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Shoe Fetish - CASE #21 -

I Expect this is a simple fetish fantasy story, but is it by a man or a woman?



I Expect this is a simple fetish fantasy story, but is it by a man or a woman?



(Author Choose Anonymous)


The confused thought reverberated through her mind as Julie stumbled down the foyer toward the elevator. Why was she wearing the stupid pair of boots? What on earth had lead her to buy these silly things, much less wear them home!


Everything about them was silly. The stiletto heels alone were outrageous: if they were any higher she would need a ladder to put them on.  And they had severely pointed toes and the black Italian kid skin leather came up to just below her knees.  Thank goodness they had zippers to make them easier to get into.  She could barely walk in all that heel.  What had she been thinking?



The boots had not been her idea. Julie was a sensible girl; her taste in footwear, as in everything else, was governed by practical good taste her friend Linda who she looked up to had taken her to her favorite designer shoe store and had insisted that she try a pair of these outlandish boots on.



The meeting at the shoe store was a big step for Julie. It was a chance to prove herself to Sandy, the president of the company, to show her that her faith in her was not misplaced. Though she was barely 28, Julie was the first woman to move up from admin assistant to executive.




Julie was ambitious. She had worked hard for that promotion, lobbied for it, studied for it, lived for it.  She was determined not to spend the rest of her life as an admin clerk. 




Without a husband and not even a boyfriend Julie knew of only one certain way to reach that goal: she would work hard and lots of hours for that position.  Now she had finally made it.  She even had her own staff and office! The new job was a challenge, but Julie knew she could do it.




Advancement would probably have been easier if she had been a bisexual and acceded to Linda's not-so-subtle hints and gone to bed with her.   Julie wasn't going let that barrier stop her.   She was determined to succeed by intelligence and hard work, notwithstanding her boss and her sexist ideas.




That resolve made it all the more bewildering that she had come home from her very first executive meeting looking like a total airhead in these silly high heeled boots. To make matters worse, she was feeling unaccountably spacey.  Maybe it was because she was so embarrassed. It was almost like the height of her boots was elevating her head into rarefied atmosphere.




Julie could hardly wait to get into her flat and get the boots off.  Every time she tried to walk fast she lost her balance. She pushed the button for the lift.




The meeting had been entirely Linda's idea. She had insisted that she meet the buyer by herself. "I would go, but I have a conference call with the owners this afternoon that I can't miss," she explained. "There will be an opportunity for you to fly on your own for a time."




"But, but, I've never met with a client before," Julie had protested. They were in the oak-panelled office suite. "Can't I bring Warren, or Julianne?" She referred to the other executives on the floor.




"Sorry, they're both too busy. You'll have to handle this on your own." As always, her eyes drifted down her figure as he spoke.



"I've only been here a week! I won't know what to say. You said you would let me sit in on a few meetings first!"  She adjusted her well-filled pullover, trying to pull her boss's attention away from her body.




 Linda's  tone became condescending. "Look, Julie, it's no big deal. The man is a client. You say hello, you shake hands, you smile nicely, you look at his product. When he's finished you thank him and tell him we'll be in touch. Now if you don't think you can handle that, maybe you aren't ready for this job."




That clinched it, of course. Julie agreed right then to go see the man. There was no way she was going to let Linda think she couldn't do it.




"Oh, hi there Julie," Jerry said, grinning broadly.


"Hey, don't you look sharp today."



"Jerry," Julie replied, standing aside to let her by. Julie was wearing a narrow, knee-length skirt. She hoped he wouldn't notice her boots. Her hopes were dashed with her next sentence.




"Say," he drawled, sidling by her closer than necessary, "you seem taller or something." He looked down. "Nice, new shoes?"




"Yes. I mean, no. They're not shoes. They're boots. New boots." She mentally slapped her forehead. What a witless thing to say. Julie felt like her brain was on holiday. Her toes were tingling. She stepped into the elevator.




He was still admiring her heels. "Stylin'!" he enthused. "Hey hold the lift, I'm just going to get the mail." He trotted off to the bank of post boxes. Julie jabbed a button and closed the doors. She leaned back and exhaled as the lift ascended to her floor.




The meeting with the client had been peculiar she entered the offices and Julie was a little taken aback by the woman working at the little desk there. She was young, pretty, and spectacularly sexy in a tight, party-coloured micro dress that advertised even the parts that it managed to cover. Her legs were bare but for a perfect tan and a pair of raspberry red pumps. The shoes had the highest piano-leg heels Julie had ever seen.




The giggly receptionist had escorted her to the client’s office.  Everything smelled of fine leather he owned designer shoe stores.   She didn't have time to think about it, because the man kept handing her one shoe after another, insisting that she examine each one.




"You must feel the lines," he said, talking like an artist describing an abstract painting. "Absorb the texture and give of the material. Smell the leather and the finish. These are shoes to make a woman feel alive they are stimulating, they are sexual, they are hot."




