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Asphyxia Boot Fetish c17



Shoe Fetish Asphyxia - just imagine she takes these off and ties them on to your face?

Shoe Fetish Asphyxia - Or perhaps these? 


Thse are size 13 and very hot ! 

Shoe Fetish Asphyxia - These are also an awful lot of great leather boots fun.  Alexander McQueen was certainly a true shoe fetish genius !  The tops of these can fit right over your face snuggly!

Boot Asphyxia sniffing fetish


Bet you didn't think it would be a she holding a boot over her face and breathing deeply?


Most of us always thought it was men that did this?


  Surprise the web holds a lot of women doing this and there is a lesbian shoe fetish site to boot.


Interesting, and surprised, I didn't find any men doing this???   

Asphyxia Boot Fetish


Look how tight she is

holding the boot over her face. How long does she hold it there?


If she passes out and it is not

tied on would she just wake up? Maybe? Maybe not? It might  depend on what position she was in holding them in place.

Asphyxia Boot Fetish

Asphyxia Fashion Boot fetish    


Now if she just tied the boot to her face with a pair of pantyhose she could masturbate and not have to hold the boot while sniffing it?


Her chin could hold the boot and the nylon tied over the top of the boot to her nose would hold it in place.  With the bottom not tied she could easily remove it as air ran out, but, if she also tied the nylon over her chin things could get unpredictable, careful.  

Boot Asphyxia Fetish in the park

Boot Asphyxia fetish

Maybe she wants more than a short smell?

Boot Asphyxia Fetish


If she holds it over her face too tight maybe it is an aspyhxia fetish too?

Shoe sniffing Fetish


The smell of shoes and feet mixed with leather is just like the aroma of sex. No wonder it is a turn on.

Shoe Fetish Sniffing


I think this girl should fuck those boots as well.

Shoe Snifffing Fetish


or, lesbian sex affair - they are getting closer to both.  Same boots as above pccy

Shoe sniffing fetish


First she smells them

Shoe Asphxia sniffing fetish


Then the aroma drives her to lick and kiss them

Boot Ashpxia sniffing fetish


Now she needs to be inside of them to smell them better.  She is holding them tight because the boot is flexing with each breath.

Boot Asphxia Sniffing Fetish


You can see the boot flex with her breathing, she is holding the boot tightly over her face.   Do you think if she had tied them on she could be masturbating right now to the erotic intoxication, or maybe trying to hump the other boot ???  I would be !!!

Fashion Boot Asphyxia Fetish Girl 


Of course she can't resist. 

Asphyia Boot Deep Sniffing Fetish Girl


Taking it deeper and

turning herself on..

Shoe Fetish love

Shoe Fetish


You want this!!!

Shoe Fetish Love


You really want this don't you?

Shoe Fetish Love 

She says;


Forget it I can't help myself, these boots are so hot,

 I want these boots,

 I need these boots.

I'm going to have these boots.

NOW !!!

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Shoe Fetish CASE #17   Shoe Fetish Asphyxia?  Boot Fetish Asphyxia? 

 If you choose to read this material you are declaring you are over the age of 21 and you understand the potential psychological and health risks of deviant & fetish behavior and you take full responsibility for your actions.  EXIT NOW if you DO NOT declare that you take full responsibility for your actions, decisions, and any  reactions that you make today, or at any time in the future, as a result of anything contained on this site, related sites, or any of the case, studies, and books, or any other materials that may be posted now or in the future. 


(Unidentified Author )


I was sitting at home when a very expensive prostitute I had hired arrived for a visit. 


This is a real case:  We are not responsible for any action that you or others may take as a result of this case or this book, and or, any, related material included, or found, here or on any of our or other internet sites where this material may be located.  WARNING:  Use common sense, asphyxia, BDSM,  Multiple partners & STDs and other behaviors can be dangerous and even deadly and although they make interesting cases, all forms of unusual behavior can be dangerous.  We do not advise in any way or manner, nor do we condone, or take any responsibility for anyone that chooses to experiment with any of the situations noted in this book and related material you take full responsibility for your actions, the results, and your relationships, and do so at your own risk now or in the future.   Be warned that actions as a result of this fetish can be psychologically and physically damaging and can have an impact on you or someone close to you in unpredictable ways both physical, and, or mental including brain damage and you do any experimentation at your own risk and by your own choosing.  We do not recommend that anyone experiment in this manner but although the story was written after the fact and perhaps made more interesting it is a true case and from a psychological point of view one that should be noted and not ignored as a real fetish behavior.   The book includes many fetish cases, certainly not all but many can prove life changing.    


