Women's Used Dance Shoe & Boot Fetish
This Study is not exactly accurate being done by a woman without a shoe fetish.  

The problem with any study is if the analyst does not understand what the fetish does for a person it is a challenge to accurately portray what they think they are seeing or what they think it does.  

A shoe fetish is a whole body and mind experience that sexually takes over every part of the mind.  Once a person develops a shoe fetish they can't help but fall in love with the shoes of their fetish choice.  If a partner slips on or wears a sexy shoe with a fetishist that they will have a most incredible sexual experience with the fetishist eventually needing to fuck her shoes and it will be incredible.      
Shoe fetish is one of the most secret of all sexual desires.  Millions have this fetish but very few will talk about it.  Try searching for data to try to understand how normal your fetish "MAY BE" is a serious challenge.  To find enough research to explain your passion on places like google?  Very little.... and difficult.  
An EBAY woman's  dance shoe,,, it's a true surprise & 
FAR better than you 
might think.
It,  in my view it's a mistake to overlook well worn used dance shoes

Sex Lab University Texas

Sexual Paraphilias



According to the DSM-IV, fetishism involves “recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving the use of nonliving objects” as sexual stimuli (American Psychiatric Association, 1994). Most fetishists are male and nearly one in four are homosexual. Common fetish items include shoes and lingerie and common materials include rubber and leather. Fetishists become aroused by stealing the object, viewing the object, or masturbating with the object. Most fetishists are aroused by a number of different objects. The etiology of fetishism is not known. Two reported cases of fetishism have been associated with abnormalities in the temporal lobe. In one case the patient had temporal lobe epilepsy and in the other the fetish behavior was linked to the development of a temporal lobe tumor (Wise, 1985). Some evidence suggests that fetishism may be a learned behavior that results when a normal sexual stimulus is paired with the fetish item. Seven heterosexual males free from any prior fetish were repeatedly shown erotic stimuli paired with a slide of a black knee-length women’s boot. When the slide of the boot was later shown alone, five of the seven men demonstrated penile erection, indicating that a boot fetish had been conditioned. The conditioned fetish was shown to generalize to other types of shoes in three of the men. That is, the men also became aroused when shown a slide of a high-healed black boot and a low-healed black shoe. They did not become aroused to a slide of a short brown boot, a brown string sandal, or a golden sandal, suggesting that the fetish only generalized to similar types of shoes (Rachman & Hodgson, 1968). A similar study was conducted in women to determine whether women could also be conditioned to become sexually aroused to a stimulus. Subjects were randomly assigned to repeatedly view an erotic film paired with a light stimulus versus an erotic film alone. No significant differences where found in physiological sexual arousal between the experimental and control groups when a light stimulus was later presented alone (Letourneau & O’Donohue, 1997). Meston and Rachman (1994) tried to condition sexual arousal to the sound of a male’s voice. Even after repeated pairings of erotic video clips and the male’s voice, later presentation of the male’s voice alone did not produce sexual arousal. This suggests that sexual arousal is not readily classically conditioned in women and may explain why, like other paraphilias, fetishism occurs almost exclusively in men.


An important difference we have shown and noted that yes some open minded women can develop and orgasm to shoes and boots.  But true, it's not that common and their passion and  like men learning what to do may take much longer.  Many find shoe orgasms happen be experiments.  Even if it is their first orgasm it isn't instant.  They need to stumble into how to fuck a sexy hot shoe.  Unless they read a site like this they won't know.  For me I loved shoes but had no clue what an orgasm was.  I loved smelling shoes and tying them over my face and through this mild shoe play one day I tied one on my member and several days later I exploded in it.  I never stopped.

The most important understanding here is that most men can develop a shoe fetish if they are so inclined.  Many who like what they saw and took it to the shoes & boots were able to do so.  It's a mater of choice.  The problem with research is they show a picture rather than signing off on liability with those who are willing and then giving them a picture of a very pretty woman along with giving the men a few pairs of sexy used shoes they are wearing.  Being alone with both in my view if open minded people are studied may totally change the dynamic and results of their study.   

It's simple science; if it looks good, and it is sexy, you can put it in and see what happens and if it works a fetish is born after a few orgasms.  Why?  Because it simply feels incredible with the right shoe or boot. 
William Rossi in his book "Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe"  Describes the shoe fetishist as making love to shoes in the many ways a man makes love to another.  

Although it is an old book and not very straight forward when I read it in maybe the 1980's it convinced me that my fetish was huge and many shared this passion.  When they said women didn't share this passion it was true for many but over the years I found it was not true for all.  From that point on I realized my fetish was incredible and I adapted to it as normal.  I concluded, even today, that the psychologists had little to no clue what they were talking about.  I've had and shared this web page for years and do so because I wanted the researchers and others with this fetish to begn to face and accept their fetish.

We hope you will keep sending us your comments and thoughts.  As for researchers I would love to have your updated and modified views.