Jenna Jameson


Jenna from afar - Will she ever notice - probably not !!!  Should she ???  No !!!  My partner hopes she doesn't !!!  We do talk openly & my partner thinks I am a diamond & that girls like Jenna couldn't recognize a real diamond if it were on their finger.  We laugh -- we're just a speck of internet dust in the world of Jenna, certainly she won't even look any more than my partner will meet George Clooney. .  


Jenna Jameson is great to look at. 



Life has strange twists, I'm not convinced this is anything more than one of lifes look alike coincidences.  Re-incarnation, no way !!!  My Ex had died of an overdose only a short while before I saw Jenna for the first time.  My Ex may be gone but every now and then I still think about her.  



The same moment I found my Ex's twin was also the day I found out what Jenna was queen of.   You see I don't watch XXX so as much as she is a celebrity I had no clue she even existed. My Ex was one of youths errors that I made and had so many of the same wild child life style aspects

seeing her it seemed to just fit.  

This picture of Jenna Jameson on the left and the next one are exactly what my first love looked like.  No I don't know her, but I just like her for who her public persona seems to be, not the ego persona, but the real person persona.  It's clear she is not  who she looks like.  I was surprised even my family who knew her when I showed them the picture they thought it was one of my pictures of my Ex years ago.   



It's just fun and not an obsession, but Isn't life grand and strange all at the same time???  

This is Jeena Jameson having a little shoe fun.  She knows we are out here, understands it, and likes to play with us. Thank goodness for people like Jenna.