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SHOE FETISH --- What about the mechanics of sex?  What about the attraction?  Is it Masturbation or Something Else?  Could this fetish be just a mechanical variance on masturbation?

Here we need to consider the function of the human being and the nature of sex.  Is arousal about stimulation or is it about attraction alone?   In most cases the argument might be made for both.  Let’s consider masturbation, I think no definition is needed here, as the function of self stimulation by manipulation masturbation is just done because it feels good and releases sexual tension for many who, when needed, do not seem to have, or desire, an alternative outlet.   It is not the intent of this research to address one or two fisted masturbation taken to an extreme, nor is it the intent to compare alternate fetishes.   The uniqueness of shoes are that they can be penetrated and that for most, as Freud noted, there opening can be easily compared to the vagina, the exterior of a shoe to a penis. 


Some of the other fetishes such as underwear, or other garment fetishes seem to be more about the wearer.  Gloves are not well written about or understood by this researcher either.  So on both topics I can form no opinions on these fetishes.  At first glance a shoe fetish appears to be masturbation and does not appear to be an obvious vagina alternative.  Consider the contrast, focus, and difference between masturbation and a shoe fetish.  In masturbation the individual may be aroused by thought, picture, or any number of erotic mental images.  Where there is similarity, is that a true shoe fetishist could be aroused to masturbation by the image of a shoe in their mind alone.  To the shoe fetishist a shoe alone is enough to create arousal and excitement to climax.


It is fairly consistent that subjects admit that they are able to, desire to, and have masturbated to the thought of a shoe in their mind, or by making love to a shoe without a person attached to it.  However, in shoe play the motions and actions of the shoe fetishist appear much more complex than masturbation for most.  In the shoe fetishists mind they mature to the point that to them they are actually making love to the shoe or shoes.  The shoe alone is enough to arouse, stimulate, and excite a shoe fetishist to extreme orgasmic pleasure, and many times more than once.  Their actions and motions can be viewed as far reaching and just as complex, and in many ways similar to most mating foreplay and rituals between a heterosexual or homosexual couple.  No surprise to find that the shoe fetishist can be heterosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual in nature depending on their thoughts and forms of play.   For some when no shoes are available they are easily able to masturbate without a shoe to the thought or a picture of a shoe.  This also adds an interesting complexity to what defines sexuality.  


However, there may be some questions that arise between those that actually have intercourse with a shoe and kiss and fondle then and those who use their hands with shoes like sandals and just masturbate into them in a fashion that looks a lot like self masturbation but into a shoe.   For those who just enjoy the feel of the leather as a hands on member manipulator perhaps they are not true shoe fetishists and are doing just that, using the soft surfaces as part of masturbation.  Using a shoe for self relief and stimulation.  There is no doubt that the inside of a shoe feels great and can work well for masturbation.   My definition of a shoe fetish extends to the actual separate ability to do a shoe without the wearer just because it is a shoe and it in itself is the romantic center of erotic and sexual pleasure.


The cases I have included in this book have been selected mostly to try to help the non fetishist to better understand a very unique perception and a different kind of loving than most non fetishists can understand or be able to perceive.  It is hard to guess how a fetishist thinks if the reader is not one.   Based on the standards existing today many non fetishist readers might conclude this to be a simple deviation, or a modest variation of sexuality or masturbation with perhaps an altered focus,  motivations, and drives.  Today some no longer really call it a fetish or a perversion but paraphillia or even worse retifism.  I myself prefer the words shoe fetish myself, it is what it is.  For the most part, regardless of what we may call this fixation, even though I am not certain all aspects of human behavior can be easily classified, there are some who might say it is gratification without a partner, because of this it must be a form of masturbation.  In my mind a true shoe fetish is much to complex to be a simple gratification technique and appears to go far beyond self stimulation. 


As for shoe collections; those who have been in contact with me all collect used shoes. 


We have not discussed this so far.  I can not speak for all fetishists, but it seems that those who have been in contact with me all collect used shoes.  Interestingly, lots of used shoes!   Some claim to have collections of shoes and boots that rival Imelda Marcos in the hundreds.  Understandably, many of these shoes do, and many do not belong to their partner.  The ones that don’t belong to their partner is where an additional problem and jealously can occur for some shoe fetishists.  Collections are reported to have been gained from many sources, garage sales, thrift stores, some from trash bins, and even some shoes bought right off the feet of in some cases prostitutes, and a variety of other places where used shoes and boots can be found, even along the highway form time to time, some have even stolen shoes.  This improper activity is not advised because it can lead not only to the exposure of their secret fetish, but to a misdemeanor or felony.  As for the prostitutes, my contacts have noted that they are very surprised when a shoeman is willing to buy their shoes and has no other interest in a sexual relationship other than to perhaps play with the shoe son their feet before they take them off and do the shoes as the prostitutes watch.  Most say when this happens the girls have even offered sex but that is not the shoeman’s interest.  Even for a prostitute who sees almost everything, this is something new for them and it appears that most don’t understand  what it is about shoes and why some want to buy their old used street shoes.  However, many of them sell their shoes reasonably for a lower cost than they charge for sexual time and then continue to try to offer a fee based sexual encounter.  They are surprised when they are told that the John is not interested and they reject that kind of contact.   In the truest sense, they each can say “I did not have sex with that girl”.  By the way, unlike Bill Clinton’s encounter, the last I heard you can’t get aids from a pair of shoes. 


