How to FUCK a SHOE
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So, you never did a shoe?

I think so!!!  What do you think?

BEFORE YOU MOVE ON:   There is a Golden Rule if you don't want an angry partner.  Take care of her before you no matter how tempted or excited you are and your life and things will go better.

I found this WEB site on Quora as a result of my shoe fetish search. This is way more on topic, Thanks

If you think a shoe fetish is just about feet, you are so wrong!  Try it and find out for yourself?
I look at my fetish today after decades of shoe play and wonder why dd this fetish continue after years of sex with the opposite sex?  But it did!  Why?  I look at a womans used shoe and I see a vaginal entrance and once I get aroused I end up passionately making love to the shoes.  Kissing and fondling the inside of one while I fuck the other with a little silicone lube.  Yes the lube was an incredible dicovery fromthis site that enhanced my shoe love making.  Not long after I reach the point of no return where I can't stop.  Seriously this love making is one of the most incredible things I my life.  I love my wife and take care of her very well first, then I just can't wait until shoe puts a shoe over my face.  Just a true delight.

Jack O

I may be one of your oldest followers. My fetish started long before there were web sites.  I can only add one glaring fact I have had sex with over 35,000 shoes so far and over half of them with a partner.  My fetish for shoes has never slowed and in fact it has increased.

Have fun and enjoy if you have a shoe fetish.  My fetish and lust for shoes has kept my sex life hot.  My sexual excitement has kept my partner very happy in fact at times she says I want more sex than she needs.  I always do as this site says "her before me" and the excitement of this order has helped me getting to do her shoes almost every time.  This order has kept it very hot for both of us and often she will send me to go play with shoes if she isn't in the mood.  I am very lucky she is not jealous of my used shoes and boots.  She was at first when she realized I was having sex with another woman's shoes.  I learned to buy them mostly in her size and she wears them and makes them hers solving a complex emotional concern.

Thanks Elliot in Chicago
These Gucci Helena boots  are so hot and erotic that they are an instant hit.  Hard to find and cost a lot but worth it.


But isn’t it really a great erotic fuck?



Your body gets a hard on and to solve it whatever the excitement you do it by hand.  It feels good but lacks incredible excitement.  It's just a hand job!



In our youth, or at first, many of us just searched for something or someway to get off. Of the many things we tried some had sexy shoes in their home and associated them with sexy women and slowly related the shoes to the women and they liked it.  They soon tried shoes to masturbate with and in and they liked it.  B4 finding the silicone lube it was fun but it irritated their penis.  Some, actually most soon concluded silicone lubes even made it better in fact now it felt like a lot more like a vagina. Yet no matter what shoe they choose at first they may have used the outside of the shoe but at some point they soon realized the opening of the shoe could hold their penis and they slid their penis into the shoe and manipulated the shoe by hand, yet as they manipulate the shoe over their penis by hand the same as masturbation they still found it felt great and they loved it.  But yes it is still masturbation. 


Here is where many start to crossover and change as their increase in attention and their attraction to shoes grows and they find that they naturally move the shoe closer to their face.  They find the aroma of a used well worn shoe and the high quality leather much like the scent of sex.  The attraction grows and maybe they start kiss the shoe and the inner sole as they start to feel more and more passion. Yes this is great but the gotta have a shoe fetishist learns early it can be taken so much much farther. This might still be considered masturbation?



Many have already realized a closed toe shoe or boot inside looks a lot like an open vagina.  Of course this section includes all of the early shoe fetish notes above. But the fetishist might have started their fetish with an attraction to feet and then moved on to a focus on a shoe or boot but instead of just masturbating they might finally start to move into the sexuality and the sex much slower first selecting the shoe or shoes looking at the ones that attract them, then touching, but it doesn’t stop there they might bring the shoe closer to their face and nature drives them to perhaps kiss fondle and make love to the whole inner shoe. This is a much slower process that evolves over time much like foreplay where excitement is slowly enhanced.  It is important to note that the move from self stimulation to real love takes time and adjusting and accepting your fetish. However, it eventually expands as you do into a deep love because you have learned your shoe fetish is about as good as sex gets.