Julie was feeling overwhelmed. She struggled to say something kind and equivocal about each pair of footwear he handed her. Sometimes she found herself juggling three or four at once.  All of the shoes were wildly impractical, sometimes with elaborate straps and buckles, and all made out of the finest leathers and even the interior of each shoe and boot was lined with soft leather as well.  The secretary probably got her shoes right here. 




"I did!" she exclaimed, when Julie obliquely asked her about it. "I get as many as I like for free. Don't you just love them?"




"Well, aren't they a little -- oh, yes, thank you, those are very . . Nice," Julie replied, as the client handed her a pair of black red leather platform clogs.




The air in the office was heady with the smells of leather shoe materials.  It was surprisingly sensuous and made her giddy.  For some reason her fingers were tingling.  Perhaps she was reacting to one of the oils the client used to treat the leather.  Finally, so confused that she was almost dizzy, Julie found herself collapsing in a plush chair, a pair of multicolored sandals in each hand, while her host dressed her in another pair of black, over the knee high zip boots.




The boots were a gift. Julie tried to decline, but he brushed her aside. "Please, I insist," he chided. "I would be honored to have such a beautiful woman wear my boots." He was already on one knee, slipping off her own boots. "Here, my dear, admire the cut of these. Are they not exquisite?"



He handed her the left boot. Julie found herself taking it. She looked at it dazedly. The boot was well-made, and designed to fit tight.  The whole boot was sexy, made and colored in flat black.




Julie tried to think of something to say. She wanted to object, to tell the man that she couldn't possibly wear boots like these. She couldn't seem to find the words. Worn out from the whirlwind tour, she felt sluggish and dull. She idly ran one finger down the curves and planes of the boot in her hand. Her finger tingled pleasantly.



While Julie was busy studying the left boot, the client had already slipped the right boot on her foot. She sputtered a protest, but only watched as the zipper slid smoothly up her leg. It fit remarkably well. "May I have that, my dear?" the client said, holding up her hand for the other boot.





"What? Oh. Yes, here you go." Why was she acting so thick? She didn't want these boots. She wasn't supposed to accept gifts from suppliers. She opened her mouth to say something. Surprisingly, a giggle came out.





"There now, aren't those fabulous," the man enthused, zipping up her right boot. "Beautiful boots for a beautiful woman. What could be more appropriate."





"Please . . . I, I don't think --" Julie began.





"Stand up now, see how they feel," the man said.





Julie climbed to her feet. She wobbled dangerously on the unfamiliar heels. "Whoa, I'm not sure I can wear these!"





"Of course you can," the shoemaker said airily. "It just takes a moment to get used to them. Go ahead. Wear them home. Let them delight you. They are yours, a gift from me to you. Or rather, a tribute to your graceful beauty."





Julie couldn't think of a polite way to say no. It took all her concentration just to walk. Her feet were tingling now too. She let the client lead her out, then stammered something noncommittal to the secretary who told her enviously how sexy she looked.





Julie was back in her car with her other boot sin her hand and before the full realization of her foolishness hit her. "Silly!" she cried out loud. What was wrong with her today? Here was her first sales meeting and she had come across like an utter ditz.




She was too embarrassed to go back into the office, so she resigned herself to driving home wearing the boots. Working the gas and brakes in 4 inch heels was an adventure in itself. It didn't help that her feet, and then her legs, were still tingling distractingly.

At length the lift deposited Julie at her floor. She closed the door to her flat and dropped her briefcase on the floor. The briefcase was brand new. All the exec’s had briefcases.




Julie made her way to the bedroom to get out of the silly boots. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in one of the living room windows. She stopped in surprise.




No wonder Jerry had been staring. Even in the modest skirt her figure looked stunning. The tall heels arched her feet, tightening the muscles of her legs and thrusting out her behind against the fabric of her skirt. Her posture compensated by arching her back, exaggerating the fullness of her already buoyant breasts. Topping it off, the heels added inches to her height, making her look statuesque and lusciously leggy.


Julie was fully aware of the figure-enhancing magic of high heels, but these seemed to move a step beyond. She could barely believe how desirable she looked. She took a step forward to study how her body moved. She almost fell over again.



That settled it. These boots were coming off. She wobbled into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, she slid down the zippers and pulled off the black boots. She flexed her ankles, enjoying the freedom from confinement. She stood back up in her stocking feet.


Oddly, removing the high heels didn't bring as much relief as she had expected. It was pleasant to be able to walk flat again, but for a moment her normal posture seemed almost unfamiliar. Perhaps her feet had already started to accommodate the heels.


Well, they would return to normal soon enough, because there was no way she was going to wear those boots again. She picked them up and noticed the fragrance of the leather mingled with her own odors and it gave her a shiver.  She then tossed them in the closet.




Julie went to work the next day in another pair of good old two inch office leather heels the kind almost every woman in the world wears to the office.  Plain slip-ons. She told Linda that the meeting with the client was uneventful but wearing boots to the meeting was probably not appropriate for a new executive. 

