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Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish Interesting Observations:



X     We noticed a very popular women's fashion shoe fetish WEB site dedicated to fashion and womens joy of buying shoes, not having sex with shoes, points out an interesting observation.   They think many men not only like to see women's shoes but would like to, want to, and do wear them.   We have found that to be true in many of the cases where people are willing to talk about this issue.  It seems men find that women's shoes are not only sexy, but many women's fashion shoes & boots make men's feet look smaller, shapelier, and even curvier & sexier.   They note most mens shoes make mens feet look like steam boots heading down a river, in other words huge.  They believe that in reality many men just don't like that any more than women do.    So we wonder???    In our lifetime will we see mens' shoes with womens fashion style???  So far not very many and even the currently gay styles are still not there yet.  however, the TS and TV world already knows how, where, and what these incredible shoes look like on because they have been wearing them for years.   Interestingly many designers are now making women's size 12 and in some cases size 13 & 14, and greater shoes and boots.  Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman have from time to time made these sizes in very sexy high heel fashion boots and we can confirm they do look good on both men and women.






X   With an estimated 350,000 shoe fetishists in the U.S. alone, and perhaps many times more foot fetishists, and with thousands visiting this site alone, it is surprising that it seems so many are still living in the shadows hidden in the closet?  True, a shoe fetish can be very powerful, yet, it's just another form of sex.

X   We think their is a big error in the letters LGBT it should read LGBTSF - that's Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Straight, and Fetish.  In this age of sexual freedom I don't think people need to go out and scream it to the world or place I have a shoe fetish on a banner, but I also think it is not something to live in fear and  hide any longer either.  So what if you like women(or men), like their shoes, and also do them?  Really, so what !!!  Does or should anyone really care?
X  Deviant?   Some sexual activity that is harmful, illegal, or anti social to a fault, or perhaps many of us might agree not related at all to any part of a human, are, what we might still call deviant.  For sexual expresssions like shoe fetishes that view is seriously flawed and out dated.  A well worn shoe or boot is directly related, one could argue, and might agree a used pair is related but a new pair of shoes is not related to anyone.  Many of us consider well worn sexy shoes sex toys for the most part even if i take them off and do one.   Let us know what you think? 


X  Yes, we are happy to report that EBAY sales of used Jimmy Choo boots and Gucci Helena boots appears to be on the rise.  We are encouraged and hope this shoe fetish site has helped people find the shoes they wish for their partners or to for their own play?  EBAY is so much better than thrift stores and garage sales.  You can look for exactly what you like and negotiate what might be a reasonable price.  The bad news is if a lot of people like what your searching for the bid goes up.  Lately watching a pair of womens size 12 Jimmy Choos get bid up (size 12 which when you view a size chart can fit some men too).  As of 1/24/13 they have had 8 or 9 bids, you have to fight for what you crave sometimes, but that's the down side of EBAY bidding the plus side is for the most part EBAY stands behind your purchase preventing fraud.  Regardless there are so many other shoes and boots by so many designers just waiting for a home.    
X  The $1,000 pair of Jimmy Choo Kirby boots in size 12 had 26 bids and sold for $351 dollars - a great pair of used boots and if a shoe fetishist bought them - - - Have lots of fun (:-) ---- .
X  FLASH - Antoher bought a pair of Jimmy Choo knee high zippered boots in size 12 for $100.  It all depends on when you are on and what you are looking for and you can be surprised.  So have fun and be lucky ------ DA

X  Here is a heads up for all of you shoe fetishists out there if you want to talk to this person let me kow I will pass your e-mail forward to them. THIS REPORTER IS NO LONGER ONLINE - SORRY    
(A West Coast Reporter)

Journalist ---- Hi,

I wonder if you can help me. I'm a journalist and TV producer and I'm looking for a couple to take part in a story.

I'd like to speak to a couple where the man has a serious shoe fetish which is affecting their relationship, and where they are both keen to seek help.

For example, is the woman fed up of her partner wanting her to wear nice shoes all the time, and annoyed at him for staring at women's shoes in the street, or in stores?

I wondered whether you might be able to help put me in touch with a couple willing to speak about this.

I'd be happy to publicise your book as part of the story.

Let me know what you think.