Once sufficiently aroused they would probably put some silicone lube on their member as they are probably driven even more to passionately keep kissing the inner sole of one shoe of the shoes.  They are now kissing the shoe much like they would a partner and they become very intense and devoted to the shoe. It is amazing how having a woman's used shoe hug your face can evolve into passionate love making. 

Next they might soon rise and turn and lower themselves into the other waiting shoe with lubricant just like they were entering a woman. As they slowly start to penetrate in and out of the shoes depth it is now very clear that they are no longer masturbating as the leather electrically messages their penis.  They are now fucking deeply into the shoe with no hands and feeling every crease of the leather. Soon they realize the advanced shoe fetish is now about actually loving and making out with the shoe with all of their focus and full passion and they are literally now fucking a shoe or boot, I mean they are really fucking the shoe with their body pulsing in and out of the erotic perhaps well-worn woman's shoe until they orgasm while kissing and loving the other shoe.  They learn quickly the feel is amazing and they realize the dark inner passage of a high quality shoe or boot is much like a woman.  Now passionately on top and penetrated into the shoe they realize there is no need for their hands as they are now actually fucking the shoe and folks this isn't masturbation any longer.  

As time and a few session with shoes pass their passion grows they also realize there are no longer dreams of a partner just dreams and the longing for an incredible and erotic well broken in shoe or boot.  Yes you can fall so in love with shoes many don't need a partner.  Maybe the shoe and the memory of the wearer and of the foot that was once its partner were once incredibly important now it is replaced by the incredible desire to just want to make love to and fuck the shoe or boot. Again this is clearly no longer masturbation.  Once you accept your fetish, It’s just you and the shoes, and when your completed you know you were on top and pulsing deep inside the shoe and it dawns on you that you just made love to, had sex with, and just fucked a high quality very erotic woman's shoe and loved every minute of it and as soon as you recover you want to do it again, and again. 

These shoes on these pages are from EBAY there is no person related to any of these well broken in used shoes and boots just the sexy used wear lines of unknown feet in incredibly erotic shoes.  At this point if the shoe is erotic and once the shoe is put over your, or a face their mind has No thoughts other than the odors of the shoes and then making love to the incredible used shoe or boot and the outline and wear lines of perhaps an unknown foot worn into the leather shoe adds spice.  Many are driven by passion and will now kiss and make love to every inch of the shoe or boot especially the inside of the shoe.  It's really now just about the very used very well worn shoe when you are at this advanced fetish level and only you know just how great it is to be able to climb into and make love to and fuck an incredible shoe like the ones to the left.  The true fetishist at this stage can still desire a partner and enjoy those encounters but in reality looks forward to being in a shoe.  They may now have little desire or need for a partner.  Often all they think and dream about is to lust after and make love to the shoes on her feet or those there closet or from their growing collection for hours on end and nothing else.  


As some advance even further in their fetish and some will then try their new fetish stoned.  If you enjoy marijuana everything about this fetish improves even more as you now can let yourself go and your focus enhances so much more as you are now driven high with desire to your shoe collection and focus on its erotic pull.  For many the desire to erotically play with the shoes soon leads to your climbing on top and as you are fucking the shoe or boot you can feel the electric charge even more as you move deeper inside and you know there is nothing like this as you pulse until you explode into the depths.  The reality is simple - and you now one day must admit it to yourself You are actually fucking the shoe or boot while making passionate love licking and kissing every inch of the other and deep into the inner sole. This total love of women's shoes is not for everyone, and what some do may vary a bit, but if it’s for you, there is no way to explain how incredible it is and that once you start you discover just how amazing this fetish is and you now know it will become a life time passion that you can never end and will never want to end.  If it is between you and an intolerant partner many will choose the shoes.  I know there are many women who will accept you and your fetish the way you are, but, you need to take care of her needs well before you do your.  So don't hide it until there is no choice talk to your partner early because a shoe fetish can not be eliminated.  Truth is YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT and it just feels to good to even consider stopping.


