Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish
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I'm going to keep my comments short.  It's simple I love shoes so much I have not been able to really enjoy a partner over the shoes like some of those discussed here.  Perhaps it's my age? I'm not certain but I see a pair of sexy womens shoes or boots and I just want to do them.  The inner soles of those shoes and just the thought of them makes me hard and aroused.  

Just thought I'd add my view because it isn't one that includes a partner easily.  I just really want to do her shoes over and over again.  Yes, I tried it stoned and I didn't think anything could make my shoe fetish better but it did. 
It made it so much better it was amazing.  I read these stories and cases and I get even more excited.  This has helped me adapt to my fetish even though the only partner I want are the shoes and boots.  I know that is strange but socially everything else n my life is just fine even socially just sexually it's all about the shoes.  

Thanks for letting me speak - Billy G.
Cannabis shoe sex stoned and oral sex with my partner -- 

It works!!!

I can't believe it I tried it with my partner just like the web site says & used a pair of her stilleto Monolos she was wearing.  I slipped them right off her feet during sex and then I did it just like it says with a lot of lubricant.

I didn't try to penetrate her because it says this could hurt her.
What I did was gently touch the toe of the shoe to her clit while giving her oral sex with my tongue and as she becema aroused she moved the whole toe box over her clit and started to hump it without my mouth.

There she was doing the toe of a shoe as I was able to kiss and fondle the bottom of the shoe I was so excited but the orgasm she had was actually better than a lot of orgasms with just my mouth and tongue. 

I was controlled and  never penetrated her with the shoe.  I didn't have to, this woman went on to totally fuck the shoe in an orgasm that seemed to last a very long time. 

After course after she did the shoe she didn't admit she fucked the shoe,  she said it was my light beard. 

To myself, I said OK so you don't want to think maybe you just have a bit of a shoe fetish too.  Just to note, my beard
was no where
near her vagina,
she did the shoe.   

Edgar in Portland

P.S.  A WEB Note

You need to make certain the shoes are very clean as noted here and on this web site.  Cheap advice, don't try to penetrate her with the shoe.  If she wants to fuck a shoe she will push it deeper herself.   
The last thing you want to do is hurt her sensitive parts or have kinky sex and give her an infection. 
That would end
ever being able
to do this again.
Maybe this is a repeated statement
- BUT -
has allowed me to realize I'm just not as unusual as I thought I was.
It's fairly easy to see why someone with a shoe fetish like me might feel so alone.

I did --- Thank you

After many years of thought I have concluded that I'm OK
with my shoe fetish and this site helped. 
However, regardless of how social I have become I am now bisexual in a strange way,
I love women and I love shoes.
There is simply nothing in this world that compares to making love to both,
but, kissing and fondling a sexy inner sole while penetrating deep into the right
pair of shoes or boots makes for a good,
no a great shoe fuck,
well frankly, nothing even comes close!
I think that's why my fetish has stayed with me my whole life.
-- Manny D.
As much as I enjoy the recent postings I need to add that for me everything is pretty much the same except for the fact that I need to know the shoes are very used, high quality, leather lined with signs of the wearer, and the most exciting shoes are the ones where I know they came from an exciting attractive woman.  Truth, Yes I can do almost any really sexy hot used woman's shoe, but, for me knowing a foot was inside of the shoe and whose it was takes it one step further and turns the shoe in my mind into a sex organ just waiting for love and penetration.  To me it is like having a second vagina to have sex with.  I also agree there are times when doing a shoe is so much better and there are times when my partner is so much better.  Especially if she will wear shoes for me and then later do me with them. 
As for Shoe sex alone!  I can do it in my way in my own timeframe. 
As for using marijuana and shoe sex.  Simply incredible!  I suspect even if you don't have a shoe fetish but find women's shoes at least sexy with a little silicone lube you might find you just really enjoy your first shoe sex.  As the leather surrounds your member and you glide to the depths of the shoe it is a stimulation you just can't put into words.  I'd love to fuck the shoes on this page!
Burt K -  
For someone like me with a flaming shoe fetish this might be the most erotic sexy site in the world.

