The Real Shoe Fetish & Boot fetish
You never know what shoe will become a winner.  Robert says this one just became his top favorite.

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from psychology today ---- 


I don't see a fetish as similar to sexual orientation—it is something that does reflect "something wrong", and in my own experience, DOES respond to therapy! One issue is that sexual fetishes—paraphilias—typically involve sexual activity with something that does not provide the rewards that sex with another human does.  That is, talking, kissing, caressing, oral sex, intercourse, etc.  Compared to these things, really, what does masturbating while doing something like holding on to a shoe, cross dressing, etc. have to offer?



If you read the pages HOW TO DO A SHOE, clearly the advanced shoe fetishist is not just holding a shoe or boot but actually making love with and to the shoe.  In my view it is clearly a sexual orientation and something that can't be ignored once started.

Loving, Kissing, caressing, oral sex, and intercourse are exactly what the advanced shoe fetishist is doing.  Perhaps in the beginning the fetishist is holding the shoe and using it to masturbate but that very quickly changes.  If it doesn't advance this person is just masturbating and does not have a shoe fetish and this might be easy to change.  BUT clearly this researcher at Psychology Today has not done enough real world research.