Best wishesBest wishes in your search --- 

This sites response  ---
If you have noted and read my site we focus really on people who want to integrate their shoe fetish into real mutual relationships.  So, as a result we don't stay in contact with people who can't moderate their fetish into a shared relationship where everyone wins.  Even if we did we would not divulge contact information.  The goal is to promote that every sexual life style does not have to go to the kinkiest of extremes to have a good sex life.  
So good luck in your search, there are plenty of solo self indulged fetishists out there who both want to go totally public, and who also can't understand it's partner before self if you want a long term relationship and happiness.    
Journalist ---
I'll have a think about this then. I wonder if there's a way we could cover a story about a shoe fetish that works for both partners. I hadn't found anyone so far talking about it, whether it's a single person or someone in a relationship. If you have any thoughts let me know. Thanks for your help
This sites response  ---
It is fairly simple, except for the fact that as we age  and become more comfortable with our lifestyle, in our youth many are consumed with issues about this  fetish, just like an LGBT child wonders what is wrong with them.  This is why this WEB page was created.
Generally it seems and have found it very challenging to get shoe fetishists to get out in the open.  There is a very large blog underground which you can tap into to talk indirectly by blog to many people.
This site has been accumulating data for over 25 years posted in various blogs, newsgroups, and here on this most recwent WEB site.  The research isn't a breakthrough but it is gathered data from a lot of places and sources that have mostly been hidden in the closet.  Most of it is without names, I have met a few over the years. (No not sexually, many have a fetish but don't need to be promosicuous or cheat on a partner to enjoy it, many of use are bi-sexual.  That is straight and shoes). We in the SF community know full well what the media does to people with a shoe fetish, only the extremes make the news and they treat them brutally, and it seems realistic that the more normal with partners and families won't expose themselves to this type of scrutiny.  I wouldn't until now share my accumulated research and cases.  I have gathered way too much data to remain silent because there really isn't a good body of data anywhere else. 
TV shows have treated SFs as lepers, one even chased a priest with a SF out of career and out of town (a SF is much better for a priest than child abuse), the Huffington Post recently did an article on a guy with a SF and made him look like a blooming insane fool. The problem is having a fetish is not much different than LGBT faced not too long ago.  There are many SFs who are stuck in the closet, these are the ones who post the most, they are lonely, they are isolated and need someone to talkk with.  To know they are not alone.  These are the ones that are troubling to me and our goal is to try to let them know there are partners for them if they can be a little more selfless. 
If many of us were not with a partner some would go fully public and be a crusader like the gay community has done, many of us do what we can.  However, we know the media and what they will do, even accidentally, when they don't understand something they make it a story, or attack it and just make fun of it as insane or absurd to sell papers without all of the real details.  Shoe fetishists with partners ar e not as much fun as writing about the one in thousands who steals shoes or other illegal activity.  A shoe fetish on  to the edges of the normal sexual activity bell curve lacks excitement.  
As a direct answer to your question, other than post on the WEB site no one here will identify ourselves to go fully public either.  A shoe fetishist doesn't need help when they love someone and don't make their passion any more than another very important sex toy.  Experience and the data has shown that the ones who incorporate their fetish into real love with truly open minded women don't go public because they don't really have a problem, do they?   This site went public, even though there was no need to in memory of our youth when many of us struggled to find our identity or why it was many of us were fascinated by women's shoes.  The goal, again, is to try to help others find real love like some of us have.
It is provable and very possible to find love if they bring it into the context of a shared relationship.  However, at young ages many can't, they just have this weird passion that they don't understand but know they love, and it really does feel good.  
No one wants someone making fun of them or their  partner because she was smart enough to pick a shoe fetishist and win.  Let me put this into English, a reasonable shoe fetishist can control their fetish just like men learn to control and balance their lives with a reasonable level of self stimulatory play. Much of what we have found in the data is that many with a caring partner who accepts who they are do not cheat.  Those who must hide their fetish eventually look for someone to do it with. 
Remember, too much of anything and you can't have a good relationship whether it is XXX movies, self play, Internet, or just plain anything that gets in the way. Anyone who wants a great relationship must understand the golden rule, it's always partner before self if you want a long term relationship and happiness.  
Lastly, to your point, "is the woman fed up of her partner wanting her to wear nice shoes all the time, and annoyed at him for staring at women's shoes in the street, or in stores?" 
At young ages, say 16 most of us checked out all women's shoes, everywhere, all of the time.  As most of us got older, it is only the hottest of shoes on really pleasant looking women that turn many of our heads and like almost all men we all stare.  Women all know this and for a healthy male it never ends at any age.  Age provides perspective and an ability for most to control theselves.  It seems that women do a fair share of staring at really hot women and men as well.   Some look at the top the SF trends toward the legs, feet, and shoes.  Most SF adore the whole package and if they love the shoes many ask their partner to buy them.  However, let's point out that every man and woman close by is also staring even though we can't be certain at what or whterh or not they have a SF.  Most of us as we grow a bit older and wiser make certain not to embarass our partner by paying too much or tooo obvious attention.  If they are incredible our partner will generally see it and many will tell us to look.
To the last point, and if you have been married or with someone a  few years this will make sense.  In our society after years with a partner sex slows down for many couples (Search;  Kinsey Institute Report - frequency of sexual activity).  BUT, if all you had to do to keep perhaps 2-3 times a week of activity going was to wear a pair of high heel shoes or boots to bed and a sexy negligee to get a guy to act like he is with you during the early times, wouldn't you wear them?   Now, that is a cheap lesson for any one with a closed view.  A look at the stats will prove we are far ahead of the actitivty curve.  Yes, some of our early partners didn't get it but those that do and understand it increases long term frequency of sexual activity get it just fine and that is the secret this site is trying to share on this web page. Shoes are an incredible sex toy if you have a fetish but just keep it at that reasonable level everyone wins.
So it is with great hope this helps you view this fetish world that many of us are a part of from perhaps a different and positive perspective.  Please note your first e-mail implied a fetish is a problem for most people.  It was, we recall, Psych today that estimated the number of shoe fetishists in the hundreds of thousands not handfuls.    



