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The Oral Shoe Fetish Asphyxia is a new version of a shoe fetish to me.  If anyone has any experience and can add more too this topic please send us an e-mail with details.


We have a very limited knowledge and do not have any photos or JPEGs of this fetish style and have not seen any on the WEB images pages or other sites.  Any help is appreciated to add to this knowledge base.

This material was posted as adult material for those over the age of 21 with a very big warning and word of caution!!! 

To us this experiment in auto erotic asphyxia, it seems, could create significant unknown damage and/or harm and perhaps even death!!!! 

This is clearly an experience we received details about that no one here has heard of before and no one to date that we have forwarded the material to has a clue about this behavior beyond what is explained. 

“We clearly and emphatically do not advise, condone, or encourage this behavior in any manner and you are at your own risk if you try this behavior”. 

Outside of tissue tears and other unknown reactions it clearly seems that, for example, if used shoes are not sanitized incredibly well this could also infect an experimenter with unknown bacteria and viruses.   

Clearly if an experimenter goes to far, as in auto asphyxia, blocking of airways could lead to an experimenter passing out and/or suffocating !!!


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These photos are a size 4.5 Jimmy Choo and I'm told these can do what this comment states???

Let us know if someone

 tries this???

This pair has been worn very thin and the Jimmy Choo leather is very smooth & bendable.  I don't know if that is important or not???




Auto erotic shoe fetish asphyxia, at least this was new to this research site!!!

A note was recently received describing a different type of shoe fetish play that had never been noticed or considered before.   What  was  described was the typical fetish behavior that we had seen as far as doing a shoe and having a climax.  The new part was what was described next.

The person said they try to find a small size 4 to size 5 women’s shoe and/or boot generally pointed and with high quality leather, smooth edges., and no vibram rubeer soles, just smooth high quality leather.  Perhaps we can assume a shoe like one of the Jimmy Choo boots or stiletto heels described on other pages?  What was described was that this was a very fast high powered stimulation event.  Time was of the essence so they lubricated and started inserting their member into one shoe first and got aroused.  They also used a linocaine or benzocaine desensitizer and sprayed it toward the back of their throat to inhibit their gag reflex. 

Then they said they took the shoe they were not using to insert their member in and lubricated the whole toe box with silicone sex fluid, some KY gel, and at times they said they used G.  Then as they started to do the shoe they were wearing on their member and got aroused they placed the tip of the lubricated shoe or boot in their mouth and pulsed it into their mouth eventually inserting it toward the back of their throat.  They said they used a very high quality used all leather boot where the material was more flexible and the wear lines made it much more erotic. 

Once in the back of their throat they said they kept pulsing it further until the whole front half of the shoe was deep into their mouth and throat and as they did this the tip of the shoe started to block all of the air passages.  At that point they kept pulsing inward even further until they could not breath and had blocked all of their air ways.  At that point they would continue until they climaxed.  The comment was that it was a grand auto erotic climax and they claimed to have a grand time. 

It was asked again how they could do that with the gag reflex?  They said they bought desensitizing sex benzocaine from a sex shop and sprayed it down their throat and it numbed it enough to make the deep oral shoe sex possible.  It was explained that this worked very well and although the climaxes might come very fast because of the time they had with no air, that they were very, very strong.

Also asked was why didn’t this damage their throat?  What about infections?  They said no, with enough cleaning and lubricant and by being patient inserting the shoe that no skin or tissues were torn.  They did not force the shoe beyond a point that could hurt them and had to experiment with different shoes until they found one that worked well.

They noted that the size and shape shoe could fit just fine into their mouth but noted, for them, it was the smaller sizes that fit down further into their throats.  They also explained that some of the larger size pointed leather shoes with thin softer leather soles also worked in some cases but blocked the airways very quickly if they could get the shoe passed the back of their throats.

That is all that was provided to date, please forward any additons if you can.


9/8/16 --- No additional data has been received to follow up the discussion on this subject at this time.  If this is something that anyone is familiar with please send us so more data and/or discussion so we can add to this, or, if you have any other subject to add to please send your thoughts.

Thank you

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