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Shoe Fetish Anyone?

So you just want to try these Sergio Rossi shoes on for size?  Yes they do fit very well.

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Shoe Fetish - there is no cure for your shoe fetish

SHOE FETISH --- A Second challenge; Trying to cure shoe fetishism; Get Real!


My views as a result of reading Sexual Disorders Treatment, Theory, Research by C. David Tollison and Henry E. Adams both PhD’s by Gardner Press New York 1979  sex disorders ISBN 0-89876-029-1.


Simply put, if it feels good and does not harm anyone clearly the reasons for the fetish are pleasure, in a comical sense, it is going to be very tough to get that person out of their shoes.  How did we forget that sexual activity is a stimulus that leads to climax based on a manipulation of an organ designed to respond to mostly pleasurable erotic contact?  In most instances of shoe fetish we are probably discussing an early conditioned behavior learned slowly by accident in most cases by the male child when he enters puberty.  


As I recall, there was quite a bit of time between the time our male members started to form an erection and the experiences that it took to set off the first ejaculating orgasm.  That leads to a lot of time to experiment as to what feels good without actually having much happen.   I suppose that is when most people discover masturbation massage and develop enhanced skills and experience in sexual organ pleasure.  Then one day surprise, whether you’re a male or a female if you manipulate things enough you are probably going to experience your first orgasmic explosion and will discover that it feels pretty darn good.  By now our early fetishist has probably experimented and discovered that shoes are really very sexy and for those prone to looking closer, or for whatever reason have mentally locked on to the erotic power of the look of shoes,  they may also to have discovered that they enjoy the odor of the leather mixed with other body odors and then as they played longer they may have also found the inside of a shoe to be a nice smooth place for the stiff member to go to experiment with, and if it occurs that they explode inside with their first orgasm, it is likely that a lot more experimentation will occur before transferring this to the thought of the female.  Surprise, by then they will discover they probably have locked in a very nice permanent fetish.   


This section of the above research to try to cure a fetish begins with a comment toward what some call, a preference toward inappropriate sexual objects.  Here they call it a nonliving or peculiar object of the body.   From what I was reviewing, and as the discussion of sexual response continues, they note that most fetishists are capable of participating in hetero or homosexual behavior, although their arousal is increased by including the fetish item in their sexual encounters.   They note partners co-operating by wearing erotic fetish items and during non sexual times just wearing other less stimulating dress.   They go on in their communications to discuss masturbation and are not able to easily separate fetish behavior from an effort to increase sexual arousal.   They even note the use of pictures and other related objects from a desired sexual partner as being used for stimulus.  The lines today are clearly becoming blurred.  Here we find and appear to have a much more open minded view that reflects updated research that includes society sexual norms today, not in 1890.  The section on fetish, unlike Krafft Ebbing, is fairly brief which leads me to conclude that perhaps these researchers get it.  Pleasure!!!  I am certain that it would be hard to convince a non fetishist to give a shoe a try, but let me put it this way, if they could, they might learn something very surprising.  I would like to call the shoe fetish as perhaps Victor’s secret.  Revealed: With the same careful choices as you might select a partner, the end result could be and feel incredible.


There was no surprise that with a more modern view there really was no time spent in this document or trying to consider or find a cure.  I am not certain they felt there was really a problem with this behavior and deemed it a search for greater pleasure in a non harmful way.  We may all agree that if you linked any behavior to other anti social psychological issues you might have a different result.


ARE SHOES YOUR ULTIMATE TURN-ON? RELAX, YOU’RE OBVIOUSLY NOT ALONE …. I picked this up over the web, I don’t even have the authors name and I have no clue as to where to find the original article again, but let’s give credit to whoever the writer is.  It appears she is female.   It just seems to fit shoe fetish behavior well and why trying to cure fetish behavior might not be very easy.  I am not certain but if I am reading this right it appears to imply that shoes are better than a dildo? So this is a woman???  


“So shoes turn you on more than sex itself.  There’s a name for it – you’re a retifist! Honoring fellow shoe fetishist Rétif de la Bretonne, a kinky French writer from the 16th century, retifism is the umbrella term for shoe-love. Whether you admire, stroke, lick or fuck, it’s all love, baby. Maybe even truer and more lasting than the date you have lined up for V-day. Retifism inspires the same actions as adultery – lies, stealth maneuvers and concealment. I know women – OK, I’m one – who won’t keep anything else from their mates, but ask me how much those designer heels cost and out will spurt the universal fudge “On sale.” Sure, being hot for an inanimate object is, well, unusual, but think of it this way – how much personality does a dildo have?”



Consider the modern definition of perversion:   

See V. Bullough, Sexual Variance in Society and History (1980).The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2003, Columbia University Press.

The definition of sexual perversion is discussed as having constant challenges.  They note that today nontraditional sexual behavior is considered as a sexual deviation or, in cases where the specific object of arousal is unusual, as paraphilia.  There are a number of recognized disorders of this type. In fetishism, the object of sexual desire is either an inanimate object or a non-genital part of the human anatomy.   

What is interesting is that no mention is made once again for a cure.


A look at our feet:


Sex Talk by Simon Shepherd on the Web page Planet Out talks about feet. Simon Sheppard is the author of "Hotter Than Hell and Other Stories" (Alyson Books) and co-editor of "Rough Stuff: Tales of Gay Men, Sex, and Power" (Alyson Books). He can be reached via his Web site at or at


He notes: “Think the foot is hot? You're not alone. Renowned sex expert Havelock Ellis wrote, "Of all the forms of erotic symbolism, the most frequent is that which idealizes the foot. ... It would seem that even for the normal lover, the foot is one of the most attractive parts of the body." Got that right, Havelock.”

He then notes: “The foot is a major erogenous zone, as many of us know, er, first-hand.  Rich in pleasure-producing nerves, the soles and toes are, as Dr. Alfred Kinsey pointed out, "areas which may be erotically sensitive under tactile stimulation." But, more than that, the foot is also a well-known phallic symbol, a stand-in for a mans member.  No wonder that foot play, as foreplay or as the Main Event, is sexy for so many guys.”

Take this one step further in my view if the foot as he notes is the phallic symbol for a males member, then shoes are the vaginal symbol for the vagina.  Once again this adds to my consideration that as the foot slides into a shoe it appears much as a male into a female.    It starts to become much easier to understand the foundations and erotic symbols of this fetish.