POSTED on PSYCH FORUM blog page ----

Having a shoe fetish is an interesting subject that this site has been researching and accumulated data on for well over 25 years. The last 10 or so years has been spent realizing that a shoe fetish can't be cured any more than an LGBT person can change their preferences. There are clearly varying degrees of social and anti-social behaviour regarding this fetish from isolated loner behaviour’s to perfectly social behaviour where the fetishist is able to cross over into the best of both worlds.


This web site has chosen to focus our research and writing to help people.  With that said, that want to understand a partners behaviour when they discover a secret shoe fetish and shoe collection, and those who need to break out of the closet and gain enough honesty to have an open discussion with a potential partner.  We have established, found, and seen over and over again that shoe fetishists, like any other behaviour, if they want to address it can find a way to have a partner or a social relationship that isn't as hidden.


The goal has been and have worked hard to help people who are ashamed of their shoe fetish, or help the partner that is threatened or jealous of a partners fetish to understand that having a preference for doing a shoe isn't the end of the world. Yes, correctly noticing, and we concur, that some may never find a way "Out of the closet". However, those who can focus their attention beyond the "Shoefetish-bootfetish" with honesty and integrity can find open minded partners to share a life with. The key is always honesty openness and remembering that you need to put your partner above the shoes and the reward could very well be shoes in ways you never expected. You can probably find more if you do a search for a few of the key words for topics on your "shoefetish bootfetish". There a lot of blogs and sites dedicated to the shoe fetish just look and you can find more.


One point that can also prove important is that if you decide as partner to try to treat a shoe fetish try to find someone who really understands it. Know up front it probably won't be cured.  Most researches, in my view, incorrectly classify some aspects of the shoe fetish as deviant behaviour when in many cases it is no more than a variance and extension on self-stimulation play. Many still, absurdly think it can be cured. I'm one who thinks you learn to live with this fetish and integrate it into social behaviour because you will never cure it. If in puberty the first experiences were shoes that deep seated passion is never going away. 


Would you put your family at risk learning about a shoe fetish before you make time to understand it?  It is this web sites view and we think changing your life over a shoe fetish and self-stimulation shoe play might be a bit drastic.  Perhaps you might never understand your partner’s fetish but think it is worth making the time to try.  You might just determine the hidden aspects were what troubled you more than the actual fetish.  Many people with a shoe fetish are ashamed of their fetish and a little understanding can work well for both in a couple.  Another view instead of being troubled consider putting on that sexy pair of black leather high heeled Jimmy Choo zippered boots and see what happens.  If your with a loving partner my guess is that taking the boots out of the closet could double or triple a boring sex life into incredible activity.  If your partner doesn't have a fetish, well that same pair of very sexy high quality boots turns men’s heads everywhere and might also increase your sex life.  Sounds too simple?  Sure there really are once and a while easy answers to complex questions and you won't see a lot of talk about black leather boots by many on this site.   Don't worry you probably won't develop a shoe fetish if you play into it.  However, if it turns out your having fun so what you’re in your own bedroom and no one is watching except the person who already loves shoes.


