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Shoe Fetish - Case #13

It didn’t take much for me to discover shoes in my youth.  When masturbation age is just beginning most males and females are experimenting.


(Unidentifed Author) 


It didn’t take much for me to discover shoes in my youth, those women visiting and living in my house were hot, sexy, erotic and well dressed women that left lots of desirable imaginations for a young pre-puberty child trying to figure out some of the changes he was going through.  Interestingly, some of my mothers and sisters friends would loan them or give them cloths and shoes they had worn for them to wear and vice versa.  This open trading created a bit of interest on my part.  This made access to women’s shoes very easy.  I suspect the experimentation with shoes might not have occurred without this access, and perhaps even more so the constantly changing clothing and shoes.  One thing I know for certain, even in those early experiments I would never have considered nor paid attention to most women’s selection of non erotic cheap shoes.  Even to this day when worn by great women they are not a turn on.  


Let’s consider what very few of the cases discuss.  When masturbation age is just beginning most males and females are experimenting.  Most don’t have access to a sexual partner at that age and never having had an orgasm yet, they are just trying to figure out how things work.  Without the experience of a sexual partner they are looking for ways to scratch that itch that starts to occur when your body is getting ready to mature.  For males it may start getting hard, but not much happens for quite some time.  Hence, they try touching, rubbing, than experiment with things like underwear, fur, gloves, socks, nylons, and just about anything that they can rub against or get their member into to see how it feels.  If it feels good they probably try it again, even though they have not had an orgasm.   I even have a note of a person trying a toilet paper roll because it slide inside easily, but they noted it didn’t feel very good and it wasn’t very erotic.  The number of items to experiment with is probably gigantic and I am willing to be many did just that.  Here is the kicker, the one that feels so good to that person is probably where they will go when they feel like experimenting with early masturbation. 


Most adult men understand that a sexy pair of boots, stiletto heels, or other erotic shoes are very hot on many women, and to one degree or another it is a turn on for most of them.  It certainly is a turn on for me.   Without the opportunity of those sexy shoes, and the visual pleasure discussed earlier, even prior to a first orgasm I probably would have never considered or grabbed a shoe and experimented with it. 


Like other objects I discovered many of them I could put my member inside.  Once I started to try that, especially with the right sexy shoes close by, you learn very fast that feeling of skin against the soft leather inner lining of a high quality shoe.   Even the non shoe fetishist can discover that a shoe allows you to penetrate into a very soft chamber surrounding your member with a great feel, and if the shoe is worn to just the right point you also discover it will have creases and bumps that add to the soft feel of the inner surface. 


As a child experimenting you learn how to move your member inside of the shoe.  You discover what types and what surfaces gently blend visual and physical pleasure to stimulate your member.  We agree that it is not exactly what nature had intended the member to be used for, penetration of a female.  If they discover using a little lubricant is a great aid to this activity, they also discover that with the right shoe it feels almost the same to their member as female sexual penetration, I found that out.  That experiment and accident of my youth, and for many others, is probably harder to recreate for an inexperienced adult, but it did lead me to a life as a bisexual, that is shoes and women. 


OK, let’s get to the heart of the matter, no matter what a person finds to feel good, none will probably ever stop doing it unless it is consuming and destroying their lives.  I know I have no reason to even consider doing so.   Like myself, most fetishists have found ways to incorporate their passion into a fairly normal sex life.  I do ask my partner to wear shoes or boots during sex, and they enjoy doing so because, and I like a few shoes close by, but for me, it enhances my excitement and I make certain to provide a world class orgasm for my partner before I ever even consider doing her shoes.  I decided you can get everything from most open minded women, if you provide everything for your partner as well and first.


I remember that pre orgasmic time when things got hard but nothing happened and so what, I didn’t know what should or could happen anyway.  Becoming a fetishist, wasn’t planned, it took time and a lot of trial and error pre puberty practice.  I didn’t wake up one day and say today I love shoes.  However, shoes were to become my first orgasm.  


Just before the masturbation years I tried to feel and rub lots of things against my member just because it got hard and it sometimes felt very good.  In nature it seems boys to men know to eventually rub or play with it.  At that age it is hard to ignore when it stands up at almost any time for any reason and gets so hard it is almost painful at times.  Even so I just wasn’t ready  and nothing happened for a long time anyway.   I tried lots of things and all of it was just simple contact and some gentle rubbing, sometimes just to push it back down. 


As I searched around the house for soft things to play with I found that sexy shoes looked good and it didn’t take long to discover they smelled good and that that mild blend of leather and woman got me hard.  


At that point I never even considered entering the shoe.  I would just lay in bed with a shoe over my face and just smell them.  After a while I figured I could hold them their if I tied them over my face with my nose inside the shoe with a shoe string, string or just about anything.  Later I discovered pantyhose worked best. 



I had a private room, and it was fun.  It smelled great made me hard, but so what nothing happened and a lot of time I would just fall asleep with the shoe tied over my face and wake up from a nap with a hard on again. 


After a while of doing that, I don’t know why, but one day I decided to slide my hard member into the shoe.  It was fine but I discovered not being skillful yet that it wouldn’t stay in place when I took a nap.  So I decided to tie a shoe onto my member with my member inside of shoe just like I had tied one over my face to smell the other. 


It worked, it held the shoe in place while I enjoyed smelling the shoe over my face.  I napped and woke up and it felt good and it was fun, but still nothing happened.  However, just being hard felt great. 



