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I was on the site the last couple of days as well as searching Bing videos and found a lot of shoe fetish sex but mostly vids of people using a shoe to masturbate into or onto.  Although this is just fine it is where the researchers get the idea that the shoe fetish is just about masturbation. 

Here is the problem, as you read this web site and others in greater detail you find that many actually make love to the shoes they love and not just use them for manipulation to orgasm or cum.  In most cases the web has people trying to photograph themselves while trying to do a shoe and that just doesn’t seem to film very well.  I know they are excited and passionate about their fetish but a better camera or tri pod might just make for better films.  Another problem is that once you decide to have sex with a shoe and are on top of it you can’t see what is going on.  Frankly almost none of the pictures show anyone making love to the other shoe and deep kissing it while they do the other.  It’s hard to hold a camera and do and kiss a shoe at the same time.

Maybe it is just me but I would love to see a lot more real shoe fetish love and sex videos with more accurate detail and filming.  Another issue is that there are very few high quality used fetish shoes on any of the shoe fetish video sites?  Doesn't anyone know about EBAY?

Thanks for letting me vent -- Bernie B

It is an incredible time to have a shoe fetish.  Why?  Because for many the stigma is gone and for many it is acceptable to have this mild fetish and because there is so much more data on the subject that those with a shoe fetish don't have to be so isolated. 

Take care and thanks again.    Bernie B

I am a contributor to this web site specializing in shoe fetish activities and data. I found it by searching the words shoe fetish boot fetish.  Me, I love women's shoes and boots, like the Jimmy Choo in the picture on this page. I mean I really love women's shoes & boots.  Actually I' consider myself  bisexual, but not in the way most people consider bisexual.  I love really sexy women and I just adore and love it if they wear high quality sexy designer shoes, and then, I also love their shoes by themselves.  Maybe you think this is not normal, or perhaps you define bi differently but maybe it isn't always what it seems? The reality is that a shoe fetish represents a smaller amount of the population and I'd agree, most might find it strange to say the least.  However, if you had this fetish it is incredible and it feels great.  Yes, I can easily have great sex with women, and yes I can also have great sex with their shoes alone, if they are the right type that I like.

Just to be clear --- I enjoy hetero sex just fine, but, once in a while I like to set aside 4-5 hours just to indulge my flaming shoe fetish.  This alone is considered by many to be less than normal, (whatever normal is, I'm not certain?)  For this time for myself I try to, smoke a little weed, if I can get it, and then I find I can play for hours and orgasm many times 3 or more times.   What the weed does is enhance my focus and my body on the sex.  It never dis-orients me like alcohol.

Some say it is really strange to make love to a pair of shoes? OK, I can see your point, but, long ago I also had trouble adapting to my fetish and would agree that there was something not right about this.  To be clear I realize that all but about 10%-15%of the population just see feet and shoes and for them nothing is sexual about that.  I never agreed and found from early on that a really great high quality pair of shoes, well, at least to me, they are so sexy and as for the fetish part, they just smell and feel incredible.   Sure for me they would because you might say I already have a shoe fetish, and I'm not embarrassed about it, yes I do!!!  Again yes I certainly do. 

As for smoking weed with my fetish times, I learned about smoking weed and shoe sex when I searched this site "shoe fetish boot fetish" and if you have looked through this site many entries discussed this and it just sounded like it might be fun.  I already was a shoe fetishist so when I got the opportunity It turned out the reading about shoe sex stoned was fun, but, the actual result of having and indulging my shoe fetish stoned was just incredible and lead to a more in depth encounter where I started to feel that this fetish was more than a fetish but a strange alternate kind of love.

Let me be clear, I never forget my hetero partner and never will. This is just so much fun, that just maybe I'll call it a hobby, about once a month if I have the weed and if time permits I go for it and it is very relaxing, and pleasurable.  I just think I'll keep my fetish and not try to join the it's not normal club.

Thanks --  DAA