F=Fetish S=Straight 

EVERYONE IS ALL OF THESE but MOST, and not all are active!

If you don't agree?  Let us know what you think? 
Let us know what you think?


LGBTQF-S is all nonsense

 “If you rub it the right way you will orgasm.”  This simply means the whole human population can be LGBTQF-S or any thing they choose, and they are, they just have not moved that way or wanted to.  Physically they could.   

Most of the issues raised in the following note do need one clarification.   Most people who enjoy one style of sex over another will probably also go on to other styles of sexuality.  For me, I have my shoe fetish but I also have a partner who accepts me for who I am.  Many of the women and men in these example will also go on to other types of relationships.  Some may choose their current lifestyle from this.  However it does not mean they can't change.      



LGBTQF-S       It’s all the same  

F=Fetish S=Straight  



After many decades of consideration and enjoying my sexuality it boils down to one simple and probable rough said statement. Will people believe it?  Probably not it’s too simple and conflicts with some norms.  No matter who or what you are, or what you like, “If you rub it the right way you will orgasm.”  With that in mind be reminded that only procreational sex between a man and woman can bring forth a child BUT anyone can also enjoy every other type of sex.  I do and often!


What this means is simply anyone whose desires and whose sexual expressions lead to an infinity of options “ANYONE” if they choose to, can be sexually active in so many ways.  I’m not saying you can’t be born or grow up to prefer or lean one way or the other, what I am saying is that other choices can occur and can also be made.  Life and society could be so much less complex if we just stick with a simple reality.   “If you rub it the right way anyone capable can orgasm in an infinite amount of ways they choose, we are all born with this ability, and yes some must learn to enjoy.”


I learned young this simple truth I found my shoe fetish by accident, I was not ready to date, but regardless my member grew and we all learn to rub it because it feels good.  Nothing much happened I was too early for my body but it felt good so for me this very early pre first orgasm play was fun.  I experimented with all kinds of things, gloves, socks, even toilet paper rolls- nothing. One day I had a few sexy women’s used shoes nearby so I stuck my member in one. I thought nothing of it.  However, My member fit perfectly and the friction seemed really nice and I loved smelling them.  Soon I tied one over my face and not long after I started kissing the innersole.  I did not know what would happen but it was fun and it felt good so I kept doing it.  One day I rolled over on top of the shoe and my penis went to the deep toe and slight movements felt different and great so I kept moving and soon  it did happen.  I just had my first orgasm in a shoe.  I felt a bit unusual because it was a shoe and yet I liked it so much.  I knew this was strange and was not sure I was supposed to like it.  However, I did like it and I now wanted girls shoes more than the girls.  Regardless, I did it over and over again looking for that great feeling and soon without realizing it I developed a many decade life time fetish and later a very discriminating passionate love for used women’s shoes. 


Before I knew I was looking at women’s shoes as they walked more so that the girls.  It turns out over time I realized I wanted shoes and fashion boots as much or more than I wanted the women wearing them.  To this day and thanks to EBAY I have an almost endless stream of used women’s shoes to choose from.  I see a pair I like and in time they show up on EBAY and I buy them and sometimes I get so excited about a buy that I can’t hardly wait to have sex with them. 


To this day the used shoes still fit perfectly and I have many pairs that are by far sexually better than many women I have been with.  Decades later I still love making out with the inside of a very curvy and sexy woman’s used shoe or boot.  To me they continue to be one of life’s incredible gifts and remain a great orgasm and passion.  Although some people may be born to lean toward any one or more of these LGBTQF options my direction was simple and different I experimented and it lead to the “F” in fetish for me.  At first I was confused by this sexuality as many are in whatever experience any of us experience.  For me it was women's shoes.  After a long time I got over my embarrassment and confusion and accepted it with no more confusion and today it is joy.  This was, as the years went by, to be my gender identity and sexuality and given the right shoes, I simply was going to be in love with them more than anything else I have ever experienced.  Is it lonely, not at all I also have a partner and I do not ignore her needs too.  If boys played more, and they generally do not, I could have easily been gay if my sex lead to boys shoes, who knows. 


A human reality, If you actually try something and take it too orgasm, and you find you really are enjoying it seems after several times, maybe 5 or 6 times, girls, boys, or shoes it’s no longer an experiment.  After several goes at it many of these encounters may just imprint forever as your sexual preference. 