(unidentifed Author)

I was sitting at home when a very expensive prostitute I had hired arrived for a visit.  Having hired her before and knowing her well I already knew that this was a free spirited woman where I could expect her to say, do, and try almost anything.  She was very experienced with my shoe fetish, knew what shoes and boots to wear, and played it up very well.  She always brought several pairs with her for our visits.


She's was exotic, erotic, sexy, and wow, very, very hot with her long blond hair covering her shoulders, she looked almost as if she just walked off of the cover of a Vogue magazine.  To say the least, this was certainly a distracting woman.  This is the kind of woman you just dream about but never meet.  A perfect body covered in a tight black dress that touched just above her knees.  On her legs I couldn't help but notice she was wearing the sexiest and hottest pair of Italian designer high heeled kid skin knee high black leather fashion boots I had ever seen with finger loops at the top for pulling the boots onto her legs.     From the start of my two hour session it seemed that she made up her mind that she was going to have some fun with my fetish.  


She looked at me and said, So you like my boots.  As she caught me staring at perhaps the best pair of well broken in black leather high heel boots I had ever seen.


I answered with a lie, playing with her,  I don't now, I just was looking at them, there very interesting .


She says, I don't believe you These boots are not interesting their stunning and you know it. Man or woman, when I dress in black and wear this pair of high heeled black leather fashion boots you would have to be dead if you didn't stare at them.  I know the power of these boots and I know that in black with my makeup on I am attractive enough that almost anyone  sexually alive would have a hard time controlling themselves.   You wouldn't be surprised to know that I am propositioned by men almost every day.  But I'll bet you would be even more surprised to find out that I have also been propositioned and hired regularly by many women. 

There was no doubt that she is one of those women who both male and female would find so stunning that they couldn't resist her sexual aura and they would want her.


At that point she put her leg forward and said,  Curious, go ahead and take a look at them, touch them if you want, she said, as she sat in a chair across from me.  


I was hesitant, but as I looked I couldn't resist she was just to hot I did exactly what she said.  As I touched the leather my body went on fire it was a great way to be able to touch her. Even through the leather. (She knew she was getting me going). I just hoped to get more.  


Playing with me she rubbed her other leg along my pants.   The leather was so soft and smelled so good that my member went directly to attention.  I knew she saw it because she then placed her leg in my lap with the toe of the boot close to my face and the other just touching my erection.  She told me to kiss it. 


Once again I hesitated, but she gently rubbed my member and it felt so erotic that I had to do as she said.  I couldn't resist it, as I held her boot and kissed it, slowly at first and then with great passion as she continued to rub my erection.   I could feel her well formed foot and toes inside of the boot with my tongue.


After a while she slowly had me slide the erotic boot off of her leg while I kissed the outside of the toe area of her boot.  She would not allow me to stop kissing her booted leg.  She said if I couldn't do this that I would never get anything else.  So I did as she asked.


She then told me to, look inside my boot as she moved the boot toward me.  She said,  I was so sweaty, please tell me if my boots smell ok.  I just need to know .  She held my head with one hand and gently moved the boot toward my face with the opening of the boot nearing my nose. 


 Look down it, can you see where my feet go down inside toward the toe.  Look down inside the boots.  It's a wonderful flesh tone the same as my skin.


I had to admit, I have always wanted to get my hands on a pair of hot fashion boots.  There has always been a fascination for hot leather boots on beautiful women, and now I was about to get to play with both. 


She then said, lower your head and put your nose and mouth inside of the opening of my boot and smell my aroma.  Does it smell ok.   It was so erotic I wanted to do it, but I told her I couldn't.   It was so strange to be smelling this woman’s boot.


