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-- his tales from inside shoe


This unidentified person referred to his musings as his tales from inside shoe.  He described it as the additional pleasure and excitement his partner gave him that she was not aware of.  


It was one of those nights where I was so hot and full of energy that all I needed was a great thought to get me started. 


I walked into the bedroom.  It was gently lit with a soft pink light as I saw you laying there.  I looked down toward the floor, ummmmm, soft black leather, the look was incredible and the gentle curves were just amazing.   You looked as if you just came in from a busy day of shopping and a little fun in the sun.   Your back was open and uncovered and I could see the flesh tone of your tanned skin in the gentle pink glow.   The light cast shadows upon the gentle creases of your skin.  As I stood there in the doorway I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be inside of you. 


Just looking at you lying spread out so calmly and erotically on the floor I felt my desire grow.  I gently closed and locked the door behind me.  With the door closed, we were alone, no one would disturb us and no one would know what  we were about to do next. 


As I helped you to move to the bed my mind raced as the black leather which embraced her feet appeared in the soft glow as an erotic fantasy that only a few could imagine.  


I knew that we shouldn't be alone as I slowly moved toward you and spoke. 


But you didn't respond.  I could tell by the way you were positioned on the bed that you were interested and receptive.  From your erotic look and posture as you laid there on the bed I could see your hot entrance. 


I moved to touch you, very gently at first.  You did not resist as I lay next to you on the bed.  You were so exciting to look at and the aroma of the well worn black leather filled the air and began to arouse me even more as I ran my lips gently over the creases in the black leather so close to me. 


The way that you were turned I could easily see that you had nothing covering your usually hidden entrance.  Your door was open and appeared to be waiting for attention.  I could tell by my growth that perhaps this door might be exactly where I wanted to slip through and be. 


My excitement grew as I gently kissed your open mouth as I lay next to you.   I continued to kiss your gently creased skin as the aroma of leather became captivating as the intensity of our meeting increased.  My passion rose as I kissed you're your mouth and ran my tongue softly over the flesh toned skin surrounding your mouth in a way that was amazing. 


I could not resist going farther as my desire for you increased.  As I kissed you again.  My tongue flicked along your entry.  It was the passage inside, I knew what I had to do next.   The aroma of leather and your scent from the day became intoxicating as I kissed you even deeper and with great passion. 


As your aroma mixed with leather wafted through the room I began to remove my clothing to prepare for our inevitable encounter.


We were both hot and ready as I placed lubricating gel on my member which I knew would make my entry easy, penetrating, and all so smooth. 


In the heat of passion I gently rose above you as I prepared to enter you.   I was passionately kissing you as my hands gently glided along the soft skin.   I then gently eased myself down upon and into you.


I felt myself enter you as I continued to kiss you and was intoxicated by the aroma of the hot black leather.  The aroma of your black leather was irresistible.  I could feel the creases in your interior as I gently glided into and over those gentle bumpy surfaces.  As the passion gained momentum I began to pulse in and out of you in a very natural rhythmic fashion. 


Goodness it felt wonderful to be inside of you.   In all of my dreams I never imagined it could be like this.   I could feel your soft creased walls surrounding me as I penetrated deeper into your depths.  I moved in and out from entry to the farthest depths of your interior.


It was strange to consider that here I was with you.  Yet I knew I couldn't, no that I wouldn't stop.  I wanted you so badly and now you would be mine.


I continued to rock in and out a good six inches to a steady rhythm as my body became ready, and my member stretched to its limits as I began to tense.  I just knew that it wasn't going to be long and that I was close to the point of no return where I was going to lose all control. 


I didn't want to resist as I let every fiber of my body was so close to letting go all at once.  My body tensed as I began to pulse in and out a little slower while at the same time trying to thrust and penetrate you deeper. 


It was close.


It was happening.


As I began to pulse I exploded inside your warm soft chamber. I could feel the ripples of your soft walls with my heightened sensitivity as the electric arched my body and thrust even deeper as I continue to explode.  


I lingered a few moments as the tension relaxed.  I then leaned back to rest after the excitement and kissed your black leather once more as I thought hard about what had just occurred as I looked closely at you I realized the erotic power that you had. 


It was so funny to think about what I had just done with you.  We had just done something that felt so wonderful yet so few would ever experience it.  Few who love where you stand would ever dare to try.  Yet it felt so good.  It was the closest moment that I ever had to erotic joy.  Yet you were far from perfect and you weren't a woman.  


As I looked closer at your black leather surface the letters were clear along your flesh tone lining, it boldly said Nine West in the flesh colored leather that lined the inner surface of your body.  .


I glanced again at the creases in your black leather down toward the tip of your well worn toe and I couldn't resist the sexy and erotic curves created by the elevation of your heel.  Your lining was flesh toned and all so wonderfully broken in as I glanced inside the opening I could see the wear lines of where your toes spent their day.  Those were the bumps that sent chills down my spine as I began to explode.  It is no wonder that anyone could resist you.


I then wondered what she would think if she knew that I had just had sex with her very well worn erotic soft black leather Nine West fashion Clogs that she had left behind after changing to go shopping.  Did she position in such a way that I would find them erotic?  Did she even know that they had caught my attention?  What would she think if she knew I made passionate love to them?  I couldn't help but wonder if I discussed this with her if she would wear them for me one evening.  Would she let me fondle them on her feet?  If I gave her oral sex would she take a hint and screw me with her shoes?  Would she understand this erotic passion?  I must consider testing the waters to find out.


But in the mean time as I sat there contemplating these thoughts and member once again began growing as I looked again at her shoes and saw this wonderful erotic high heeled soft leather lined pair of Monolo pumps.