AND NEED A PLACE TO OPEN THE DOORS TO WHAT IS, AND HAS BEEN, A FAIRLY LARGE, YET VERY SECRET, AND EXTREMELY PRIVATE PART OF THE FETISH WORLD. Pictures in this story were taken from public and random places on the web, a few were taken by me, none as far as we know are copyrighted and none may be sold for monetary gain as we are not certain of their origin or ownership and do not wish to violate any ones artistic rights to work for monetary gain.  


Foot fetishism & shoe fetish --retifism –

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FT- fetish shoes and boots
FF- female/female sex
FD- female dominant
MC- mind control


Jim, Julie & Lisa? So Julie and Lisa decide to go Shoe Shopping, “Will Their Shared Passion Grow?”


This is a great story but let me take a moment to state that all of the pictures I looked at to create this story, with the exception of those taken by me, were taken from the open internet. Because we do not know who created them and there is no way to tell from the Google image searches where some of these came from this work the pictures were not inserted into the story and they are not being offered for sale. This will be an item to just have fun with that will give the reader the perspective I considered as I was writing each section. I have no idea who some of the women are in the pictures and I am also certain that with almost no exception, except where a fetish is clear, that I know absolutely nothing about their lives and the pictures were used only to create a fantasy in my mind so that I could write the story, It also provides the reader with an insight into this shoe fetish writers mind.




This story came to me because of a very attractive neighbor named Julie with a husband who was almost never home.  Was it real or just my fantasy?  Whatever!  The concept is real in my mind, it trends toward girl on girl friendships, and their shoe and boot collecting fetish, and with a dash of mind control games.  Every social fetishist should evolve over time and they must learn how to integrate their fetish into relationships or risk being very lonely. They search out those open minded enough to understand the extra excitement created when fantasy is supported and allowed to occur.  


We can agree, some women may have and share this unusual passion for shopping for and buying fashion shoes and boots. For some it is almost to a frenzy and that is where our story goes. Do they ever take the next step? Clearly, it would seem that women probably would not develop a foot or shoe fetish in the same way as their male counterpart because without the same designed body parts, that for males easily enable them to insert themselves into a shoe fetish in the full sense of a shoe fetish. However the look, the curves of the shoe and foot, the erotic power alone could prove a challenge to ignore for some women.  However, we can agree that although much between the sexes may not be all that different because for many women there is a clear attraction to shoes and boots while some men clearly get turned on by them.  It appears a compatible somewhat shared passion has developed.


Perhaps some women appear to understand the attracting power some shoes, boots, and the curves in their feet have on men. For some women, I have found over the last 40 years, that a lot has to do with tactile activities such as the erotic look, the sexy curves, the soft touch of some leathers, the feel. In love it may also include the hugging, messaging, gentle sensuality and masturbation especially with a partner that shares shoe play in their encounters. A few women appear to have found ways to actually use shoes for penetration, they can be found in internet images. BUT, surprisingly over the years I have proved, over and over again, that some fetish activity can really work just fine with an open minded male or female partner. When you focus on them and not the shoes and understand the differences and design your expectations and play accordingly to take advantage of the mechanics of sexual arousal, things can work.


However, expect to need a lot more time to develop an interest in shoes for someone who doesn’t already have an interest. I have found that open minded men and woman who lacks a passion for the erotic power of shoes and boots in something as simple as shopping are not likely to convert to seeing the sex life of the foot and shoe.


I have found several times now that lesbians have taken it to the next step on their own.   A shoe, a dildo, when you look close at them the right well designed well thought out erotic shoe can look and act like a dildo and I have proven it has.



e --- aka “e” elliott



Jim, Julie & Lisa? So Julie and Lisa decide to go Shoe Shopping, “Will Their Shared Passion Grow?”





There is no doubt that Lisa was haute couture and slightly different, as well as, a bit kinky. She loved to talk about them with her best and mostly reserved friend Julie.


For years she knew she just couldn’t tell her all of the details of her secret passions. Then after much thought and on one perfectly timed day the stars aligned and she thought that she now knew how and would try to implement a non threatening way to cross that bridge based on her shared thoughts and passions for fashion, their common shared interest.  She knew the road would twist and turn in a very interesting ways and it might not work.

She was just finishing shopping and was thinking that outside of her best friend Julie, (that she wished had come with her shopping to help develop her plan), she didn’t know of anyone who loved buying fashion shoes and boots as much as her.  Both Lisa and Julie loved haute couture designer shoes and both had a passion for shopping at every store in Manhattan. Goodman Bergdorf was like a candy store of shoes. Lisa always preferred smooth soft high quality black and red leathers to suede. Suede looked great but it was much too hard to clean and sometimes a real pain, and anyway the surfaces didn’t feel as soft and smooth over time as smooth leather. Kidskin and Italian leather shoes broke in and looked great over time and she looked great in black leather heels.  Not that this 5’5” perfectly shaped 120 pound blonde wouldn’t look good in anything.   Lisa was one of those lucky women that is a perfect 9 ½ and looked so good that even many women wanted her. Coincidentally that was also her shoe size.


Shoes she thought! She needed some to go with her new outfit. To her she found them so hot to look at, great fun to wear, and they made her legs and feet look even better.   Sometimes to her shoes were just like when she was very young.  Remembering when she would stay up at night and think about all of the ways to wear them and just how the particular design of the day would be exciting.   Even at just over 30, she couldn’t wait to wear them the next day.  Sometimes she got so excited she would even wear them while she slept.  Thinking how she just loved those little spike heels, the curves, erotic designs, and colors, and what about that soft sensuous leather and they must always have leather lining --  so hot and so cool.

To Lisa, the only kind of shoes she would ever consider were always high quality, always expensive, and always selected by fashion conscious and by most of the striking and attractive women of the city.   No cheap shoes for either of these girls their fetish for shoes would not allow it.  A really sexy pair of shoes cost a lot but made her look and feel even more attractive than she already was.  


Lisa considered how it just wasn’t very common to see the boring plain Jane’s of the world wearing erotic sexy shoes.  Straight or gay she could just never grasp the concept of who in the world could ever even consider wearing no sex boring Birkenstocks or clunky Doc Martins?  Even the lesbians she knew that they attribute them to wouldn’t be caught dead in them. Those friends decided long ago that they deserve to look good and even if it meant missing a meal to pay for them, they would wear sexy erotic all fine leather and well designed shoes.


After shopping Lisa was thinking about where to go next.  She had nothing on her calendar that week, which is rare, and now what to do.   To get it off of her mind she decided to visit her best friend Julie. Julie was a very attractive brown haired girl with a really good body herself.  They met in college and after college she married Jim. It’s been about 10 years since college.  They kept in touch with each other and because Julie’s husband worked a lot they had plenty of time to meet, talk, and become good friends. Actually Jim was gone so many evenings they had time for shopping, dinners, movies, and just hanging around. They watched DVDs fairly often at Julies and really they had become the best of friends at this point.


Lisa was near Julie’s house and knew she would probably be home getting ready for work the next day. So she decided to take a chance and visit Julie for a while. She was just so easy to talk with.  So she rang the doorbell.


Julie's thoughts were interrupted from mixing a drink as the door bell rang, she went to open it, and it was her friend Lisa.  Tonight for some reason Julie commented that Lisa looked great.


Lisa told her that it was because she was shopping for shoes and boots to go with her new black dress that she decided to wear to the store.  Julie asked her if she was headed out on a date because she looked so hot in her little black dress which made her blonde hair and perfect make up look stunning.

Julie thought, Lisa was always dressed in the most wonderful fashions.  Lisa was single and had the extra cash and only bought the best for herself from her head to her pointed toes in well worn pair of Jimmy Choo black leather zippered three inch high heeled Italian leather boots.  Julie could see her boots as she sat on the couch with her legs up against the pink upholstery. Very nice. Julie always thought boots were so incredibly sexy on women.