She then put her other boot covered foot in my lap and it got my attention.  She told me to try it, look closer, you'll be surprised.  Do you smell the erotic leather of my boot mixed with my body.  At that point she took a pair of black panty hose from her bag and slipped one of the toes through each loop on the top of the boot.  Pulled the hose through making a loop. 


With her help, I did and it was very erotic and kinky.  I wanted more but I was a bit embarrassed, this was all so strange to me.  But I already knew I loved being with her and I wanted this exotic woman and I would give it a try if it helped me to get her.   I also knew that I loved what she was doing to me with her boots.  This was the most attractive woman that had ever come close to me and I wasn't about to say no. 


So I slowly looked inside the boot.   She then told me to look closer can't you see down deep where my toes go, look closer.  Place the opening of the boot closer to your face.  Put your nose and mouth down inside of it, pull it up over your face along the sides of your head, get into it, place it closer.  Pull the boot over your nose and mouth and breath in the aroma. 


It was weird but the boot was so sexy that I could not resist I slid the panty hose in the loops over my head and slid the boot over my nose and mouth as my lips touched and caressed the soft inner flesh toned leather and I breathed in that exotic smell.  When I did this it was her mixed with the smell of top quality leather.   The top of a thigh high boot is fairly wide and my face easily fit inside of the leather and I could feel the gentle soft leather wrapped around the sides of my face over my head and down under my chin.


She told me to hold them tight and that I must make love and kiss the inside of the boot and let the boot inhale and exhale up and down with each breath.  You'll just love it when the air turns warm and mixes with the smell of my body.   It’ll make you get so hot that you can't help but get excited and loose control.   


Then she sat behind me and wrapped her legs around my body with her foot and other booted leg gently stroking my hardened member.  She pulled on the legs of the hose which tightened the boot with my head inside loose but yet firmly over my face.   She moved my hands from holding the boot and gently held the boot over my face as she continued to rub her booted soft leather against my penis.  I knew I was about ready to explode.  She stopped just short of my exploding.  As I relaxed, she says, I can tell you love my boots.  I think I am going to make you explode with my booted foot, would that be OK. 


I agreed as I tried to move my head out of the inside of her boot.  She said, oh no bad boy, I didn't tell you could come out.  You’re a bad boy, you must put your face back inside of my boot.   For that I am going to prepare to tie the boot tighter over your face to hold it firmly inside so you can’t disobey me.  


I knew that I couldn't resist.   She gently removed the boot and slid my face out of the boot for a moment and gave me the deepest and longest of kisses.   All I could respond was, do whatever you want.   


But than she said, first you must kiss the other boot. 


While I was kissing her very exciting boot I watched her prepare the other one to tie over my face again.   Later I noticed that she had laced her nylon as well as added a very long heavy shoe lace through firmly stitched little holes that seemed to be previously punched but unnoticeable through near the top portion of the boot. 


You couldn't see the holes until she laced them.  The holes were just below a very strong seam in the top of the boot that the leather would not tear from them being tied tightly over my head.  What I didn't think about at the time was that they might not be easy to take off if they were tied on to my face.  There were a few things that I had not considered at that point.   However, I am here to write this so things must have worked out OK.


I was very erect and horny from kissing her other boot.  This time she helped me place my face and part of my head right back inside that thigh high kid skin leather well worn high heeled black leather very erotic boot.   It was so exciting and kinky, I was having a lot of fun.  Then she put my head back into the boot and tightened the nylons from the boot to the back of my head and tied them very tight so the boot could not fall off.  She did it by tying the nylon through the leather in the loops.  Then from behind me she tightened the laces that went over my forehead and at spots around my face to keep the boot in place.  She then tied the last one from below my chin to the back of my neck to keep the bottom from opening up as well. 


What I realized was that this would not be easy to pull off if I needed to, it was clearly firmly in place.  Once tightened against the sides of my face and under my chin it made a great seal.  But it was so exciting I figured so what, this is fun.  As she wrapped her legs around me again with her boot sitting right on top of my penis she tightened the last item, the nylons that went through the loops.  They were no longer loose enough.  There was no more outside fresh air but the before tightening it she made sure the boot held enough air.  So at first I noticed the more concentrated smell of leather and her feet but not the declining air.


