Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish
There are plenty of boots on these pages that would be great fun but here is a new one that I found that is so intriguing they may become instant hits.  See what you think? 

By designed Ann Demuelmeister .

Frankly the boots on the right work well for face placement.
with so many women that love great high quality shoes and boots the used options on EBAY are ALMOST ENDLESS.
At first I thought "NO Way",,,,, Then I considered these carefully for some of my more extreme followers and realized A person could fit their whole face into the boot if their fetish went that way. 

I also 
for those who enjoy this type of play they could easily be tied in place for hands free play time.  To add a bit more spice 
consider being stoned.

But a warning you are at your own risk.  This can also be close to asphyxia and dangerous play for my followers that enjoy this type of fetish boot play.

my used find was at EBAY.