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The Magic Shoes -  A Shoe Fetish Story

In 1-3 chapters now 7 chapters



This story was written by one of my many shoe fetish contributors and it is an expresssion of how they view fantasy fictional shoe fetish play.   It is clearly a unique view of shoe fetish mental play.


Chapter 1 

The Discovery


Tonya just couldn't wait for Jerry anymore.  She was going to have to start exploring the attic without him.  They were only in their new house for two days so far.  The move went well; the only part of the house they hadn't been through yet was the attic.  These big old houses had some great attic space and Tonya was determined to set up a room up there.  The woman that lived here said whatever they found up there they could keep for themselves.  Tonya already figured Jerry was going to want to throw it all out so she could use the head start. 


The stairs up were more narrow than a normal staircase.  In Tonya's mind it just added to the "feel" of the house.  At the top of the stairs she saw the perfect stereotype of an old attic complete with a metal American Flag attached to a wooden beam, exposed rafters framing a steep sloped roof, and small round windows on the end walls barely letting in enough sun.


And of course, piles of dusty junk.  She didn't even know where to begin.  This was going to be a great room but it was going to be a ton of work. Using the logic that Jerry could never understand in her, she began in the farthest collection from the door.  It was obviously the one with the best looking stuff in it.  Namely a huge trunk that looked like it hasn't been opened in 50 years.  It opened easily for such an old piece. 


Tonya was in heaven.  The trunk was filled with what had to be the woman's old clothes.  Dresses from the 20's, 30's, and 40's.  Some looked even older than that.  Under the clothes was an old photo.  It was that old woman.  She was absolutely gorgeous!  Tonya had been working on getting a figure like that her whole adult life.  It was odd though.  The woman they bought the house from couldn't have been this tall.  It was definitely her face though.  Maybe it was a relative. 


Tonya began to think how she could talk Jerry into saving this stuff.  She was going to have to do some fast talking.  The planning didn't go on long though.  There was lots more stuff to get into.  Two more old boxes revealed some real junk clothes.  Looked like some 70's senior citizen clothes.  Boy did that woman's taste go downhill fast.  There was only one trunk left and Tonya had to work to get to this one. 


She worked fast, Jerry would be home soon. When she finally opened the trunk it looked like she just wasted her time.  More garbage clothes.  She was going to just close it up and put it with the  garbage pile but something made her dig a little.  You never know.  Pay dirt!


Old photos,  a lot of them.  They all seemed to be of different women but as Tonya looked closer she could see they all resembled Ms. Mulroy.  This woman had a large family.  They were all different heights and shapes but they shared some features in common.  Especially that face.  They had a sexy, sultry look to them.  These photo's could teach porn stars to look sexy.  In fact,  the racy clothes they were wearing must have made these photos X-rated for their day.  The whole collection gave Tonya the creeps.  Then on the other hand they also excited her a little.  She couldn't explain how, but somehow they did. 


There was more in this trunk though.  Moving the last photo revealed a shoebox unlike any Tonya had ever seen... And she was a shoe maniac.  It was like a fancy jewel box made large enough to hold shoes.  Tonya whipped the box open to get a look at these shoes.  Nuts!  It was just a pair of black, one inch heel all leather designer typical office worker shoes just like the ones that attractive girl in the picture was wearing.  These could have been made any time, any where.  They were very well worn, very soft and totally ordinary.  What a waist of nice box.  Maybe she could put one of her dress pairs in here?  Maybe that spike heeled patent leather pair she loved to wear for Jerry?


She picked up the plain shoes.  They felt so soft and supple as if they were made from very expensive leather and the leather lining was so soft.  You could see the impression of that gorgeous girl in the pictures feet in these shoes well-worn into the kidskin leather lining.  Who would put such work into such plain shoes? 


They looked a little big for Tonya's feet but she never saw a pair she wouldn't at least try on.  They fit a little better than she expected.  Quite comfortable, really.  Impulse took over as she ran down the stairs to the bedroom mirror to get a better look at them.  In the mirror they looked good on her feet.  They seemed to fit better now than when she first put them on.  Too bad they only had this little heel.


At the thought she pictured her own Via Spiga one inch heels; they had a nice 1" heel.  As she pictured her shoes a warm feeling spread down her body to her feet.  It was like the opposite of chill; almost a sexual thrill.  The effect made her think she was losing her mind though.  She looked down and she was now wearing what looked identical to her own flat Via Spiga shoes that she was thinking about.  She looked around the room quick, thinking she must have forgot she changed the shoes.  She almost was convinced when she found her own original well broken in shoes in the closet. 


However, the shoes on her feet had changed to match her shoes!  "This isn't possible," she said to anyone who could hear.  With that the shoes were plain again. With no warm feeling this time.


This time she was staring right at the shoes when they changed.  It looked like they turned liquid and just became a different shape.  If she wasn't looking right at them she would think she was losing her mind.  Even now she wasn't to sure she still wasn't. 


All right.  If it happened once...  She pictured her low heels again but this time in red.  There was that warm feeling again.  "Mmmmm... "  A little stronger this time.  She could get to enjoy that part.  Sure enough they made the switch. 


This had some possibilities.  Let Jerry throw out what he wants, these shoes stay.


