Getting out of the closet was once reserved for the LGBTQ community.  Today most shoe fetishists are still in the closet not able to set themselves free.
By creating these pages I set myself free!

Here is a universal truth about shoe fetishes.  

Not just any shoe works for the fetishist it has to be one that they find erotic and sexy and maybe even envisioned on the right person.

For me, I am at the point the person is much less important than the sexy used well worn shoe itself.  After many years I know what I like and I clearly enjoy shoes by themselves or with the right partner.   Leave me alone with the right sexy well worn boots or shoes I will be heading right for them and clearly, and to be honest, I enjoy them as much as with any partner.   

Yes, I have a full on shoe fetish and I love every minute of it, but I am also very able to make love to my partner.   In my view I am bisexual in this very different way. 
Everyone has a different favorite shoe or boot but clearly if you love shoes there are enough choices on places like EBAY that you can find your special favorite.
So you fell in love with a sexy pair of shoes?

What did you do with them?

When you were alone with them, could you ever really resist?

Were you driven by passion to jump on the bed and make out with them?

Tell the truth it will set you free!  

Or, have you kept this secret to yourself driving yourself crazy?

I agree you can't tell the world but this type of exposure can set you free.  

If you can't talk about, I CAN ,,, let me be clear I know I would do this very well used woman's very sexy shoe!

If you have never done a shoe or boot you have a whole world of experimenting and fun ahead of you.   Think it's kind of strange?  If you have any attraction at all you won't once you explode inside of a sexy hot well worn shoe.
Yet they can certainly enjoy there closet visits with this Fetish!!!

A shoe fetish sends you into the closet for more and they love it.
In all my years of finding, and buying used shoes I have only found a few high quality shoes to be in need of serious cleaning.   For the most part most women seem to keep the expensive shoes found on these pages very clean.   I try to find shoes with lots of wear and evidence of that wear in the leather and yet again, most are very clean and have great inner sole toe bumps.
Just imagine getting your face down into these?

You want her? NOPE, can't have her but, you can have her shoes and she will probably  not know what you do with them or care.