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Here is why I have a shoe fetish --- One look at the pccy above and the curves of her foot going down into the toe box and resting on the inner sole of this black leather high heel is a very simple summary of why I fell in love with shoes and have and will always have my incredible and flaming shoe fetish.  My goodness they are so hot and when you slide her foot out and I slide my member in, it's simply blast off time.  

If this is part of your life accept it and enjoy. 

Enjoy -- Bob

P.S. - it's so much better with a little silicone lube.
These pages and WEB site can help you to learn as much as you wish on shoe fetish and boot fetish play for men and women. 
What can I do?  
When I see a sexy woman 
and shes wearing a hot pair of designer shoes
my member just grows 
I really want to have sex with the shoes 
many times more than the woman
It's been this way for years 
The reality is I just love shoes
or like this site says
I mean I really love shoes

Thank you - Edwardo 
I'm not a fan of suede shoes, 
if this woman asked me to get 
into these shoes face first???  
Wouldn't you???

She probably has no clue as to exactly what this pair of her shoes can do for you!!!
Or does she???
In this case, the presentation of a novel object (black suede high heel pump) created an arousal in some individuals, which was psychologically interpreted as being sexual in nature. It appears that this single event was so powerful that it instilled in this person a lifelong sexual association with this object, in this case, a sexy woman's shoe or boot or both.  Of course, not all fetishes develop so quickly.  Most people require repeated pairings of the object and eventually this contact evolves to greater pleasure as it develops more of a fetish association. However, you get the idea from this example—fetishism is something that we seem to acquire through a desire to find new ways to excite ourselves, either a conscious or subconscious sexual attraction can get things started, along with experience, and learning.

A SIDE NOTE: Never tried this, next time you are self stimulating or masturbating and you have access to sexy and stylish shoes, pull out a pair of high quality soft leather, for me, that's generally not suede, but used shoes that you find sexy and hot (like the shoes above or on some of these pages) touch them, smell them, and if you find you are getting excited even a little, then put a little silicone sex lube on the tip of your member if it has enlarged, your in the mood for masturbation, and then slide on into the shoe.  If you pick a pair like the Jimmy Choo short boots on some of these pages, this fetishist can share with you, fold down the sides and climb on top of them.  For me they seem like an incredible first shoe and can become a long term repeated sex shoe.  Fuck them once and you may want to do them again and again.  Do them twice and you may have found your new fetish.  If you use a shoe like the woman is holding above and if you find them sexy you may want to bury your face inside one shoe kissing the inner sole while you climb on top and fuck the other shoe.  Or in this case she may be the one to make you fuck her shoe.  The first time, maybe the first few times, you do a shoe you might imagine the woman.  Later you may just imagine her wearing them.  Then one day you will be at home alone with access to many shoes and you may just want the shoes alone and maybe you will surround yourself with sexy shoes.  You may find you are able to, and that you want to, make love to many of your favorite shoes and boots as your collection grows.  You will soon learn and find they are each unique and can turn you on so much more than you ever imagined.  Each in their own way.   Many who use cannabis find their shoe fetish to be as powerful as any sexual encounter they have ever had.  
Let us know what you think.

This web site to the shoe fetishist is very much appreciated by this user.  I find I that to me these pages are like pornography.  By the way I would do that woman's shoes!

Thanks for the WEB site -- Franklin O.

Tim K adds -- 

On a fun play day when you have lots of time, and your partner says go for it, say 4 or 5 hours of free time alone  - what else do you need but a great shoe collection made up of your favorites?