She bent down to pull off the shoes for a closer look.  They wouldn't budge. It was as if they were part of her feet.  Panic started creeping in... "What the hell are these things?!"  With the panic and fear the shoes changed back right in her hands.  It felt like a liquid for just a second and the shoes were off.  OK, so she learned something.  They don't come off until they're back to shape.  One quick test to be sure.  She slid them on again.  This

time she pictured her very sexy black leather Via Spigas with the 3" spike heel.  This time the warm feeling became a sexual rush.


The shock of the feeling froze her as she lifted in the mirror the full three inches of the heels.  "Oh my god!"  She had to go sit down after that one.  This is going to be fun...


She couldn't believe it.  It was definitely a turn on.  Her pussy was getting wet just remembering that sexual feeling.  "What are these things?"  After composing herself she stood and walked to the mirror again.  She was wearing an old pair of jeans and a T-shirt but with the heels she could see the improvement in her legs and rear.  The heels turned her walk into an erotic dance.  The sexy feeling spread through her body as her mirror image took on a hot, sultry look.


Tonya stood legs apart and hand-on-hips looking into the mirror.  She realized that these magic shoes were turning her on.


At that moment the thought hit her.  Her face had the look of the woman in those old photos.  It was the shoes.  The shock of the revelation about the shoes snapped her out of her mood and the shoes snapped back to flats as well.  She ran up the stairs still wearing the shoes.  A second look at the photos convinced her.  The women all wore the same look on their face.  They were all turned on the same way Tonya was. 


She grabbed a photo and checked the shoes.  The shoes looked different but normal for their time.   Short laced boots with heels.  The heels did seem a little high for the time though.  Concentrating on the shoes in the old picture she felt the rush come again.  This time she was ready for it.  "Aaaaammm..."  No wonder they felt so sexy.  Tonya looked at her feet...  There were the boots in the picture.  The polished leather seemed to slide up to her ankle.  They were very comfortable boots.  They would be nice if her legs were a little longer... At the thought the wave of sexual energy that hit Tonya was incredible.  Her nipples went hard instantly and her pussy was dripping.  She very nearly passed out.  "What the hell?!" 


She knew in her head what happened. The mirror downstairs confirmed it for her.  She was about 3" taller... all in her legs.  In fact she was now a bombshell.  Tonya had what could be described as an modest figure.  It was fairly tight and not too slim, but just a little short;  basically she very cute but  plain.  With the added height she was magically improved.  In fact her rear end reshaped a little better too. 


The effect was intoxicating.  Tonya began to create her own ideal female form.    Her mind raced as her breasts filled in a little bigger.  They pressed against the t-shirt sending waves of pleasure all though her body.  Her waist shrunk and her tummy tightened.  Her short brown hair grew out to her shoulders and turned a flaming red.  Her eyes went from brown to bright green.   Her lips turned a glistening red.  The excitement was amazing, she couldn't take the intense pleasure anymore.  She tore off her shirt and pants and stood naked in the mirror on her now 3" incredible soft pointed black leather heels.  She had to look.


She was magnificent.  Her hands cupped her now full breasts and felt the tight nipples.  She lifted the nipple to her tongue.  It reached!  The feeling of her tongue tickling her own nipple drove her wild.  Her hands continued to explore, moving slowly between her legs.  They found her pussy dripping  wet already.  She watched her tongue glide over her full lips as she began to massage herself and quickly built into a frenzy.  She lowered her hand to remove one shoe to get a bit more comfortable.  As she slid her hand into it to move the shoe over the shoe wrapped magically around her hand.  With her passion in high gear she couldn't help but glide the leather to her engorged pussy.  The touch of the soft shoe against her engorged clitoris was more than she could bear as she reached almost an instant climax. It was over in a few precious seconds. 


She heard a car in the driveway.  The last thought of her new form was, "I gotta make it last next time..." 


Then the panic.  "Oh my god, Jerry!" she gasped.  The panic immediately returned her to her old self.  What had gotten into her?  She had never masturbated before especially with a shoe.  But she never saw herself like that before either.  The shoes turned her into an animal.  Correction,  they turned her into whatever she wanted to be... 


She whipped off the shoes and hid them in the best place she could think of... In with her 100 other pairs.  She barely  had time to put on clothes before Jerry came into the bedroom.  "What have you been up to?"  The shape of Tonya's face was back to normal but she was still flushed from her orgasm.  "I started checking the attic," she gasped. "There are some heavy trunks up there." 


"I told you to wait till I came back.  You'll knock yourself out if your not careful." 


"Believe me... I know that now."


While they went to the attic together Tonya put it all together in her mind  Those photos were all of Ms. Mulroy.  She used the shoes to change herself in each picture.  No wonder she never married.  "This much power could be dangerous," she thought to herself.  "But damn this is going to be fun!"



Chapter 2

Learning to really Play


Tonya and Jerry continued there work in the attic but Tonya's thought hardly strayed from the shoes.  She was dying to tell Jerry but she wanted to learn more before she approached him with it.  She was recovered from her first experiment but she was still incredibly horny.  "Jerry is in for it tonight," she thought.


That night Tonya was an animal.  Jerry had to notice but he didn't say  anything.  He thought it was just a burst of energy.  The night after that is when he spoke up. 


"What's gotten into you, Tonya?"  He was gasping for air as he spoke.  "I thought you were extra horny last night, but you were even wilder tonight. Is it the new house? Or the new city? Or What?"


Tonya bent down and kissed him.  She was breathing pretty heavy herself.  "It must be the house," she lied.  "I can't stop thinking about sex these days." That part she knew for the truth.