Julie's delight turned instantly to panic. She didn't have any technical notes on the shoes he had shown her.  She had been so befuddled at the client’s office by all of those shoes she had forgotten to write anything down!   She couldn't admit her mistake to Linda . What would she think of her, fouling up her first meeting? She would have to fake it somehow.


Then it came to her. She still had a pair of boots! She could use those to judge the quality of the product. Breathing a sigh of relief, she left to find Julianne.  She was a stylish, cool- mannered woman who tended to look down on Julie's humble background. Nevertheless she showed the younger woman where the forms were and skimmed over how to fill them out. They didn't look very difficult.



When lunch time came, Julie told her boss she was eating out, then dashed home to take another look at the boots she had been given. She found those turn on boots where she had left them, in the closet. They stood out from the other shoes and sandals like they were raised on a pedestal.



It was funny sometimes, how quickly names got attached to things. She had already come to think of them as her Turn On Boots, with capital letters.  Swinging the boots in one hand she walked back into the living room, where she had left her briefcase.


She sat down on the sofa with the form spread out on the coffee table. She picked up the delicate designer boot and looked them over critically. They did look well made.   Even the leather at the sharp point of the boot was so smooth to the sole that it almost blended with no rough edges.   Clean lines, soft leather, and very well designed, and they already had gentle and very sexy wear lines in them from her wearing them. 



Julie held up one boot and examined it from the side. Just look at the heels on those things, she marveled.  They created a very sensuous curve, and are attractively shaped.  She flexed the boot in her hands. It felt supple and smooth. She ran her hand up and down the shank and the soft leather felt erotic.



When she held the boot under her nose and took a deep breath. The smells of expensive leather and rare oils caressed her nose. She took another whiff. The smell was as delightful and complex as a fine wine.  For a moment she felt light-headed, like she had downed a strong drink too fast.  She blinked, and giggled. "Whoa, Julie, let's not get turned on by a boot as her body slightly tingled" she chided herself.



She set the boot down and made a few notes for the form. She glanced at her watch. She didn't have much time to spare. She had a pretty good idea about materials and workmanship, but what about fit?  She had been too overwhelmed by thought of wearing this type of boot and heels to notice how well they fit the day before. She picked up the boots again, considering. The only way to check the fit would be to put them on and wear them again. 



Ah well, it would only be for a moment, she decided, pulling off one shoe. She slid her foot into the soft lining of the boot and tugged the zipper up.  She had to pull her pant leg out of the way.  She could feel the heels forcing her toes down and her ankles upward.



Julie had to admit the boot fit well. It encased her foot without pinching or stretching. The upper part fit snugly around her calves. There even seemed to be some thick, soft leather under the toes, where most of her weight would be carried because of the ridiculous heels. Her toes sank into it, tingling.



To be thorough, she decided to try the other one too.  Most people's feet differ by a half-size, Julie knew. She had learned that sort of thing.



The second boot fit as splendidly as the first. Julie turned her feet this way and that, flexing her tingling toes. Her pant leg kept getting in the way. She couldn't keep them from slipping down over her boots, blocking her view. At last, in exasperation, she decided to take her pants off.  One of the benefits of doing this at home, she reasoned.



Julie unbuckled her dress pants, then lifted her bum off the seat to slip them down her legs. That turned into a dilemma because of course the narrow-legged slacks wouldn't slip off over the boots. After minutes of struggling, Julie had succeeded only in jamming her slacks around her ankles, shackling her legs.

Feeling foolish, she decided she had better call in and tell them she would be late and then back off and do it right. After several more minutes of wiggling and pulling she managed to get her pants halfway up again. Along the way she ripped the seam on one leg. It was terrifically frustrating; yet for some reason it made her laugh. Finally, she unzipped the boots, pulled them off, then pulled off her pants completely. She put the boots back on.


This still wasn't right. She could see the boots clearly now, but she was wearing pantyhose nylons underneath her pants. They looked completely wrong on her for this pair of boots. These boots weren't meant to be worn that way.


Julie got to her feet. She tottered for a moment until she found her balance, then made her way to the bedroom. She had to walk slowly and carefully. The tingling in her toes had moved up to her legs. It wasn't until she got to the bedroom that she realized she could have taken the boots off for the trip. "Julie you are such a ditz today," she told herself. She giggled again.


Still wearing her blouse from work along with the outrageous boots, Julie dug into her wardrobe until she found a pair of dark black thigh high nylons. She sat down on her bed, slipped the boots off, then the pantyhose and her panties and carefully rolled the thigh high single leg black nylons up her legs.  Then, finally, she was able to put the boots back on the right way with bare skin showing over the thigh high boot top. 


Standing again, she wobbled over to her mirror. Her eyes went wide. "Is that me?" she breathed.

She looked amazing. The simple white blouse acted like a too-short mini dress, covering most of her behind but leaving her bare thighs on display up to the waist. In the filmy hose and high- heeled boots she was all leg, and all of it sensational.


