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-- Shoe Fetish -- A night at Ted and Judy's and the stray thoughts and shoe fetish actions that followed


Here the individual discusses an evening with friends and the stray thoughts and shoe fetish actions that followed during that visit.   This is a cleaned up revision of something I rewrote much earlier to share what I consider to be a perspective on this very interesting and erotic fetish.  As we discuss the topic the person felt compelled to note that as kinky as he is, and as much as he adores shoe fetish fun, he also has an interesting and enjoyable sex life with a partner.  Here is how I wrote this:



Research notes start for case#2 (unidentified author)



As a side note, I find that when I am stoned that the fetish accentuates itself quite a bit and I find I get aroused so much easier.  I also discovered that with the increased focus I can let it all go several times.  For me it seems 3 or 4 times could be normal for a light smoking evening.  On any other night once or twice is normal.  I don’t do this every day and I consider myself a recreational smoker, about once every several months or so when I really want to accentuate the fetish. 


On to this occurrence as I remember it.  I can't speak for anyone else but I can for myself.   If Judy is reading this she just needs to know she was more exciting to me than she ever knew and she really did have a great pair of boots.  


In the beginning!


In my experimentation years I found it very interesting some of the things that I could become sexually aroused by when I was slightly stoned.  Here's one sexual discovery that has stayed with me my whole life.


I was about maybe 21 and at a party at a friends house and we had all had a few glasses of cheap Italian red wine and a few hits off of a bong.   After a couple of hits I was feeling very mellow and enjoying the company of my friends.  


As I sat their slightly high, ok I was fairly high, I realized that I had begun to focus on Ted’s girlfriend Judy.   No I wasn’t going to approach her but she did look really good.  In fact, I was getting a hard on thinking about Judy.  Being 21 I was embarrassed and self conscious about the bulge growing in my pants.  I am certain now that nobody could see it but I decided to go to the bathroom to cool down anyway. 


Anyone who has ever been stoned with a hard on knows what happened next.  It didn't go down.  When your stoned sex becomes accentuated.


So I decided to try to relax, I closed the door and sat down in the bath room.   As I looked around for something to read I noticed some of Judy’s clothes and a pair of fashion boots sitting on the floor in the corner of the bathroom under the clothes.   It was winter and I suspected they had been put there to dry out.   I touched her clothes and they were warm from the radiator in the bathroom.   They clearly had been put their some time ago because everything was quite dry.   


I looked at the clothes and they were just jeans and a shirt.  However, with the boots now uncovered I realized they were a pair of soft leather knee high fashion boots with zippers so Judy could open them up and have an easy path to place her foot into the inside of the shoe.  I think they were a kind of 70's taupe color perhaps more toward slightly tan in color. 


As I touched them and looked at them I realized they were made out of a very soft erotic Italian kidskin leather which showed a tremendous amount of gentle wear lines as the boot came to a gentle pointed toe.  They were fairly well worn.  These were a very hot chunky 3” high heel style of the 70's and I could see the toe impressions on the outside of the boots as I looked at them.   Being a bit stoned I realized I was paying more attention to these boots than I ever would have normally.   I guess it’s just the focus of the smoke that does that.


As I continued to inspect her boots I don’t know why but I decided to look inside of one of them as well and I also realized that I could see the outline of her foot inside of the boot worn into the soft flesh colored leather lining.   I couldn’t help but just sit their on the closed toilet thinking about her with my eyes fixed to the boots I was holding and think about just how attractive and sexy Judy was.   As I continued to think about her my eyes stayed fixed on her boots and the wear lines and impressions of her foot inside the boot. 


As my high focus grew I noticed the very interesting curves and erotic lines to it that just matched the impression of her foot.  As I touched the soft leather it had an erotic feel I probably may not have noticed if I wasn’t a bit high.   For some reason the next thing that I did was place my arm inside one of the boots to look closer at it and then I slowly zipped it up over my arm. 


