As time goes by I realize that one famous Psychologist wrote about feet and shoes,  Freud!  

Sigmund Freud viewed perversion like he did just about everything— as likely stemming from periods of disorder in childhood development..  Sigmund Freud claimed that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises.  Another  is that hormones and emotions drive people to imprint their arousal on to certain objects. These hormones and emotions allow them to respond to certain stimuli sexually.

So if the fit appears to look like a penis then women’s shoes and boots when viewed closely look like a vagina.  I have thought this for years.  I look at a set woman’s used sexy shoe or fashion boot and as I view the depths it translates into a vagina that in my view needs penetrating.  The combined odors of her feet and the leather come so very close to the odors of sex.  

My partner says it is masturbation, I thought hard on this and don't agree.

When I look closely and my head is buried in her shoe and I am kissing and passionately making out with the shoe it's so much more.  Then as I penetrate that other shoe I am not manipulating the shoe I climb on top and penetrate deep into the shoe.  In my mind this is full on sex and not masturbation.  Everything about it is the same as intercourse with a partner.  

Bob D New York

We need a place to

Post fetish shoes and boots:


It seems the research suggests there are many many many thousands of us with a foot/shoe fetish, yet, here many on Quora show pictures of women and their fantastic women’s shoes and boots but they don’t discuss this incredible passion.  A shoe/boot fetish can and often does replace simple masturbation? However in my case it doesn’t replace the woman.  I love every inch of a nice looking woman but my passion is her feet and shoes or boots too.  Even if not looking for a partner, Sadly, so many women today wear the cheapest and most ugly unsexy shoes. 

My encounter: She was incredible and we both enjoyed lots of sex, but As a shoe fetishist, When all is done, then I want to penetrate her shoes for a great conclusion.

As an almost life long shoe fetishist I feel that, for me, this fetish is almost too incredible for words with the correctly composed used women’s shoe collection.  I have spent hours and many times just enjoying the passion of my shoe fetish.  Yes I have a wife and I never ignore her for shoes.   Want more detail search shoefetish-bootfetish.

No I am not into the millions of shoes women wear everyday most are frankly ugly and sexless. Also I am not into the men who now also wear them and have a shoe fetish, I am not gay.  The shoes and so many of the women on these fashion pages that wear them are very sexy and nice.  I would not believe most men looking at a pretty woman with great shoes do not notice the curve of her feet and shoes too.  

Society pressure? However, I agree Many consider this fetish dirty but When see or when you buy really great used designer womens shoes and you are very selective please know most are very well cared for and often times just lightly used and you can see that when you are buying.  Then yes I carefully clean them especially the outer soles to remove any unclean areas and germs.  I also expect my women to be very clean and have well groomed feet that are incredible and very sexy but not any woman.  No dirty shoes or women with feet ignored or dirty are ever considered.  

To some I know a shoe fetish or foot fetish seems disgusting, I don’t expect anyone to change that view, but, if you like looking at her feet, and or shoes, or those sexy designer boots  think hard about what might be next for you if you feel a tingle or two?  The curves and the shape of a nice looking woman’s foot and shoes and boots on some that are really well designed styles are simply very sexy and if you are curious about what’s next search shoefetish-bootfetish and judge for yourself.  This com site has it all!