A Shoe Designer Talks about his Shoe/Boot Fetish 
If you are a researcher and have never tried a shoe you actually are not a researcher at all but a person writing half truths about shoe fetishes based on false and incomplete theories of others.  A shoe fetish is separate from all of the other fetishes you write about. 


Here is a perspective I didn’t think I would have when I started
writing my book.  The person called it his tales from his career as a
fashion designer.  An interesting perspective added to this simple
fetish from this famous designers perspective:

I am always faced with tough choices in my line of work, but someone’s
got to do it.  There I was in my office.  I'm a well known shoe
designer.   I had clothing and several pairs of our models high heels
near by on my desk that they had recently worn on the runway for a
show.  Today they had tried the shoes and clothing on most of the
morning so that we could select and decide which ones they would wear
for the office girl runway photo shoot coming up next week.  These shoes and
boots that we designed this year were very spicy and hot indeed.
Erotic's are in style, and I was trying to incorporate some female and
male phallic symbols into each models shoes and outfit for the shoot.
As I designed each I had models try them on so that I could get a good
perspective of them being worn and what happened as they showed a
e wear.

As I was considering each pair of shoes as a designer I have always
realized that with their pointed toes and fashion designed opening
that when the shoe was held vertically looking toward the inside of
the shoe that they looked a lot like a woman's elongated private
parts.  I intentionally designed a very smooth phallic tip down to the
entry into the inside of the shoe.  I had to decide which one of these
pairs would work best and look the hottest and most erotic on the
models.  My goal was to exude sexuality and desire for the next
shoot.  The one thing I have learned is that hot sexuality in products
sells everything, especially shoes, boots, and clothing.  Not everyone
will buy them, but everyone will look at them, and really hot shoes
sell at a higher profit margin and make a great look.  I have always
considered it a shame when so many women don’t get the link of a great
outfit to a hot pair of shoes and they go out to cheap shoe stores and
pay less, and get less.  Oh, well, I guess I can’t control peoples

It was very late, I was alone in my locked office. I was ready to head
out of the office to go home.  I still had to make a choice, but I
also wanted to get home because I was getting very tired and a bit
horny and wished to visit with my partner.  However, it was clear I
had to stay and make a choice.

In my field a little smoke or a drink once and a while and especially
late at night is relaxing and aids the creative processes.  I was
certainly a bit high and although I wanted to get home I found myself
focused, as sometimes smokers do, and was thinking about the models
wearing a variety of those hot shoes today.  I also knew that I
wouldn't be able to leave the office without picking several of those
used well worn shoes for tomorrows shoot to contrast against the new

But which one would it be?

On the side there was a pair of Channel low heels, they were a
secretaries style shoe that I was given by one of my staff.  She was a
good friend of mine.  She let me have them after years of wearing them
because I often admired their erotic design.  I think she did it
because she could tell how much I liked them ... they were shaped
perfectly and photographed really well.

They were black leather heels with a leather sole as well as a
wonderful silver inner lining of the softest leather.   You could
clearly see her years of walking in those shoes.   The wear lines
clearly showed impressions of her foot in the leather as you looked at
the soft gently creased black leather.  This pair had a very phallic
pointed tip and the side leather of the shoe curved nicely around her
foot and came to a gentle point toward the toe of the shoe.   On the
top of the shoe their was a gentle point inside of a point at the toe
inviting the foot into the inner entrance that made them look very
phallic indeed.

I lifted them up and brought them closer to my face I couldn't resist
the smell of the leather mixed with years of wear.

The next pair was another 2" black leather heel.  I've grown very fond
of the lower heights lately because so many women love them and that
alone increases my excitement for this type of well worn shoe.  As a
shoe designer I had always loved almost any types of shoes that could
be worn and admired on a beautiful woman.  I could enjoy a style for
months and sometimes even years.

This very erotic model wore these 2" extremely well worn shoes made by
a company called Armani every day to the shoots no matter what outfit
she had on.  I counted on seeing the full clear outline of her foot in
the soft leather.  Let me tell you this model’s shoes when she wore
them set off sparks in this shoe designers dreams...  I wanted them so
badly but could never ask until one day she had a bag of things she
was giving to one of those resale stores.  I told her I would take
them for her.  She let me, I kept them.

I took them alright and now once in a while I have my models wear them
for their fashion shoots.  No surprise, as old as they are they love
them and keep asking me for them too.

In that bag was also another pair of well worn shoes, they looked much
more expensive than the last pair.  The black leather had a polish to
it that spoke of very high quality.  The wear lines from her foot
showed softer.  This was a pair of those Maud Frizon of Paris shoes
that were just about as hot as they could get too.

The last pair was a navy blue Evonne Picon leather shoe with a 1 1/2"
heel.  It had the most fantastic flesh colored lining.   As you looked
inside them you could see the whole imprint of her foot on the well
worn flesh colored surface.  As you looked in you saw the rim of the
shoe and it framed the inner shoe with a deep blue leather that showed
the top of her foot worn into the leather.    This time I picked them
up.  Being stoned the aroma drew me into the inner shoe for a long
deep passionate kiss of the footprint inside of this model’s shoe.
Very hot, very sexy.

