s  shoes and boots and catch my attention.   I adore seeing the wear lines and foot images in high quality shoes.  Let me repeat, I actually become attracted to them and love them not just like them.   Sorry if you think that is weird and maybe you don’t!!

Yes I have this incredible fetish that impacts a great number of men, and some women, although many may never admit or face it and most will hide this passion that is simply a pure joy and  incredible.   I have lived with my fetish for decades and find I love it more and more every passing day.

Before you say this is just insane, have you taken the time to look and see the incredible sexy curves of shoes and feet on attractive women?  Look closer again!  Her feet in sexy shoes can be so hot.  

In our society we are conditioned to look away.  Why because many of us were raised to think feet and shoes are gross and stinky, but, if clean and manicured they are not.  No they are not an after thought we have been conditioned to avoid feet and sexy shoes.   Many of us were teased as children about stinky feet and shoes.  Time to ask Why?  

OK,,, full disclosure- Yes!!! I have a Shoe Boot Fetish for women’s incredible well  worn used designer leather shoes & boots and I think it is time to share the real joys of this fetish.  Even Freud wrote that many women’s sexy shoes are like a vagina.   Just look at a pair of well worn pointed toed high quality pumps and as your mind wanders you will see.   Let me share, the reality: they feel like a vagina when you use some silicone lube.  

Do you share this fetish? It turns out many secretly do!  If so, or if you want to try shoes,  have you tried Wet silicone sex lube with your sexy designer leather well worn shoes or boots? This takes your fetish to the next level and it is about as close to intercourse as you can get.  For me getting the incredible girl is not an option but I can get shoes to match.   pp A great option for an incredibly satisfying time?  Before you condemn Just take a look at the curves with or without her feet in them?  High quality shoes are lined with great leather surfaces.  Want more?  Search shoefetish bootfetish!!!  

If you use THC?  A great time to explore shoes and looking in her closet at her sexy well worn shoes is when you are very stoned.  What can happen next may be seeing just shoes or it may be seeing shoes in a whole new sexual way?  It really depends on what’s in your closet.  Some women have zero sex shoes and others have very sexual shoes.  EBAY can work if she buys losers.  Then, If you let your self go and set aside any stigmas it can be a truly out of body experience.   

Found on Quora-Anonymous

Cross dresser?  Maybe a bit but I love wearing used high quality sexy women’s shoes and boots when I can.   The women on here (Quora heels) are incredible but I know I can never get them but I see their incredible feet in these very hot shoes and those I can find and do.  If my size I wear them if not I look at them until I have to have sex in them.  Yes I fuck shoes’. I have a flaming shoe fetish and love every minute of it and with some silicone lube it is just amazing.  Add a little weed it’s now about the greatest sex you might ever have.   Yes I have a wife and she to is great sex but Shoes are special.

Found posted on Quora anonymous