Marijuana and your shoe fetish an incredible experiment that was a succeass far beyond expectations. 

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Weird Sex Stoned from an online shoe fetishist. 


(Unidentified Author)


This is a very unusual article that came titled Weird Sex Stoned from an online shoe fetishist.  It allows us to consider and look at the shoe from the perspective of a person using a mild drug like marijuana once again.  This, after reading it, appears to be a fairly experienced shoe fetishist who is not afraid to share his perspective with the world.   It comes across as fairly realistic and I would say it is probably a very accurate account of how this fetishists mind works and locks in on the sexuality of the shoes around him.   It is quite clear, that the shoe fetishists mind works very much like the attraction of heterosexual or homosexual sexuality.   The person is attracted, focuses their attention, does a kind of mating ritual getting closer to the pair of choice, than gets aroused and begins and then consummates his affair with great gusto and passion. 


Here is a story as it was sent to me over the internet by that shoe fetishist I had communicated with on the ASFF shoe fetish site.  The site used to be run by George Gerez.  He did not write this case.  Quite frankly the person who wrote this did not leave his name but did leave their e-mail address:  



The Case;


I am sitting here in my T-shirt and shorts. I was doing a few odds and ends, and I might add I was just a bit stoned.   So I decided to go into our bedroom to consider what needed to be done next.  I walked into our closet and it was a mess so I decided to clean it up a bit.  I looked at her side finding it lined with very modern and fashionable clothing and on the floor were stacks of her high quality leather shoes and boots all strewn about.  So I decided to straighten them up. We had just been together a short time and I hadn’t done this yet.  As I began to straighten up  a couple of pairs caught my attention. 


Perhaps what surprised me was, this is the first time I had been near her shoes a bit stoned, I was finding that these shoes were clearly just as hot, erotic, and sexy off of her as on her and perhaps being stoned just took on a more narrow heightened focus.  If you ever smoked marijuana you already know what I mean, if you have not you probably won’t understand.  My  focus was becoming very interesting.  I decide to pick up a couple of the more erotic pairs and sat there looking at them. 


I've got to get back to my other tasks.   I have some things I need to do.  So, I decided to place the shoes and boots right next to me and to the side so that I can glance at them and look at the fashion lines of the shoes while I worked to organize the closet.  I glanced at the floor next to the me and to my surprise she had taken off and left her bright red kidskin stiletto heeled knee high zippered leather boots there.  Wow a bonus,,, I picked them up and placed them next to me as well.    



As I sat there I was looking through the closet and found some of the comments from the newsgroup I had printed out.  I noticed a few comments in some threads about others being excited by women’s feet and shoes.   I already had a flaming shoe fetish but being newly together I left it on the side for a while.  But now, here alone?  So I glanced over at the shoes and imagined her walking toward me in them and at that point, and not to my surprise, my member started to slowly pulse and enlarge.  


I wasn't sure what would happen next but I knew that I was going to write and document what I felt and share my experience with others who share my fetish.


Being a bit stoned and certainly a bit horny I decided, what the heck no one is home and I was curious, I'll try to wear a pair of these shoes.   I put on a pair of her very thin hose.  They were certainly a bit tight she is smaller than I am.  Then I tried on the shoes.  They were tight, but I forced myself in, they barely fit.   There they were on my feet a pair of very expensive  $300 pair of Giorgio Armani 3" inch high heeled black kidskin leather "T" straps in size 10 1/2.  Not the heavy kind but a very gentle and graceful thin "T" with very soft leather.  I expect you might see these high heels on a Vogue model.   They felt good on and looking at them in the mirror across the room made me a bit more excited.  They were so tight I could clearly see the outline of my toes in the black leather of the shoe. 


At that point I was thinking that probably every fetishist should have a mirror so they can look into it if they ever decide to try things on.  My toes showed through the leather even a bit more than hers would because of the pressure and my larger foot size.  I could see the curve of my arch in the 3" high heel.   They were certainly a hot pair of shoes.   Looking at the shoes in the mirror I could imagine her wearing them and moving in them across the room.


But wait a minute, as I glanced back I had her pair of red boots next to me as well.   For a moment, being stoned, I forgot about the T straps.  When I took a close look at these shoes the interesting thing about these "red boots" is that the pointed toe area is a bit longer than usual for a "boot".  As I  looked inside the boot it was lined with soft kidskin leather as I glanced at the extended toe area my mind wandered in a kind of kinky fantasy deep down into the shoe.  Being stoned sometimes has its advantages, especially with a shoe fetish.  After a bit of focusing down into the depths of her boot.  I realized that I could probably slide my hand down along the inner arch and into the flesh colored toe area inside of the shoe.  So I did, it felt smooth and silky to my hand I could feel the toe bumps worn inside the boot.  My member was getting harder and pushing against my pants and it pushed out the hole in my shorts.  So I naturally just moved the booted hand to my penis and pushed it down and back in as us guys sometimes do when we have an unexpected rising we don’t quite want.  The soft leather made contact with my penis and it felt like electricity and I gently stroked it with my booted hand and it easily grew another inch.


