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EBAY wins again!!!
Thanks for posting this loafer type of shoe.  Although loafers may lack some high energy appearance there are two things you need to know that this fellow shoe fetishist discovered long ago.  First the inner sole is great leather and holds great wear lines and wear impressions.  Second, once you get hot and decide to enter the shoe is among the most incredible I have ever fucked.  

Who knew?  

Thanks for the postings and pictures will follow as soon as I can get them uploaded.    

A sole mate- THN  
Sorry for the delay.  I know they don't look great but oh my goodness you have no idea,  they really are an incredible shoe fuck.   
Why is it maybe less than 1% of used women's shoes are desirable for your shoe fetish?

It's not complicated most, not all, of us have no interest in plastic shoes, or any cheap garbage shoes that are just functional but lack or that are not simply put, a great exciting fuck.  Many of us have found running shoes are nice looking but lack being an easy smooth fuck.

OK, argue with me and tell me why I'm wrong at:

Yes I know these shoes below look like simple all leather shoes that you might never try--- that's a mistake... 

these all leather high quality Ferragamo shoes are very broken in with toe bumps and once you climb inside you might find they are just simply irresistible and beyond belief.  You might just slide in and then find you can't help yourself to what happens next.

Don't judge every high quality shoe by its cover.  Once again a great thanks to EBAY.