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It seems that once someone orgasms inside a shoe that for many it feels so good that many will probably want that feeling again.





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Just how powerful is a shoe fetish?



This is an interesting subject that challenges us even further.  This site points out and confirms that for many a shoe fetishist that the power of the attraction is incredible, and it appears this is the case for those who also share this fetish here.


Many can share with you that all they have to do is walk into a closet where there are pairs of well worn erotic leather shoes and their body reacts almost immediately.   One person noted that his shoe fetish was like supercharged sex.   Here is one shoe fetishists view of how he feels about shoe sex;



It was because it didn’t take a romantic liason to begin, it didn’t take lots of personal emotion, or a romantic setting, or for that mater all of the mutual arousal foreplay motions.  It took a great pair of erotic designer shoes, a good setting, the right moment of arousal and I was off to the races.   When I stick my nose into a great pair of shoes my member charges erect and I am on the way, a bit of KY gel on the tip, and I am heading inside shoe and into supercharged sex.  If I let my mind wander I can make love to the shoe near my face and in my mind it can be almost like making it with a person.  There is just something about shoes that really makes it for me.  I just love them.  I found I can get aroused and make love to a pair of hot shoes and once inside feel as if I were in the heat of intercourse.   It is such an incredible feeling inside of a pair of great shoes that sometimes it almost overwhelms the act of sex itself.    I am not certain I can explain the why for it, just a summary of my thoughts.  


As for my partner.  I don’t let my fetish overcome my life because if I did I might certainly enjoy the sex play but miss out on all of the joy and fun of relationships.  Don’t get me wrong, real sex is a blast to, but shoe play fits really well as supercharged sex for those times when there really isn’t enough time or the setting is wrong.  Oh la la, shoes for me beat the heck out of any form of self play.  Consider this as well, I can spend an hour or two playing with shoes or do a shoe in less than 5 minutes depending on how much time I have.  It really is like  a supercharge of passion.  I can get a full range of emotions from the smell, fondling, and kissing to humping the heck out a shoe and it is never to me like masturbating.   When I am done I feel the same relief and relaxation as if I just had a great sexual encounter.


Are some women interested in more than just buying shoes?


It may not be on the front burner for women, “but” the question keeps being asked, do some women have an interest in shoes beyond shopping?   Do some women understand men’s fetish behavior?  Do some use shoes as part of their sex play?  An interesting question, even more so when you consider lesbians are interested in women rather than men.  Is it possible to develop a form of shoe fetish behavior for lesbian seductions and actions?  Do lesbian women use women’s shoes as they get into their play?  I am certain there are many variations of fetish behavior, and I think there are probably as many variations as the people who share this fetish.  As far as women and shoe fetish goes, there is very little written on this topic, however I was able to secure some information from my contacts researching this material.  In all fairness, I am not certain about some of the experiences.  I am not quite certain about all aspects of each case, I am a male with a shoe fetish and not a female.  I get male shoe fetishism.   I am including a few of the ones I received. 


Once again, as the materials were gathered to write this book it turned out that some of them appeared to be fantasies of desire, and they may, or may not be, actual real life stories.   Some of the women’s stories could have even be written by men.   Some of them appear to be real and these women appear to have tried with co-operating partners who were open minded and understood sex play as fun.  

Although, some claimed that this activity was done with their partners, they claimed that they didn’t want to directly share their experiences and preferred to hide their identity so as to retain their privacy. From their notes it seems that they found a way to make this kind of sex play work for them.    


The notes and commentaries in this writing clearly reflect that a shoe fetishists mind operates in as complex a fashion as any other form of sexuality.  The variances in options and ways of finding sexual pleasure are as varied as the number of people in the world.  It remains likely that a shoe fetish probably would not be shared by a woman in the same way or manner as their male counterpart because the shoe perhaps mainly represents a vaginal entrance and most male shoe fetishist use it as just that.  However, the bisexual fetish girl noted in case number 9 seemed to have a bit of a fetish fun easily because in her mind she could be just as attracted to a vagina as a penis.   Perhaps the conclusion is that we have been looking in the wrong places to find women with a shoe fetish.  We should be considering the lesbian and bi sexually active women.   Although I have established and experienced that heterosexual women can literally, do a shoe, it does not seem to become a fetish for them when they do.  However, they do appear to enjoy it.  It may be that hetero sexual women develop many different aspects and variances.  A lesbian woman might consider a foot to be phallic and a pointed designer shoe exterior as erotic as well as phallic in many ways similar to male shoe fetishists. 