"Whatever it is. I love it," he laughed.  "I just hope it doesn't kill me." Tonya settled in for sleep with a huge smile on her face.  She smiled for two reasons;  One was that she just pleased the man she loved.  The other was that Jerry started back to work tomorrow and she would have time to herself.  Time to play.


The next morning she woke to a kiss from Jerry as he left.  "Don't kill yourself working on the house today, Tonya.  I'll see you a bit late tonight."


By the time she was fully awake Jerry was gone.  She rolled out of bed and went down for some coffee.  Ten minutes of morning talk shows was already too much.  


She had to get those shoes on again.  She ran upstairs and threw them on her feet.  "What do I try first?"   She decided to play around with just different shoes at first.  She pictured a nice ankle boot and watched the change.  A little higher heel...  Maybe a zipper instead of laces...  She noticed each time she made a further change the sexual sensations in her would build.  No wonder she lost control the other day.  All those changes added up on her.


The boots looked great.  They fit perfectly, felt sexy, and she could have them for nothing.  This was a dream come true for a girl with a shoe buying fetish.   But the shoes were teaching her what it meant to have a real shoe fetish.


Maybe without a zipper all together...  Why not?  They couldn't come off anyway.  Maybe a little higher on the calf...  Wow,  she was starting to get hot.  Tonya sat down and took a closer look at her boots.  She had on a pair of knee high boots with three inch heels.  They fit better than any other designer boot could possibly fit. 


She slowly ran her fingers over the soft, shiny leather.   As she began to wonder how high they could go the material instantly slid up her leg.  They were over her knees now and still wonderfully comfortable.


Just walking back to the mirror sent thrills through her body.  Tonya parted her robe and looked at her full naked form with soft kidskin black leather thigh high boots.  She always wanted a pair like these but she knew Jerry would have a fit if she ever bought them.  Just how high can these things go?  As the soft leather climbed her thighs Tonya's face began to flush.  The feeling seemed to get more intense the further she stretched the shoes.  The leather hugged her hips and pressed over her pubic hair.  The advance continued to hug her ass and eventually Tonya was wearing a pair of very high very hot, black leather boots. 


Why stop it now, she thought?  When the leather closed in her waist she had to sit again; it was almost too much to take.  She was dying for a release but she was determined to press her limits.


She realized the material could enclose her from her neck out to her soft gloves and down to her toes Tonya realized she could cover any part of her body she wanted.


There was no limit!  She just had to look at herself in the mirror.  As she stood and strutted over the leather suit pulled and massaged her in fantastic ways.  She was a vision in black leather.  She slowly slid the gloves over her breasts and down around her ass.  The magical leather creaked as she turned herself in the mirror.  If Jerry could see this he would cream his pants just looking at her.  It was a suit that could not be made any other way.  It was leather with no seams and no zippers.  She felt wonderfully enclosed from her neck to toes.  She just had to spend a few minutes walking around and sitting in different poses.  With every move the soft leather hugged her skin in fantastic ways.


Tonya couldn't resist playing further.  First she changed the whole suit white, then red.  She was a stunning vision in tight red leather but she decided she liked black the best.  What about material?  She tried velvet and didn't like it much, then spandex which was nicely tight but neither was better than the leather.  Then it hit her.  As the change back to leather spread through the material Tonya lost control.  She let the black leather slide up and around her head leaving only her face exposed. The soft leather now squeezed her body in every place at once but had a well worn feel of a broken in black leather high heeled boot and the aroma of worn leather too.   


She began to change her appearance again.  Her breasts swelled inside the leather body boot.  Her hard nipples pushed out into the material as her ass and legs began to tighten.  The transformation was spectacular.  Heels up to 3 inches and lips fiery red.  The leather vision she saw was too much.  She needed to come.


"Damn,  Why didn't I ever buy a dildo?" she thought to herself.  The suit wasted no time responding.  She felt an incredible rush as her pussy lips parted as the boot allowed the leather dildo to form from the tip of her boot and gently push inside her.  Her gloved hands slid down to her crotch as she felt the shaft form from within her own boot.  Slowly the leather over her hand formed once again into a boot which she used to grab the extruding end which looked like a high heel shoe placed with the heel in the air and the toe of the shoe touching her vagina which was also becoming a well lubricated  dildo.  And she began to thrust the dildo boot tip deep inside her. 


While watching herself as a stranger in the mirror Tonya felt the pleasure build to a massive climax.  She was in total control as she worked her pleasure spots the way no other person could.  Just when she was reaching a wonderful high she felt the suit press between her cheeks and another boot tip enter her again from behind.  In her surprise she let out a squeal.  She fell back on to the bed gasping for air.  The combination of expected and unusual Throbbing penetrations was overwhelming. 


The release was amazing, she came furiously, but whatever had taken her was not done yet.  She felt like a new woman.  This was really going to impress Jerry.  She couldn't wait to show him tonight.  When she concentrated on returning the shoes. Nothing happened...



Chapter 3

The Spirit


"I'm not done with you yet," she spoke the words to herself but it was not her doing the talking.  Her body walked over to the closet and pulled out a pair of baggy jeans and put on big sweatshirt.  Just walking was getting her excited again.  As the leather pulled down from her head to below her neckline it revealed long red hair that spilled to her shoulders.  The gloves also pulled back to her wrists and the two dildo shoes withdrew.  Returning to the mirror she saw an extremely attractive red-haired beauty wearing her beat up work clothes.  Underneath the bagginess she could still feel the tight leather hugging her impressive figure.  As the hands ran over the jeans she could feel the leather against her skin.  The last bit of outside evidence, the spike heeled boots, quickly changed into those plain looking 1" office heels once again.


