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If you are a researcher and have never tried a shoe you actually are not a researcher at all but a person writing half truths about shoe fetishes based on false and incomplete theories of others.  A shoe fetish is separate from all of the other fetishes you write about. 
SHOES & BOOTS ---- It takes a special shoe to get anyone including the shoe fetishist excited.  Most shoes & boots are sadly not even close to eliciting any sexual response.  Functional yes but sexy not even close.  Hot, Sexy, fetish shoes for many are fairly scarce. 
A Google Search of

All I Need Is Shoe:

On average, both fetish and nonfetish sexual activity were rated as sexually satisfying, although fetish sex was rated as more satisfying.

WHY?  Because the inside of the correct well worn shoe for you has more sexual power than, yes, anything,  Really!!  

Try it and you will find out for yourself.  Experiment until you find the right type of shoe or boot for you.   
Today my partner says go smoke & play with shoes.  Incredible!!! No words can explain how great this is. 

Leo N
And some even find the shoes themselves erotic and stimulating. They see erotic zones in each of the parts of the shoe, rather than just a shoe or the actual materials. The heel is erotic, the sole is erotic, and the point of the toe is erotic.  
So you love shoes!!!  "Don't ever steal them" that is a crime with time. 
Go to EBAY, garage sales, or resale shops but never consider an assault by  taking them off of a woman you don't know. 


Is wearing women's pumps transgender ?  After sharing notes with several transgender men my answer is it probably is for some if it makes you feel so! With of course the added benefit you get to have fetish sex with your shoes and boots.

I'm OK with that, are you?
I had to write to let you know that my shoe fetish and my love for shoes is more intense than I have ever known.  

As you discuss In these pages, yes it's strange, and I'm not sure how it is, I actually have evolved to falling in love and making real and intense love to shoes and boots.  Not all shoes but the ones I find erotic and sexy.  

Our minds work in strange ways but the feeling of love and passion I get from a sexy pair of well worn women's shoes or boots is beyond anything I have ever known.  I know they are just shoes but yet?  They are so much more: Incredible!

I am so happy to see I am not alone.

Thanks - Jerry

Some think they are smelly BUT if you have ever had oral sex you know that it is closer than you might think.  Enjoy this incredible foreplay to shoe sex.

Very worn yes I love them, BUT, dirty shoes? Not for me--- but if it's for you
 "Go For It"

I clearly would do hers,,,, she might be fun as well?
FOR SOME OF US even as time goes  on we can't resist a good shoe fuck but I have to admit even over many years I still think wow this is a very strange fetish what am I doing?  However, as soon as I pick up a sexy pair of well worn shoes I know I can't stop and can't help but bring it close to my face and then it is not even a question.  I am clearly not stopping until I kiss and fondle and then fuck it.  Put me in her closet and I want almost all of them.  That is my reality but I still wonder why I want the shoes more than her at times?

Thanks - Tim P