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This is why some of us found our way and got into shoes.  A woman's foot is a very erotic part of her body and if she puts her sexy feet into sexy shoes and it is little surprise why many of us moved on to her shoes and our fetish.  It seems that once a newbie experiments with shoes a few times and feels the shoe of their choice around their member and they penetrate deeply and explode a few times they learn it is so amazing they just can't stop.  If they do it again just a few more times it probably will become a life time passion.  It's a feeling you just want more and more.

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As for any experiment, if you should choose to try this or experiment with any of the situations noted in this material it is at your own risk as a mature adult.   Be warned that if you try this, and you enjoy it you did so by your own choosing. If you already had even the slightest attraction to shoes and boots, you could be looking at locking yourself mentally into a life long fetish. Be careful with this, not all fetishists develop reasonable behavior that includes partners and social encounters outside of their fetish. This can become a problem for some people and there are fetishists who have developed antisocial behaviors.   It is not our responsibility nor will we assume any responsibility for what any individual decides to do, try, or become as a result of reviewing this very specific and concise research material that includes details of how a fetish develops, what they feel, and how they do what they do and portrays some of what we might call the kinkier sides of this fetish.   Know that even the more extreme portrayals were written by people who were not hurt by their fantasy or games and that in order to write the material they did not carry it to a damaging extreme.   Also note that for most who have discussed their fetish it wasn’t your average Payless type cheap shoes that excited most of them. For most, it takes a lot more than your everyday not so erotic woman's shoe to get things focused, it takes a shoe with style, fashion, some good wear lines a great soft leather lining, etc. We do not endorse or condone any improper or illegal activity in the implementation of this fetish. We know that good shoes are expensive, go to a major city thrift store and buy them if you can’t get them anywhere else or if you don’t currently have a partner who wears them. If you get caught with your neighbors or a friends shoes don’t expect them to understand and don’t intend to use us as your reason for trying them on. All of these activities are those that are at your own risk. We all know right from wrong and any risk you decide to take is at your own cost. It may just be a pair of shoes to a fetishist, but you would be surprised the reaction a found fetishist can create among the unenlightened or a partner or their family who does not understand this behavior.   Tolerance is not the biggest commodity among what we call civilized people.