Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish

Jenna Jameson Casual photos and a few More of Jenna's Used Shoes I Bought.


You enter at your own risk & by doing so you declare you are OVER THE AGE OF 21.

Why is Jenna so popular? 

Perhaps once it was because off her XXX fame, today, in my view it is because she is just plain sexy and interesting.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson Boots

Just after I bought the GoGo boots

I received an e-mail from Jenna and the HOJ asking if I wanted to buy this cluster of Jenna Jameson's boots?  She uncovered these the same time she was looking for the gogo boots that I bought.


I could affford it so I said "Yes". These are daily boots for neighborhood dress.


I even bought the lone straggler.  When it arrived the missing boot was with it.  


I want you to know these boots are incredible.  I'm told Jenna took the picture ( who knows?).   

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jamesons Shoes

of course she wore these.

Think about it a moment

and then look at them

As a shoe fetisihist you just know

you would

buy and want these shoes.

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson shoes

When these were up for sale I ignored them at first.  So did everyone else. Then I started to think about them and decided I had to have them.

That was a good decision that an experienced shoe fetishist already knows these are great.  What was i thinking, they are.  

Shoe Fetish Jenna Jameson


Dancing Boots

I sent an e-mail to her when she was selling this stuff, sorry I tried again recently to buy more,
but no more selling. 
Earlier I asked to buy a pair of her exotic dancing club boots. 
That was how her career started She responded by e-mail they were buried in storage and it would take some time to find them.  I figured she wouldn't look, but she did look and weeks later she wrote back and I bought these.  
Thank you Jenna !!! 
They are exactly what the club professional club dancing girls wore, they may not be all leather and pristine perfect but these are JJ's used gogo boots and they are incredibly exciting.  Even if you didn't like shoes you might want these if you like this XXX queen.