Julie looked at Lisa as she then tried on one of her new pairs of shoes with her black kind of see through dress and new black purse and said –


She told Lisa, Wow! You look incredible!!! Your date is going to eat you up.




Lisa commented that Julie looked really good herself.  Julie hadn’t had time to change after work so she was still in a very trim white blouse and a kind of gunmetal skirt with a nice stylish pair of black leather Dolce and Gabana strap heels. Lisa told Julie that she just loved her D&G shoes.





Julie told Lisa she had the whole evening free again, once again Jim was gone. She was just mixing a drink to sit and relax and asked if she wanted one.  She did and Lisa sat on the couch to relax. Julie thought again she looked really hot.


Lisa said one more I have to go home soon. Then she out a box and showed her the next new pair of Jimmies she just had bought and a pair of red Monolo’s and she tried them on for her. Then Lisa excused herself to head for home.




Julie said goodnight to Lisa and said to her, looking good, very hot and sexy.








The next day the two of them met at a café for drinks.


Julie noted, I thought about it last night and I think you are on to something, she said. I may go out and get a new outfit and shoes myself. Perhaps that will get Jim to remember I am here and make some time for me. I am getting very frustrated and horny to boot. Something has to work?


Julie knew Lisa to be a very strong willed, carefree, open minded woman.  The one thing she could say is that over the years their relationship had subtly changed as they got to know each other better. She was always there for me and always was able to adapt better than she could to the world around her.  Maybe that and her husband’s long schedule and absence added to the ease of their becoming really good friends.  Julie was really starting to look forward to seeing Lisa and it filled some of those lonely times when her husband was constantly gone.


Julie and Lisa were talking over the drink and Lisa asked Julie in greater depth if things had gotten better with her husband working all day and then on into the night as many as 4 or 5 nights a week.  She asked again how late did he stay out?


She told her he usually didn’t get home until around 11 and now his business trip cycle is coming up and he will be out of town several days at a time.


Julie went on to explain that he was out of the house most of the time and when he wasn’t he was home he and was generally very tired and that there wasn’t much time for the two of them. How she wished he was finished because it was really getting frustrating and lonely.  She noted they probably only had time for each other every 5 or 6 weeks.


Julie sighed, what a change from the first couple of years.


Lisa responded, I don’t get it your hot?  Anyway, enough about this, we can’t seem to fix it, so what else is new?


Julie told her about her day and asked Lisa what she was up to.


Lisa told Julie she was out shopping because she found what she thought was her perfect match and wanted to move toward that new relationship she was trying for, but knew that she had to get everything just right to move forward.


She explained her new crush had no idea about her desires and she was getting her plans in place for their first date. She went on to share with Julie that she was starting to do the shopping and she had bought a bunch of items to wear, now if only she could get up the courage to get that first date.


She explained if she did it just right she thought she might get the courage to move forward and maybe develop a new love out of the effort.


Julie asked her to tell her new friend.


Lisa said she would in time but it was just to early and she didn’t want to jinx it.


Lisa was talking about the new wardrobe she was gathering. She asked Julie is she would give her an opinion when she had it together.


Lisa went on to tell her she wanted a pair of very sexy McQueen’s Faithful Booties and showed her a picture from online. A really hot pair of black open toe kind of bad girl booties.



Lisa told her she thought they were so hot they made her wet just thinking about them.


Julie agreed that they were very hot and would look great on her if she could find them.  


Lisa went on to discuss dresses and wanted Julie’s thoughts. She had several choices she reviewed with her including this $4,000 Akris dress. Then this Versace was a very open type of dress, for $1,995. Or this very hot Gucci mini dress for $1,750. They both agreed the blue of the Versace and the cut could capture anyone’s imagination.


Lisa told her she thought so too.





They talked for a while and concluded that the Versace dress would look great with the Alexander McQueen’s open toed faithful bootie.


Lisa said, it would be a first impression that needed to be very sexy and erotic and any place they went on their first date the open toes of the Faithful Bootie were so yummy and the combination with the Versace dress would turn heads.


The shoes looked so good, Julie said, she almost wanted to eat them. In fact Julie liked the sexy plaid skirt and black top and bought them too.




They concluded the mini skirt without leggings might be a bit much and the Akris was beautiful but more for a party and not a first date. So there you have it Versace it is. Lots of slits, lots of cleavage, and very sexy all around.










Over their second drink, Julie asked her about the date.


Lisa then started telling her that as she was getting to know this friend better that she was getting very sexually attracted and it probably wouldn’t be long now.  

Julie loved hearing about Lisa’s encounters.


Lisa enjoyed talking openly about it and gave a lot of details about her dates, probably more than she should.  Her stories were usually very good and interesting to say the least.  


Julie wondered by the way this Lisa described her dates, and although she never really said it, it seemed some of her dates might be a bit different and not your typical men. However, it didn’t matter so she left it be.


Tonight Lisa was talking a lot. Lisa usually talked generally about her dates, not in really colorful detail.  However tonight it was clear this new passion had gotten her so excited she was describing in more detail than she ever some of her past encounters.  


Clearly some of the sessions this woman told her about were very interesting and colorful.  She was really enjoying the stories Lisa shared with her.   Especially since she was alone so often it added some voyeuristic excitement to her life.

Lisa continued to paint an incredibly vivid picture of her encounters.  The stories Lisa was telling could knock your socks off and they gave Julie something to smile and giggle about.  It was really a joy, especially tonight when she was really in the mood to hear a good story or two and have some company.


As beautiful as she is, Julie was very naive and had a lot about life to learn.  


Even though married, she really wasn’t very exposed or experienced to the world around.  Her husband was her only partner and from the stories Lisa was telling it was clear Jim kept his time with Julie fairly fast, neat, and simple. She was a bit jealous. Some of Lisa’s dates sounded so much more romantic and exciting.  


Julie was starting to wonder if perhaps she needed to get out and find a new guy?

Over the years they became good enough friends that Lisa could tell her anything and they trusted each other.  Well as the drinks emptied and the stories kept on getting sexier and sexier she ordered another.

They were walking distance from home and just starting to slightly feel the drinks.


Then, Lisa went on to describing today’s shopping session where her passion for shopping and shoes once again got the better of her.  She had bought another pair of boots and 2 pairs of heels, one black and one red.

They both laughed and joked about how they really got excited every time they found a great pair of shoes to add to their collections and how they still felt like they were once again kids.  As you might expect this is not an uncommon thing with power shoe shoppers like these two with a clear shoe shopping fetish.

Lisa asked Julie if she had ever thought about the shoes she was buying?  No not just what outfit they go with. A lot of designers spend a lot of time trying to make a lot more out of our feet than just feet. They add curves, color, and erotic enticements to these very exciting and sensual objects.   I really enjoy thinking about how they were designed and I love to try to consider the erotic sexual power the designer was considering when they created them. Some just try to make a good match for an outfit or a color. Other designers see and understand the sexuality of the curves and seem to try to turn a pair of shoes into a phallic and erotic object of desire.

Julie thought about it and said that she thought some shoes were more than others. She agreed some pairs of shoes had a fascination about them and found some very interesting and loved looking at them after she bought them and when she put them on she could feel the sexual power they held when she looked in the mirror.  


Julie noted on occasion she got so excited buying a pair that she still slept with them on or took them with her to bed.


Lisa asked has your shoe shopping become sexual?


Julie said no, no, no, but I can see what you’re saying I just get so excited to have found such a great pair I sometimes fall asleep with them on. Besides long ago Jim used to love my feet in shoes and would kiss them when I had a great pair on. Well anyway that stopped too.  

Lisa added, I never got over that either 'I love to touch them and feel the soft leather – they can be very hot.  I too wear the most exciting pairs sometimes all night because I just don’t want to take them off.  Thinking about her hobby and passion for sexy shoes always got Lisa a bit excited and animated.

Julie asked, are they sexual for you?


