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SHOE FETISH --- A Re-Introduction to Sexual Fetishes;  Shoe Fetish & Boot Fetish Anyone?

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A Little Background

A fetish is a profound erotic desire for something; it could be a shoe, a boot, a breast or a material (nylon, leather, etc.). One could also have a fetish for an activity, such as watching, being watched, spanking or being spanked. Whatever the fetish object, the fetishist invests in it great power, sometimes great sexual power, sometimes great religious power, sometimes both.  

In the classic sense, the sexual fetishist needs the fetish object - or at least, some kind of fantasy of the fetish object - in order to have sex. Psychologists call this a "paraphilia." The male needs the fetish object to get an erection.  For the female, sexual arousal and fetishism exist but are always a little more mysterious and difficult to pinpoint.  Let's just say the female fetishist needs the fetish object to enjoy sex, e.g. wearing or enjoying the look, touch and the feel of high heels or stiletto boots before and perhaps during sex encounters.  

Fetishism is diagnosable as a psychosexual disorder, but only if the fetish excludes all other aspects of social life or causes significant distress for the person or has detrimental effects on other important areas of their life. Many people enjoy their fetish and choose to embrace their fetish and find ways to incorporate them into their life rather than seek treatment to attempt to be rid of them.

In a review of the files of all cases over a 20-year period which met criteria for non-transvestic fetishes in a teaching hospital, 48 cases were identified, and the objects of their fetishes included clothing (58.3%), footwear and leather (25%), rubber and rubber items (22.9%), body parts (14.6%), and soft materials and fabrics (6.3%).  ( No data resource was provided )


Fetish Types

Essentially, there are four types of fetishes:


·     Body Part Fetishists worship parts of the human body, like feet, breasts, buns, legs, hair, lips, bellybuttons, fingernails, sperm or female ejaculate.  This if course is so much harder to detect because the fetishist may enjoy the body part on a partner and the partner may not be aware of the intense focus.  Example; A lot of men and women have an over fascination for breasts.  Is it a fetish?  I think so. 


·     Objects;  Fetishists prefer to be intimate mostly with their inanimate fetish objects. Unlike body parts, the objects can arouse them and be used for a sexual event.  They may be shoes or boots that are used and well worn by a particular individual but they excite the fetishist even if they are not attached to actual human beings.  For some standing in a closet surrounded by shoes and boots of their desire can be enough to arouse them.  Although some fetish behavior in the fetishists mind may be considered to replace masturbation in their mind it is not masturbation but an intense sexual encounter.  Of course in the extreme some fetishist are not social at all and choose to avoid any contact with partners avoiding the feelings and personalities that could get in the way of the fetishist's intense erotic adoration and enjoyment.  Some common fetish objects include high heels, sexy heeled boots, nylon stockings, pantyhose, panties, bras, leather, rubber, latex, fur (real or fake), and even collars and hats.


·     Action Fetishists love to make things happen. The voyeurs who fetishize watching are called "action fetishists," as are the exhibitionists who fetishize being watched.


·     Finally, there are the Feeling or Conceptual Fetishists. Their feelings tend to be more socially acceptable. At least, they don’t get caught hoarding shoes. But they are potentially just as compulsive. Adrenaline Junkies fetishize danger. Hopeless Romantics fetishize love. Drama Queens fetishize suffering. Terrorists fetishize violence. Fascists fetishize power. Wasn't it Henry Kissinger who said "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac"?


Fetish gratification can be undertaken alone or with a partner, or even in a group situation.  However, fetishism has traditionally been associated with a certain degree of furtiveness, and indeed many people with a fetish are very secretive or even repressed, and are afraid of indulging their fetish fantasies or behavior with others. This is one of the major reasons why fetishists habitually undertake their sexual satisfaction by themselves.  However, today there are many internet web sites that focus on fetish behavior and as these increase fetish behavior is now in the open and many are finding it much more common an indulgence than thought.  Some research has suggested that the population of men that indulge in varieties of interesting, if not fetishistic ways to get aroused, could include very high indeed.   Many men, who may or may not be considered fetishists,  get excited and aroused seeing a beautiful woman in close fitting designer knee high black leather stiletto high heeled zippered fashion boots made out of the finest and softest Italian leathers in the world. 