She told me make love to the inside of the boot, the leather, the smell, it’s me she said.  Don't you just love it as you breathe in and out inside of the boot.  You can feel it as the boot expands and contracts with every breath.  You can smell my feet and legs and I know you love.


I did, and the smell was intoxicating.  I just loved it inside her boot.  Surprisingly the boots were tall enough that they held a lot of air.  What I also quickly noticed was that there was no additional fresh air getting into the boot.  Regardless my excitement was growing and I was ready to explode as my breathing got deeper and faster from the lack of oxygen.  The excitement was mounting. 


She kept rubbing me with my penis between her booted foot and bare foot.  Firmly in rhythm up and down over my erect penis.  As my body began to move with the rhythm I just knew that I was going to make love to the boots and I was about to explode and even though I was almost out of air, I didn’t try to take the boots off my face either.  I was just simply too excited.


As I passionately kissed the inside lining of the boot I was becoming slightly dizzy and about to pass out.  At first I thought it was because my body began to explode continuously onto her boot and foot that was rubbing my penis.  It was just simply one of the best orgasms I had ever had.  


At that point I had no strength left and was too dizzy to pull the boot off my face.  I must have passed out from lack of oxygen.  At that point I had to trust her, she had to decide what to do next.  Thinking about it later, I realized what if she didn’t remove the boot?


A REPEATED URGENT NOTE:  I included this case in my book to share an extreme persons point of view.  One must remember that asphyxia is not a common trend of shoe fetishists and it is, and can be, very dangerous.  Clearly passing out inside of a shoe or boot in this manner can cost a lot more than an evening.   It can risk your life.  This is very dangerous stuff and I am clearly advising everyone this should not be played with.   Smoking Marijuana and doing this can be even more dangerous because the desire for the boot heightens and you may lose track of what you are doing.   Don't do it.  It's one persons case, perhaps it is just a story, perhaps it is not a story, but the writer wrote it and sent it to me and clearly they did not hurt themselves.
I have been told cases of other people some with other types of fetishes, some with shoes,  stories of other people putting intoxicating vapor materials inside of a bag, a closed container, or even a boot to get them high.  Imagine the danger of tying a boot over their face the combination of vapors and lack of oxygen is deadly and could lead to a heart attack or death.  Both and even more combinations that I am ot aware of could become your last combination and if it doesn't kill you could cause extensive brain and other organ damage.  It's a story, or it is fact, by someone out there who either just thought it up or tried it on a very limited basis and clearly survived.   

Shoe Fetish Love


I love my shoes.

I love my shoes.

I want to fuck my shoes


I'm going to fuck my shoes 

Boot Asphyxia Pass Out Fetish




If you are not at least 21 years old EXIT NOW



(Unidentified Author)

Honey you just hold that boot a little tighter over your face
and you will have a closed seal & case#17. 


Tie the boot with a pantyhoe over the leather then over your nose bridge to the back of your head.  Make it firm but not to tight and not to loose 

and leave the bottom loose so
when you put your face and chin inside the boot it creates a closed air seal
and you will then have a captivating and very closed asphyxia boot
you can just slide out from. 
By putting your chin in, or zipping the boot up to your chin
you will have the delight of the great aromas
and be able to breath the closed aromas of the inside of her boot.  
If your laying on a bed the nylon over your nose and with your chin inside the boot
 it will hold the boot firmly in place but again not captively in place. 
No your not a prisoner!  But you could be?
You want it so that you can take it off when you have had enough,
or when you need to breath fresh air easily.
If you let your self pass out with the boot tied and held
 even loose you can have catostrohic results.
If no one takes it off and you don't either and you pass out.
that's asphyxia. 
Tie the boot over your nose and then over your chin to the back of your head. 
You may make yourself a prisoner that you can't easily get out of.
If you come close to passing out.
you are well, now a part of the boot and probably gone.
Play smart, play safe, have a trusted buddy or don't let yourself pass out.  


However, caution you don't want to wait to long or until you pass out because that simple loose seal can still become a big problem and won't remove itself if you pass out and then this fun ashpyxia can become very dangerous indeed if not damaging or deadly.


So once again CAUTION !!!