Shoe Fetish & Boot fetish
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Am I the only one???

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It seems some, perhaps most, of the people who are posted here have been able to adjust their lives around their shoe fetish.   Maybe it's because I'm younger but whenever I see a nice pair of used womens shoes of reasonable quality all I want to do is have sex with those shoes.   I see the inner soles like some might see a vagina and I want to be in them and have my face buried in the other making love to them.   The reality for me is that I am not interested in the person or their feet just their used shoes, and, I really  the shoes.   Of course women's  feet  are important because that is how they get used.
BUT let me be clear,
I want the shoes
not the woman.
I guess that makes me a full shoe fetishist?  However, this does not impact my life or my friendships
just my sex life and I am adjusted, accept it, and I am just fine with that.  

I know not to steal them but I do go to garage sales, thrift stores and now after finding this site I added EBAY to build my collection.  For me EBAY can get a bit costly because some of the styles that turn me on are high quality and fairly expensive. 

I probably have hundreds of womens shoes in my collection, I lost count, and whenever I get horny I just pick a different pair and have sex with them.   Many times I'll pull out 20 or 30 pairs and play with them until one says this is it and I'm going to explode.

I know my fetish is out of control because all I want to do is have shoe and boot sex, over and over again.  Whenever
I think of sex
I think only of shoes.

Also, I tried it stoned as one or two of the notes and stories suggested and it seems my fetish may have even grown larger with that.  My goodness there is nothing like shoe sex stoned. 
Just really incredible.

Truthfully I love all my shoes very deeply as if they were girlfriends.  I hope to one day use this site to try to rein in my fetish a little, but, not today.  I'm not sure I can or will even want to because
I just love playing with shoes.

By an anonymous writer
P.S. - Some people just see shoes, functional shoes.  Others, and many women relate shoes  to simply sexy.   

If you are attracted to shoes and find shoes sexy but never tried to have sex with a great sexy high quality shoe, then, what are you waiting for?  It is an experiment that may be worth trying.  Rather than masturbate in your hands why don't you give a sexy well worn shoe or boot a try? 

If you buy and use some silicone sex lube to reduce any possible friction and climb on top and penetrate deep into a well worn leather lined shoe you may just learn just how much a shoe can feel like a vagina or to some even better.  If you like the smell of a woman mixed with the shoe you may find you are making love to a shoe and not just using it to masturbate.

Maybe I'm wrong and you might need to grow up and into this fetish as an early life experience?  I n my case I enjoyed shoes as far back as I can remember. 

However, I also learned not every shoe is incredible.  The ones posted on this site have a very special difference from those bought at a big box or a discount shoe store, they are high quality mostly leather inside and out and they develop an ability to adapt to the foot as worn and broken in.  None of the items posted are new shoes, each has been broken in by a wearer.  The way a shoe like many of the ones posted on these pages feels to me probably makes a big difference.  Maybe you just need to feel they are sexy to want to do a shoe?.

It is sad to me that so many never felt this incredible sexual feeling, or are embarrassed by it.  Or, perhaps their first shoe was their last one because they were coarse and it irritated them.  After all in my youth I never knew about lubricants that have changed this fetish forever.

Have fun and best wishes from your website. 
Tell me ---

What would you

do next???
I started my shoe fetish in third grade on a dare to smell a black stiletto just like this one at a friends house.

Even though I had no clue about sex I liked the shape and they smelled incredible.  I didn't tell my friend but I kept looking for shoes to smell and I loved it.

I later moved on into a full fetish very much like those  outlined many times on these pages.  But, for me it was my first sex and shoes came long before my first girl and so did my first orgasm in a shoe. 

Now that I have had both, even today I find a great quality fetish shoe to be very much like a vagina, or perhaps a great shoe is like a great woman.  I can climb on top and make love to both of them and penetrate deep into both.  For me these sexy shoes and boots  feel so much like the women I also enjoy having sex  with.  Both are a blast and if she will also let me have sex with her shoes that it is the best of all worlds and I am not afraid to admit it.

I tried shoes  stoned as this site suggests and the result was beyond my wildest dreams.  Incredible to say the least.

If I had to choose between shoes and women it would be very tough decision to say the least.

Thanks again and again

RBH  --

Wearing ballet flats inside of my own shoes.

I think I may take the cake for kinky thoughts and actions, maybe not?  I love playing with shoes and turning on to them but after a while they lose their original fragrance.

The solution for me was to buy my Asics about 2 sizes bigger.  That size works out just fine for me. 
Why you ask? 

Because I buy very sexy women's ballet flats used on EBAY in a size that fits me and wear them inside of my Asics.  Most of them fit just fine and no one ever knows I have them on.  I am wearing them right now and wore them out on errands.  Frankly it is a great way to keep them well worn and sexy.

I started to do this after I learned I could wear them around the house, but needed to find a way that no one knew I had them on.  I am one of those who love shoes so much I don't want a girlfriend.  Because I don't have a woman to wear these for me and take them off and get excited by them I stumbled on this idea.  

I seem to be a bit too kinky for many of the women because I keep focusing on their shoes.  BUT, I do love shoes and it seems like a very different way to enjoy them than anything mentioned here on this shoe fetish site. 

OK, I get it, don't tell me it's really kinky to wear women's ballet flats all day inside of another shoe and then later when I take them off enjoy the results.  Believe me I get it but as strange as it seems it is an incredible shoe F--k.  

Angel - Boston                        

A pair like these very used Chanel Ballet Flats might work well for Angels activity???