Shoe Fetish Sex
Being written - 
under construction- Is it fantasy or is it the real core of this fetish for many?
The core story is below  other items
Does this fetish embarrass you  
How can anyone understand this fetish very well that does not have a shoe fetish or has not tried it?  No surprise if you have a shoe fetish and yes if you are also a for real researcher.  The shoes on these pages represent the types of shoes that drive the focus of this fetish group.  You may have other preferences but these are mostly mine and my contributors. 
Here we try to do what the researchers can't.  Make passionate love to shoes.

A real view of our fetish from our view not someone outside of it who has no clue.

I could not get the Lucky Boots to work so I bought these brown suede boots on EBAY for $20 with picture of the wearer.  HOT!!!
What is the point of open toe shoes?  I sent you pictures of the shoes on the left because something incredible happened.  When I was having sex with them not only was I loving the left shoe with my face buried in it my penis pushed trough the toe and it massaged me and I could not help but explode very fast.  

Thanks Saven H.  
For this fantasy I selected a shoe that is available to many.  An affordable Brand women's slip on open toe shoe.  Sells on places like EBAY and it's 
inexpensive.  This one is very used which for many is needed for shoe fetish excitement.  Now we need to move to the story on what might be the basis for some men wanting to penetrate this fairly erotic shoe.  

Sadly. I bought this shoe for the story but it became an example of a shoe that just doesn't work well.  The inner sole looks Nice but lacks the texture needed for my fetish even with silicone lube. So, off it will go to Goodwill.

Do women know men want to fuck them & their shoes?  Many men love shoes but don't know they can fuck them?  Here is where you can learn shoe love.
Thanks for this site. I read an article by a researcher online that needs some  correcting.

Why tie a shoe over your face? They said for the smell, no, that may be part of it but in my view there is more so I can make love, kiss and fondle the inner sole without holding the shoe or boot.  Smelling a shoe is child's play, actually loving and fucking a shoe is for the shoe fetishist. 
-----  sent by Annon