For some women with long term relationships with male shoe fetishists they noted that they were still very sexually active because of the allowance and addition of their mates shoe fetish during their sex play.  They noted many of their friends were commenting about slow downs in sexual activity, but some commented that the fetishists seemed to always find new shoes to look at and ways to stay excited.  The women noted that although their male partners may be looking at every pair of shoes walking down the street, or they enjoyed shoe shopping with them a bit more than normal, they seemed to be bringing that excitement home with them and then into the bedroom.  They noted the fetish activity added a deeper dimension and variance to the routine of oral sex and intercourse.  It seemed to add depth to the foreplay activity and it seemed to have gained the women more attention and ultimately greater pleasure. 


A review of some of the more interesting cases notes a significant variance in shoe fetish desire.  Case number 9 is an real account as best that I am able to determine.   My conclusion after meeting this person is that women may not have embraced this fetish because from their view, they don’t have the information and anatomy to figure out how to use it.  A shoe fetish is an almost easy progression for young males, women are attractive to them, men see hot shoes, they lock on to the sexual relationship, they experiment with almost anything to turn on when they are young, next you know they have tried experimenting by putting their member into a shoe, they accidentally find out it feels good, they keep on doing it until one day they orgasm, for them it is incredible, viola, a shoe fetish is born and his mind is locked on to the inside of her shoes.  Most women develop differently and don’t try anything so to speak.  So the likelihood of their falling into a pair of shoes is very, very low.  However, my experience is now showing me that once they learn something new that feels good, they can still get into it as well.  





-- NOW | FEB 4 - 11, 2004 | VOL. 23 NO. 23 (online found through Google ) --- This woman writes very clearly,,, “do shoes turn you on more than sex itself.  There’s a name for it – you’re a retifist!  Honoring fellow shoe fetishist Rétif de la Bretonne, a kinky French writer from the 16th century, retifism is the umbrella term for shoe-love. Whether you admire, stroke, lick or screw, it’s all love, baby.  Maybe even truer and more lasting than the date you have lined up for V-day.  Retifism inspires the same actions as adultery – lies, stealth maneuvers and concealment.   I know women – OK, I’m one – who won’t keep anything else from their mates, but ask me how much those designer heels cost and out will spurt the universal fudge “On sale.” Sure, being hot for an inanimate object is, well, unusual, but think of it this way – how much personality does a dildo have?”

This is an interesting perspective and a direct sexual commentary about women and shoes.  That leads me to consider that much more research needs to be done to follow up on lesbian behavior and shoes.  I am beginning to conclude that for the most part, women, don’t talk about it, until now.  The internet has opened a door to women being able to discuss almost anything without fear of being identified.  This is an interesting turn of events and mix, but just maybe one way beautiful women have used to seduce an unconsciously willing lesbian partners to cross into their new frontier is dress, and shoes and boots.  


I heard this story from a lesbian I had communicated with who understood the power of her shoes,  I don’t think she has a full blown male style shoe fetish but she discussed how she used her fetish to seduce a very horny and lonely ignored heterosexual housewife.   It seems that she learned of it while working as a hooker where a guy had a passion to try to turn her on with shoes and even though she thought that that was not her thing, it worked.  I guess stimulation done in the right way can do a lot of things and work in very strange ways.  Especially when used by a predatory lesbian female to seduce a heterosexual partner with perhaps an underlying curiosity. 


This next case follows in the path of the Goth case but is based on the events of a very lonely wife who is left alone with a lesbian friend who is fairly kinky.  Because of her being ignored for a long time and her frustration from a lack sexual activity by her mate she has reached the point where she just needs to do something.  It took quite a bit of time to evolve to the end result noted in the case but over time she decides she needs to do something and does not want to go out and look for a man to have an affair with.  She seems to think in the beginning that this is a good solution that starts out not impacting her commitment to her partner but it quickly and almost expectedly evolves to more.  I am doing the best to write this case in the way I understood it because the way it was written was quite unclear as received and you need to know that this case does get a bit strange as it moves along, but so are the mysteries of life.  I guess a horny lesbian in need a fix approaching a straight can adapt a lot of creative tactics to seduce the not so experienced.


Of course, once again what if the question arises that perhaps some of these cases were written by men pretending to be women.   I can verify that some of these were actually written by women.   However, not in the case of Goth Girl, and not in the next case with Lisa and Julie these might be women, they may be men but regardless it is a great view that appears to have played itself out in this perhaps fantasy commentary.  These commentaries I might note were received from those who were claiming to be women, my sense was that they may be.   Are they truthful, who can know for certain.  However, clearly if Goth and Julie were written by men we do gain value from these in that this becomes a deeper look into the shoe fetishists mind and their fantasies.  That in itself can have a high value in the research and understanding of how this fetish works for those who share this fascination for sometimes feet and shoes, and certainly for shoes and boots.  However, women who have read some of my stories when posted on lesbian sites have commented and appear to confirm these thoughts.