For a long moment she stood there, adsorbed in her own reflection. She idly ran one hand down her thigh. The tingling in her legs had reached her crotch. Now it was very distracting.


With some difficulty she came back to the matter at hand. She had what she needed to complete the evaluation.  She made her way unsteadily back to the living room. She found herself watching her legs scissor back and forth as she walked. The black boots curtailed the speed and length of her stride as effectively as a hobble skirt. What a hot style, she decided, sitting down again.


Filling out the form took a lot longer than she had expected. It was simple enough, but she had trouble finding the right words. She was having a slow day it seemed. Sitting there in her living room, half dressed and high-heeled, she felt suddenly very foolish.



I need a drink, she decided so she called in and told them she would be back a little bit later.  Julie didn't usually imbibe during the day, fearing it would interfere with her efficiency. This had been such a peculiar morning she felt an exception was warranted.  She stalked into the tiny kitchen, walking a little more smoothly as she got the hang of the boots.  She poured herself a strong Scotch on the rocks. Then she returned to the living room to sip her drink and fiddle with the evaluation that she still hadn't finished filling out.



Julie sat back on the sofa, drink in hand and paperwork in her lap. She lifted one leg and stretched it out on the coffee table where she could admire her sleek curves. It was impossible not to be pleased with how great her legs looked. The boots were immensely flattering, there was no denying that. As long as she didn't have to walk in the silly things. One could wear them out at a club, she supposed.


At length the form was finished. Julie looked down at her boot covered legs. "Oh, land," she cried, laughing. She needed to get dressed again. She would have to find something else to wear, and quickly.  She turned and trotted out of the room as fast as she could go. Thanks to the boots, that wasn't fast at all.


"I am such a twit!" Julie cried in frustration. She sat down heavily on her bed. "What is wrong with me today?" There was no time to dwell on it. If she didn't get back to work soon Linda would have a fit.


She surveyed her closet, searching for something that wouldn't look too inappropriate with the boots. She settled on a simple blue skirt with a hem a couple of inches above the knee. She seldom wore it to work, not wanting to give her hormonal boss any unintentional signals. None of her pants were long enough for the high heels on her boots. She glanced in the mirror. Even in this everyday outfit she looked sexy as all get out. She gathered up her things and hurried out the door.


It occurred to Julie as she arrived back at the office, carefully negotiating the super-high heels, that she hadn't found time for lunch.  Instead she had downed a strong drink on an empty stomach. Perhaps that was why it never occurred to her that she could have taken the thigh high boots off and come back to work in her flats.


She gathered a lot of second looks as she shuffled through the office. Heads turned to watch her go by. One of the accountants seemed to notice her legs for the first time. He smiled warmly. Julianne looked at Julie's feet, snorted dismissively and disappeared back in her office. Julianne was not at all convinced that Julie, a new executive, had enough class to buy fashions for a high level position.  Evidently Julie's re-appearance in miniskirt and mega boots had bolstered that opinion.


 Linda was upset too, seeing as Julie was nearly an hour late.  Her anger seemed to evaporate when he saw how her employee was dressed.   She seldom wore any heels at all to the office.


"Look, I, I'm terribly sorry," Julie said, when Linda demanded where she had been. "I'm having, like, a really off day.  Look, I finished the forms for the evaluation of our client’s shoes." She held up her briefcase as if to illustrate that point.


"Well, it's about time,"  Linda growled. "You're going to have to move a lot faster on the paperwork if you want to keep up."


"Oh, I will, really!" Julie promised lamely. "I'm not usually like this, you know, -- I mean, normally I can, like, get it." Her voice sounded girlish even to her.


Despite her irritation, Julie's boss was inspecting her tits again. They were pushing playfully against the fabric of her silk blouse. Julie wasn't deliberately thrusting her chest forward, but the heels on her boots made it impossible not to. She could feel her nipples hardening inside her bra.


"Yes, well, you're a clever girl, I'm sure you'll catch on."  Linda said, her mood softening. She was hardly trying to conceal her interest in her cleavage.



Julie toyed absently with the top buttons on her blouse. One of them came undone. "Oh I will, I'm sure of it, really," she said, eager to maintain  Linda's improving mood. "I appreciate your being so patient. I really do want to earn my position under you -- er, under your direction." Oops! Had that come out sounding like double meaning?


 Linda  softened further. "Hey, it's nothing. Can't expect you to learn everything the first day." She chuckled slyly. "Maybe you could show your appreciation by having a drink with me some time." She threw an arm around her shoulders affectionately.


Julie found herself unexpectedly flustered by her boss's crude advance. Her usual glib rebuffs failed her. "Well, uhm, I don't know, I mean, OK, maybe. . . that would be, uhm, all right." She tittered nervously.


 Linda's  was momentarily taken aback, either by the change in attitude from her stacked assistant, or by the fact that another button on her blouse had accidentally come apart. She struggled to regain her composure. "Yes, well, we, we'll talk about that later.  Right now it's time for you to learn how to do cost estimates. You can start with the fall line-up. Talk to Warren and he'll steer you through the calculations."


