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Shoe Fetish cannabis sex? Shoe fetish marijuana?

I searched the above questions and found shoe fetish boot fetish and in it they wrote a entry on one of the pages. They say cannabis and sex go together very well and always have, but, I'm new to cannabis and I live in a state that has edibles. I don't smoke so I tried them.

I was pleasantly surprised at how enhanced the time with my partner was, incredible actually. Then the surprise! The edibles actually kicked in full force after we had sex.

As a result I found I was still very horny and she was done. she knows about my fetish, so I asked her if she would mind if I had some time for a little shoe play. It was OK with her.

I decided to try a little shoe play with my partners shoes. As I got higher I brought out a few more pairs of her shoes. Very sexy. I couldn't believe it. The focus on her shoes just laying on the bed was so intense I couldn't help myself. I proceeded to play, no I think it is actually make love to her shoes, for a longer time than expected. I was doing deep shoe penetration as I made love to the shoes and had an orgasm two more times. My goodness that was a lot of fun.
Then Jennie notes in a web response:

I would give you the boot!

In my view, that could be good or bad?
The only thing Is I would love a boot.
However, I think you mean kick me out.

My partner has not and learned quickly that my sex had so much passion because of it she loved it over other partners she had. I have been with her many year's and she has found my fetish adds not only to my pleasure, but to her pleasure & and by keeping the cannabis limited and the fetish fair and reasonable it works well. I play with shoes only when she wants to go somewhere and we discuss what I intend and she finds that reasonable and it allows her a break. The low frequency seems fair. She doesn't like cannabis at all and I don't in your face with it. But she has also learned that my passion during our joint sessions where she brings in shoe teasing and shoe sex is so high that our oral/intercourse sessions are simply incredible.

Our golden rule is to try to do everything for both of us and it works. I prefer it at all. Just because a guy has a shoe fetish doesn't mean they don't deeply love you
or want other kinds of sex.

As for fetishes, Mine started very young when I never had a clue what sex or a fetish was or how it might impact my desires later.

My partner thinks I am a great catch, and have been for years, except like you, it took her a while to figure out that the shoe fetish didn't impact my love for her. We were patient and talked through my fetish so she could understand it better.
At first she thought I loved shoes more than her but soon determined the whole package was a winner for both of us.

I did enjoy that she was OK with and allowed some fetish play and I loved seeing her in great designer shoes. She looks great and it turns us both on. At first she took it slow but later she started to jump right into more shoe fetish play because the more I got excited and turned on the better her sex was,
and it worked very well to excite a night or encounter
that started non exciting.

One more point, we have had sex 2 times a night two to three times a week for many many years with no slow down.
To make things exciting no one needed to find a new partner just buy a pair of shoes on EBAY.
In our view all she needs to do is put on a pair of well worn shoes and this guy with a shoe fetish is ready to go.
I may be wrong, but, I think many women would love a guy who loves them and enjoys sex this much.
To be fair the shoes add that spice that increases our sexual desire and we are way beyond the frequency of the Kinsey Charts.

Anyway sex with cannabis with or without a shoe fetish seems incredible to me. Also if a woman found a fair and balanced
shoe fetish guy they might conclude
that this could prove to be a winner for everyone.

A word search of shoefetish bootfetish results in a lot of data on this subject.

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