The shoe fetish commentary and research was designed to point out more on the attraction and than on the selection of the individual with a shoe by a fetishist.  Most research written by many psychologists today generally include a brief two or three page summary published in most research summaries that tries to describe the large fetish population.  For most the summary fits among one of many psychological studies and hardly gathers enough interest to actually include enough to really understand the fetish.  There also appears to be very little understanding today on internet foot and shoe fetish behavior sites, most are pornographic and most have little or no understanding of the actual shoe and boot fetish.  It appears that there may be a lot more shoe fetishists than anyone ever imagined.  With the opening of society it is much easier for the once very hidden shoe fetishist to find places to gain more information than ever before.  The very nature of a shoe fetishist being interested in shoes without the need to discuss the fetish with others is likely the same reason why this fetish does not show itself more often.  Surprisingly it does show in the media in stories and in comedy shoes as jokes, and notations.   I once saw a television show that had a minister or priest with a shoe fetish, he was discovered by accident by the police who proceeded to treat him as a criminal and drove him out of town.  Interestingly today we might think that a priest finding a release in shoes and boots might be very much appreciated rather than child molestations?   


If you look close at many of the cases I have included in this document, it is clear that the rituals and mating dance for the shoe fetishist it is not much different than the attractions most heterosexuals and homosexuals experience in everyday life to seduce and join with sexual partners to fulfillment.  For the true shoe fetishist, that uses a shoe for much more than simple masturbation the shoes are not really inanimate objects like a table or a chair.  To the shoe fetishist with their unique view they see a sexual partner or a sexual extension of their partner.  They see real partners. 


You might consider that just in my experiences I have not found a fetishist that was interested in new shoes.  This is not a surprise because it is clear from my research, at least to me, that it is the wear that makes shoes personal and unique.  Each that has discussed this notes great care, time, and effort is taken in looking for those shoes that meet their taste, desires, and needs and have been well worn.  Shoes and boots appear to create the greatest pleasure for the fetishist when they take on the characteristics of a very erotic partner, or an unknown partner imagined by fantasy with the purchase of resale shoes.  For the resale shoe purchase it appears common to see that many have noted that even though the wearer is unknown, they feel that, perhaps only in their mind, who else but an attractive person would be wearing erotic and sensual high quality shoes and boots.  Certainly this is hard for anyone to know for sure, it raises questions, and it is easily challengeable, but in the fetishists mind it does not matter because for those who I have discussed this with to find, collect, and then make love to shoes they are attracted to can only be found at resale locations. 


For some it is the shape, curves, design, or fragrance, or perhaps the pheromone odor of the wearer that is retained in the shoe or boot, for others it may be the wear lines and curves of the foot of the wearer or sexual partner, real or imagined, for other it might be the thought of an exotic wearer.   One common theme though is that all have no interest in new unworn shoes, no matter how hot in appearance, it seems the smell, look, and feel of glues and the manufacturing plant are do not create the excitement.  Remember shoes are unique in that they take on the characteristics of the wearer and  once that happens there is a real organic attraction that helps to make them erotic, desirable, and hot to the fetishist.  For the fetishist they see shoes as a sexual opportunity, for some they assign features, perhaps the right shoe as a sexual organ, vagina to be penetrated and the left shoe the one to kiss and fondle inside and out as in oral sex.  For most they note their fetish did not start out that way, it evolved.  They learned how to do a shoe through experience just like a sexual being learns how to please their partner.  They each learn how and what is the most exciting way for them to do a shoe or boot. 


What about the other observations and oddities?  Some dangerous, some perhaps a bit thoughtless and risky?

The purpose of the document is not to dwell on the issue of other complexities that can add to the variations of sexuality or other offshoots of fetish behavior.   However, one did warrant comment, as perhaps fetish related but I intentionally did not include sadistic and masochistic behavior that includes stomping and other tough variations of shoes in sex as shoe fetish behavior.   It may be that these behaviors are a part of shoe fetish behavior but with the combination of other strong behavior and control aspects of behavior and perhaps even violence this does not seem to be what this document is looking into.  These behaviors are much more complex and may be a part of other deviations.  These deviations may have shoes included in the play, but they are not the center of the activity.  It is not about using shoes for gratification or in the same manner as a separate sexual alternative.  This, behavior appears to be about control and dominate or submissive behaviors. 


On the same note I will not include, condone, or discuss pedophile behavior in any form as remaining within an acceptable social behavior of sexuality.  This includes any of those cases where the behavior might stretch into the shoe fetish realm.  Although this may be a flaw in my research, I consider the maturing of sexuality, even for a shoe fetishist, should be within reasonably acceptable, even if not understood limits, to include sexuality activity and fantasy with those mature enough to be active sexually. 


I will leave these other complex, and sometimes overlapping deviations to be addressed by those who specialize in this type of research where violence, control, and clearly damaging to behavior to others occur.   There are cases I have run into where wet shoes are important, or urination is important, or even burning the shoes is important.   As I read each of these cases these too appear to be about something else more than and greater than joy of retifism.