 "Who's doing this?"  Tonya posed the question in her own mind.  "I am."  Tonya nearly fainted from the almost audible reply.  "What?!  Who said that?"


The body spoke out loud now.  "Just relax Tonya.  My spirit has been waiting for inspiration like yours for centuries."


"I'm losing my mind"


"No,  your losing your body.  But don't worry.  You will be rewarded very well for what you've done.:


"What?  What did I do?  Who are you?  What the hell is going on?"  Tonya was beginning to panic.


"Calm down, my dear.  I am Sheena and hell has nothing to do with this.  I am going to sit your body down in that chair and I will explain everything." Without any choice in the matter, Tonya's body walked to the chair and slowly sat and reclined. "Mmmmm.  This leather material was magnificent!"  Tonya felt it as well and she was loving that feeling too.


"Now, I will begin with my death.  I died so long ago I couldn't possibly count the centuries that have passed.  I was a mystic in my life.  I often traveled outside my body and in my travels a gained a certain distaste for my own flesh.  I was cursed by my mortality.  At the point of my death I tried to leave my body at the last instant of life and I succeeded.  My problem was there was no one with me. 


"My consciousness remained but it was in the shoes I was wearing on my feet at the time.  Over the years I moved into different inanimate objects but I can not take a body since my death.  I decided to stick with shoes because so many over the years could not resist trying them on.  When it comes to women’s shoes, very few women over the years could resist the erotic pull I add to these"


"Well you seem to have mine with no problem," Tonya interrupted.


"There is a reason for that.  If you wanted control I would be back to the shoes.  Deep down you are allowing me in your body.  And I think you will want to share with me.  After all, I control the shoes."


"You mean, these weren't my fantasies I was creating?"  Tonya sounded very disappointed.  "All this was your idea?"


"Don't under estimate yourself."  Sheena was still talking with Tonya's altered body.  "These were all your ideas.  When you thought them I participated.  I shared bodies with women and men since my death.  I was with Gloria, Ms. Mulroy, for 75 years."


"So that was you in those photos!"  Tonya sounded sure of herself now.


"Well... That was both of us, Yes.  I began to loose my interest in sex many years ago.  As a mystic I died a virgin."  Sheena felt Tonya's shock.  "It wasn't as uncommon then as it is now.  Anyway,  When I first experienced sex after death it obsessed me.  If I had sex while I was living in a more modern time I would have been a nympho, I'm sure of it.  After several hundred years I did everything I could imagine.   My partners would trade places with me and in return I would give them pleasure like I gave you."


"And that's why I got those rushes of sexual pleasure from the shoes?"  Tonya guessed.” I had to encourage you to experiment."  Tonya's face smiled a wicked, sexy grin.  "...and am I ever glad I did."


"What was so special about me?" Tonya asked.


"It was your fetishes that inspired me like nothing ever before.  I never imagined getting pleasure from your erotic fetish thoughts.  Tonya, you already had a passion for shoes that most women manifest it as a shoe buying fetish.  Together we brought out the underlying passion for shoes.  Up until now it was always flesh that I craved for.  The leather boots you dreamed were absolutely wonderful."  Sheena moved Tonya’s hands inside her pants and felt the leather between her legs.  "I never had an orgasm with anything like it before."


Now it was Tonya's turn to impress.  "Well black kidskin leather boots were only perfected this century so you couldn't have worn it before."  While she spoke Tonya felt the control of the body return to her.  "What do we do now?"  Now Tonya was speaking out loud.


"I will propose the same deal to you that I have made for centuries.  I will give you unlimited control of your body and your fetishes.  In return you will allow me to share your pleasure.  When you give me control the body is mine to please.  We are both powerless without the consent of the other."


"How can I pass up an offer like this?"  Tonya was looking at her new body in the mirror as she spoke.  "I'd say you got a deal.  I intend to tell my husband about it though."


"Your husband can participate as he wishes.  The deal works for him as well."


Sheena sounded very pleased.  "I must warn you both that your relationship may be strained while I use either of your bodies for my pleasure.  Do you think you can handle that?"


"I think Jerry would understand."


"OK Tonya,  Now we can seal the deal with my first use of your body."


"Go ahead"  Tonya didn't even get the words out before Sheena took control.


"Just sit back and enjoy, Tonya.  You'll feel everything I do." Sheena was out the door in a minute.



Chapter 4

Sheena's First Adventure Inside Tonya


As soon as she left the neighborhood she pulled over.  No need to look casual anymore.  While she stripped off the old clothes she picked up the signal from Tonya.  OK.  If that's the fashion. The 3" high heeled kidskin seamless leather body thigh high boot flowed back onto her.  Well broken in black leather on the inside and outside.  They were in fantastic form and in great shape, Thought Tonya? 


I told you we have full control of the clothing, Sheena thought.  As she could feel Sheena's leather clad legs walking down the street.  Tonya was amazed at her feeling of sexual power.


Once again the body boot made a dildo leather pointed toe shoe which self lubricated and gently entered her and allowed the vibration of walking please her.  As her foot move din her own shoe the smaller leather shoe tip wriggled and moved to match inside of her.  Here she was a plain, quiet girl in a bombshell's body, dressed in skin tight, erotic black leather, and walking through town.