It felt really good and as I moved my arm inside of her boot I imagined her leg and foot inside.  At that point I shifted focus and realized that my hand felt the inside of the shoe and the toe bumps worn into the leather.  It was very erotic and I became even more aroused.  


At that point most of us guys know how our members sometimes sit funny in our pants as it begins to get larger and very erect.  Well, I naturally pushed down on my member not realizing my hand was still inside of the boot.  It was at that moment when the soft leather of the boot touched my pants over my member and my member slid out of an opening in my loose underwear that I made a great discovery and became even more aroused.  The soft leather felt great as it gently touched against my enlarged member.  I couldn’t help but continue to gently rub the boot against my pants and my enlarged member with the soft leather.  It felt great.   


Then for some reason bent over to pick up the her other boot and sat on the rug on the bathroom floor.   I looked inside of her right boot to the flesh toned inside and being a zippered boot I folded down the leather to get a better look at the inside. 


By now I was very aroused and the inner passage of the boot took on a very erotic form and I realized that thinking about Judy’s foot inside of this boot that I was touching was making me more horny.  To add to it my focus began to include the smell and the feel of the well worn leather.   The odor in this hot well worn high heeled fashion boot reminded me of oral sex.


Lying on the bathroom floor I decided to lower my pants to give my straining member a bit more room.  


With her open fashion boot in my hand I decided to continue to rub the inside soft leather of the folded down boot along my body and member.  The inside leather felt so good that I kept gently rubbing it as I lay on the floor.  It didn't take very long until by accident as my rubbing became more vibrant that I made the next startling discovery as the tip of my member glided into the area of her boot where her foot would go.   Without much thought I had just gently slid the soft leather of the inside of her boot over just the tip of my member.  


Moving my member in and out just slightly felt very good.  I was getting so horny and it felt so good but it just wasn't good enough.  It just wasn’t Judy.   I really wanted to screw her but she wasn't mine.   As I very slightly penetrated the folded down boot I gently rubbed the inner lining over my erect member.  It didn’t take long until I gently slid it farther over my very solid erection and my member entered the boot even deeper as I approached the toe area of the foot of the boot and in a very short time I discovered that I was big enough to be able to reach and slide my member over the toe bumps that she made inside of the boot as my rocks gently rested and were held by the heel of the boot.   


It felt so good. It was like electric as my member slid in and out and eventually in the heat of the moment it slid on toward the toe of the inside of her boot and by now I fully discovered that the soft inner sole and the heel of the boot held my balls firmly in place in the heel.  It was incredible here I was with my member deep inside her boot with every inch of my member being touched and surrounded by the same soft leather that captured her foot. 


There was no doubt, it was becoming very clear that if I didn’t stop that I was about to have sex with her erotic high heeled fashion boot......


It was so natural and felt incredible yet it was so unusual to be inside her boot.  I was stoned and the feel of the inside of the foot of the boot gliding gently over the soft gentle wear lines and toe bumps worn in the leather.  I almost thought I was actually inside my own girlfriend... then I realized that what I was about to do.  If I didn’t stop I was going to screw Judy's boots. 


I was still a bit embarrassed laying on the floor again and to slow things down I decided to roll over on the floor and reach for a magazine.  That’s when it really happened.  I rolled over with my member still in the boot and now I was on top of the high heeled boot with my member stretching down into the toe of the boot.   With the rug holding the boot in place and me on top of the boot and I just instinctively began to pump and screw it.  It was incredible.  To keep my face off of the floor I opened her other boot and laid my head into it  the aroma of the boot attracted me right to the toe area as I pumped the boot over my member I also began to kiss the leather and the inner sole of her boot.   The taste of the leather mixed with her aroma as well as the curves of the boot put me close to an orgasm. 


But this boot as hot as it was, wasn’t a woman and almost wasn’t quite close enough.  At least not yet.