FULL DISCLOSURE; After many many years many contributors to this shoe fetish site note their shoe fetish is as strong today as it was at 12-13 years old. Yes, most also have a collection of used shoes. However, many can control their fetish it does not control me, some who note it have had a partner and a great intimate life (2-3 times activity per week) for many many years as well.  This WEB sites advice and contributors add always being open and honest early in a relaitonship about all of the shoes in your collection is with wisdom. Noting they are used, and many buy shoe in their partner’s size and enjoy playing with them and wearing them together.  Sounds unusual or the exception?  No, many of the people who have contacted us over the years have done the same.  It is about honesty, openness, and integrity in your relationship and the golden rule of sexuality; Take care of your partner to the before you even think about taking care of yourself. Most partners at first may be concerned about you buying another women's shoes.  That is not unreasonable, most who add data here had collected many.  Some talked, openly, and showed their partners where the shoes were coming and why they bought them explaining from places like thrift stores, garage sales, and of course EBAY. Openness is better any day than living a secret life and one day getting caught in your deception. As for partners, be open early; don't try to convert someone who does not have an open mind. Move on.  Also consider if a partner finds your shoe collection and you are not open that partner may conculde, hopefully incorrectly you have been with other partners.  If you have been cheating on your partner, well, that's not a problem for us. 

(From this WEB site)


We have posted a whole section on this subject key word on this site -- shoe fetish -- take a look.  We have done research on this topic for many years and have posted a lot of accumulated knowledge that can be found by Googling  The key problem was that your partner didn't feel he could approach you and discuss his fetish.  You both were not open and receptive and he was afraid.  Many of our first loves found out over time and it cost many contriubtors to this site a relationship because their partner really was not open minded.  Later we learn to discuss this unsual passion earlier and found some didn't like it but that mostly women didn't mind as long as their partner remembered sex and later love was about them first, not second.  It is amazing how everything works out when you focus on your partner first.  If your partner early on, and you need to be open early about it, and they can't handle it, before you go too far move on.  If you are already with someone you love and you discover a hidden shoe fetish you would benefit by taking the time to understand the fetish before you kill your realtionship. 


You can get past this very easily by talking openly and take your time he is ashamed of his fetish because our society has spent forever attacking people with a fetish.   In my view it is much less of a problem than you think it is if you can only get it "out of the closet" ...  If you are open minded you will be able to see this is less of a threat than you at first appear to think it is. 


We agree he didn't scrape the shoes to make them look used and his saying so to deflect a conversation only cleary created distrust; he bought them used probably at a thrift store or garage sale.  He lied because he didn't kknow how to explan his fetish in a way that would make sense.  Most shoe fetishists are not brave enough to walk up in a garage sale and buy shoes from someone but they can handle a thrift store, or EBAY.


Almost all of the contributors have had collections for years, perhaps thousands of shoes over the years.  Most buy low cost used shoes and as they can afford better ones dump the old ones.   Of course it is more hoonest to explain slowly and up front to a partner that "Yes", we do the shoes.  OK now here is the big question, would you rather he self-plays with a used shoe or play with another woman?  If you are open minded enough to bring the fetish to light and set limits on what you will or won't do you can turn this into a sexual enhancer and not a detractor.  If you are not getting sex 2-3 times a week and you want it work together and talk and discuss setting limits too the shoe fetish, for the rules of play and put on that very expensive pair of Black Leather knee high Jimmy Choo high heeled boots he bought on and enjoy them, after all they are very hot.  A bonus most shoe fetishists with an open minded partner will never want to even consider straying.  Participate in what he buys, set your limits and you will know everything that is going on in the open.  My partner does and has for years. 


One more thing he needs to understand and implement the GOLDEN RULE of SEX;  Her before me, always, NEVER me first no mater how excited, NEVER him first, even if she wants to do you with shoes because she loves you, let me repeat NEVER, going together is always fine.  Your partner will learn, as will you, that you will both win if he lives up to this simple love rule.  If he can follow this rule, than you must get over it and let him get excited by the shoes on you as long as he does you as a result.  Clearly if you can learn to play into the shoe fetish you will both win big with a more exciting sex life.  You both will have something to look forward to, new shoes new role play, more fun.  Many of us shop together and buy things like the Jimmy Choo boots and every time we do most shoe fetishists get so excited seeing thm on their partner it has gotten them the best sex and oral sex in her life because.  Most of us get so excited seeing a partner wear sexy boots to bed even for some of us getting older it is still a triple header.  For most partners who have been together for a while when was the last time you had sex 2-3 times a week with triplle headers?  Folks even Jenna Jameson loves wearing shoes to bed, if you don’t believe me go on Twitter and ask her, she will explain the power of a pair of sexy shoes to you.