She couldn't help but notice the stares she got from almost every car they passed.  Sheena was using this body to its full potential and the smoldering, sexual glow she gave off was driving men and women wild.  They nearly caused a half dozen accidents.   Sheena finally picked her mark and Tonya couldn't believe her eyes.  The guy has to be 6'3 and 230 lb.  Do you have to go right for Mr. America?  Tonya thought.  Relax Tonya. With this body we could have any man on the planet.  She's probably right. Tonya thought only to herself this time.


Sheena approached Mr. America she felt the dildo inside her.  The effect it had on her face was enough to take her man without an argument.  The sun was gleaming of her leather and her red lips were moist and inviting.  Dave didn't have a chance to resist.  Sheena didn't even bother to learn more than his name.  She just walked up and took his hand in hers.  He let the buttery, soft leather just pull him into the alley.   Sheena pinned him against the wall and pressed her lips and body against his.


Her 3 inch heels raised the extra inch to allow her to press her crotch against his hard shaft.  Dave's hands began to explore the leather body that kissed him.  He never realized there were no seems or no zippers he had no time to think.  His breath caught as Sheena slid her glove in his pants and grabbed his shaft.  The leather on his penis was almost too much.  He began to tear off his shirt.   Sheena's  nipples strained against the leather and

against Dave's chest.  Without pulling her lips from his she opened his pants and let them fall.


Tonya was lost in the overwhelming passion of Sheena.  She felt the surge again as Sheena opened a hole in the leather over her pussy and took Dave's shaft.  The leather formed a built in condom boot and Dave slid his penis into the leather body boot down inside of it Dave realized the leather had formed a well broken in erotic boot around his penis, as her legs added enough height for her to control the action.  Dave was only able to lean back while Sheena's gloved hands massaged his chest and her pussy held his leather encased penis in place inside of the boot. 


Dave was begin to get off on and was pulsing into and out of the leather boot he was wearing.  Dave was about to come but with centuries of practice Sheena new the moment and she wasn't done yet.  She tightened her muscles and pinched off Dave's explosion.  Tonya was amazed at the action.  I've got plenty of things yet to show you, Sheena told her.  As the thoughts passed in her mind Tonya felt the familiar invasion from behind.  She felt a brand new rush as her ass parted to enclose the dildo boot from behind.  With Tonya's excitement building up too, Sheena reached her peak and released her energy as Dave continued to pulse the penis encased boot inside of Tonya..  Their bodies were racked with pleasure.   After a spasm of ecstasy Dave slumped to the ground exhausted.  Sheena licked her lips and closed up her suit.  She walked on and blew Dave a kiss and headed home.


Tonya just sat back in shock.  Sheena drove them back and stopped to change into the old clothes.  It's a good thing one of them was still thinking.  Tonya, are you still with me?.  The question shook Tonya out of her daze enough for Sheena to know she heard her.   We are back at your house.  I am giving you back control.  


Tonya didn't feel a change right away.  But as soon as she returned her body and shoes to normal she realized she was more horny than when she started.  At least Sheena's sex won't interfere with her own.  Now all she had to do was figure out how to tell Jerry.  And what could Sheena have meant by saying that he could participate?


Chapter 5

Jerry's Turn


Jerry returned to what he thought would be a normal house that night.  He was an average built guy.  Maybe a little too thin.  6' even and about 160 lb.  Brown hair and blue eyes were his most unusual features.  He and Tonya got along great together.  She was the go-getter and he was laid back and easy going.  They made a good team.  He was just thinking about what they would do for dinner when he found Tonya in the bedroom. 


His eyes popped out of their sockets.   He stared at the sharp, 3" spike heels.  Where did she get those?  His eyes followed up her black leather covered legs.  The boots ended at her hips.  So did the rest of her wardrobe.  Tonya's naked form was stunning.  She must have been working out. Jerry thought to himself. 


Tonya's big brown eyes and soft red lips held him as if his feet were stuck to the ground.


"I'm glad your home."  Tonya wasn't even aware of the effect Sheena had on her voice.  The sexual power she added sent Jerry's head spinning.  He was rock hard before she even crossed the room.  The sway that the boots added to her walk was getting them both even hotter. 


Slowly Tonya removed Jerry's shirt and pants.  Removing his shorts revealed his rigid cock and she bent down and began to kiss him.  Her lips were electric.  She played until she new he was about to lose it.


As she stood up Jerry put his arms around her small waist.


Thanks to her added height they fit together perfectly.  It wasn't all from the heels but she didn't have to let Jerry know just yet.   They began to move together right where they stood.  Tonya could feel every sensation of Jerry inside of her.  Jerry was losing it again.  I want you to hold on for me.  It was hardly more that a whisper but Tonya's new power held Jerry and they both moved to a higher level of ecstasy together.  Their thrusting got faster and faster until they fell together onto the bed. 


Tonya was on top riding Jerry harder than she ever had.  Then she stopped.


"I guess you missed me?" was all Jerry could manage.


"Have I got a story for you..."


Tonya stood before Jerry and let the boots return to shoes right before his eyes.


"What the hell was that!?"  Jerry couldn't believe his own eyes.


"I know you wouldn't believe my story so I figured I would just show you how these shoes work."


Jerry just sat very aroused and listened while Tonya explained about how she found the shoes.  She didn't include everything but enough for him to get the idea.


"You are telling me that these shoes can become any clothing you want.  That they can even change your appearance.  What am I losing my mind?"