Before answering Lisa stopped to consider that after weeks of little contact with her husband that Julie was probably getting frustrated.  


Lisa asked a different question first, she asked her if things had gotten any better.


Julie said not yet.


To help her friend out Lisa asked if she ever masturbated to relieve the stress.


Although embarrassed a bit by the question. However, as really good friends it was a fair question of concern. Julie answered she really never had to and never did but that she may have to learn how soon if things don’t change.


Let me tell you it's great', and it comes naturally, and it should help reduce some of your frustration, Lisa added.


I have known you for a long time and I know you take your marriage seriously and won't mess around on your husband with another guy, but you would have to agree in times like this turning yourself on might be what you need especially since you are alone so much.

Julie asked her if she did, and she told her sure, there are times you just feel like it or don’t have a lover.  Is it Ok if I talk about it some.


Julie said it was.


So she went on to talk about some of her sessions of masturbation. She told Julie that really this is sometimes a must and it really isn’t cheating in any way, especially if you keep it simple, the only thing that touches you is really you.


Then she added, 'I know you buy great lingerie and you own at least a hundred pairs of those wonderful high heel shoes and boots that cost you an arm and a leg,  just like I do, and I know that you love to wear them and are fascinated by them? I'll even bet your husband likes them too?  Did you ever consider what he thinks about them?  Anyway, why do you buy them?'


Julie answered, 'I always thought they were so sexy and very erotic and they look and feel great on me'.


Lisa commented, I know for certain that you don't really think they made those sexy shoes and lingerie just for comfort?  We both know they spent years developing them so they would get us excited enough to buy them.  They can always make you feel good when your down and you look at them on in a mirror.  


OK back to your question, for me shoes can help to get me turned on.


Julie asked her to explain that, she really wanted to know more?


So Lisa said to her the best way to consider this is to try this one night yourself when you are home alone.  Which lately is a lot. When you go home give it a try.


When I’m horny I find that putting on hot cloths and a great pair of my sexiest shoes then looking at myself in a mirror and gently touching myself can get me started and on the way to a very pleasant and private orgasm.  I have been doing this for years.


If you take your time to prepare, try to look your best, and get your mindset for sex as if you were seducing Jim the end result can be great and you will feel great as well. Self enjoyment can be fun and let nature take its course once you start.

At that point they had both had a couple of drinks and were feeling a little loose and said there goodnights and they both headed home.  







Lisa met Julie at the local bar. They sat for a glass of wine.


Lisa had mentioned that occasionally she smoked a little grass.  She mentioned to Julie that every now and then she seemed to be in one of those moods where a little grass and a little focus on something else might prove to be a great break and a good idea.

Lisa asked if she wanted to try some tonight.


Julie thought about it a minute and had smoked in college but not since.  She remembered it being very relaxing once in a while and she thought that maybe she might try some self for stimulation.   Julie did want to try some, but another time, but Lisa gave her some to take home with her.

Julie got side tracked and really didn’t have time that night to smoke. She knew she had too much work to do tomorrow and needed to be crisp. Instead she decided that tomorrow was the day she was going to go shopping and buy herself a new dress and pair of shoes and try to get Jim to focus.

At lunch she took a couple of hours and did just that. At Bergdorf Goodman she found an incredible Proenza Schouler leather dress for $3,970 and fell in love with it and almost bought it on the spot.


But then she tried on the Oscar De Larenta top Jim liked these frilly girly tops in jeans. She also liked the girly look and bought the Lisa Perry cupcake dress for $1,595. They looked good on her with open toe shoes. She also bought the Herve Leger $750 scoop neck skirt and the open toe T strap shoes.



Now she needed closed shoes to go with each outfit. That was harder but she decided Jim loved boots on her so she would get a pair of over the knee boots. If that didn’t work she didn’t know what would work. So she bought them both. The Prada’s on the left were $1,400 and the Monolo’s on the right were $1,795. The cost was worth it to her if the ammunition worked.



After work Julie told Lisa about her shopping over coffee at the same café. Julie told her tonight she was going to try and see what happens.


So Julie headed home ate dinner, took a nice hot bath and changed into her new outfit. She went for hot and sassy and pulled on her pair of Jimmy Choo T strappy black high heel shoes for the occasion. She looked in the mirror and with her long straight hair she was very hot.  


Then she waited and waited for Jim to get home.





When he arrived he looked at her and told her how nice she looked in her new outfit as he headed for the kitchen. She tried to get him to focus on her and get an evening for the both of them. He was early today it was only 9:30.  


As she tried harder Jim was very nice and very polite and loved her outfit but said he was so tired maybe they could do something another day.


Julie was beside herself and asked him what was wrong with him didn’t he love her anymore and asked what the ---- is going on with you?


He said he loved her but was just too tired, he wouldn’t even argue. Then he headed off to sleep because he was heading to Chicago for a few days of business the next day and would not be back until late Saturday.


It was Wednesday; After he headed to bed she called Julie and told her about her disappointment and wanted to talk.


Julie told Lisa that it seemed she was right and that she was going to have to start taking care of herself because he clearly would not.  


Lisa said how sorry she was to hear that and told her it would get better just give it a little time.


Julie told her she didn’t really think it would get better. Clearly for the first time in her life she was going to have to turn herself on to get relief. She told Lisa she was going to try her ideas.


As they talked Julie told Lisa Jim was heading out of town for the rest of the week and asked Lisa if she wanted to come by Friday for dinner and DVDs. With Jim out of town they could enjoy a movie, a little talk, and perhaps a glass or two of wine, and maybe they could smoke that grass. Besides they both could show of their new outfits, the one Lisa was planning for her big date and the one Jim rejected her in.  


Lisa added, I would like to see you wear what he rejected and see what it looks like. That does sound strange that he ignored you.  


They agreed they would show each other their new outfits.


Julie told her to bring lots of your hottest shoes so we can see which looks best on you.








So it was very early Friday, about 5:00 and with lots of time to kill Julie poured them both a glass of wine and made dinner for the two of them. They ate and talked about their week and Julie kind of let the Jim conversation drift and she summed up her frustration and anger then decided to turn it off and just enjoy the company of her good friend as she opened the next bottle of wine and poured a glass.  


Julie told her she still had the grass and that it would be fun to smoke some grass and watch the DVD that Lisa had given her a few days ago that she had not watched to learn how girls play so she could do it to herself.  


So they rolled a joint and lit up. They both sat on the couch with their wine and watched the movie. It was a sweet little movie with novice Brea and Cody and they alone were very hot to look at and very inexperienced girls talking together with not much happening at first but a lot of talk. Julie was not surprised to see it evolved into a girl on girl movie. Lisa had told her don’t focus on the girls, think about what they are doing to get turned on. That is exactly what you can use.


As Julie watched learned a lot from them about how to excite herself.


Lisa asked her if she wanted to smoke some more grass and Julie told her maybe later.


Lisa commented that a little more grass might help her to get into the movie a bit more. So with two bottles of wine Lisa rolled another one and they continued to watch the movie.


Julie was surprised that she found the movie very gentle and soft and although she expected it to offend her it didn’t. Perhaps it was the grass that made things easier to take. However, she wasn’t interested in girls but tonight a little stoned she liked learning what they do and they were very sexy and pretty girls and something about it was just so intriguing. Seeing Brea and Cody on film was a real surprise these girls could get any one they wanted to they were hot and had great bodies.




After the DVD they continued to smoke a bit more and feeling really high Julie asked how Lisa did her personal gratification sessions.  Stating it might help to know what others do.  She admitted that she had not tried the other night that they talked about it.



At this point it seemed Lisa started talking in a more monotone voice.


Soon Lisa went back to once again describe how she did some of her own personal sessions and how and what Julie could do to go about trying it herself.


Lisa continued in an almost monotone voice telling Julie to let herself relax and look into her eyes and listen closely to every word I am only going to say this once.