EBAY, what an interesting and grand place for a shoe fetishist!!! Thousands maybe millions of used women’s shoes and no one cares that you have a fetish and only want to buy their shoes and boots to have sex with. I have been having sex with women and their shoes for so long I can’t even say. In the old days I had to go to garage sales and resale shops to try to find great women’s shoes. This way was always a challenge finding even one pair in a search. Now there is EBAY with every kind of woman’s shoe or boot imaginable and in any color and level of wear.  If I had the ability to orgasm endlessly I could buy hundreds. These mostly women ship them with no questions asked and when they arrive I just wait for the right time and perhaps with a little grass get stoned and fuck the heck out of them. Just the thought of so many sexy designer shoes can leave a fetishist breathless. Frankly it does leave me breathless as many times I do them many times in a session. Sometimes boots win, sometimes a great pair of shoes win and  Occasionally if I have a great pair of sexy leather shoes I might even do my own well worn shoes.

The realty is I have adapted to and let go of the mind games as I look forward to a great shoe sex session.  Generally I prefer enjoying shoes a bit stoned it is so much more enhanced.  For me there is no going back.



This may often times take a very long time to get a partner to this point.  Before you do this remember she needs to understand and get used to your fetish.  Surprises can backfire badly.  Often when the time is right, which is often, you can bring out one of the pairs with your partner and as you kiss her or perhaps give her oral sex you add a little sex lube and gently make love to her clit with the shoe. For years now to my surprise over and over this will end with her having a great and long orgasm. 

Will she kiss the shoes? Maybe, or, maybe Not a chance but she will do the hell out of them as she might make you kiss the inside of the shoes she was wearing to bed. When giving her oral sex try bringing out one of your favorite pointed toe Jimmy Choo very very used black leather knee high yes pointed toe all zippered boots with lots of wear creases and toe bumps. (like the one to the left)   As you kiss her Clit slowly bring the boot around from the back with some lubricant on her and the boot toe. As you lick her slowly and gently bring the boot around the back and gently touch the back of her clit. My experience, this works well most like the double attention and they slowly begin to enjoy fucking the boot. As she begins to orgasm she pulls more onto the boot not my mouth and the she lets go, and keeps going for a long time if you do this correctly. If you are fortunate to have a fetish tolerant woman she will  seriously and intensely fuck the boot.  The proof is the end result I say that because she clearly does orgasm the hell out of the shoes so much so that she will take the shoe or another one and reward you by do the hell out of you after. Getting to fuck a shoe at this point is just amazing. Why do you get to fuck a shoe? Because as much as she went you held back until she did and whether it is intercourse next or her fucking me with a shoe or both I am ready for a great orgasm. 

BEFORE YOU MOVE ON:   There is a Golden Rule if you don't want an angry partner.  Take care of her before you no matter how tempted or excited you are and your life and things will go better.


Let me be clear if you get to play with your woman orally and tactically with shoes LUBRICANT or STIMULATING LUBES LIKE KY & WET SILICONE ARE A MUST their parts are tender to the rub or the penetration of dry leather. With lube this is so exciting that you will learn fast they can not resist the play.  Another note, no dirty shoes make certain they are clean you don’t want her to get a problem.  A KEY NOTE it looks cool to insert a stiletto heel into a woman in a porn film, BUT it is nonsense the sharp edges and corners will tear her skin and it is not exciting to see your partner in pain.  Movies think it is cool and erotic but it is not, a high quality well worn shoe or boot with a pointed toe and lots of wear creases with her and the boot well lubricated in oral sex on her clit with your tongue works beyond incredibly well.   Not all women will take the toe into their vagina but alas oral sex with the clit is plenty erotic.


If you have a fetish tolerant partner remember her before you.  Always make certain to take care of her needs first.  Even if you love shoes if you do the shoes first she will believe you have no need for her and your done.   


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