Sheena whispered to Tonya to gently slide her shoes off and place one over his penis.   Tonya realized that would be the only way to convince Jerry.  She bent over took off her shoes and put one of the shoes onto and over his penis.


Jerry stood up and stared at himself in the mirror.  "Now what do I do?"


"Picture a pair of shoes or something." Tonya sounded frustrated.  "Think about your fantasy sex outfit."


Jerry watched in the mirror as the shoes turned into a pair of very feminine high heeled black leather boots and climbed right up over his penis wrapping around his hips and pulling his penis right toward the toe of the inside of the boots. 


"You like leather boots?"  Tonya was shocked and excited all over again.  "I thought you just liked me to wear them."


"Why should you have all the fun?"  Jerry's cock responded to the added sexual wave from the shoes with the tip of his penis firmly placed inside of the boot.  Tonya's smile showed just what she thought of Jerry's kinkier side.  She could feel the sexual energy coming from him.  Looking in the mirror must reflect the energy back on himself.  No wonder she turned herself on with the shoes.


"Have you ever seen a leather body boot ?"  Before she even finished asking the question Jerry's smile widened and his boots turned to full well worn leather.


"I guess that means yes?"


With a further thought the leather climbed down his legs.  The material spread over his thighs and pressed his firm penis even deeper into the toe of the boot that this magic body boot created.  The tightness squeezed his ass and pressed against him from all sides.  Tonya was wet with excitement as she watched the transformation. 


The leather closed out to Jerry's hands and went over his head completely.  All that showed was his face.  He glared at Tonya and took her hand.  She belonged to Jerry at that moment.   At that point Jerry did something Tonya didn't know could happen.  She realized what it was as the leather climbed up her arm and spread across her body. 


The sexual energy had her gasping.  She could feel Jerry's hand but the rest of their bodies were enclosed in a pair of erotic black leather boots.  Jerry pulled Tonya to himself and the boot that held his penis became more narrow and penetrated into Tonya as the leather parted around them.  They were enclosed together, each in a leather suit with Jerry screwing Tonya with a very soft an erotic black leather high heeled boot.


There bodies could feel one another through the suit even though they were totally enclosed. 


Sheena pressed the power into them and they gasped in excitement.  Tonya began her transformation first.  She could feel the leather slide around her as her legs grew longer and her muscles tightened.  Her breasts pressed against Jerry's chest.  From the look on his face she could tell he saw the difference.


As she watched his eyes she felt his changes.  His chest and shoulders expanded and his legs thickened against the leather.  Their bodies parted while they both ran their hands over their new figures.  As Tonya's hands found Jerry's cock she realized that it wasn't left out of the transformation. With a touch of her gloved hand Tonya realized that Jerry was now penetrating her with her own high heeled black leather boot. 


She rolled him onto his back and lowered herself down onto him.  His new soft leather woman’s boot formed well over his penis and it felt incredible as it self lubricated inside her.  Jerry could feel the control he had within her. 


They began to move to the squeak of leather.  Their new bodies reaching heights they never new before.  They were almost screaming when the release came and Jerry screwed hi first but not last shoe. 


As they parted and rested their clothes and shapes returned.


"What was that and who is Speero?" Was Jerry's first question.


"Isn't it amazing?  It's Sheena, Jerry.  She is a spirit in the shoes.  That's what gives us the sexual power through the shoes."


"Sheena?  The spirit told me HIS name was Speero"


"I am both to you", The voice came to both of them together.


"My spirit is both male and female and I will offer you both pleasure." Tonya and Jerry both spoke with the spirit and together agreed to the same  deal.  The spirit would use their bodies in return for pleasure.  After the

experience they both had there was no turning it down.



Chapter 6



A few weeks passed with Tonya and Jerry enjoying the pleasure of the shoes but Jerry hadn't been left alone with them yet.  He never told Tonya but Jerry still enjoyed masturbating on occasion. 


There were some ways that no one could please him more than himself and he was dying to try the shoes for himself.  He had never really been into shoes before and was finding it quite interesting.


Tonya already had her fun and besides he was really getting to enjoy the leather and latex possibilities.


As soon as Tonya left for her day of shopping Jerry pulled on her shoes and pulled out the new fetish fashion magazines Tonya was getting.  He flipped through page after page of beautiful women wearing skin tight, shiny rubber outfits.  As he paged through the pictures his cock began to stiffen against his jockeys.  Slowly the shoes responded by sliding up his legs.  The material was like a wet, black liquid flowing around his body.


This time the liquid leather did not press over his shaft.  Instead the material molded around his cock and continued up to his neck.  Just standing still he could feel the tight black leather tugging his hard-on as he swelled tighter with pleasure. 


He was a black form with the worn leather material hugging every inch of his body.


He wrapped his boot leather gloved hands around the shaft.  It was almost too much to take already.  He was determined to make this last.  He let go of his penis and stepped over to the mirror.  The suit responded to his movement by pulling against his penis making it penetrate further into the toe of the boot leather and the pleasure stopped him cold again.  Standing still, walking, even breathing was exciting...  His heart pounded and his breath caught as the pleasure washed over him beneath the leather suit.  The material around his penis gently squeezed him and he held back just enough as the wave passed.  He looked in the mirror at his form with his penis firmly surrounded by the black leather boot.  How do women manage to hold out so long?, he asked himself.  He began to picture the women in the magazine and he instantly felt the change in his body. 