Fetishists may interact with their fetish object in any number of ways. For example the shoe fetishist may obtain sexual pleasure by wearing them, looking them, smelling, licking, and touching them.  However many allow themselves to get lost in romantic rapture and deep kiss and make love to the inner or outer surfaces of one shoe at an intense level similar to the heightened arousal and kissing of a partner during a sexual encounter.  Then take the other shoe and may touch themselves but more than likely will use a little sexual lubricant and climb right on top and penetrate inside the second shoe fully culminating and completing a sexual intercourse encounter.  Some may be aroused by their partner wearing a shoe or by using it to bring a partner to orgasm, many shoe fetishists collect the item or fetish art or film that features their fetish.  Fetishists may fantasize about the object of their desire, dream about it and then make love to or with it.


A Few Examples

Shoe Fetish

A fetish that is almost as common as the foot fetish is that for shoes (usually stilettos or other kinds of high-heels) or for boots. It has been argued that many modern Western women have a fetish for shoes that may or may not have anything to do with sex!  However many may have an underlying interest that may fit well with their male shoe fetish counterpart who would support and use their shoe indulgences to mutual advantage.

A woman with a true sexual shoe fetish may also derive intense pleasure from wearing beautiful shoes or collecting them, but they will also involve them in some kind of sexual context.

Many shoe fetishists (and most of them are men) start in their teens by becoming sexually aroused at the sight of female relatives - usually their mother or sisters - wearing sexy, feminine clothing including high heeled shoes. As there is an immensely strong taboo against sexual thoughts or behavior with your family members, the shoe fetishist quickly fixes his attention on the shoes, rather than the woman wearing them.

Male shoe fetishists often have absolutely no need of a female partner to become sexually stimulated. The presence of the shoes are sufficient for arousal and gratification; the sight, taste, smell and shape and feel of a shoe is enough to bring some shoe fetishists to climax, whereas others gain an intense release from rubbing their erect penis against the outside of a shoe, or more often they learn how to penetrate inside the shoe until they achieve orgasm.  Some fetishists, that also have partners they are active with claim having sex with a well designed soft leather lined shoe or boot with a little lubricant can be a great alternative if your partner is less active and to them the penetration with the right shoe can feel almost the same as intercourse with a woman.  They claim the this is one of the least talked about aspects and except for fetishists one of the incredible secrets of their fetish.


Some men who have a shoe fetish may also have a foot and leg fetish and enjoy having sex with women who wear beautiful shoes, or may at some point after their partner is satisfied engage directly with the shoes, they may fondle, kiss, smell or lick the shoes on her feet gazing admiringly upon them while she masturbates him to ejaculation.  Some with an open minded partner may get aroused by the shoes and then their partner may take them off and use the shoes to bring him to climax.


Some men derive their sensual pleasure from wearing women's shoes themselves, and today there are plenty of high quality women's shoes and boots in men's sizes are available to cater for those tastes.  Even Jimmy Choo’s knee high black leather zippered three inch heeled Peony boot can be bought in size 43 (womens U.S. +/-12) which could easily fit many men.   Stuart Weitzman also makes a size 12.  There is also a French boot maker, Jean Gaborit, who makes very nice looking erotic thigh high quality women’s boots in sizes that go far beyond 43. 

Foot Fetish

One of the most common fetishes is for the human foot. Foot fetishism (sometimes referred to as Foot Worship) may be expressed by taking the role of either the 'top' or the 'bottom'. In this instance the top is the one whose feet are worshipped, and they may have this type of foot fetish or they may merely be participating in order to please their partner. If they are the partner with the fetish, it may be the act of having their feet attended to that excites them. Alternatively, they may be aroused by feet, and are wildly excited by receiving a 'foot job', the foot fetishist's equivalent to a hand job, where feet are used to stimulate the genitals.

The bottom with a foot fetish gets sexual gratification by 'worshipping' the top's feet, which may take the form of washing, kissing, licking, massaging, smelling, applying oils or lotions, or even performing a full pedicure. Foot worship may also be demanded of bottoms as part of a dominance and submission scene, whether the bottom has a foot fetish or not.

There is a considerable grey area where fetishism and 'ordinary' sexual activity and desire mingle. A man who enjoys the sensation of his girlfriend's "stockinged" foot rubbing on his testicles and penis is not necessarily a foot fetishist - at least not unless he can't achieve orgasm any other way, or feels somehow unsatisfied by orgasms achieved without this stimulus.




The latest find Stuart Weitzman in size 12   What a find!!!  What fun !!! 


If you share my shoe fetish you already know how wonderful it is to find the perfect pair of boots.  --- I just bought a nicely fitting pair of Size 12 Stuart Weitzman Knee high black leather used zippered boots with a 3 inch heel - an incredible find and what incredible fun and they fit perfectly !!!

