Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish
"I have been waiting for these used Monolo's on EBAY 
for years" --
absolutely incredible very sexy on and off and inside.
Another look 
at a red hot sexy 
shoe fetish 
stiletto shoe
So if your going to be  home alone 
R U 
"Dancing With Yourself"

Why not try shoes?

How will you know 
unless you try?

If You think these are hot -- 

ask yourself 

what the inside must feel like?

If you have a shoe fetish 
you will want to know -
If not 
these pictures are meaningless!!!
If you do the toe bumps
worn inside are just amazing!!!
These Jimmy Choo's 
are so incredible
and perfectly worn
that the note to us claims 
"I could spend hours with them"

Just think about those creases and inside toe bumps and what it would feel like to penetrate and have them caress you?
This is clearly 
a boot in waiting
Are you really going to tell me 
you wouldn't?
That would be a mistake!
As an adult w/o a fetish and, after reading some of this site and a little at a time, 
Over several months when I was horney and my partner was not in the mood but I was, and I had some personal time, that I would generally masturbate in, as I laid on the bed after rerading your site I decided to bring out some shoes and place them around me along with watching my favorites on xhamster.  For many of my personal time visits nothing happened.  Then I started looking at them and noticed the wear lines and curves and eventually I realized some were kind of sexy.  Regardless I decide why not use some lube and stick my member inside it was better than a hand job.  Let me add my partner has shoes similar to many noted on these pages.  

After a little time and eventually adding silicone sex lube I gave it a try.  Using manual masturbation techniques at first I found they not only felt good, they surrounded my penis in a way my hand could not and I would blow my load.  After a while experimenting I realized it felt an awful lot like a vagina. 

After numerous tries I started to get excited by the smell the shoes had and then I'd start sticking my head into a shoe and as I got aroused I loved the smell.   It surprised me but before long I was not only on top of the shoes I was penetrating them and making love to the shoes and I was so aroused I began kissing the inner lining of these now very sexy shoes.  Here I was penetrating and now having sex with the other.  I started to look forward to these sessions 
and I really wanted them. 

I can't believe how something like this could change me.  It took a while to determine what shoes worked and what shoes were just friction.  When I did determine that for me high quality leather lined used shoes were the best at that point I was no longer masturbating with the shoes 
I was now deep into the shoes and now I was now actually
 turned on by these now very sexy used shoes 
and I was actually starting to make love to them.

Now when I saw a beautiful woman in hot sexy shoes I wanted them and I would go home and take out a pair of my partners shoes 
and screw the heck out of them. 

I never realized an experience like this could grow 
and turn me into a full blown shoe fetish?


No I still want my partner but I really d look forward to my time with shoes and I no longer masturbate like I used to.  I agree with the site this is a new type of sex because the way I do shoes now is no longer old fashioned masturbation.

I also agree with the author, Very used 
Jimmy Choo low heeled pointed toe zipper boots 
WELL, they are just incredible. 
Not all shoes have to cost a lot 
to actually be a lot.  
These well worn Alice and Olivia shoes 
were a surprise to Billy G.