The pleasure was so intense he fell to the floor, flat on his back.  Without the mirror he couldn't see what was happening but he could sure feel it.  His penis slowly folded against his body and melted into his crotch.  His nipples instantly grew very hard and the tingle he felt there was driving him wild.  His chest slowly began to expand and he could feel the nipples straining against the leather.  His hips and ass spread and rose up as his

waist shrank.  The magical leather shoe was molding his body into a voluptuous female shape.  It cupped her new formed breasts and tightened around her ass.   As the sensations of the change faded she began to rise and examine her new form.  Her eyes started at the toes and followed up the high heels to the tight, shapely legs.  The leather held tight against her ass and hips and up to a slender waist.  From there she glanced to the mirror to examine her full breasts.  From the neck up he recognized his favorite model.  He duplicated her body to the last detail.  The large, red, pouting lips and the high cheek bones.  Sultry, cats eyes and long black hair.  He couldn't believe his own eyes.  She spun a few times to check the whole figure and slowly licked her wet lips.  She began to move her boot leather covered hands over her breasts.  The feeling as she stroked her nipples released a warm gush between her legs.  So this is what they feel. 


By touching and feeling her whole new body the excitement began to build.The suit knew what to do to complete the experience.  He felt the leather press against his crotch and fill inside him front and back.  He loved his inside shoe encounter and now he was being screwed by the shoe itself.  The combination made him gasp.  The voice that came out was not his own.  The sounds of his ideal female model crying out in sexual pleasure made him even more excited.  He moved the body in slow, sexual rhythms feeling the soft supple well worn leather boot material caress his new form both outside and in.  The very sharp pointed toe tipped boot dildo massaged the inside of his vagina as the unusual pressure from another boot tip penetrated his behind both combined into one well lubricated wonderful sensation.  The sexual pleasure rose and built upon itself.  The rhythm of movements increased.  He found that when he reached the moment of climax where as a man he would orgasm and be done, his new body stayed at that level.  He could feel the sexual power moving him on to wave after wave of pleasure.  The gasps of delight filled his ears in a powerful surge as he laid on the floor surrounded by Tonya's shoes he placed his head into the shoes inner sole.  He kissed and fondled the inside of her very sexy shoe as her body was climaxing to the feel of leather and especially her shoe. 


While he slept the magic shoes and his body returned to their original form.



Chapter 7

Tonya and Sheena do it to Jerry


I was sitting in my office when a Tonya came to visit me.  I was already warned  that this would be a free spirited meeting where I should expect her and Sheena to say and do almost anything.


When she entered the room I turned around and saw her.  She's so erotic, sexy, and very hot, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her.  With her long blond hair covering her shoulders, she looked as if she just walked off of the cover of a Vogue magazine.  And there she was walking right toward me.


This was certainly a distracting woman.  I could see that she had the perfect body covered in a tight black dress that touched just below her rear end.  On her wonderful legs you couldn't help but notice she was wearing the sexiest and hottest pair of Italian designer high heeled kid skin thigh high black leather fashion boots I had ever seen.  


She could tell that I wanted her, but I knew she wasn't going to let me have her.  Not here.


But it did seem that she decided that she was going to have some fun with me.  


She looked at me and said, "So you like my boots."  As she catches me staring at perhaps the best pair of boots I had ever seen.


I answer with a lie, not really, I just was looking at them, there interesting.


She says, "I don't believe you",,,,,these boots are stunning."  "Man or woman, this pair of 3" high heeled black leather fashion boots is so hot very few can help but stare at them.  I know there power and I know that I am attractive enough that no one who is sexually alive would be able to control themselves."  


Would you be surprised if I told you I have been propositioned by both men and women today.  Both have found me so attractive that neither can resist my sexual aura." 


At that point she put her leg forward and said,  "Curious, go ahead and Touch them", she said, as she sat in a chair across from me.  


I was hesitant, but I did what she said, it was a great way to be able to touch her.  Jerry hoped to get more. 


Then she rubbed her other leg along my pants.  The leather was so soft and smelled so good that my member went directly to attention.  I knew she saw it because she then placed her legs in my lap with the toe of the boot close to my face and the other just touching my erection.  She told me to kiss it. 


Once again I hesitated, but she gently rubbed my member and it felt so erotic that I had to do as she said.  I couldn't resist it, as I kissed her boot, slowly at first and then with great passion as she continued to rub my erection. 


After a while she slowly had me slide the erotic magical boot off of her leg while I kissed the outside of the toe area of her boot.  She would not allow me to stop to kiss her legs or feet.  She said if I couldn't do this that I would never get anything else.  So I did as she asked.


She then told me to, "look inside the erotic boot". 


My feet were so sweaty, please tell me if my boots smell ok.  I just need to know.  As she held my head and gently moved it toward the top opening of the boot. 


Look down it, can you see where my feet go toward the toe.  It's a wonderful flesh tone the same as my skin. 


Put your head, nose and mouth inside of the opening of my boot and smell my aroma."  Does it smell ok.


I just loved those boots on her and I wanted to get inside of them.  It was so erotic I wanted to do it, but I told her I couldn't.   It was so strange to be smelling this exotic woman’s boot, much less any boot.


She then told me to get moving and try it, look closer, you'll be surprised.  Do you smell the erotic leather of my boot mixed with my body.


