FUCKING SHOES & BOOTS=Victoria's Secret?
When you see the shoes on these pages, does it lead you to an erotic interest? 
If you have never had shoe sex you are missing one of the great joys of modern sexual life.  The feel, the texture, the aroma, of a high quality worn shoe or boot are a great silent & hidden secret. 
Have you noticed how close doing the right shoe with a little silicone lube is to intercourse?

Depending on your preference fucking a shoe for some has replaced sex in those times your partner, if you have one, doesn't want sex.  If not it is a great alternative for those who share this fetish.  

There is nothing like being deep inside a sexy woman's high quality shoe.
Just in and I can't wait to be alone with them.
These are such well worn Jimmy's that I get excited just seeing them.  
So you think these leather lined shoes are simple?  Climb on with a little silicone lube and then let me know?
These Celine shoes may be the softest shoes I have ever found & used?
So you think the boots above are just an old style of boot?  Useless? These Valentino's have become one of the best go to boots in the collection. When inside with a little silicone lube they wrap you in soft leather luxury all the way down to the toe and became an instant favorite.  

The side zipper makes for 
easy deep access.
If you have this fetish please know that Every one of these shoes posted  fucks like there is no 
  Incredible shoe love.
I know for some this may seem very strange but, Interestingly I see a woman's shoe or boot in about the same way as many see a woman's vagina.

I gaze at them and then slowly grow hard as a rock as I desire to climb on top and penetrate them.  With a little silicone lube I glide inside and it truly feels very much the same as fucking a woman as I make love to the other shoe.

The key to this is a getting excited by her feet and shoes and then picking the correct right shoe.  High quality leather and smooth leather lined shoes ae my go to.  If you like women's feet and shoes try fucking one with the other over your face and see what naturally  happens.

Shoe sex was the best experiment that has ever happened to me and over many years has never declined.