If you have a shoe fetish and any imagination at all you already know I have been wearing them for hours and just like a little kid I just can’t wait to wear them to bed.




Women:  A Shoe shopping fetish?  Really?


We all love shoes, right? And sure, sometimes some of us joke about having shoe fetishes because we love shopping for them, but often that phrase is used for exaggeration.  Or is it?  Perhaps it is just a novice who may be on the way to more exotic pleasures and an enhanced sex life?  Consider this, These shoe shopping ladies will probably attract the foot and shoe attracted male.  No, it’s true, many who use the term shoe shopping fetish will never cross  the line, they don’t even know there is a line to cross.  However, for those who have learned the power of their sexuality and shoes there is a male counterpart on the other side that will make them the center of the universe.   Ladies really, many of us are attracted and find erotic so much more than bra size.   

Today, let’s give a thought to actual fetish footwear.
Although I find that many who scoff at designer shoes do so simply because they can’t afford them.  For example a nice pair of Jimmy Choo or Alexander McQueen shoes can cost over $1,000 per pair.  Regardless, those who find high quality designer shoes and fetish shoes to be fascinating will find a way to get them even if it means buying them used.  Each pair like a work of art. 

The shapes and curves of well designed shoes in many cases can be so erotic and enticing they are clearly so different from day-to-day footwear.    Just look at them purely for their shapes and what they do for your feet.   I drool over a beautiful woman with her feet inside erotic shoes.  The shapes that fetish shoes make (especially those in the fetish footwear category high design), many are so  beautiful to me.  They’re like two sculptures making the wearer into goddesses.

I think the argument can be made that 2” & 3” high heel shoes are a subtler and more pervasive and offer a manifestation of shoe fetishization.  I mean, they’re intended to keep the wearer almost walking normally and put him/her just slightly off balance.  The new 4” & 5” heeled designer Fetish shoes are about the same purpose, just taken to a higher level.  Not to mention the fact that women buying fetish shoes implies a mutual consent between wearer and perhaps a true fetish leaning observer that buying and wearing mass-market fashion heels does give permission to have the observers heart skip a beat. 

Footwear subculture... is very very interesting. 




SHOE FETISH or SHOE SHOPPING FETISH --  They indulge their foot fashion-cum-fetish – (taken from online  search modified)

ONLY SOME WOMEN (OKAY, maybe some men, too) will fully understand another woman’s near feral response to the sight of a vertiginous pair of shoes, stilts masquerading as footwear, suspended on air in the flimsiest sliver of heels.

A lot has been said to dissect women’s obsessive desire for shoes. On the phenomenal show “Sex and the City,” it was likened to women’s equivalent for a men’s penis enlarger. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you she feels a thousand degrees sexier the moment she slips her feet into a pair of stilettos. She may wobble, get blisters, eventually develop icky bunions or—God forbid—even fall on her bum, but that won’t keep her from wearing them, or another pair just as outrageous, again and again and again. And while she does, cobblers and shoemakers will continue to design and create shoes that will satiate her lust for crazy
beautiful shoes. Just think Alexander McQueen’s much-coveted “armadillo” shoes with ridiculous 12-inch heels for Fall 2009/10. Women know the shoes aren’t likely to hit retail shelves, but that has stoked the yearning even more, especially after the socialite Daphne Guinness was photographed in public wearing them.

Why, because they really are erotic and sexy and they work.  Couples today have a lot of trouble finding each other, but if they understood some basic laws of nature it might become easier.  Passions and fetishes are one of nature’s ways to bring the sexes together.  For every woman who is passionate for shoes to look sexy there is probably a man with a foot or shoe fetish waiting to see and find them. 

On a more realistic front, shoe designers have adapted designer styles that cost big bucks to cater to the Everywoman. After all, the value of a woman’s pocketbook doesn’t dictate or limit her shoe desires.  Style and sexual erotica for some always wins over comfort for many women, but for this one, they get both.

My Notes;  We all love shoes, right? And sure, sometimes some of us joke about having shoe fetishes because we love shopping for them, but often that phrase is used for exaggeration.  Or is it?  Perhaps it is just a novice who may be on the way to more exotic pleasures and an enhanced sex life?  Consider this, These shoe shopping ladies will probably attract the foot and shoe attracted male.  No, I agree and it’s true, many who use the term shoe shopping fetish will never cross the fetish line, they don’t even know there is a line to cross.  However, for those who have learned the power of their sexuality, feet, and shoes there is a male counterpart on the other side that will make them the center of the universe.   Ladies really, many men are attracted to and find erotic so much more than bra size.   