With her help, I did and it was very erotic and kinky.  I wanted more but was a bit embarrassed, this was all so strange to me.  But I already knew I loved being with and wanted this exotic woman.  I also knew that I would love what she was doing to me.  This was the most attractive woman that had ever come close to me and I wasn't about to say no. 


What she didn't know was that although I didn't have a boot fetish, I already had a secret foot fetish.  But did I want her to know that I loved what she was doing?


So I slowly looked inside the boot.


She then told me to "look closer"  ,,,  "can't you see where my toes go, look closer.  Place the opening of the boot closer to your face."  "Put your nose and mouth down inside of it, pull it up over your face along the sides of your head, get into it, place it closer.  Pull the boot over your nose and mouth and breath in the aroma." 


It was weird but the boot was so sexy that I wanted to be inside and I could not resist sliding the boot over my nose and mouth as I  caressed the soft inner flesh toned leather and breathed in that smell.   As I did the magic boot wrapped the leather around my head and held the boot firmly in place. 


It was her mixed with the smell of top quality leather.   The top of a thigh high boot was fairly wide and my face easily fit inside of the leather without it wrapping my face inside of the boot.  There I was inside the top of her boot with almost 30 inches to the toe area as I felt the gentle soft magical black leather  wrap around the sides of my face and reach behind my neck to hold me in place.


The magic boot held tight and I felt the leather move around me slowly.  I was forcing my face down into the inner sole of the boot.  In my mind Sheena was creating the fantasy of seeing the outside of this sexy boot on her and I felt it as I moved across each of the wonderful curves in her boot.  I knew I had to make love and kiss the inside of the boot.  As I breathed and let the boot inhale and exhale it moved up and down with each breath.   I could almost imagine the movement of the boot from my inhaling and exhaling as my penis moving in and our of her other boot.


Sheena said, You'll just love it when the air turns warm and mixes with the smell of my body.   It’ll make you get so hot that you can't help but get excited and loose control. 


Then she sat behind me and wrapped her legs around my body with her foot and other booted leg gently stroking my hardened member.  She moved my hands from holding the boot and gently caressed the boot over my face as she continued to rub her booted soft leather against my penis.  I knew I was about ready to explode.


She stopped just short of my exploding.  As I relax she says, I can tell you love my feet, don't you feel my feet through the boot that I wrapped around your lap. 


I think I am going to make you explode with my boot little fetish boy, would that be OK. 


I agreed as I tried to remove the boot to kiss her.  She said, oh no bad boy, I didn't tell you that you could kiss me as the black leather high heeled leather boot held tighter over Jerry's head.   Your a bad boy, for that you must kiss the inside of my boot.   For that Sheena is going keep the boot over your face.   


I knew that I couldn't resist.   She gently removed the boot for a moment giving me a breathe of fresh air as she gave me the deepest of kisses.  


Oh, yes, I'd love to I responded. 


But first you must kiss the outside of her other boot and caress the toe lines and impressions of my moving foot through the leather of the boot. 


While I am kissing her very exciting boot on her foot.  What I didn't think about is that when the magic boot went back over my head that they might not be easy to take off if I felt the need.  There were a few things that I had not considered. 


I was still very erect and very horney from kissing her booted foot.  This time she helped me place my face and part of my head right back inside that thigh high kid skin leather well worn high heeled black leather boot.   It seemed so exciting and kinky, it was a lot of fun.  Then the magic boot tightened once again over my head and tied the boot over my head very tight so the boot could not fall off. 


What I realized at that moment was that this would not be so easy to pull off if I needed to it was firmly in place.  But it was so exciting I figured so what, this is fun.  As she wrapped her legs around me again with her boot sitting right on top of my penis she magically tightened the boots hold over my face as the leather once again wrapped over my head forcing my face once again down into the inner shaft of this very erotic black leather high heeled well broken in soft kidskin boot.  


She then told me to make love to the inside of the boot, feel the leather on your face, the smell, its me.  Don't you just love it as you breathe in and out inside of the boot.  You can feel it as the boot expands and contracts with every breath.  You can smell my feet and legs and I know you love them by the way you stared at them when I came in.


What I quickly noticed was that there was no fresh air getting into the boot this time and that as my excitement was growing so was my breathing getting deeper from the lack of oxygen as the excitement was mounting.


She took off the other boot and slid it magically over my penis.   The magical leather pulled my penis deep down into the shoe to where the toes end.  Firmly in a rhythm it gently moved up and down over my erect penis.  As my body began to move with the rhythm I could feel the magical leather pulse as my penis moved over the inner sole of the boot down toward the toe area.  I could feel the bumps worn in the leather by her beautiful toes on my erect penis.  I just knew that I was going to make love to the boots and I was about to explode.



As I passionately kissed the inside lining of the boot the magical leather of the boot moved over my head as my face touched the inner sole of the shoe.  I tasted her and smelled the well worn leather sole as I kissed the inner boot with depth and passion.  The boot pulsed around me as I breathed in and out and blew my load into the boot that was screwing me.  I was becoming slightly dizzy and about to pass out as my body then began to explode continuously into Sheena's black leather high heeled boot that was screwing me.   I was so aroused I couldn't stop going for such a long time. 


At that point I was about to pass out and I heard Sheena say to Tonya.  You need to decide what to do next.  You know I can become anything for you.   You need to decide; Will you remove the boot and bring Jerry back to reality or will you leave it on Jerry to pass on to eternal bliss choosing Sheena for eternal self gratification and pleasure? 


Tonya mumbled, “Oh, choices, what to do???”