As I glanced at the toe of the boot and the well worn lines made in the leather from her foot I continued to throb and get harder.   I was almost driven by passion to slide them off of my hand and take a closer look at the wear lines in the shoe. 


Instead I decide to delay as I moved my feet in the T straps.   My focus shifted again, I could feel my toes move inside of the shoe and it felt wonderful against the leather surface of the shoe.   Perhaps my foot pulsing in the leather was a premonition of things to come.


I tried to keep focused on cleaning the closet but being a bit stoned the focus shifted to the curves in the very stylish black leather shoe that I also had next to me once again caught my attention.   This pair has a nice two inch chunky heel and a great opening down into the toe area.  On the outside of this shapely and stylish mule, kind of a clog but not quite as large looking as a standard clog.  This clog had the softest of wear lines in the leather that attracted my attention.  I am interrupted by an urge to get closer to the shoe as I smell the aroma of the leather mixed with her feet.   I decide to stop cleaning for just a moment as the aroma of her feet mixed with leather acts as a pheromone and excites me even more.   I slid the shoe closer to my face as the urge to kiss the leather took me over.   First I am attracted to the outside of the shoe and then with more excitement toward the opening of the shoe as I see the outline of her foot impressed into the worn leather lining. 


I force myself to stop as I first felt and then glanced at the red fashion boot that I still had my hand and arm slid into.   For a moment as my hand moved I fantasized her foot moving in the boot over the toe bumps and my attention shifted once again. 


I stopped again as I imagine her sliding her foot gently into and then out of the one of those very sexy high heeled red leather fashion boots that she loved to wear.  I fantasized her painted red toes as she slid her foot back into the boot and then I felt her command me to bring the boot to my lips and kiss one of the shoes first gently and then she said I know you love it kiss it more passionately. 


I couldn't  resist as I slowly removed the red boot from my arm and began to kiss it gently and then more passionately.  I was becoming so aroused that I found myself deep kissing the toe of the shoe and sucking it into my mouth.  I imagined her foot still inside the soft warm erotic boot as I realize that I am now making love to a shoe.  I had imagined that I had just slid it off of her foot.


I realized that she had worn them yesterday.   I didn't even care, it was so wonderful that I couldn't, no I didn't want to stop.  


At that point my attention shifted as I began to kiss the flesh tone inner lining of the red zippered thigh high boot.


The urge and my erection was so strong I am was now forced to lower my underwear to lighten the pressure of the erection tight against the cloth.   I then gently placed a drop of gel on the tip of my member and then slid the soft red leather boot gently over my throbbing penis inserting my member deep down the flesh toned lining into the erotic inside of the sensational soft leather shoe.   I could feel the warmth of the boot that I just slid it off.  Combined with the soft leather walls surrounding my penis.  Oh my goodness it felt so good I was beyond excited.  The walls of the creased leather shaped by her foot caressed my penis in a way that it almost felt like I was inside of her.   


As my penis moved gently over the toe bumps inside of her boot it felt like electricity.   This felt so much better than I expected, all so soft all so surrounding as the sides of the red boot gently caressing my erect member.   I began to quickly move the boot up and down over my penis thrusting it deeper into the inner sole.  I could see the outline of my penis move inside the shoe touching the inside of the toe bumps worn into the leather. 


I then saw the other soft boot nearby.  I gently reached for it and began to kiss the other shoe.  I then open the inside of her boot moving my face gently into the shoe as I kiss and fondle it my penis continues to throb in and out of your boot in the place of her foot.


The fantasy is so kinky and just so much fun.  Being high my passion focuses on the boot and I have all but forgotten about your feet ever being inside.   I am surprised to discover that with all of my passion I find I am making love to these very well worn erotic red high heeled zippered kid skin red leather boots.  I realize I am simply making it with the boots. 


The urge and passion is so strong that I now must lay on the floor.  As I try to open the shoe to continue to kiss and smell the inside, I find I am laying on top of the opened boot with my penis penetrating even deeper inside the boot as if I were now on top of a woman having sex with her.  With the friction of the carpet holding the opened boot in place I find I no longer need my hands and it's so much easier to move in and out of the toe area of the shoe just as if I were doing a woman.   


In this new position, now the fantasy is really beginning to blow me away.  Now I realize I am  deeply and passionately kissing and making love to both erotic boots on the floor as the odor of the worn leather electrifies my body.  It is clear to me that I am excited by the boots alone.  The thought of my partner is no where to be found.   To my surprise the boot itself was a turn on and I was passionately screwing her right boot as I deeply kissed, fondled, and made love to her left boot.   


My body began to pick up speed automatically, as I pump in and out, in and out, in and out and I know that I can no longer hold it.   It was getting close as my mind reeled from the excitement.


This is so amazing, why didn't I think of doing this before?  God I love this, I love this.  


Oh my, being stoned I begin to understand how a shoe could feel even better than the inside of a woman.   As I moved move in and out, deeper and deeper into the boot.  It was so sensitive I could feel every leather wear line gently caress my member that is now riding deep inside the toe of the boot. 