Once she had her full attention again she would describe her solo sessions.


The monotone,,, Julie thought it was probably one of those things she did when she got high.  She never did that before, and reminded herself she had never smoked with her before either. So she ignored and found the monotone relaxing but it required more focus to listen closer.  At this point the only thing Julie could hear well was Lisa’s pleasant and relaxing monotone.


Lisa droned on to Julie about what to do, telling her to relax and that soon she would not be able to feel her body but she would hear her voice and she would remember every detail as she relaxed more and more.  After a while Lisa told Julie when she is fully relaxed she would give her a series of suggestions that she could use to guide her while she was alone for a while to help her enjoy her private moment to its fullest.


They were both sitting on a couch in the living room facing each other.  She heard Lisa’s voice drone on and on, it was so monotone. She was already getting so relaxed that she couldn’t move and seemed to be blanking in and out.


She tried to stay awake and found that she was so relaxed that she had to close her eyes.  She was frozen yet still could hear every word Lisa was saying.


Lisa continued – You are now so relaxed now but you can relax even more, so let your muscles continue to all come to rest, you are at the top of a stairway and as you go down with each step you will go deeper, and deeper, and you will become more and more relaxed.   Try as you may, you don’t want to move, it seems you cannot move.  You are so, so relaxed and you feel safe at home and you know that I am your best friend and you can follow my directions.


You are at peace with the world.  As you go deeper and deeper.   I will begin to count down it , from 10 to one and with each number you will take one more step down a stairway deeper and deeper as you become more and more relaxed. 10 as you head down deeper, 9 deeper, 8 deeper and relax more and more, more
and more, deeper and deeper and you will keep your eyes closed and clear your mind and all you can hear is my voice as you 7 relax more and more, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.


Down deep she felt so relaxed and thought to herself that this is her best friend, she was not alarmed, and she enjoyed being so relaxed and was at peace with the world.


Lisa said, You will remember everything and but if you agree with my suggestions you will be compelled to do everything once I wake you.


First you will excuse yourself and ask for a little time alone while I watch TV. At that time I will suggest “you look like you had a long day and probably could go freshen up”. You will go to your bedroom alone, close the door behind you, and prepare a nice hot bubble bath and prepare to go out for the evening to a great cocktail party”.


After your bath you will put on your sexiest perfume, black underwear and bra, then your makeup as if you are going for a great evening and you must look your absolute best.


Once you are done you will sit in from of your full length mirror in your walk in closet and relax more and more. No pantyhose for this evening, today you select your garter belt and sexy single leg nylons. As you slide your legs into them and you fasten the garter belt. Now you begin to see that you look great and you feel wonderful and start to wonder why you can’t get Jim’s attention.  


Now your mind will focus on every nerve in your body. As you sit you seem to be able to focus on every nerve in your body and you can feel yourself start to tingle almost everywhere but you enjoy it, and it feels pleasant.  You slip on the new designer dress and it feels great against your body.


Then you will slide on your over the knee Monolo’s and the leather feels great against your legs and feet. You look at yourself in the mirror and can’t believe it is you. You look incredible.

Lisa then slowly repeated herself re-enforcing telling her again she was giving her directions that she must follow
once she wakes her.  Once I wake you we will talk as if nothing happened for about two or three minutes and then at my suggestion you will feel unclean and will feel the need to go to your room and take a long hot bath after the long day.  You will excuse yourself and then close the door to your bedroom behind you and as you hear the door click, - you will then do these things I describe exactly as directed.   You will know you are alone and it is private, and you can do as you wish once you close the door you will not remember or be concerned that I am here or that I am watching TV.  

You will then feel the urge to clean up and you will want to play dress up to model yourself in the mirror.  Then take your hot bath, and you will feel very relaxed.  Then you will put on your sexiest makeup and select your most erotic lingerie.  You will then sit on the couch in your walk in closet in front of the full wall mirror surrounded by your racks of clothes and your hundreds of you pairs of shoes. You are going to put on the boots but you also gather 3 or 4 pairs of your most erotic shoes and set them on the bed and select the hottest most erotic pair of shoes in your collection to wear.

As Lisa continued in a monotone voice.  Julie was clearly deeply hypnotized and storing every one of Lisa’s hypnotic suggestions and directions in her mind as Lisa continued to prepare her. Lisa made certain that the suggestions she made stayed within Julies moral code so that she was more likely to enjoy them. If Julie were to choose go beyond that it would be on her own and up to her. Her goal was to just help her friend get started.



It was time Lisa woke her up and she went to her room to start her sequence of events.

First she excused herself, “I really need to freshen up after a long work day”. Lisa agreed that she took off work early and already had.   Julie went her bedroom and closed the door and prepared a nice hot bubble bath.


After her bath she put on her sexiest black underwear and bra. Then her then make up for a great evening to look her absolute best and of course the sexiest most erotic perfume.


She walked into her huge closet and laid on the couch in front of her full length wall mirror and decided no pantyhose for this evening, today you select your garter belt and sexy single leg black nylons to go with the boots. She slid her legs into the hose and fastened the garter belt. Then she slid on her over the knee Monolo’s and the leather feels great against your legs and feet. You look at yourself in the mirror and can’t believe it is you. You look incredible.


Now you begin to see that you look great and you feel wonderful and start to wonder what is his problem.    


Julie was still feeling the grass as she stood in front of the mirror her mind focused on every nerve in your body. She was stoned and could feel herself start to tingle almost everywhere but she enjoyed it, and it felt pleasant.  



Julie then slipped on the new designer dress and looked in the mirror. It looked radiant and felt great against her body.



As she stood in front of the mirror she could see her incredible beauty and she felt the urge and could not resist gliding her hands gently over the curves of her sensuous body.  


Even if she tried to stop she wouldn’t be able to because she knew this is exactly what needs to be done and she wasn’t going to do anything else until it was. She realized today was the day and it had been weeks since she let it come.


As her hands glided over her body she touched her breasts through the dress and the tips began to harden and she knew she wanted to continue.  


Being stoned she didn’t realize that her focus would be so strong on her body and the feelings of her own erotic contact. The urge grew in her as she sat on the couch in front of her full length mirror and slowed down and continued to take her time and look at herself, from her head to your heeled toes. She liked what she saw and was enjoying this break and it is beginning to feel really nice as continued to gently touch her soft skin.


She continued to touch herself as she felts the pressure begin to gently grow.  


As she gently caressed herself she became slowly more aroused.  As she sat on the couch in the mirror she could see herself and it was very new to her and very erotic.


She began to wish more and more that Jim was there so she could do something to relieve the sexual tension that was increasing from her caressing.  She became increasingly more sensitive as she continued in front of the mirror.  


Julie felt her sexual desire grow through as she glanced at her own curves, her own beautiful legs, and her own sexy feet in her most sexy Jimmy Choo Ts.  


Her frustrations were slowly turning into needs as her sexual desire slowly increased it seems as if her sexual moisture was starting to increase as well.  


Julie wished her husband were home, but he is not, and would not be. So she was resigned to that fact and continued to be relaxed, oh so relaxed, she realized that she was going to have to, and that she wanted to do something for herself. Even though it was so obvious she just didn’t want to rub herself to orgasm. She never had to do that to herself before.


She looked in the mirror to take a good look at herself.  


In the mirror she could see the curves of her foot in her boots and their soft sensuous leather caressing her toes and legs.  Being stoned she noticed the beautiful curves of her sexy feet, and the bumps in the leather created by her toes and their firm but deliberate movements beneath the leather.  She studied each little movement of her toes inside of the boot, she had never done that before and it
seemed strange.  She saw her foot and toes moving inside of the shoe.  The focus from the grass and her sexual arousal made these small movements seem so phallic. Her feet like a long thick penis surrounded by erotic soft and smooth black leather. Her toes pulsing as if they were inside some incredible and impossible vagina.




