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As an experienced shoe fetishist we can verify that given the right setting Pauli's experience has been repeated often.  Women who are obsessed with shoe shopping and shoes  can often times learn to have sex with them. 

As kids some women take their shoes to bed with them and as we all know that can be how a fetish starts.  The difference is most women won't admit to their fetish.  Not surprising many men won't either.   

EBAY what an interesting 

and grand place for a shoe fetishist!!! 

EBAY:  Thousands maybe millions of used women’s shoes and no one cares that we have a fetish and only want to 

buy their shoes and boots to have sex with. 

I have been having sex with women and yes I love their feet with shoes and just their 

shoes for so long I can’t even say. In the old days I had to go to garage sales and resale shops to try to find great women’s shoes. This way was always a challenge finding even one pair in a search. 

Now there is EBAY with every kind of woman’s shoe or boot imaginable and in any color and level of wear.  If I had the ability to orgasm endlessly I could buy hundreds. These mostly women ship from EBAY 

with no questions asked 

and when they arrive 

I just wait for the right time 

and perhaps with a little grass get stoned

 and fuck the heck out of them. 

Just the thought of so many sexy designer shoes can leave a shoe fetishist breathless. Frankly it does leave me breathless because  many times I do them multiple times in a session.  Sometimes designer boots win, sometimes a great pair of designer shoes win but for me they are almost always used and leather lined. Occasionally I might even do my own own well worn leather shoes.  

Used Shoes are unique because as they become well worn they reflect the user and her feet in not only looks but often in aroma.

Maybe that is why I not only enjoy, 

I love having a shoe fetish and 

I would not give it up for the world. 

Often when the time is right, which is often, I bring out several pairs of these other women's shoes with my partner.  At first she didn't allow another woman's shoes but as I started buying really great designer used shoes and boots in her size she started to wear them outside as well as eventually during sex.  Remember these used shoes she is now wearing were worn by another woman.  Then I really got excited because as I kiss her or perhaps give her oral sex I add a little sex lube to her clit and to the top of the shoe 

and gently make love to her clit with my tongue and then gently with the tip of the shoe. For years now and to my early surprise and even today she will have a great and long orgasm.  (be very gentle and you will see) Between the tip of a leather pointed shoe and my tongue she was now having the best oral sex she had ever had.  The stimulation was beyond her expectations and even if she hated the shoes at first it felt too good to stop.  Is she a fetishist because she has sex with shoes, or is she bi-sexual because she turns on to used women's shoes?  

She won't discuss or admit to either but the way her orgasms are extreme I suspect it's one of those fantasies. 

Will she ever kiss the inside of a shoe? 

Not a chance in her mind she does not have a shoe fetish.  Of course that is nonsense as she will do the hell out of them as she makes me kiss the soles of the of the shoes while she does them. I am very fortunate to have a fetish woman. I say that because she really does orgasm the hell out of the shoes so much so that when she is done she is often spent and will then take one of the designer shoes off of her foot make me turn around and kiss and fondle the shoes and her feet  

while she puts my member inside and does the hell out of me and I fuck one of those used women's shoes.  

Why do I get to fuck a shoe at that point?  Because I made a point of doing her first and totally.  I never rush to get inside the shoes, if she wants intercourse we have intercourse until she is spent.  With so much pre-excitement to enjoy there is no doubt I can still do the shoe.   Also as much as she went I held back some until she went very well and then whether it is intercourse next or more oral sex it almost always ends with 

her fucking me with one of those other women's used shoes and I am ready.


Take care everyone -- Pauly

( We re-wrote some of this to clean it up )

Here are the over the knee zipper boots Pauly bought on EBAY.  As explained, these over the knee boots are an incredible encounter.