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This site is not XXX and NOT pornographic but it does deal with cases that some may view as

offensive, specific, & sexually explicit.  

This site discusses and includes

mature descriptive psychosexual conversations

that are very sexual in nature,

regarding fetish behavior related to shoe fetishes, including heterosexual, gay, and lesbian fetish behavior and may include other forms of exploratory mature content that some may view as different

and others may term as kinky. 


You enter at your own risk and by doing so declare that you are;


This page includes psycho sexual content that includes how to find and view hypnosis and suggestive videos from other www sites.  We have no way of knowing how these may be designed to impact the viewer but from our view we found them interesting for the shoe fetish boot fetish interested person.

Please consider that although we were not aware of any viruses some of these links may have undesirable links so consider going to them with caution and at your own risk.


One of our readers suggested we do a mature audience word search on Bing for Shoe Fetish Sex, Boot fetish sex and the result included many more links than this when we clicked on video, from women doing shoes, men doing shoes, shoe fetish play of all kinds, but most of all it lead to a link called
"sissy hypnotic heel braininwashing" 
Sissy shoe hypnotic shoe slave training, and other related subjects are part of what some enjoy as part of their fetish.  

Because we are not a trans-gendered or sado masochism site we previously ignored these topics because the training went into other sexual behaviors and fetishes.  However, a few focused on high heel training and shoe love and fetishism and at that point we decided some of this material was not only relevant but should be included and that you could decide what to view, or not view. 

Some of the links are XXX some just head to porn sites which of course are selected only at your choosing because as much as we love shoes this site was never designed as a XXX site but a case and psychological study in shoe fetish activities and a way to show the types of shoes fetishists love
and what they do with them.

We think this link works, and our malware program didn't detect any issues, we did not find any, but, you never know?  Use care!  Please note it does take you to an adult XXX site, if you do not, or did not want adult material do not open it.   As part of the adult site it tried to steer us to other sites but we just closed them and watched the video.

We found the video to be very well done and very interesting.  It did not hypnotize me but it was arousing and erotically well done.  I can't say it won't hypnotize you. 

We later tried the e-mail address at the end of the video asking us for a donation and followed it to ask if we could post this and if we could post any other material they might have and found it goes nowhere,
at least for us. 
Again, the e-mail didn't go anywhere for us.

Here is the link;

Let us know what you think of this video we would like to post some objective comments?