I continued this for quite some time experimenting smelling different shoes and tieing them over my member.  Then on day one of my sisters most attractive friends left her a pair of well used black leather high heeled T-strap dance shoes from their dancing class at the house for my sister to use.  I had the whole day alone with them so at one point I decided to try my experiment with these.  I really liked this girl.  I unbuckled the T-strap and tied one over my face, and the smell of the leather was better than ever, it smelled incredible.  Than as usual I got out some string and tied the other over my member and it too felt really good inside. 


Still nothing happened yet, but as I got tired I decided to roll over and take a nap as I enjoyed doing. However, this time as I rolled over my face went deeper into the tied shoe over my face.  The friction against my still hard member with me now on top of the shoe felt more sensitive and different this time than it had all of those times before. 



As my member moved deep within her shoe I now felt an incredible tingling sensation.  I really didn’t know what to do or even to pump in and out of the toe of the shoe.  But, the movement of my body with this shoe tied and my member deep inside increased the tension and felt better than ever before.  I continued to move a bit in the shoe with my scrotum now held in place by the heel support of the shoe.  That only gave me room and even though I didn't realizr it my movements made me pulse inside of the shoe a few inches at most deep into the toe. 


So as usual I stopped because I didn’t know what it was and I didn't know what my body would eventually do so I let it subside just a little.   I didn’t expect anything anyway so who knew how far to go with this, I didn’t.  But it felt great so rather than nap I started moving a bit on top of the shoe again.  I also started to do something else I never did.  I realized I liked this girl a lot and that got me more excited.  Enough so that I started to kissing the inside of the shoe over my face.  No more licking.  I had never kissed a girl before or anything else really.  I had always enjoyed my mouth against the inside, the smell and the salt when I accidently licked it with my tongue, but I never really thought to actually kiss the shoes before.  As I did this for a while my mind started to go blank with excitement and the tension increased as I moved my body with the shoe on my member again and tried to move it deeper into the shoe, than with a great surprise the tension peaked and I exploded with very strong pulsations into the depths of the shoe. 


It didn’t take long after that to learn the mechanics of my orgasm and I began to look for this pleasure almost daily.  It was so much better than all of the other things I had tried to date.  I also began to be able to tell which shoes are great sex shoes, which ones just look good but have no sexual feeling, and which shoes are just total losers.  Those of us with a developed fetish learn fast that some are better than others and the choices become just as difficult as looking for a new girlfriend.  I now knew that as a budding shoe fetishist I developed a point of view, understanding certain things that most people with a fashion sense could never even begin to explain.  I got it.  For me it is about the whole shoe, inside and out and it is about it being well worn but not damaged because the wear signs and lines are just as important to my fetish. 


I suspect some very high demand fashion shoe and boot designers probably have to have a solid shoe fetish as well.  How else could they get the concept and create a great fetish shoe.   A fetish shoe does look great and is certainly mostly high fashion, but it is also about the inside construction as well.  For me, I know I would design most shoes with high quality soft leather inside and out. 



Later, I had to think hard about whether or not it was about the leather.  My conclusion, NOT at all.  The material just happens to be worn on the feet and leather does one of the best jobs of retaining the wear and foot images as well as holding the aromas of the wearer and when worn a while gains a nice smooth soft surface.   It is the way they look, the way they wear, it is the curves created by the shoe with wearer in them, or out of them.  Many of these fetish shoes perfectly gain the lines and aroma of the foot wearing them.  They not only add to the sexual appearance of the wearer, they feel good too.  That is why people adore fetish shoes and boots.  They are hot and very sexual.  For the wearer the fantasy grows to the point at times where the wearer knows it is making them look and feel hot, hot, hot even adding more to the fantasy than any other article of clothing they have on.  Most good looking women get this concept and what it does to the male.  


For the fetishist some times the wearer can be less important than the shoe, especially if the wearer is not attainable.  They just can’t wait, the shoes will do just fine.  Than later my next and greatest discovery was that with a few drops of non staining lubricating gel (KY gel) on my member things get even hotter.  They are ready, and in the beginning they created friction and if you created to much, you couldn’t finish without your member being sore.  So, the natural next step was to find a way to move in and out with little friction, no staining, no irritated skin, and the well worn surfaces of the leather with gel felt even better adding to the friction of my penetration.  It will clean with a little water on a cloth so that she will never know what you know.  This is what I learned to do with those dance shoes later.  I couldn’t leave the dampness inside.


What a discovery shoes were for me, and what a fun experiment that was.  It has now stayed with me most of my life and probably will forever.   It's so funny how we just don't know what things share that power to get us through the day until we give them a try.   I have learned there are always those times when your ready and she's not and you just have to let it go.  That's the perfect moment to head to the closet and give a few shoes a try.   For those who have grown up and missed the fetish forming years, and are locked into other forms of alternatives, oh well.   Best wishes to you.  But for me this turned out to be a wonderful experiment


Just a reminder, for most of us who have a fetish it takes a lot more than your everyday shoe or boot to get things going, it takes a shoe with style, fashion, some good wear lines a great soft leather lining, a well worn, but not stinky fragrance, and a few imprints and creases never hurt. My choice includes some curves in the leather or heels that add sex appeal.   May I recommend that you have a tube of KY gel or non staining sex gel handy if you decide to go to try this fetish.  As for any experiment, if you should choose to try this it is at your own risk as a mature adult.   Be warned that if you try this, and it turns you on, or if you already had even the slightest attraction to shoes and boots, you could be looking at locking yourself into a life long fetish.  Be careful with this, not all fetishists develop reasonable behavior that includes partners and social encounters outside of their fetish.  This can become a problem for some people and there are fetishists who have developed antisocial behaviors.  


Authors disclaimer:  It is not our responsibility nor will we assume any responsibility for what any individual decides to do, try, or become as a result of reviewing this very specific and concise research that includes details of how a fetish develops, what they feel, and how they do what they do.