"I'll get right on it," Julie said, determined to make up for her fumbling morning. She extracted herself from her enfolding arm. She could almost feel her eyes on her ass as she walked away.


Julie felt a little guilty for indulging her boss's roaming eyes like that. She would probably have to go out for drinks with her sometime too. Oh well, playing on her obvious gay desires had snatched her out of a tight spot.  Briefcase in hand, she walked carefully over to Warren's office. Walking in the boots felt like she was suspended several inches above the floor. She didn't bother to do up the buttons on her blouse.


The she opened the door to her apartment. Julie tried to hurry by. Her boots did not permit hurrying.  She fell in beside her. "But she couldn’t help but look in the mirror and tell herself how great she looked. 

The curvy blonde leaned back against the door and looked into the mirror. You dim bulb! she berated herself. The last thing she wanted to do was get herself excited by a pair of boots.  But she couldn't think of an excuse to turn down looking a them in the mirror.


At least now she could soon get out of these preposterous turn on boots.  First though, she really needed a drink. She made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a stiff one and drank it right down and then poured a second, then proceeded to the bedroom, sipping much slower as she went.

She sat down heavily on the bed. She set down her drink. She caught site of herself in the mirror she still looked splendid.


It was funny, how those boots changed her so much. Men treated her completely differently when she wore them.  She thought about Warren turning to pliable jelly, and Rodney falling all over herself around her. She felt different too. Wearing the turn on boots made her feel different, but in a warm, contented sort of way, like she was dropping off to sleep after making love. It was as if the overt sex-appeal of the boots urged her to abandon acting intellectual and instead let herself enjoy being sexy and feminine.


Still watching herself in the mirror, Julie lifted one leg and unzipped the black boot. She dropped it on the floor. Then she did the same for the other boot.  Sighing with relief, she flexed her liberated ankles. Cool air drifted over her feet.


Again, removing the boots didn't bring as much satisfaction as she expected. She almost missed the restriction of them, the knowing control they imposed on her ankles. She put on her favorite pair of leather clogs, but it didn't help. Her stocking feet felt loose and exposed, improperly unconfined. It was as if she had gone to the opera in her pajamas.


Julie sipped her drink. She needed to make dinner. There was no way she was going to put those boots back on. Almost stumbling in the clogs, she made her way back to the kitchen. The tingling in her feet faded slowly.


After a very light dinner she made a valiant effort to finish the cost-estimate spreadsheet. She didn't get very far. She had some wine with supper, and another drink afterward. By the time she got back to her laptop computer she was in no shape to work.

Sighing, she switched off the computer and turned on the television. She found a silly sitcom and watched for a few minutes. It caught her interest. She spent the next hour laughing and drinking in front of the television.


Eventually though, she realized that the shows weren't really all that amusing. In fact, they were rather dumb. Julie frowned.  Why had she drunk so much on a weeknight? Why was she wasting time watching this nonsense instead of the news? Why wasn't she tingling any more?  She shook her head. Whatever the answers, it was clear that the evening was shot and she was going to get nothing else done. She turned off the television and went to the bedroom.


She pulled off her shoes in disgust. There was something wrong with them: no arch support or whatever. In bare feet she made her way to the kitchen for another drink and then back to the bedroom. 


The boots were still sitting where she had left them. She found herself looking at them as she bent over to peel off her pantyhose. Her underwear was black and lacy.


She remembered how sexy the boots made her look. They were so garish -- what kind of ditz would force her feet into boots like that? She had to admit they did look good on her.


On a whim, she pulled on that pair of black nylons and stepped back into the boots. Her ankles arched high upward. Her toes sank into the deep padding, tingling happily. She zipped the boots up. She felt tight leather encasing her calves and thighs.


She studied herself in the bedroom mirror. Now that was more like it! Bedecked in lacy underwear and shimmering black stockings she looked too sexy for words. The boots lifted her heels and shaped her long legs, instantly rendering her posture dainty and feminine. She considered that the turn on boots were a fitting reward -- she had been acting like a simpleton all day. She giggled out loud at her little joke.


Julie picked up her drink and took a deep sip. The strong liquor warmed her empty stomach. She watched herself in the mirror.  It had been kind of fun, the day before, to hang around her apartment in high heels and little else. She was in need of a little mindless relaxation. She had to get some work done, of course. But for the moment, well, why not?

She ran a hand across her bare midriff, then down one leg. The whisky and the boots had her feeling all tingly.  She toyed with the elastic top on one stocking. She looked hot.  She could feel her bra pressing against her nipples. The woman in the mirror had a glassy look in her eyes.


Julie's fingers found their way under her black panties. They discovered moisture. "Mmmmmmm," she sighed, slipping a finger in. It felt yummy. She had had a long day.  She needed more than a drink to relax her.