She thought wow am I stoned, it was interesting the things that she was thinking about stoned. It really was fun to get high once and a while.   Then she reflected her own foot sliding inside her own boot did look like a long thick shaft inserted deep into the hidden toe of her boot.  She really was horny. She looked at the boot next to her in the closet and down inside the toe box where she would insert her foot did look like the shape of a vaginal opening.  She picked up the shoe and stuck her finger down into the toe of the shoe. The leather felt so good and it was really soft.



She was getting so excited thinking about the phallic images that she could almost see a penis ready to penetrate and do what it has to relieve her.   I guess what the images were telling her was that in her mind she was really in need and was very, very horny.  


As she considered this decided to slow the mood. She changed into her Monolo boots. Then she reached for a strappy sandal and was looking at it. It was such a soft sensuous shoe with its wear lines on the inner sole. She was already aroused so when she looked at she found she was still aroused.  She had moved the shoe closer and didn’t know why but she began to kiss it.



She continued to think about what Lisa had said earlier about shoes being so erotic and sexy.   She was still thinking about her foot in the boot and thought about her husband’s penis entering her vagina and he was slowly pulsing in and out, in and out with the same rhythm of the movement of her toes in her boots.  She was kissing the toe of the shoe and starting to have a lot of fun and was getting very stimulated.  Yet she still had not touched herself to move forward.


She was enjoying this very strange yet pleasing fantasy.  As she considered what to do next she remembered Lisa’s earlier comment that after all masturbating is not cheating on her husband and it has been a long time, and Julie really was feeling very excited.  She was feeling really great and she concluded Lisa was right.

In the other room, Lisa heard that Julie was done with her bath and the movement of her in her closet. It was very early and Lisa knew that Julie had lots of time.  Jim was out of town. Then Lisa called to Julie, 'are you finished with your bath yet.


Julie answered, 'yes, I'll be done in a few minutes.






Without knocking, Lisa entered Julie's room and saw Julie in her closet on the couch kissing the shoe. Her fantastic body dressed to the nines.  Her hair and makeup looked radiant.  She noticed Julie's nipples were firm and erect through the dress.


Julie was definitely aroused.  Then Julie moved her legs and Lisa was able to see the most fantastic pair of boots she had seen in a long time.  Lisa was definitely impressed by her choices.


Julie had stopped kissing the shoe and noticed Lisa.

Lisa had changed clothes and was wearing the outfit she had planned for her upcoming date. She had the Faithful booties on and she looked better than she had ever seen her and it made Julie slightly tingle. She didn’t know why but those shoes made Lisa look almost intoxicating and she stared at her that way.

Lisa knew with Julie already aroused that probably had something to do with the way she was looking at her.  




Julie was staring at Lisa in a different way.


Julie then looked again at her body and down to her feet and tried to make Lisa aware of the hottest pair of designer high heeled boots she had ever bought.  As she moved in the mirror they looked just like a sensuous model would right out of Vogue.


They were a beautiful pair of black kidskin boots,  fantastic trim, and very pointed toes and stiletto heels her toes showed through the leather with gentle thin creases in the leather caressing her feet.  Julie's high arched instep was very sexy and could be seen clearly from the side of the high heel helping to further shape her already beautiful legs.


Julie said to Lisa, the shoes help to make me feel more erotic and exciting.   Do you like my high boots.  I don’t know why but I am so surprised that I find them so much more interesting and exciting than I ever have.  I am so turned on.


Lisa was a bit awkward, she didn't quite know how to respond. So she decided to respond with the truth. They are fantastic, where did you find them. They are the sexiest pair I have ever seen.


Then Julie added, we talked a lot but you didn’t tell me what to do next now that I am here and very excited.  I am hornier than ever but I guess I really didn’t want to do what my mind told me to do next yet.


So thinking quickly Lisa had a thought and she had the time.  Well since you are so relaxed I probably could explain it to you.  Then Lisa thinking about how to help her friend wanted to think of a way to help her without creating a problem or putting their friendship at risk. After all Julie was straight.


Lisa considered their joint passion for shoe shopping and shoes.   So she said, those shoes they seem so very soft and they are very sensuous, may I take a closer look at one of them?  As she reached out to touch the boot on one of Julie's sensuous legs and feet Julie said of course you can.


The boots are so soft and exciting,' Lisa added, 'I don’t know why but for some reason they are just calling for me to unzip one and slip one off and view the sensuous lines, they are so erotic.'


Julie was now sitting in the center of the couch with her legs stretched out in front of her.  Lisa sat on the side of the couch and reached out and touched one of Julie's high heeled boots.  Julie shivered with a strange excitement. No one had ever gently touched her legs and feet before.


Lisa could see the goose bumps rising on her smooth legs as she slowly unzipped and lowered the boot undressing her leg.  So she had a thought.  These shoes are great.     Lisa had an idea and Julie not understanding what it was didn’t care and was not concerned.


Lisa slowly massaged her leg and foot and slowly took the boot off of Julie's sensuous foot and let the aromas of her body and the warm leather saturated the room.  Lisa slid her hand inside of the boot and zipped it up over her arm. However she did so palm side up.  The boot held in place on Lisa's arm and gave the appearance that the shoe on Lisa’s arm was a dexterous leg.   With her other hand she continued to message Julie’s leg and foot and with the one on the boot on she also ran the leather of the boot across Julie’s skin. She could tell it felt good for her.


Lisa then made the decision to help her out a little more than she expected she touched Julie's sensitive skin with the very soft top leather of the shoe slightly gliding over skin.  With her hand palm side up inside of the shoe she could slowly and erotically control the message the shoe touching Julie's skin first just above the foot then she gently moved up a little massaging Julie's calves with the shoe still placed over her hand.


Julie jumped, a bit startled, Lisa responded, 'relax, I'm only trying to let you feel the tingles of the soft leather along your legs.  Lisa added, in a monotone voice 'Relax, and take a close look at your other foot with the shoe still on it you will find them erotic and you can smell the foot and leather odors saturating the room and it will remind you of a sexual encounter.'


Lisa slowly and erotically picked up one of Julie's other shoes she had nearby and modeled it as she handed it to her with the innersole side facing her face so that she could smell the smell of sexual excitement in the warm worn leather.  Julie didn’t know that Lisa knew that shoe odors of a well used shoe mimicked the smell of sexual intercourse and oral sex.  She found the smell pleasant and not terrible at all but for some reason she also found it exciting.  Then she handed it back to Julie to hold.


Lisa said, Let me put this sexy thigh high heeled black leather zippered boot back on you.   I think they look great.


Julie was still holding the shoe in her hand close to her face she was surprised she really enjoyed the fragrance.  


They were both getting very excited by this gentle shoe store play session and the smell, look, and erotic feel of sensuous well worn heels and boots surrounding them in the closet was really pleasant.

As Lisa slid them back on Julie she did so very gently and erotically knowing that it would excite Julie. As Julies feet entered the boot she was programmed and could not help but to repeat the thoughts of her foot being a phallic penis entering a vagina. It really got her juices flowing a bit more.

Lisa said to Julie, 'Don’t you just love the feel of these fantastic high heeled boots hugging your legs.' Julie already was enjoying them.


The thoughts were so exciting.  Julie could not help but get aroused even more as her friend continued to gently touch her booted leg and message her calves again.


The gentle smell of fine leather permeated the room.  She was surprised at just how horny she was because to her surprise her vagina felt like they were engorged in preparation for a sexual encounter.


All she could think about was how strange this situation was.  Julie felt like she was a young woman again at her first encounter and this time she found she was excited in a very strange situation as she prepared to masturbate with the smell of shoes all around her and her friend watching and messaging her legs.


Lisa began to move up and massage the back of Julie's thighs just above her boot Lisa. She had placed one of the two of Julies used shoes that were next to her over her hand, she knew not to touch Julie directly.  She selected the Sergio Rossi because it was softer and had a well cleaned up toe with no sharp edges.


