Miss Selena's Shoe & Boot fetish
Sharing your fetish:  Do it early but patiently.  If handled badly or with the wrong person it could end a great relationship.  Let me also note, don't even think this is something you can hide -- to some closed minded or low thinking people feet and shoes are disgusting. 

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I am a femdom & when it comes to shoe fetish, there are many things I didn't know. After looking at shoefetish bootfetish I learned so much and my fun with my slaves increased and so did my rates. 

They just love fucking a really good shoe or boot taken off of my feet.  An incredible turn on for them and with your thoughts my slaves can buy me new and used very erotic & sexy shoes on EBAY.

This site is right, the key is quality, and for my slaves a win is reducing friction making it feel better.  The silicone lube (named WET)  bought on Amazon does that and makes a pair like Jimmy Choo boots incredible for them from heel to their penetrating deep inside into the toe and my slaves are prevented from penetrating me.

I also tried them on my female clients - I agree inserting the heels is just dumb, but, pointed toe leather shoes, whether penetrated or gently rubbed over their parts with or without lesbian oral sex and lubed with a good amount of G female stimulating gel worked every time.  It's really something new and very kinky.  They already loved my shoes, now they really love my shoes.  LoL!

Mistress Selena