She pulled her hand away long enough to shuffle over to the bed and lie down. She unclipped her brassiere and tossed it aside. Her boobs jutted out proudly, the nipples at attention. With a happy sigh she began to pleasure herself, legs spread, one hand above and one below. but first -- oh land that felt good.


Julie was well on her way when she decided to take off her boots.  The first one had a lovely fragrance of leather and her own odors it had been lovely, but like an overture to an opera, it only hinted at the wonderful music to follow.  Julie groaned peevishly.  She was soooo turned on! Reluctantly, she freed the hand that was teasing her tits and took off the second boot and laid them beside her on the bed. The hand in her panties didn't want to stop.


Tentatively, not wanting to lose her place, she ran one finger around her wet labia. She shuddered. She was so hot with self excitement and she enjoyed the feel of the high quality leather of the boot gently touching her skin.


She was pistoning helplessly against her hand as she laid down on the bed not even thinking about it on top of the spread open leather of one of the unzipped boots.  It felt very cool, smooth and sensuaous.  As she continued to get excited she imagined it was Linda's hand instead of her fingers pulsing across her vagina.  Her breathing was a little faster as the excitement increased. 


She rolled over further with her face near the leather of the other boot.  Earlier she had rolled over the first at her midsection and enjoyed how it felt so she opened this one and laid her face on the inside leather of the boot.  The bedsprings squeaked as she continued to move her hand a bit harder now. 

She realized that she enjoyed the feel of the soft inside leather of the opened zipper boot.  It felt tingly as the leather touched against her cheek.  She was surprised but as she was getting excited it seemed the smell of the worn leather added something even more exciting acting and smelling familiar, it smelled a lot like the smells when you have sex with another person.  It was wonderful and added to the excitement.   


She was getting so close but the boot touching her stomach was positioned funny so she rolled over some more and moved the boot the top of the boot accidentally positioned itself near her hand pulsing inside her vagina.  It curved along her skin from the stomach to across her vagina cupping it almost perfectly.  She could feel the smooth leather touching along the hairs of her vagina.  She thought this is interesting and continued to tickle her self along the hairs with the top of the boot.  As the tickling felt better she grabbed some gel and placed it across the tip to reduce the friction and gently increased the pressure against her vagina and it slid so easily across her labia and with the lubricant was able to contact her clit.  The excitement was now so great she got down harder on the top of the boots and pressed it against her much harder and it rubbed her clit and also gently penetrated just a little into her vagina increasing the sensitivity.


Her head was still laying on the inside of the other boot and as she was getting excited she explored the leather lining and found that as she got nearer to the inner sole area of the boot where her foot had been that the fragrance of the hot leather intensified.  She didn’t really get into feet, but she found she really got into the smell of the leather so she didn’t think about it as a foot thing.   So she began to bring the inner sole of the boot closer and she found the increased intensity of the small made her even  hotter.  Not even thinking about it in her heightened passion she started to kiss the wear lines in the toe area of the boot and tried to stick her face down into the inner lining and kiss the inner sole of the boot.  As her tongue ran softly against the inner sole of the boot along with the aroma explosively, the orgasm ripped through her like a wildfire in a fireworks factory.  Her back arched. She saw stars as her body began to pulse.  She then grabbed the boot harder in her hand and began to hump it deeper feeling the moist lubricated smooth leather against her gushing bodily fluids. 


Some time later, sighing and breathing deeply, she became aware of the boot puling across and slightly into her vagina and her clit.  When Julie's breathing had returned to normal, the acute embarrassment set in. What kind of airhead sexpot masturbates and then screws herself with her own boots, and who ever even considered kissing a boot?  She heaved a great sigh. It was time to get to work on those papers, but it did feel wonderful.


Looking down the bed, she caught site of the heels next to her.  She turned her head to also admire the black boot.  She felt a surprising and very warm again at the thought.   I'm really stupid to screw my own boots she thought.  That may be stupid but it sure felt good and was sexy and it was perhaps one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time.  Sexy because she was stupid. Too dim to care whether she did her own boots, but they looked good, I mean just plain erotic, and she was a girl who made sexual attraction her top priority and here with boots?


She felt cool air caress her pussy. It begged for more attention. She settled back into the bed, nude but for her sleek black boots.  Her fingers roamed.  Maybe work could wait for a few more minutes.  This time she grabbed the gel next to her bed right away and lubed up the tip of the boot and began to stimulate herself again with the boot.  She liked the smell and the feel of the leather and the surprise that occurred when she humped the boot earlier. 


Julie slept in very late on Saturday morning. She woke from a night of pleasant, arousing dreams. It took a long hand session, but almost an orgasm, to settle her down enough for breakfast.  She decided enough boots for now.  Afterward, she dressed in a pair of pearly, rose-tinged pantyhose and her sexy boots.  She would be working at home, so there was no reason not to indulge herself later.


She closed the curtains for privacy.  Eventually, she decided to get something done on the work Linda had left her. She spread the papers out on the kitchen table. She had a tough time with it. She felt sluggish and lazy. It was hard to take it seriously.


