It started with smell.



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Just imagine the smell and then your face inside and you then make love to them?

I found reading these pages to be strange but interesting.  I really liked women's feet but shoes?  But then when my wife was traveling for 10 days I needed something and I hate just playing with myself.  So I gave it a try and was I surprised at how incredible it was. I had really nice shoes in the closet many like the ones on these pages they too are very well worn and sexy.  I used our sex lube, it worked.  I just never put it together until now.  A few tries and a few days later I was a full shoe fetishist.  

Thanks Annon

After thinking about it for years I had to admit these postings made me question when it all started?  I always thought it was puberty but really  It started in 3rd grade in the library of my school.  My best childhood friend joked about girls stinky shoes.  None of us were shoe fetishists then, and I don't know if my friend ever became one or not.  However from that point I got curious and started smelling shoes.  I not only liked it I loved it.  My shoes at first and later the stilettoes and random women's shoes in the house.  Nothing happened except I enjoyed the smell but I did start tying the shoes over my face and fell asleep with them on my face on and off for several years until puberty.   I guess the future progression was just natural.     
After reading these pages it became apparent the passion I have was relayed to something more complex.  Now when I see a woman that attracts me I also see her shoes and now her shoes with her toes deep inside relate very well to her hidden vagina.  I now realize her feet in the shoes symbolize my penis inside her vagina.  I know it seems weird but when I penetrate the right shoe or boot it just also feels like a vagina.  Over time I also agree with the author that I now see the shoes as a sex organ.  Thanks for the pages they have helped me immensely.

Gary C