That’s when I noticed a tube of KY gel on a ledge close by.  With the friction increasing inside of the boot because of a little pre cum I thought just maybe this KY gel might add a little slip to the inside of her boot like it does when I’m having sex.   The gel has made for a lot of easy entries with my partners.  So I took a drop or two of KY gel from their shelf and placed it on the tip of my member.  This reduced the friction and eased my entry. 


As I eased back into her boot my body weight held the boot in place and the heel held my balls once again in place but now an incredible transition happened.  What had just been playing with her boot became very serious.  With the KY gel I slid right in and the curve sin the leather held and massaged my member like the inside of a vagina.  I closed my eyes as I kissed the toe area of this wonderful high heeled boot that I once again buried my face into. 


My pace picked up as I began to rock in the boot just as if I was on top of Judy.  My goodness it was Judy.  I was in her boot and kissing the inside of her sole.   I couldn’t get any closer to her than this.   My mouth gently reached for the toe of the boot.  I sucked on the toe and the sides of the boot and kissed it as if it were her.  As I did this I continued to rock and gently move my member in and out of the leather boots toe area as my body began to pulse and raced to explode into the depths of her sole.


One pulse after another as my stream filled the inside of the depths of her inner sole.  


As my orgasmic pulses calmed down I remained moderately hard.   It was so hot that I couldn’t help but continue to rock gently until I hardened like a rock once again.   


I went on to screw the hot high-heeled soft well broken in tan woman’s fashion boot a second, and then later a third time.   Each time after I let go I laid there wondering what took me so long to discover this incredible sex link between women’s shoes and boots and her body.   Perhaps I let go three times because I was a bit stoned.  Could be?   But, oh what a wonderful experience it was to be in her boots.  


This is certainly not going to be something I would have learned from a woman.   This experience felt so much like her that I know that if they knew it they would never share something that feels as good as they do inside.   Why would they create the competition?   Could you just imagine of all things a woman jealous of her own shoes and boots. 


This was a wonderful experience that I have often repeated.   But unfortunately, not with Judy’s boot.


He went on to say, the next time I am sitting home alone with nothing to I should consider mixing myself a drink, perhaps having a little smoke and then set out a few pairs of hot women’s shoes or boots and just stare at them and consider what I said.  


Before you do, he warned me.  Not all shoes or boots are equal and some just are not designed for sex.  But a lot of high fashion women’s leather shoes seem to be.  Whether it’s flats, heels, tie shoes, boots, or sandals a few drops of KY gel on the tip of your member is the equalizer that makes the inside of any well broken in soft leather man or woman’s erotic shoe feel like a vagina.  You don’t have to be a shoe fetishist to know that those well broken in soft curves sliding over an erect sensitive member just have to feel great.  He told me that I may not start a shoe fetishist but once I felt the inside of a shoe on my erect member that things might change. 



This conversation occurred quite some time ago and this unkown person wanted to share it with me.   Since that time he admitted that he has done this many times and enjoyed it even more when stoned and continue to enjoy it surprisingly more than ever.  Today he has what he claims to be a great partner, a family and between her and his personal shoe and boot collection he has hundreds of shoes and boots to play with.    


Perhaps this still sounds a bit kinky to you.  That’s ok, but the next time you take a look at a woman in hot leather heels or fashion boots and realize most of us men, including those around you, and even some women might just get a bit excited by seeing erotic leather high heeled fashion boots on a great looking woman.  You might consider and conclude that perhaps there are varying degrees of erotic pleasure and that this case involves someone who is already was a few step closer to giving it a try than you might be.  However, the goal of this book is to help you understand how that person jumped into the shoe, not to try to make you a fetishist.  Although perhaps unusual, this fetish might not be all that unusual after all.   This persons view was that unless he was stoned he may not have ever tried  and found an outlet for sexual tension as gentle as this.  His response to me was “don't just presume that this is so horrible, it isn’t”.   He noted the experience was really surprisingly exciting and quite pleasurable.