The Birkenstock phenomena;  How do you explain the woman who doesn’t get shoes?  Simply, they have other passions and perhaps they just don’t have the female counterpart of the shoe fetish.  It really does not mean they don’t lean toward other interests.  If you find one that does not lean toward any self improvement interest clothes, make up, hair, etc.  – I probably would not want to date her.


Shoe Fetish --- boot fetish ---  retifism  Shoes are a common fetish, some experts explain


Although commonly tagged as a psychological preference, if safe, fetishism can be an enjoyable experience for those engaging in the practice, ISU experts say.


Fetishism is a type of psycho-sexual preference where individuals have intense fantasies that involve intense sexual urges or sexual fantasies through living, non-living objects, and a combination of the two said X, associate professor of psychology.


X, who teaches Psychology, said fetishism is classified under the category of paraphilia, which he described as an attraction to something thats different.


To be classified as having a fetish, one must have urges for a six-month period and have an exclusive focus on the means of intense sexual behavior X said. The urges or behavior must cause some changes to the persons daily life.


X said the most common types of fetishes are for women’s feet, shoes, and boots.


Y, a graduate student in human studies and family development, said there are a number of ways one possessing a fetish can become aroused by their preferred object. If someone has a shoe fetish, they may become aroused by the touch of the shoe, how the shoe feels on them, or have a man or a woman wear the shoe, or for example, place their member on or inside of the shoe.  If someone has a foot fetish, they may look at [the foot] or be touched [by the foot] while masturbating.


X said fetishism is most commonly practiced by males.


Males are much more likely to engage in fetishism, X said. It doesnt mean it cant occur in females though and it seems that it does.   Those who possess fetishes will usually keep their activities private from others so getting a view of the extent of this fetish to males and females is difficult at best to determine. People who practice fetishism are not one to advertise that they have fetishes, he said.


One type of fetishism commonly and publicly practiced is transvestism, or cross-dressing, X said. This is usually not seen as harmful or destructive.


Some types of fetishes can be seen as problematic. Persons with extreme focus on fetishism will often perpetrate criminal acts to get a hold of the desired objects, he said. [For example,] they will often resort to burglary or robbery to procure shoes or boots, and in some instances, will pursue the boots on the woman.  These are generally the anti social exception rather than the typical fetishist behavior and these are what become public and distort fetish behavior to an extreme that generally does not exist.  


X said people on the extreme side who practice fetishism may experience depression, sadness, guilt or emptiness in missing out on daily activities.  X said its relatively infrequent for people who practice fetishism to seek counseling due to the extreme satisfaction that arises from the fetish.


While there is treatment that exists, the success rate is not overwhelming, in fact significantly low and mostly temporary at best.  What we know about fetishism is from people who get into legal trouble. Overall, this is an area where therapeutic success is not the hallmark of the day,  It must be noted that most fetish behavior does not occur on the extreme but is generally more balanced and integrated into a persons daily life. 


X said many psychology textbooks today categorize fetishism under the category of sexual preferences.  The practice may be considered OK if it were mutually accepted.


X supposes some elements [of fetishism] could be useful in terms of sexual arousal and enjoyment if two individuals find the fetish mutually arousing.


X said its likely there is an element of fetishism in everyone.  Potentially, any member of our society, male or female, probably has some fantasies to objects, Some women have a shoe shopping fetish and some men have s shoe fetish to match these women.   he said.


Certain kinds of clothing seem appealing, like in the recent very erotic Victorias Secret ads.  Many men, and women, are attracted to these models from head to toe.  It is no surprise when designers today aim for a high level of erotic sexuality in their high end work.. 


Y said a common misconception associated with fetishism that because its different, its wrong.  My bottom line is theres a great deal of diversity in sexual expression, he said. Even though [fetishism is] not common, as long as its safe, people should be objective to other people interests.


As for not common, we are not sure about that.  Fetish behavior today among men and women is much like gay behavior was a few decades ago, “In The Closet.”   Women, for example,  joke about shoe fetishes, but what do we really know? Perhaps some women do and some do not cross that sexual line.   Men on the other hand say very little about shoes and boots, but it appears more enjoy this fetish than meets the eye.  Just look at them when a boot clad woman passes by wearing Jimmy Choo designer knee high black leather 4 inch high heeled pointed toe stiletto boots.  We all know what they looking at, women are also looking.  I wonder what they are thinking?