Besides, her lack of clothing made her lush body exquisitely vulnerable to tactile sensations. She could feel the chair against her behind, through her pantyhose. Cool air brushed her bare boobs. Of course it was impossible not to be aware of the fabulous boots on her feet, nor the commanding, re-assuring way they extended her feet and tightened the curves of her legs.


After an hour or so, Julie heaved back in her chair with a sigh. She wasn't getting anywhere. The forms were way tougher than she had expected. She was so dense today. She got up from the table and wandered into the living room.


She had finally figured out the key to walking in heels as tall as champagne glasses. The trick was not to force it. Let the boots shorten your stride to little mincing half-steps. Let your hips sway to keep your balance. Keep your back straight and your tits out. The net effect was to transform her stride into a slow, sexy wiggle, but it was nice to let the boots take control. They would always make her look good and they felt great n as well.


She sat down in the living room and switched on the television. There was nothing on but cartoons. She watched for a few minutes. She had forgotten how funny these kiddie cartoons were! It was neat to watch her titties bounce every time she laughed.

Julie spent the rest of the morning watching television and casually stroking herself through her shiny nylons. She hadn't bothered with underwear. She stretched both feet out on the coffee table so she could admire her boots as she stroked herself.  She had a pair of Chanel pointed heels with her this time.  Very well worn form taking them to the office, and she decided to experiment and treat herself to another nifty orgasm.


Julie responded instantly this time as the tip of the pointed heel with the gel on it touched and rubbed against her clit.  She hummed deep in her throat as her hands slid around the shoe and she pulled it closer.  Almost at once the tip of the very pointed shoe slid slightly into her vagina again still rubbing against her clit.  She kneaded and groped the shoe against her inflamed vagina, Julie moaned and pulled at the rest of her clothing.


Julie laid back on the couch and found her face very near the other shoe again as she then moved it closer because she enjoyed the aroma, and she admired the well worn skin colored lining of the black high heel as the aroma of leather took control of her.  As her face moved closer to the shoe she reflexively extended her tongue and licked and kissed the shoe.  She pulled the shoe closely slower to her as she took the narrow sharp pointed toe tip into her mouth and sucked it like a penis.  Oh it was so phallic she thought.  She then turned the shoe and plunged her head forward into the shoe, and began kissing and sucking avidly on the inner lining.  She used her tongue and her lips as instruments of divine tactile adventure.  She gasped as the aromas of the leather and her own body odors took over.


Julie bobbed the other lubed shoe over her clit and slightly up and down over her vagina she could feel the well worn creases in the leather gently bumping against her vagina.  Her long blonde hair slipped out of its tresses and fell over her face.  She was too hot to hold back, without thinking as she increases the pressure she plunged the shoe pointed tip deeper into her wet pussy and she stroked in time as she realized the shoe felt like a penis inserted in her vagina.  She smelled the erotic aroma of sex which is mimicked in the aroma of leather and sweat as her lips began to passionately kiss the foot prints inside the lining of her very well worn office heels that she held over her face. 


She looked down between her legs, one hand still busy pulsing along and into her vagina.  Julie glassy with lust. "had to decide," she sighed.  There was no choice as she released another great orgasm. 

The next day at work. 


"Oh, wow, I love your shoes!" Julie blurted. "Are those, new?"


Julianne looked down self-consciously. "Uh, no. Well, yes. They aren't mine. They were a sample. From a supplier. Linda asked me to check them out. Over the weekend. Today I was -- I -- Do you like them?"

Julie regarded the very red soft leather calf high boots on Julianne's feet. They were hot themselves.  The high heels and in this case the platform heels were as high as the heels on Julie's boots. They would make walking a challenge.



"Let them delight you."  It won’t take you long to understand what I mean. 


She continued around the corner to Linda 's office. The door was half open. Linda was on the telephone.


"Satisfactory? Are you kidding? They're unbelievable. Yes, everything, just like you said. I'm guessing it's some sort of chemical mechanism, something to do with the body mixing with leather, is that right? Hey, that's fine, I don't even want to know how they work, as long as they do. I don't even want to know. You can call it a trade secret. Yes, I got the second samples Friday. Already have one of my assistants in a pair.  She was always a chilly bitch, I'm looking forward to warming her up. What's that? Well, yes. You bet we can do business. You can name your terms! Drop by tomorrow and we'll talk details. Thanks."


Julie frowned for a moment. What was Linda on about? This didn't sound like ordinary business. For a moment she was almost alarmed. A chemical mechanism? For what? Julianne was a buyer.  And she was wearing new shoes.  Could Linda be up to something?  Is it something about these shoes and boots?


She had said something about the second sample. What was the first one? Julie looked down at her new turn on boots.  Could there be more to them than she thought? A chemical mechanism -- the tingles? She was tingling right now, in fact.


It felt good, and it had headed for some very unusual orgasm’s with her shoes and boots that she had never even considered before.  What was it, was it a pheromone that activated with the mixing of sweat and leather when worn?


