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Shoe Fetish Sex

These Chanel ballet flats f--k like a bunny --- Bill in Georgia 
Shoe Fetish Dance

Women's French Repetto dance shoes...

Sorry about the photo QUALITY
they came in that way

Shoe Fetish Comments by e-mail

This is my first time sharing I've spent all my life in silence.  I'm a bit older than some but I estimate I have had sex with over 20,000 pairs of women's shoes and boots over the years, I own about 300 pairs of used women's shoes, and I've had sex on occasion with maybe 20 or 30 soft high quality leather lined men's shoes (not sex with the men but with some shoes, even some of my own can make for some great sex).  Interestingly I've also had almost as many sexual encounters with women. ( many more than once and certainly probably more like 200 women but so many own so many toys the shoe encounters are incredible)  I look for women who love great shoes and go from there.  It's easier for a fetishist if they already know how hot shoes are.  Some have let me play with their feet and shoes and some did not.  However, this site taught me how to do better with women and get both, and I do get both the women and then their shoes.  Whoever stated it is right if you give good sex you can get good sex too.    

Thank you --------   Rob, in the mid west 
Shoe Fetish Saves Marriages

I'm married and have been for many years and for me my shoe fetish keeps me from wandering or cheating. 

In some ways my wife thinks my passionate love for shoes might be cheating but has learned to understand my passion and has used my collection of used women's shoes to her advantage.  Now on a great night of sex she might end it with one more play - she will make me fuck one of her shoes or one of the shoes from my collection.   When we have sex she lets me have several shoes around us and it is incredible and beyond my wildest dreams.  I just love this woman - she gets it.  By the way she is also a very hot looking blonde and you might think that is all I need but my love for passionate shoe sex over powers my mind.  I need her but I also can't live without shoes.

A.J. in NY NY -- where there are great re-sale shops and lots of high quality used shoes.
Shoe Fetish on the WWW

Hmmmmmmm why do u think ?
Men look at the women's legs & yes her shoes… If u want comfort well stay home in ur UGGS & flip flops…. if u want a man to notice you get shoe shopping Today…. It makes Sex that much better it makes her legs & ass look that much better too…

Women can instantly up there game (STATUS) 4 notches JUST by wearing HEELS OR SEXY STILETTO BOOTS…… Why, OH WHY do so many single women who want a man,  why, really why, must they still choose comfort over style I never get it & they want a man but they don't want him to notice them.  It's simple, men do notice…. They just don’t have the heart to tell u because it leads to so much more more drama……. they think men should never dress a women…. Well if dressing for women worked they would all be lesbians.   Bad & comfy shoes can make a 10 an instant 4-5 but really sex.   Sorry girls but its the truth.. Shoes are sexy and designed to be sexy, plain and simple and that's also probably why some men develop shoe fetishes.   Many men won't care to tell you about this attraction because may embarrass them and also because women like to argue the point which embarrasses them even more……. Please respond to my email if u don’t agree. I know most men will agree the ones who don’t well they are lost souls or slobs themselves……………….
Shoe Fetish in her Boots

One night, not much to do and then I remembered I found a pair of Sergio Rossi tan boots like the ones you talked about.   All I can add is wonderful.  This fetish is the best problem I ever had.  -- JR 
Shoe Fetish in her boots

JR asked us to post a jpeg of the Sergio Rossi in a shoe fetish ready to go view. 

Only a true shoe fetishist can see what a fetishist sees in these views.  Many might just see a pair of used boots in a photo.  The fetishist, they see a sex object ready for attention, entry, and passion.   If you look and consider a fetish view this boot matches the males organs the heel upon entry matches and in most cases will fit perfectly the rocks surrounding them in gentle soft leather and the toe of the boot perfectly fits all but the largest male erect shaft.  The soft leather of this well worn high heel boot makes riding inside to an orgasm perfectly comfortable.  The side zipper makes this size 9 a perfect fit and easy to fully enter. 

Is this a bit too kinky for you?  Perhaps you don't have a shoe fetish?  
Shoe Fetish with small shoes

This is a pair (below) I bought long ago and forgot about in a size 4 1/2.  I was just going through my collection  and found these again.  I was surprised that I forgot how hot they looked.  Maybe they don't look incredible but they do look very used.   I put some silicone WET on and although I wasn't very hard at first, once I penetrated the shoe the shoe that looked questionable now felt incredible and when I put the opening of the left shoe over my face I couldn't believe I had found a great gem in this leather lined very soft well worn shoe.  A really great shoe orgasm was the result. 
Sometimes you just never know?

PJ --- Florida