I just ignored the singles and went for the pairs.  I was feeling a
bit stoned, focused, and still horny as I picked up just one more pair
of shoes and at that point I was overcome by the desire to just make
passionate love kissing the left shoe as I gently and deeply
encountered and took on the right.  The black leather was incredible
and your curves were just amazing.

They weren't that old, and she had always kept these in incredibly
good shape.  The back was open and I could see the flesh tone of the
inner surfaces.  That was something I could never see when she was
wearing them.  As the light cast shadows upon the creases worn into
the black skin in front of me there was a little mystery to the look.

As I glanced I realized I was starring and I had a very strange
feeling that surprised me.  Being stoned my perspective had clearly
changed and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like making
love to you.   At the same time I wondered why I thought that?

It was obvious to me that I was going to do just that.  I was stoned,
focused, and now locked into the inner sole.  Many, might just keep
wondering how it could even be that I desired this.  But I knew why.
I am often told that it is obvious that this activity should not
occur.  However, I know that it would fit perfectly.

As the thoughts raced through my mind.   My body began to go on
automatic as my hormones began to race through my body and I felt my
desire grow I began to slowly penetrate into your depths.   It seemed
that my body responded and knew something that my mind did not as I
moved to sit on couch.

It really was a perfect time.  I am certain that she never even
thought twice about leaving her shoes and never for this type of
activity.  Why would she, that is perhaps why she often left them with
me for hours at a time.  Or, did she know and enjoyed sharing my
little secret?

Up until now she probably never thought it would lead to anything, it
is just so different what I do.  Yet, now, today I sensed that with
all of the activities that were occurring that being alone with her
shoes tonight was certainly leading to something.  The way she talked
about in this very hot pair and the way that they looked and felt now
as I drew them close to me curiously changed my impression and passion
for them.

She talked about how much attention these attracted from men as she
walked with these on down the street.  Men and women seemed to pay
very close attention to the erotic curves worn into this erotic very
sexy designer pair.

I had often stole glances at these on her myself when she was here.
It was so hard not to.  I had to agree with her, this was clearly had
played a very specific part in a very erotic fantasy and it was clear
that she knew just how to use these to play it.   I just wonder if she
knew what I would do next?

It seems that she enjoyed the fact that she was capturing so much
attention toward her feet.   Perhaps that was her goal since the
beginning.  Perhaps this had been designed into this plan to do just
that.  But I sensed that she had no idea what this pairs power meant,
or how it could be used.  I specifically designed sexuality into every
pair I designed and knew they would take on a life of their own once
worn by a beautiful woman.

My mind slowly moved my eyes penetrating the inside of them and I
gently murmured.   But of course they did not respond.   They did not
resist.   I wasn't certain what might happen next but things were
becoming clearer as I guided them on the couch.  They now laid their
purposely placing one shoe in front of the other.

They were so much fun and so exciting to think about and exciting to
look at.  I realized then that I had thought of them once or twice a
day for weeks in the passion of my personal lust for this model and
her shoes crescendo.

The way that they were positioned on the couch one under me and the
other near my face.  I could easily see, feel, and touch their erotic
opening.   I could tell by my growth and my desire to penetrate the
inside of the shoe that this was exactly where I needed to be.

My excitement grew as I gently kissed the curves and lightly laid next
to you.   I leaned over to kiss the beautiful black skin and the aroma
became captivating as the intensity of our encounter increased.

My passion rose as I gently suckled every inch of them in a way that I
found amazing.

I just could not resist as my desire for them increased.  As we lay
there, I gently kissed the left shoe as I came to where your skin was
flesh tone.  There it was, in front of me.  Stoned, and fixed my eyes
penetrated the passage where your foot lived surrounded by black
leather like a member inside of a woman.  The aroma of leather and
your scent from the day became intoxicating as I kissed this erotic
l opening.

I knew I was ready as I placed a bit of lubricating gel on my member
to ease my encounter into high gear.  I gently rose once again above
them and eased myself down upon them prepared to slide deep into the
inner sole.

I felt myself easily enter and glide into her shoe as I continued to
kiss the wonderful skin.

I thrust myself inside as the passion gained momentum.  I felt
surrounded by a passionate warm interior as I began to thrust and
pulse in and out in a rhythmic fashion.

Goodness it felt wonderful to be inside.   In all of my dreams I never
imagined this pair could be like this as I continued to thrust and
rock to a steady rhythm my body began to become more tense.  I just
knew that with all of the passion that I had been holding back that I
was going to lose all control as my member pulsed deeper inside.

I could not hold back any longer though I tried, as I felt the
beginning of the pulses that would stream into the depths exploding
into flames of joy.  My goodness it was so great being high and making
passionate love to these very hot and erotic shoes.  I could not
resist much longer. Finally I had to let go as my body tensed and I
exploded deep inside your warm chamber as I pulsed over your toe
bumps.  Being stoned the explosions never seemed to end as the tingles
went through my body.