For me these used shoes are like seeing a sexy undressed woman.
The inner sole to me is like a glimpse at her hidden parts, or XXX video and I just want to put my face down deep into them as
I make love to them.

As this site says, it is just amazing how great it feels.

thank you Anonymous
I feel the same way and it's sad there are not very many places for us to visit on the WWW.
Thanks for the site but I really don't know what to think yet.  For me this is a confusing time and I'm not totally accepting of the fetish I have.  I'm afraid to move forward with girls I know but know I must face this some day.  I can tell it won't go away because I focus on girls feet and shoes all of the time.

Thank you,

This site has helped me socially a lot. I still love shoes but now know how to make it work  for me.



 Let’s start with the obvious to me.  No this isn’t all mine and I read it on the WWW somewhere, but it is a great start for my note to you. Let’s talk about shoes and take another view.  Maybe you already covered this topic but your site is so large it’s hard to read it all.

Here is that general thought.  Shoes say everything about the woman wearing it.  A sexy shoe makes you stare at it and dream of starting to undress her and having sex with her.  A sexy shoe is usually high heeled, with an important very high quality construction. For me sexy is single sole, stiletto or sexy peep toe bootie or fashion boot. It’s a statement about who the wearer is. It shows just enough but not too much, a lot of her sexy foot is hidden and open to imagination. 


Last but not least a sexy shoe is about being worn by the woman and not the other way around. She intentionally slides her foot into the shoe and knows it is sexy.  When a woman wearing sexy shoes walks into view her shoes are the first detail that steps toward you.  If she goes wrong on that and suddenly everything else matters so much less. A sexy shoe is the natural continuation of her legs. Shows just enough of her ankles, her toes, and it is worn well enough to show some wear lines that add to the sexy appearance at that point everything is about a perfect balance.


For me when her feet slide into a well worn high quality shoe or boot, simply put, part of her is sliding into and entering what has become a very erotic chamber that caresses her feet and sometimes her legs.  Her feet moving inside a great pair of fetish shoes reflect a near perfect outline of what is hidden inside. As she slides a shoe or boot on it is as if she is sliding a fallic penis deep inside a dream vagina.  As shoe slides the shoe off it is as if she is pulling her penis out of the shoe and now I can enter the sometimes warm shoe with a little lubricant.  Yes the inner sole feels tight around my penis as my member slides down toward the toe of the shoe.  My member feels and thinks it is in a very nice erotic vagina.  I do kiss and fondle the other shoes inner sole as if I was having oral sex.  The smells and tastes are exotic and erotic and it turns into a great orgasm for me.


If you can see the shoe as a part of her and an erotic place for her feet as I do the next steps might be very easy.  Or as this site states, If you just see shoes, well than that is all you will get out of her wearing great designer erotic shoes. I suppose a lot of women buy these incredible shoes and many of their partners are clueless as to their real power because they just see shoes.  To me that is sad because shoes have been one of the most fun additional joys in my life.  They have added incredibly to my joy of sex with my partner.


I hope you find this a slightly different point of view, maybe not but it was fun to finally write my thoughts.  I live in a very hidden and private world.


Andy W. - CA

I have to agree, I love shoes so much it is amazing
and I have for a couple of dozen years. 
To me it is simple,
after having all types of sex,
I have found nothing that is as incredible
and that feels as electrical
as a great night of shoe sex. 
I have a partner and I really do enjoy sex with her. 
She is a lot of fun,
regardless I have found nothing to compare
to a great woman's shoe or boot 
or a night of shoe sex with a
great and very special collection
of very sexy and erotic
used women's shoes and boots.

I wish everyone could experience & get excited by a shoe fetish, sadly that's not to be?
All it takes is one great shoe play night
and you'll probably have this fetish for life.

I do! --- Robert -?