Shoe & Boot Fetish
I tried to resist but found I could not.  Regardless it 
was incredible.

I'm sitting at my computer and looking at women's used designer shoes on EBAY.  I'm already feeling it and know it won't be long until I'm in a shoe or a boot.

Ebay has ended the temptation  to steal shoes.


Yesterday online I just told someone they had nice shoes and some troll came after me as a weird creep.  Having accepted my fetish my response was quick.  I responded she is very nice looking and her shoes are very sexy and I asked don't you really think so.  Crickets!!!

Once you accept your fetish and who you are you don't need to be embarrassed  because you like a woman's hot shoes.
New to my collection, but so much better than you might expect.  Don't ignore dance shoes most have her great footprints.... look at them they have great foot imprints.

If you like her feet than you are just going to love her shoes.

Go to EBAY and find your most exciting choice and buy them and do them often.
If you have not tried a shoe or boot,,,,, why not? 

It’s an interesting fetish that was at first strange to me.

As I matured I found I enjoyed seeing women and their shoes. I like looking at them and their shoes.  I found I tended to date women who wore nice looking and wore better shoes.  One woman I dated had nice shoes and after dating a while when we were parked and unplanned by either of us she moved her legs and shoes into my lap.  When she realized I was getting excited she decided not to stop.  Not really thinking about it, it was the catalyst to a life together.

When I walk into our closet I find my excitement to be incredible as I looked at her well worn shoes.  My confusion is what am I doing?  I found her shoes were getting me excited.  However, I was guilty about it because I loved having sex with her but the shoes were so hot I couldn’t resist.  Like many here I loved the smell and feel and began making love to the shoes wondering what am I doing?  Here I was having sex with a shoe and kissing and fondling the other.  The inner lining marking her for was so hot I could not stop.  

When I finished I wondered what did I just do?  I just fucked a shoe and loved every minute.  This site has helped me to better enjoy and embrace my shoe fetish.  Now when the opportunity arises, and so do I, I find I can make love with her now 100 or so shoes with extreme passion and joy.  As you mention, there is nothing like sex and love making with shoes, especially with the right shoes or boots.  

No I have not tried marijuana with shoe sex.  I’m afraid of what that might do to increase my in control fetish.  But, one day I suspect I may try it.  Sometimes when I do a shoe I look at them after and it dawns on me and I realize I just had made passionate love to a shoe or boot and enjoyed it as much as sex with my partner.  At times that can be very strange and in some ways I wonder how the hell did this strange love affair happen?

Thanks - Anthony Anon

The first time I did a shoe it was a really good orgasm but I thought I was just masturbating and it felt nice but strange because I just did a shoe.  It took a while to realize that I enjoyed doing these now carefully and specially selected used women's shoes.  BUT, I still thought it was very odd and I didn't know what to think.  I was embarrassed and secretive, after all I was having sex with shoes. What I did know very quickly was it felt really nice so I kept doing it.  I also needed to really think this out because I started to really enjoy this odd pleasure.  Today I agree with these pages that shoes and women feet are now a full blown fetish I would, perhaps could never end.  I'm in almost total love with my now larger and incredible used women's shoe collection and enjoy them often.  I never realized when I started that this would become a driven passion for the rest of my life and one that it could, no would, become a real love, one that I would never stop.  I don't know how but It did, it's become the greatest passion of my life.  If you have never thought of this I can share with you that the feeling is incredible so if you think they are sexy, JUST DO IT..... if you do this will be with you forever.

Ronnie J