She shuffled one foot back and forth, admiring her new boots. They looked so hot. They made her feel sexy.  Desirable.  They set off her legs so well. She had marvelous legs.  She was made to wear miniskirts.  Miniskirts and boots.  But -- what had she been thinking about, getting turned on?


Julie's toes tingled. Her concern drifted away. Whatever, she decided indifferently. It was too much trouble to worry about Linda 's affairs. She carefully adjusted one of the silver garter clips on the bottom of her dress.


"Morning boss," Julie sang, strolling in the door.

Linda looked up from the work on her desk. Her eyes swept up and down Julie's perfect curves while she posed in front of her. "Well good morning, sweety," she said. "You're looking positively edible today."

Her Assistant tittered at the crude compliment and responded in a way she had never done before. "It’s the boots there is just something about them that is very exciting. "


"Oh yes!" cried Julie, "Yes, yes, YES!" Then her back arched and her body quivered as the climax shot through her.


Julie pulled herself more or less upright. She brushed long hair out of her eyes. She leaned against the desk, unsure of her balance in the sexy high-heeled boots. "Something? For me?" she said blankly.


Her boss pulled open a drawer of the desk. She reached in and drew out a pair of really hot two inch office style yet very pointed red low heels.


Julie gasped in delight. "For me?" she exclaimed.

"Go ahead," Linda said, "try them on."


Julie let out a little squeal of excitement. The new shoes looked so . . . so silly! They were in red leather, with complicated looking wear lines.  They were just as erotic as the fabulous boots on her feet but it looked as if someone had worn these a while.


Julie sat in a chair with her knees crossed she reached down and unzipped her boots the aroma wafted to her nose.  She slipped her feet free.  Linda watched.   Julie didn't care.  She just wanted to imprison her feet again in another pair of outrageous shoes again so she could look sexy.  She picked up one shoe and slipped her foot into it. The shoe bent her toes slightly but it felt so right.  So sexy.  The tingling started again in this pair as well.  Her nipples were starting to stand up.


She had some trouble with the other. They were great and they seemed very well worn.  She set one heeled foot on the arm of Linda 's chair and asked, “Did you wear these”. 


Linda answered of course I had to try them myself. 

Then she asked "Will you help me with these, darling?" the dazzling blonde cooed.  "I'm sooooo stupid today are they on right."


At that point Linda leaned forward and helped Julie with her new shoes.  The way Linda touched the shoe and her foot she wondered if she had been affected the same way that she had been?  The touch seemed a bit stranger than  someone helping you on with a shoe.  


Then Linda said, “There is just something about these shoes that really is exciting.  I have never been this excited about a line of shoes since I was a child and used to sleep with my new shoes.  I found I did that last night for the first time since I was 5. 


Julie walked around in them and wondered just what Lindahad meant by she slept with her shoes?  However she knew that before long she probably would find herself doing things she never considered again with this new pair of erotic shoes, and wow she would be sleeping with them too.







CASE NUMBER 22 - a persons own words as to how they got started. 


This case is another summary in a persons own words as to how they got started. 



I don't really remember when I first came in a high heeled shoe.



Ever since I was a young boy I have loved the look of them, stiletto heels just drove me wild.  I used to sit in Math class and we had a teacher that always wore heels, and I would sit with my legs up on the chair and rub my member against the table while looking at her in heels.



It wasn't until a little later on that I actually bought a pair for playing with.  It was a bit scary buying them at a yard sale but they were soft kidskin black leather style 3"heels and very soft and well worn. I would caress the heel and lick it and press it against my member while masturbating.


Then for some reason I felt like I just wanted to be 'inside' the shoe so I would put my member inside and lay flat on my chest and just grind away against the shoe.  It wasn't long before I was cumming inside and it felt so great.  I then bought another pair, a slightly more elegant shoe with a 3" heel and a harder, firmer shoe but still in the only style I loved - the designer heels. Sandals never seemed to do it for me and still don't.


So there I would be, at home surrounded by heeled shoes that I would push my member into to cum inside them.


Then I one day I decided to secure an open toe high heel for my collection as a new part of the original pointed toe high heel collection, and I placed the toe part toward me on top of the heel part of one of the other shoes. The elevation of the heel made screwing the shoe incredible.  I then pushed my member as deep into the cut out toe part as I could and it gripped around my cock so it was slightly hurting, but in a good way. I would then cum like that time after time every day as I screwed the heels, licking another one as I screwed deep into the shoe.  Now I have another new addition to my collection a little softer with a deeper toe area and I cum in them regularly and wouldn't let them go for the world.


I have got my girlfriend to understand what I need from this 'fetish' and she helps me by holding the shoe for me and helps me to screw them and sometimes she kisses the shoes and rubs the shoe against herself to get off as well pushing the toe of a very pointed pair with a lot of gel inside her pussy while I am on my back and we both have sex with the shoe. I don't think you can beat the feeling of grinding your member against the inside of a shoe and exploding all over the inside...