The soft leather tickled as Lisa turned to Julie touched her thigh and said, ' I know how to do this, I have been doing this for years.  Julie, I am your friend, just let me teach you how.  Next time you will be able to do it for yourself.'



Julie didn’t want to stop her and didn’t stop her as Lisa gently pushed Julie back on the couch.  Julie agreed with the nod of her head, she was way to excited to stop her, this was fun.


With Julie laying down on the couch Lisa stayed sitting next to her to prevent Julie from getting to nervous about this unusual situation.   She continued to massage Julie and moved the sensuous high heel with her hand still inside the shoe up the side of her body. She could see the goose bumps rise, she was responding to the soft sensuous leather.

She moved the toe of the shoe with her hand inside onto one of her breasts where she slowly glided the soft leather on the excited peaks of Julie's breast.  The tips stood erect. She then put her other arm around Julies. She told her to balance herself as she glided the soft leather over her breasts. She didn’t seem to mind.


Julie began to gasp with exhilaration, wow, she told Lisa the soft leather feels great. I don’t know why I never considered doing this myself.


Lisa knew it would, she also knew without someone teaching her it was not likely she would have considered it herself. She had developed her experience earlier in life as she was in puberty her experiments had turned to unexpected orgasm.


Lisa also knew that regardless of who, the body when receptive would always respond to erotic stimulus. Certainly Julie was ready for it. She knew there was no way Julie in her current state could stop this wonderful activity now that it started.  


Julie clearly felt good, and so far she didn't even want to stop it and she made up her mind and decided to let her friend guide her more.


As Lisa continued to slowly, erotically, and gently excite Julie's breasts.  Lisa told Julie, 'Put the other high heel you’re holding closer to your face, look at the soft design lines. By now Julie had picked up a very sexy Jimmy Choo boot from the floor and placed it on the couch.



Lisa told her to glance inside the shoe and focus on the wear lines your foot has made in that incredible skin colored leather inner lining.  Doesn’t it look like a vagina? Can't you just picture your toes pulsing on the inner leather.  Look closer you can see the outline of your foot worn into the lining. Feel the soft leather and enjoy the aroma of the fabulous shoe, isn’t that aroma just like sex.'




Julie let her words sink in and let the fantasy flow.  It was so strange yet the aroma and feel of the leather to the touch was very pleasant and erotic.  


While Julie was focused on the depths of the boot only as a stoned person can do, Lisa gently moved the shoe with her hand inside of it from her breasts and began to massage her outer thighs, moving ever so slowly and gently from the outside to the inside of her thigh and back again.


Julie was enjoying the erotic pleasure she was feeling.  Lisa slowly stopped caressing her thigh and raised her dress a bit and touched the soft leather of the high heel along the soft bare skin of her stomach, just gently touching her until she had glided the shoe tip to just about on top of the pubic hairs above her vagina.


Here Lisa played for just a long moment with her soft pubic hairs. She didn’t move in but could have she noticed Julie had no panties on.


Then to prevent alarm Lisa stayed clear and moved the soft high heel leather gliding it over the smooth hair avoiding her vagina and moving ever so softly between her lower inner thigh and her stomach and just above her pubic area. Lisa could see it just sent electric waves through Julie.


Lisa clearly knew only a woman could touch another woman this gently and hold back. She also knew what she was doing was building excitement. She also knew to stop for a while. Let the tension build as she lifted Julie’s leg to her mouth as Julie watched she began to suckle the heel and then the boot on her other foot. It was very very exciting to watch. She sucked over the heel as if she was sucking on a penis. Julie clearly saw the phallic meaning and became even more excited.




Lisa slowly stopped caressing her boot and laid next to Julie and raised her dress again touching the soft leather of the high heel once again along the soft bare skin of her stomach, again she gently touched her until she had glided the shoe tip to just about on top of the pubic hairs above her vagina.  Here Lisa played for just a long moment with her soft pubic hairs.


Lisa then reached for the KY Sex Gel that she had placed next to her that she had brought with her and placed some warm gel on the top of the toe of the high heel shoe on her hand.  She knew if she touched her with her hand at this point it might still be too much for her, to direct. However, continuing to play with the shoe would need lubrication if she was to move forward.  Too much friction would be painful and not helpful at all.  


Then once again she placed her arm around Julie hugging her this time as she touched Julie's pubic hairs oh so softly again with the soft leather shoe top.  She avoided rubbing off the lubricant on the tip of the shoe.   She would soon need that.


Then slowly she moved the lubricated shoe slowly and gently closer to Julie's vagina lips. Julie was so aroused that she reached down and pushed her to make contact with her clitoris with the toe tip.

The gentle contact sent instant waves of pleasure through Julie’s body. Julie had never had an orgasm with anyone else but her husband.  But then she thought about how wonderful this was feeling and decided not to stop.   She rationalized that Lisa was really doing something for her teaching her how to masturbate, and with Lisa’s hand in the shoe she thought she isn’t really touching me.  She thought she could easily do this with a shoe when she was alone and it felt great and it was getting her so excited.


She had never considered how the creased wear lines of the lubricated high heel toe bumped like a ribbed condom over her clitoris.  She loved that during sex with her husband and now even more because Lisa knew how to please a woman because she was one. It was clear she knew what she was doing to her.

Julie knew she really couldn’t control herself much longer and she began to move her body and pulse with rhythm of Lisa’s hand moving the leather toe with a beat along her mound. Julie realized Lisa’s hand was inside of the boot and now felt the rest of Lisa’s hand in addition to the tip of the boot caressing her mound.

Lisa knew Julie was to far along to stop and being stoned she knew she could take a chance and move to the next step.  So she did.






In the heat of passion Lisa took her arm from around her and placed her hand on Julie’s neck and turned her head to her. Lisa was very beautiful and Julie looked deep into her eyes, and then Lisa kissed her ever so softly and deeply on the mouth.

Julie had never been kissed like that and never by a woman. She was so aroused by the pulsing of the shoe over her clit that she did what she never thought she would ever do, she responded to the kiss instantly and passionately returning it and not even considering what this meant.


Their tongues danced between their mouths.  They gently kissed each other’s lips.


During that time Lisa had changed and lubricated a perfect shoe for this event. The soft high heel slowly and steadily went back to pumping and pumping and gently the toe penetrated slowly but deeper into Julie's inflamed vagina like a penis while the creased surface continued to beat over her clitoris. Julie didn’t know that Lisa had cleaned up and sanded the rough edges of this shoe tip so when lubricated it would slide right inside with no rough edges and no friction when gel was used. The boxed tip acted just like a leather penis.


Julie was surprised by Lisa’s expertise and she had never considered this might be why Lisa loved shoes so much. She just really did love shoes. For Julie she was doing well and it must have been there with her passion for shoe shopping but just was not conscious yet.


Julie was to far to stop.  She wanted more as she grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled it closer to her and bounced harder against the shoe tip and lubricated it gently entered a couple of inches like a penis into her vagina.  


Lisa's kiss deepened as Julie's excitement was reaching a feverish pitch.  It was clear that Lisa had found the way and had succeeded to seduce Julie. It was clear that if she kept going Julie was going to have a grand orgasm and screw the shoe as she now hugged her and kissed her even deeper.


Lisa kept it going a little longer and hadn’t shifted gears yet. Julie’s seemed ready to advance from a clearly masturbating training session.  It won’t take her long to realize what really happened soon enough.   So while Julie was beginning to gyrate her hips harder as the sensuous well lubricated high heel pumping up and down inside her vagina.

Lisa pulsed the shoe over Julie’s clit in a gentle way that only another woman could understand and know. Julie by now realized that Lisa was in full control and was about to do her. Lisa had eased her way inside Julie with the shoe by a couple of inches and was laying down next to her as she did her with the shoe.  


Julie wasn’t even aware of it but the bed was beginning to bump and Julie's head was starting to spin with excitement and pleasure as the sensuous lubricated shoe slowly penetrated slightly deeper entering her vaginal lip by another inch or so.