Yes what I am saying is “ALL” humans are multi sexual and can get turned on and enjoy almost anything.  Will they?  The limits are what they are attracted to, what they will allow, and how strong their attraction to try is and perhaps what point in their lives they try.    Some will never try anything because of their mental imprints from family, customs, religion, but, even so they can regardless.  Remember sex is very simple.  “If you rub it the right way you will orgasm.”  This simply means the whole human population can be LGBTQF-S and the reality is they are, they just have not moved that way or wanted to.  Physically they could.   


Let’s talk about other directions people have taken.  I am reminded, as an example, about the repetitive story of the inexperienced girls and their overnights, or for some all girls spin the bottle which is supposed to be a fun experience and game but it challenges the norms.  It did! The rules were simple it’s just girls, but as it lands on two girls the group encourages them to go in the next room and do something naughty maybe practice kissing?  Being egged on some will go to make the group happy and some are curious.   As a result of this experiment some, but not all, will feel their bodies react to this child’s game liking the change and some will decide to talk to each other about these changes, others will be to embarrassed to discuss their feelings.  Some will want to try more experience so some may talk other girls into something very benign like practice kissing.  Some may just not want to do this.  Some may feel naïve and tell each other “were just two girls and this is no biggie just imagine your kissing a boy it won’t make you a lesbian it's just practice”  Inexperienced many want to know how to do this right for when they date so they do it.  It Seems so simple at first but it feels good and they are soon open mouth practicing kissing on another woman who also has raging hormones and she too likes it.  Yes they will learn how to kiss and maybe much more.  

I have heard this conversation before. They say to each other we need to know what we are doing when we are with boys so let's practice on each other.  Every mature adult knows once you start touching and focus on kissing, yes sex can start at first as just a simple kiss, but soon they learn that their bodies are responding and ready and they respond to that first awkward kiss nervously as it tingles them and soon if they continue it becomes more passionate as their loins dampen and react preparing for sex.  It’s just natural as their bodies tell them to touch and rub it and eventually they do.  


As they play pretend dating often times they like it and forget they are practicing.  The sex drive is so strong many ignore their reluctance. They are home alone and no one is watching so why not experiment more and maybe let go?  They don’t know what it is as they feel the changes and as their bodies prepare for their first orgasm.  They like it so they both decide not to stop and take it further. The girls are necking and starting to touch and rub each other as they tell themselves this is just practice but their bodies and vaginas are telling them differently.  They don’t get right to their vaginas but they certainly feel it.  Others may choose to be afraid of what their bodies are doing and stop.  Others know this is something they are not supposed to be doing but now want to find out what’s next.  Let’s say two of these girls keep on because they feel it further soon feeling their bodies responding in their loins.  They touch themselves and soon they are touching each other.  Do they take it further?  Maybe they undress down to their underwear, maybe they don’t but regardless Many will start to explore first with their hands, later perhaps orally touching and kissing each others breasts.  Most have snuck a look at the porn on line and already learned a bit more and may decide to orally experiment on each other.


Some will stop and dream about it and from it learn to masturbate and because they are now attracted to girls, but are they now attracted to the other girl or a dream boy?  Without much effort they learn that those kisses excite them and some of the girls will go on to get more intimate and start to touch each other still saying it is just practice for the boys until they have their first orgasms with the other girl, or girls.  If they try more and like it soon they get that this is with a woman not a boy.  Then they may try it over again and soon developing oral sex skills and a new lifetime joy and preference for women.  “If you rub it the right way no matter who does it or if you do it you will orgasm.”  


How does it stick?  Let’s say these girls get together and do it several times more and orgasm each time, clearly they get better at it and now know they really enjoy it.  If they give oral sex then -  BINGO – that orgasm is even greater and now a lifetime attraction to another woman can be the result.  This is also true of boys, for me I found used women’s shoes first.  However boys experiment as well just not as easily as the girls do.  If it feels really great the chances are they are going to want it again.  Lesbian experiences among women has climbed from 3% to a now estimated 20% in 2022 of women who have tried another woman and admitted it on a survey.   As the song say, “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” With that even more tired it and more liked it. 


Yet it is really all so simple,,,, All of this complexity is nonsense.  Once again if you are attracted, like it, try it, and “If you rub it the right way you will orgasm.”  Regardless or who or what this is a universal truth that society prefers to ignore.   If it brings you pleasure humans will want it again.  I did with my well worn used women’s shoes.  I could never give them up.  I suspect many others whatever they try can’t either.  It just feels too good.  My fetish will stay the same percent of people and never become more popular until it too get’s popularized in culture.  When someone sings I loved a shoe and loved it then it will grow throughout the culture.


Signed Elliott



background includes Psychology and a lifetime study of shoefetish behavior.