I continued to kiss the erotic toe lines on the outside of the red high heeled boot with such passion as I buried my head back inside of the boot and surrounded my face with the soft leather and the inside smell of the boot. 


My body began to shiver and pulse with my first orgasm inside of this wonderful virgin soft leather red boot.  It feels so good as I moan with passion as I try to hold back but begin to let go with continuous explosions inside of the tip of the boot.   I couldn't stop pulsing, it was the most fantastic and satisfying orgasm I had ever had. 


As I calmed down with my penis sensitive I continued to feel the walls of the soft well worn leather boot as the pulses continue.  I am so aroused my body becomes tingly with sensations as I continue to move inside of the shoe and kiss the inner sole of the other boot as if I were kissing her.  


As the explosion subsides, for a brief moment I consider what I am doing, I couldn’t believe it.   I was having sexual intercourse with a very sexy and erotic boot.  A place where feet live and walk.  As I consider this I keep exploding even more into the depth of her shoe as I consider the erotic curves of the boot.  So sensuous, so delicious.   It felt so good I didn't care that I was enjoying passionate lust with her shoes. 


All to soon, my body eases and I relax.  What a great experience that was, all so satisfying.  I am once again surprised that it felt so much like the inside of a vagina as the walls of the leather gently caressed and surrounded me as I moved in and out. 


In my lifetime I never thought it would be important and wonderful to be part of such a select group of people who have developed a shoe fetish.  To know what I know.   To feel what I feel can not be gained by those who have never been able to become excited by or do a sensuous and erotic well worn shoe.   I knew the secret to being one of the world’s best women's shoe designers.   I knew why women were so attracted to buying shoes and never even consciously understood what they were about.  Somewhere down deep, I am certain they really do understand the attraction, the sexuality, the erotic power, and the impact of a well turned designer shoe.  In time I learned through penetrating experiences which shoes look and feel great and which ones just look great, and which ones not only look great but feel great as well.



A personal note of opinion, it is only fair to include my own observations;  I understand how a shoe can be designed to act as a sexual enhancement, an attraction, and when well worn also a pheromone.  It's no accident that men and women love sexy high heels, shoes, and boots, some are hot, even if you don’t have an active fetish. 


There is no way to be certain just how many fetishists there are.  Most men, like me, spent most of their lives refusing to openly discuss the subject.  Social fears are quite strong in our society.  It wasn’t until I was more mature and when I realized I wasn’t alone that I was able to conquer my fears.  The internet opened the doors to this subject and provided a place where people of every orientation could communicate with anonymity.  It seems that this subject had been more in the closet, (sorry about the pun) than gays were at the times when they were unable to openly discuss their sexual orientation.  When they were out, shoe fetishists were still in the closet. 


A common thread among many fetishists is the sexual experimentation at a young age.  It seems that everybody has done some, and that almost everyone has something that, so to speak, rings their bell, at one level of activity or another, and in one fashion or another.   Simply put, those males that did not develop a shoe fetish, may not have simply because they never had the right setting during the experimentation years.  Many of the fetishists I have spoken with note that someone near by them had erotic sexy shoes or a very sexy attractive manner, or they had the opportunity available to them in a home or location where fashion shoes and boots were nearby and available to view, see being worn, or even to play with during their youthful sexual experimentation. 


It seems that another reason that this fetish has probably been restricted in numbers of people with it may be because so many people today wear so many low cost, low quality, synthetic shoes, that are stiff, or just plain cheap shoes, sexually neutral shoes, or ugly shoes that would be of little interest to anyone, male or female and much less to anyone with a fashion sense, and even less so to those who are developing a fetish.  Certainly these non erotic shoes are everywhere and on most of the population.  Clearly the low cost shoe stores and discount stores are still in business and most of what they sell lacks a lot.   From a more experienced fetishists view most of the cheap shoes, just don’t feel right and even when they look, or mimic the fashion shoe or boot, are just to stiff to enjoy getting into.  Furthermore they don’t retain anything of the person after being worn.  However they seem to do well in retaining that plastic synthetic fragrance, which I guess could be just what some fetishists are looking for, but not the ones I have been talking with.  I personally have never been excited by this type of shoe or boot.   You start out thinking they are great only to discover they are a fraud, this is the case with a lot of low cost production shoes and boots.  However, there are a few women who get shoes.  I mean understand them and their impact on sexuality just like some men also get them, inside and out.


I suspect homes where family members or visiting friends have erotic and sexy shoes and boots and leave them in fairly easy to get a hold of places for a pre-puberty son could provide the kind of access,  ability, and the experimental time needed to be close to or have time with those erotic shoes.  This ongoing opportunity by unavailable attractive women unknowingly providing lots of opportunity for a young experimenter could be the catalyst for this type of experimental play.

I continue to believe that with access to sexy erotic shoes and boots worn by sexy erotic women that the chance for a fetishist to be born would probably multiply.