I LOVE SHOES I mean I  REALLY love shoes a Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish Life Style Choice
With the correct shoe for you there may be nothing in the world that feels as incredible as a well broken in shoe or boot that you find erotic and exciting.
WARNING----- A simple truth:  Most women just do not understand that you want to fuck their shoes as much as you want to fuck them. 

I strongly suggest you discuss your passion,  move slowly and with caution if your partner is important to you.

You can do both if she is open minded but if you go too strong it's curtains baby.  She can never really  understand that doing the right  shoe at times can feel better than intercourse.

If this site encouraged you to try shoes, let us know the results?  We will keep it confidential! 
Actually I did try used women's shoes and I'm kind of new at this but I followed the advice to try high quality shoes & boots.  I always liked the looks of nice looking women in shoes & boots but these pages taught me what to do with them.  The basics was easy it was just advanced self play and manipulation but experimenting with the more advanced practices turned out to be an easy and an amazing next step and discovery.  My problem now is simple, no more masturbating, now I want to climb on top and fuck shoes and make love to them.  I  experiment with so many different options of used women's shoes all the time now, thanks to EBAY.  Even though I run out of steam after a few goes I still try to keep having sex with them.  No I am not life dominated by shoes, or am I?  When I see women wearing great sexy shoes I like I tingle.  I don't have a shoe play partner but maybe someday. I'm younger and have time. 

Anonymous- also not ready to be public
Everything on this web site fits me.  

There are a lot of topics covered in this web site that look a lot like me.  It was comforting finding that so many people had the same fetish I have.  But on a different topic as I have had my fetish for now several decades I find my passion for shoes has grown.  I agree with these pages I am firmly bisexual, shoe and boots and my partner.  As the years go by I find I may be leaning even more toward shoes as my collection has grown.  I walk in the closet and see her shoes and my collection and I start to tingle and get excited.  Sometimes I can’t even walk through a shoe store with my partner without getting a bit firm.


For the first few years I was very embarrassed by my shoe fetish and yes like others felt there was something wrong with it and me until it dawned on me that something that is this much fun and feels incredible can’t be bad.  Like discussed my fetish did turn from just getting off to love.  Yes I agree it is weird to find I am making love to a shoe or boot but that’s a fact.  There was a person who said they would marry anyone and if you loved a shoe he would marry you to the shoe.  That was fine but my collection now has many well worn women’s shoes, would I actually marry a shoe or all of them together?  After a while I loved this shoe so much I self married a loafer and found myself having sex with it more than the others.  Now I need and want them all. 

I know this is weird but my actual passion for shoes has far exceeded anything I would ever imagine.  I almost never masturbate with them and almost always fully make love to them.  What does that mean?  This site describes it well, I kiss and fondle one while getting hot enough to climb on the other.  As it says no hands, I climb on top and am penetrating and actually having sex with the shoe or boot.  When I finally hit that level in my fetish it was over for me, the end game was clearly women’s shoes and boots nothing else would do.  When the site suggested silicone lube I tried that too and now agree there is nothing better than this fetish. 

What about my partner?  She accepts my fetish but I always make certain she goes well first.  Until she does orgasm the shoes must wait she is still very important to me but in reality in my head I can’t wait. But will, I want the shoes.

This site did one more thing.  Once marijuana became legal and I read the notes here on this fetish stoned.  It took a very long time for me but I read it a few times over a couple of years and then decided to try it.  Let me just say it plain and clear my fetish passion climbed sky high.  Doing women’s sexy shoes and boots stoned was more than amazing.  I had never felt anything so incredible.  If you never had a fetish finding the perfect kind and type of shoes for you maybe it's time you did.  Following this sites suggestion I went to EBAY which has provided to me many women’s used designer shoes and boots.  

Some won’t try shoes because they think it is maybe dirty or weird or have been around women who don't take care of this sexy area.  In my view your missing a lot but for some it may just be harder to try, but if you do try a few times and find what’s right for you I know it will be amazing.  To this day nothing compares to the joy I find doing well worn women’s shoes, nothing.

signed anonymous - not ready to be public