Jimmy Choo Shoe & Boot fetish  
As an older person with a shoe fetish I find my shoe fetish has enhanced the drive and desire for sex well into my senior years.   

This drive of course leads to shoe sex but also leads to as many encounters with my partner who is very happy about sex in later years twice a week when out age group average it maybe, twice a month.  

I might also find a day or two to just play with my shoe collection.  I consider this a joy that has kept me younger at heart.

Best to you all for a greater sex life.

If the shoe fits - try it on!!

Climb on top and get inside.

Then you may learn and finally  know what you are missing.
Why Jimmy Choo Boots?

Soft incredible kid skin leather.

Shows wear lines masterfully.

Inner lining of well used boots are soft smooth leather and many have toes wear bumps.

Zipper is on most for easy access after folding down.

Just the look alone is highly erotic and sexual.  On or off these can drive you to a tremendous
hard on.

Various heel heightcan be found that add a very sensuous
and sexy look to the wearers foot.

Simply put they are all around "HOT"  on or off these make for a great sexual encounter.

Off with a little silicone lube you can get inside and slide to the toe until you just simply explode.

If you are a researcher of this fetish and have not tried it yourself you just simply have no clue what you are writing or  

This fetish because it is so closely related to vaginal penetration can not be compared to other fetishes' no matter how much you write or try to explain you can not understand until you try a few shoes 

A shoe fetish is an incredible electric charge that adds tremendously to your or any  orgasm.  

Try it once and it will be fun, try it a few times and you will have an exciting fetish for life and you will always want to make it with shoes.