Lisa slowly broke her kiss and whispered to Julie, ' See what I mean, this is wonderful.' then with one arm she opened her tie around dress and lowered her underwear that hid a surprise. Lisa raised the Jimmy Choo boot and placed Julies face inside it with her chin deep inside touching the inner heel, her nose touching the inner sole and her eyes able to look deep inside at the inside of the vaginal shoe. The leather wrapped gently over her cheeks.

Lisa told her to make love to the boot, kiss it lick it, love it, I don’t care if you never did that before do it now. Kiss the inner sole of the shoe as if you are making love.




Julie did as directed with passion and the fragrance was incredible.








While Julie was putting the shoe over her face. As Lisa continued Julie had not noticed that Lisa had slid up her skirt with her other hand and under it she wore no underwear and what Julie had no clue about was that Lisa had a firmly secure dildo belt on with the penis hidden between her legs and with her other hand she freed the firm 8” penis. Lisa used some lubrication and shifted positions as Lisa uninterrupted continued to erotically pulse Julie. As she did she silently straddled above and between Julies legs.


Julie felt like she was about to come as Lisa stopped pulsing the shoe in her vagina, moved the shoe and then gently touched Julie. Still unaware of Lisa’s strategy with her head buried inside the Jimmy Choo boot, slowly Lisa began to rise and move over and on top of Julie.  She was low enough on her body that she could kiss Julies breasts.  By laying lower she also knew she could not tell there was a dildo penis there or what she was about to do to her.  


Lisa could feel the excitement as she began to take Julie’s breast in her mouth.  She knew the moisture and the lubricant made her ready and that she could gently and easily penetrate the pink inner flesh.  She was on top of Julie and her body laid in between her legs with the hidden penis against the bed.  Lisa knew that Julie was still so excited that she didn’t have a clue what she was about to do.


As Lisa was low on Julie’s body kissing her breasts Julie.  Julie began to pull Lisa up to kiss her. As she did Lisa moved her hand and grabbed her penis and as Julie pulled her up and began to kiss her. Lisa eased the dildo gently into Julie’s vagina. At first it was very similar to the shoe tip and Lisa knew she was in the right place and as Julie continued to hump she naturally pulled the dildo deeper into her.


Lisa now inserted the dildo into Julies well lubricated vagina all the way and she began to kiss Julie passionately again as she pumped her and was now really fucking her with a passion Julie had never felt before.


At first Julie thought it was the shoe and began to respond again. Then she realized it was a penis and she was being unexpectedly fucked by Lisa and decided to go with it. She thought oh my god I must I am not resisting I must be into girls.





It was almost there and Julie was so excited and she did not resist as Lisa continued to penetrate her and pulsed deep inside of her.


Lisa had already removed the shoe from her face and was kissing Julie passionately as her dildo rode in and out deeper inside of her.

Julie felt excited like it was her first orgasm all over again.  It was incredible, only this time she was being turned on by her best friend.  Lisa was about fuck her and she loved the touch the feel of the dildo moving inside of her and she gave herself totally to her. She never knew a woman could be just like a man and yet so much more gentle.





She was horny and finally being fucked. In her passion she kissed Lisa while they both sucked in and licked the tip of the shoe with her own juices on the shoe.   How wonderful and surprising it was to have a gorgeous woman who was her best friend guide her, and she was enjoying every minute of it as she realized just how horny she had become.

Julie than whispered, ' this is incredible, I love this don't stop,' as Julie arched up and down her body continuing to respond to the approaching orgasm.  Julie was putting all the inflamed desire she had fucking Lisa as it penetrated in and out, deeper and deeper.


Julie could not pull away, her orgasm and passion were so close and had taken control of all of her sexual desire.  Julie squeezed and hugged Lisa tighter.


They laid together and their breasts were now touching, each nipple making the others nipple even harder sending even more electricity through their bodies.


Lisa was so soft, so smooth and their skin touching felt really pleasant.  Things got hotter as their tongues continued to clash in a hot dance of passion and lust.

Julie was surprised and lost track for a moment and tried to stop when she regained focus and realized she was being screwed by a woman and not her husband.  She was now penetrated very deeply by a woman making love to her passionately and she was no longer masturbating.  Her friend kept pulsing and raising her body and the penis moved in and out tirelessly.  She gave in to it, she wanted to explode she was to far along and couldn’t stop.


Lisa on top of her pushed her back, Julie could not resist she was overcome by sheer desire and lust.  She began to arch upward as the arousal from the dildo pumping in and out of her was becoming to much for her.  As she touched Lisa’s skin she wrapped her arms around her waist and drew her closer to her.  She was soft and incredible.  She then wrapped her hands around Lisa’s rear end and pulled her closer and even harder and faster.


They were both caught up with a lust that is hard to explain.  Julie was kissing her beautiful friend Lisa as if the passion had sucked the air right out of her lungs.  Julie began to sweat heavily as Lisa pumped deeper and harder but oh so gently and oh so deeply, as a woman she knew what it felt like and Julie could tell and it was incredible.


Lisa’s penis was going in and out of her with the rhythm of a clock.  Julie was beginning to feel the pulsation of
an incredible orgasm overtaking every inch of her sensuous body.  She could not resist as the orgasm continued and continued.  She could not remember being so deep in passion.  Her orgasm took control of her supple body and so did Lisa’s responding body and orgasm.  They both pulsated to the shock waves of passion as an orgasm overtook both of them.  As her orgasm peaked she realized she was falling in love with Lisa.   Julie had never kissed a woman before it was so soft, tender, and sensuous.


They then laid back in each other’s arms and rested a while. As they were talking Lisa showed Julie the new shoes on her feet as they continued to lay in bed.  They were red Monolo high heeled leather shoes.




Julie described how she had bought them in Paris and they were worn by a vibrant and exotic fashion model on the runway.  Did you ever think this could happen?


Julie said, probably not.  This would have never occurred if you had just tried to straight out seduce me.   After the orgasm they did something Jim had rarely done, he fell asleep. They didn’t and as they hugged and kissed the flames of passion were still smoldering as they laid in bed and fondled each other.

Julie was still surprised and asked Lisa, ' Why did you do that.'


Lisa responded, because I have always wanted you. I have loved you for years, you are my secret date I want you and I want to be with you and I was willing to do anything for you.


Julie then said “Lisa you have always been a friend but know you are so much more I think I am in love with you.











‘Were not done yet, --- 'Julie, kiss my feet and shoes - NOW.'


Julie responded, 'No way,' then looked and saw the toes sensuously touching the inside of the red shoes and the post hypnotic suggestion took hold again.  Julie then said, your feet are so erotic in those shoes, I can see the full outline of your foot and each toe, I what did you do to me, I never had a fetish before?


Now you know why I have always been interested in other women's shoes, they are so sexy, erotic, and exciting and many stylish women’s feet are hot, hot, hot. .' Lisa added.  They certainly turned out to be a great way to begin something you might have never done, especially with another woman.


Then driven by extreme desire, Julie had to reach down and touch Lisa's erotic red high heels on her feet.  Driven by lust she turned over and laid upside down and began to kiss the shoes, nibbling and kissing Lisa's foot and sucking her toes through the leather.  


Julie could not resist Lisa even though her feet were still inside her shoes she kissed the curves of her foot.  As she did the flames began to rise as she responded to Lisa’s subliminal demand for obedience.  It was gentle and non commanding, but there none the less, Julie could not resist as she moved up and down Lisa’s shoe with increased passion she kissed and fondled her feet and shoes.  The red polish was enticing. It was definitely the beginning of an intense new awakening and a new level to their friendship.


Lisa knew it had worked she was able to gently control her best friend and if she did it right she knew she could seal in Julie forever with her next move.  At this point Julie had changed shoes which Lisa had requested to Chanel pointed black T straps with open sides.  




As Julie suckled the big toe of Lisa foot and kiss the shoe, Lisa slowly slid one of Julie’s legs apart, she did not resist. Lisa went down to her feet and started to fondle and kiss Julie’s feet licking the open sides of her foot in the shoe.


Lisa gently unstrapped the right shoe and slid it off and lubricated the tip with a lot of KY gel. Then she leaned over and began to kiss and nibble at Julie’s clitoris oh so gently. At the same time she brought the top of the shoe around from the rear and sucked the tip of the shoe while at the same time kissing Julies Clit.


As soon as she kissed her clit, Julie sucked her big toe deep into her mouth as if it was a penis and she was sucking on it in rhythm to Lisa’s oral movements on her clitoris.  She could feel Lisa’s tongue and the top of the shoe gliding over her very sensitive vagina lips. When the shoe met Lisa’s lips they both touched her clit and it was like a double whammy.   No words can describe this but Julie felt it as nothing short of incredible. (I have done this to many women and it is incredible and it works and has made me an Oral sex star.)  


Julie now passionately deep kissing Lisa’s foot and shoe continued to suck her big toe as her flames rose again and her clitoris and body were once again on fire. Julie had never before even considered doing what she was about to do before today.


Julie knew what she wanted to do next and she proceeded to do it.  She moved up from Lisa’s shoe and slid the dildo and belt aside and put her mouth right into Lisa's vagina and clitoris and sucked on it as the tiny penis that it was with the same rhythm as Lisa was doing to her.  They were both in a sixty-nine position as Julie started to pulse harder on Lisa's clitoris and penetrating her vagina with her tongue.   Julie's tongue lightly moving on and off of Lisa's hot
button of desire.  Her tongue gently bouncing in and out of Lisa's vagina.


Lisa screamed yes, yes, yes you are mine forever don’t stop.


As Lisa began to arch up and respond by humping to Julie's oral sex, they both became more passionate.  Lisa had

One more surprise she turned the shoe sideways and as she gave Julie oral sex she slid the shoe in and out give Julie incredible oral sex. Lisa pulsed and Julie pulsed back on the shoe as it penetrated Julie almost to the top of the toe box of the shoe and as Lisa continued gently in and out of her vagina she now had her for another double whammy. The pointed toe and the very smooth lubricated leather had all sharp edges removed and smoothed so the lubricated shoe acted just like a dildo. With the shoe turned sideways it fit the vertical slit of her vagina perfectly and was very easy to lubricate and move into her depths.


Lisa had accomplished her final goal, sex without a man’s penis. None at all, it was Julie making incredible passionate love to Lisa and this woman’ own, very cleaned, but very used sexy and exotic Chanel high heeled designed shoe. It took her the last step toward her not needing a man for anything, not even a replica penis.




She is trying to resist but can’t – they really turn her on. She has a true shoe fetish she learned she can clean them up, smooth sharp edges, and easily lubricate and do them.  The better the leather, the better the design she knows the better the shoe sex.


They both began to orgasm together this time with an un controllable passion as they kissed and screwed each other. They both gave in to the desire and passion arching and bouncing to the rhythm of a now second constant orgasm. They were both hopelessly in love with their new found shared erotic pleasure.

As they were both cooling down they continued to fondle and kiss each other. They both agreed that that was a very kinky encounter but that those shoes were really hot and a great igniter.  Their new love, long time friendship, and passion for buying erotic shoes were by far the most exciting addition they had ever found and their lives would now
take on a whole new meaning.   The fetish made it more erotic.   It definitely was superior to just simple sex.

Later as they continued to experiment they discovered the smooth pointed shoe tips and dildos stayed hard long after a man’s penis deflated.  They could keep going again and again and they both knew they could figure out new and creative ways to use them both that would turn each other on.

As they both went to sleep, they agreed this would have to go on and that they couldn't wait to do this again. They both held each other and shared their love for each other.  Lisa gave Julie a very deep kiss goodnight and they fell asleep.

Within a few weeks Julie started her divorce from Jim. When they separated Lisa moved in. Although Julie had left her husband for Lisa they did not tell Jim they were in love or were lovers until well after the divorce. Julie told Lisa about her interest in trying a lesbian encounter but never had the courage to mention it or try it with her because she was not sure she was into women or wanted to try it.  She never even considered that Lisa, her good friend, would turn out to be her perfect size and fit.



Black leather kidskin zippered high heel Jimmy Choo boots – hot, hot, hot and clearly a two way shoe fetish, -- Look it’s a boot, no it could also really look like a nice long black dildo, so kiss it and suck it. Or it can open up to release a great fetish smell of leather that replicates oral sex and you can bury your face deep inside and surround your cheeks with leather. Then let go and make love to the inner sole. Or if you’re a guy you can put your head in one and for the other you can stick a well lubricated head deep down inside and lay on top of it on a bed and ride it for a feel that surrounds you in gentle leather and fucks like a woman. For real, try it.  

























Foot fetishism & shoe retifism


Confusing but consider this; Freud thought the foot had phallic implications with a shape like a penis, and women’s shoes with their vaginal yanni opening and many times flesh tone lining were like vaginas, so even the simple slipping on an erotic shoe was now a psycho-sexual penetration event.


This symbolism has intensified from the 1800s although it is not to difficult understand why this phenomenon has become so entwined in modern shoe design.   Designer fashions have clearly leaned heavily on these subtle phallic nuances to convey hidden messages and it has worked.


Fashion historians described the erotic principle applied when body coverings which partially concealed body parts that were phallic could in themselves become objects of affection.   Foot coverings and many women’s shoes lend themselves nicely to this type of masquerade, so many can easily appear as a well designed phallic penis. Traditionally women’s footwear was designed for men’s' pleasure. Early on the adoption of the boot which laced to the mid calf was done to meet a moral code of the day and detract from sexual desire.  


Boots were now made fabric or the very erotic kid leather. Of course this had the opposite effect and rather than detract from impure thoughts it now was becoming the focus of both men’s' and women’s sexual fantasy. The idea of long legs has an appeal to both sexes. An enhanced body contour, g and foot now stiffly made and encased in leather has considerable allure and attractiveness. The thought of putting them on and more importantly taking them off, is for some people quite overpowering.


Shoes started to take on more and more sexual interest first by emphasizing the contours of the leg through the increased use of high heels and secondly the shoes becoming increasingly feminine and therefore more erotic and tempting.


Many more retifists (shoe fetishists), both male and female, developed and became aware of their attraction to women's shoes when, as young children, they innocently witness their sisters and other female members of the family, dressing.   When you think it is after all perfectly natural to have countless fittings before special occasions such school balls and weddings. The female preparation in these circumstances in modern times became far more complex and intimate than their male counterparts as women’s shoe shopping trends grew to be called shoe fetishes. These sessions would hold strong erotic attraction for the sensitive male counterpart who enjoyed the shopping zeal with more open sexuality added. A few females were also beginning to join the ranks as well.


Shoes are, of course, the piece de resistance are very appreciated at the end of the fitting sessions when viewed with accessory clothing adding magic to the suspense of what was beneath. Terms like feeling sexy, appearing attractive to others, and exuding power in stature are popular reasons for the growth of the shoe shopping habit. Some love the sound high heeled shoes make and others revel in the different materials they are made from.   Most wearers insist it is the design of the style which draws them to women's shoes and not the idea of the shoe as a sex toy.

The foot is the most common and persistent phallic symbol of the human anatomy. Fetishism is said to work for many with a mild fetish by enhancing the sexual encounter and for some it can replace the human partner to various greater degrees. Of all the forms of erotic symbolism the most frequent is that which idolises the foot and the shoe. Many foot and shoe fetishists, hetero, homo and bisexuals integrate their preference for feet and shoes into their stable and also their less intimate relations. Indeed all relationships often involve some varying degree of fetishistic and non fetishistic extracurricular behaviours.